Wire stripper for stripping flat cable

Cheap Wire Strippers from AliExpress for Stripping Cables and Wires. Choosing a tool for quality work with wiring

Hello all. The tool for work with wiring is always needed, as a professional electrician and a home technician, because the “wire” has long been an integral part of our lives. That’s why, today let’s look at 10 cheap strippers from AliExpress for stripping cables and wires Let’s go.

Strip Flat Cables Quickly with our 7F Cable Stripper

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COLORS wire stripper

Inexpensive stripper for stripping wires, which now on sale you can buy even cheaper. The device has comfortable dielectric handles for convenient operation. The tool is popular with customers and has more than 3,900 positive reviews. Owners note the quality of cable stripping at a low price.

Three pliers wire stripper

Another inexpensive but quality stripper for stripping cables and wires. The wide serrations make it perfect for stripping flat multicore cables. The product is popular among customers and has more than 2,900 positive reviews, which note the rapid delivery and quality of the tool

KINGSDUN Wire Stripper

Quality wire stripper from the quite famous Chinese company KINGSDUN. Allows working with cables as small as 0.25 to 6 square millimeters. Crimping pliers are also present on the bottom of the tool. If needed, the stripper can be ordered with a set of dielectric screwdrivers.

Wire stripper YOFE

And this is the cheapest and simple in design, but very useful and light stripper for stripping wires. Tool has three prongs of different sizes for stripping wires of different diameters. Pliers are mainly designed for taking care of three core fiber optic cables, however, they are excellent for working with ordinary wiring as well.

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SWEIELE Wire Stripper

Probably the most indispensable tool for dealing with wiring, both for professionals and do-it-yourselfers. Pliers for stripping allow you to accurately and quickly strip wires in any environment. The tool makes it possible to properly strip wires at the end as well as in the middle if you need to cut in.

LAOA Wire Stripper

A quality and relatively inexpensive stripper from the popular Chinese company LAOA, which now on sale you can buy at half the price. The tool has a high quality construction. Has adjustable pinch force, and adjusts for both thick and thin wires. Buyers note the quality of metal and the trouble-free operation.

WORKPRO Cable Stripper

Another great and quality wire stripper from the popular WORKPRO, which you can get now on sale for half the price. There is express delivery from Russia, which is also cheaper than from China. The WORKPRO shearer has the same adjustments as the LAOA, allowing it to be used by professional craftsmen.

YEFYM cable stripper

Another inexpensive stripper for stripping wire insulation from the Chinese company YEFYM. The tool automatically adjusts to the cable thickness and can be used by both professional and home handyman. The product has over 1000 positive reviews that praise its cutting quality and good workmanship.

TPXCKz Wire Stripper

And this is the cheapest and most versatile stropper for wiring, which should have every home handyman. The device automatically adjusts to the right size of cable, and the worker just needs to squeeze on the handles of the tool. The main part of the stripper is made of metal, which ensures a long life.

Junejour Wire Stripper

Finally, perhaps one of the cheapest multifunctional adjustable strippers, which can now be purchased for just over 700. The tool has a good build quality and fully performs the task assigned to it. There are not many reviews yet, but the reviews are positive. There are three color variations to choose from.

That’s all. I hope you found this selection useful and that you have found a quality tool to work with the wire at a low price. By the way, if you want to learn about interesting gadgets, new products from Xiaomi and useful tools from AliExpress, I recommend to subscribe to my Telegram channel TechnoReview, A link to which can be found below under “About the Author”. Good luck and have a nice day. Bye.

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Choosing the stripping method for different wires

The laboriousness of stripping is largely determined by the type of wire. When choosing a tool, you should consider the specifics of the cable:

  • Coaxial Wire. When removing double insulation, the work is done in two steps. The top layer can be removed with a thermal method, and the bottom layer can be removed with a stripper. These wires are very brittle and thin, so they are easy to damage.
  • Fluoroplastic coated cable. Heat-resistant insulation that can only be removed mechanically. An electrician’s knife or stripper will work.
  • Enameled wire. If the cross section is less than 0.2 sq. mm, you have to resort to the thermo-chemical method using a soldering iron and chlorvinyl tape. Place the wire on the band, run the soldering iron over the cable. the chlorine released promotes the “detachment” of the enameled sheath from the wire.

When selecting the tool, you should consider the diameter of the wire for which the tool is designed, as well as the material of the handle.

If you want to work with electric cables, use strippers with a handle made of dielectric material.

Coating protects against voltages up to 1000 W.

Stripping pliers and tools from KNIPEX

In order to carry out the stripping process precisely and safely, you must be familiar with the most important features of the procedure.

Mechanical wire strippers

Mechanical wire strippers can usually be adjusted to a certain size using an adjusting screw, so that the two V-shaped cutting edges form a diameter that matches the cables to be processed.

This is useful for work in which several cables with the same diameter need to be stripped one after the other, because in comparison to the conventional stripping knife, the procedure is carried out cleanly with only one hand after each setting. The wires are not injured if the setting is correct. Stripping pliers with tested VDE handles are also available as an option.

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Automatic wire strippers

With automatic wire strippers, the adjustment to the correct cable size is carried out automatically, which in addition to requiring little effort also saves you a lot of time. Self-adjusting wire strippers are particularly suitable if you are working with cables with different cross-sections.

After you have inserted the cable into the tool, you only have to squeeze the gripping jaws and in just one step the cable is stripped to the set length. In order to offer a constant stripping length, pliers from KNIPEX have a length stop, on which you can regulate the desired length.

There are different models for different cable cross-sections and types. These include automatic wire strippers for standard insulation, rubber cables or flat cables.

Stripping pliers and tools from KNIPEX

When working with electrical cables, it is often necessary to strip the cable sheath and insulation. Stripping tools from KNIPEX are of great help for both tasks, as they ensure fast and reliable work.

The stripped cable ends can then be joined with the appropriate cable lugs using crimping tools.

Because there are so many different types of cables, there are also many types of tools. Our versatile range includes conventional stripping knives and manual pliers, which can be adjusted to certain cross-sections, but also automatic insulation strippers, which adjust themselves to the respective cable diameter, and tweezers, which are used for stripping insulation holes. The individual tools will be discussed in the respective sections.

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