Winding a fishing line on a trimmer reel

Changing the line in the trimmer

After some time after you start using the grass trimmer, you will face the fact that the head suddenly ran out of fishing line. This event will happen to you like a snow on your head, so take care of buying a fishing line for the grass trimmer in advance.

After another close reading of the instruction to the trimmer we understood where the fishing line went. As it turned out, there is a semiautomatic line feed in the head, and every time we lightly tap the head on the ground or some other objects, regardless of the length of the line, a new line will be fed from the reel of a few tens of centimeters long. And you ask what happened to 7 meters of fishing line.

So we go to the store for a new line. There is a lot of choice both in terms of diameter and shape, as well as in terms of colors. Before buying we had read that we needed 2 mm line, with a round cross-section, but we could not find it in the nearest store. The seller suggested a diameter of 2.4 millimeters and an asterisk section. Since it was already necessary to go to the country house, we bought what we had:

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Trimmer line cost us this pleasure at 75. By the way, then talked to relatives from Moscow region, they complained that they have the opposite. They don’t sell lines with a diameter of more than 2 mm and a non-circular cross-section. Well, there are.

Spool Your Fishing Line onto a Reel with the Arbor Knot. ITS Knot of the Week HD

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To change the line it is necessary to remove the trimmer head and disassemble it in order to gain access to the spool, on which we will wind this line and. According to the instructions of our trimmer, we needed 6-7 meters of fishing line, but since we had a slightly thicker diameter (not 2, but 2.4 mm), we experimentally came to the optimal length of 3 (three) meters. We measure these very three meters, cut them off, and fold the line in half, that is, we will have a line folded in half.

Now this is the place where you have to insert the bend in the slot between the two grooves for reeling. To make it clear, see the photo below:

The slot between the two grooves for winding There is an arrow on the head, in the direction of which we have to start winding the fishing line:

Direction of the fishing line winding According to this direction and wind the line, leaving two ends of centimeters on 15-20 cm:

Coiling up the fishing line on the trimmer head The instructions recommend to insert the remaining ends into the slots of the drum, but as we had a fishing line of a larger diameter, it did not fit into the slots, and we had to insert the drum into the trimmer head manually, which we did the second time (the first time we forgot to hold the coiled line, and it uncoiled).

Trimmer head and trimmer cover assembled That’s it, we can mow again. A line of cheerful color is also convenient because you’ll see, how small pieces of this very line will be scattered on the lawn, and that your “semi-automatic line feed” works, so again advice: move the trimmer from side to side more carefully, without banging the head on what happened.

Addendum from 20.06.2017 We are often asked the question, after all, how to insert the reel with the wound fishing line into the head of the grass trimmer? Answer: When you have already wound a new line on the reel, hold the line with your thumb so it doesn’t unwind, bring the reel to the axle, and with your other hand tuck the line into the two holes. In one of them it will stand up straight in the working position, but in the other one a skirting on the reel will stir a little, if you have not put a fishing line in slots while winding (it’s if you took a line of larger diameter and it does not fit into the slots). That’s all right. put the reel on the axis and after that pull the side of the line which is crooked. After that you twist the head as far as it will go, and then take hold of the ends of the fishing line and pull lightly on them. You will hear a click and the head will extend to the working position.

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Fishing line slots Three years of use and the blade that cuts off the excess line is blunted, you can either sharpen its cutting edge or just bite off the excess line (you can use scissors, you can use secateurs). This year we even mowed peonies with a spool trimmer (don’t be afraid, not all bushes, but only the blossoms on top of the bushes). Oh, and scattered petals all over the garden.

The Arbor Knot | Attaching fishing line to the Spool Center. Popular Fishing Knots @Popular Knots

One last tip. do not overdo the thickness of the line when buying it. I know cases when instead of 2 mm fishing line put 3 mm, and the motor in the trimmer successfully burned out, so still know the measure.

Preparing to wind a fishing line

Before reeling it is necessary to remove the spool with fishing line from the body. Depending on the manufacturer, power and type (electric or gasoline), there are three design types of trimmers:

There is a blade option on this model. Reel removal in these models is done by means of two keys recessed in the body of the reel. To install the trimmer blade, align the hole of the reel and the rod, and then insert a device in the form of a steel pin (screwdriver, iron bar). After fixing the reel body can be easily unscrewed by hand in a clockwise direction.

Reels trimmer and universal heads at an affordable price and with delivery in Ukraine

Thanks to the choice of our store, pick up the necessary holding heads for fishing line can be quickly enough, because all products have a technical description and photos. For example, if you need a grass trimmer reel with automatic line collection, it is enough to choose its width and brand of manufacturer. In the case of difficulties, assistance in selecting will provide our manager, with whom you can contact by the specified contact information. The advantages of KosiKosa service include:

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Best Way To Tie Fishing Line To Any Reel. The ‘2-5’ Knot

  • Offers of line heads for lawnmowers of any brand and power;
  • quick selection of materials of different technical composition, for example, if you need a spool of metal or based on plastic;
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Coils are available in Kharkov with the payment of delivery by courier or self-delivery from the specified warehouse address. With the store “Grass Mower” and a staff of specialists, you will get only the best grass trimmers, chain saws and their parts from the most responsible suppliers, with whom your purchase will be the most profitable and productive.

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