Why the Soyuzmash Pe 1300 does not work

Using a drilling machine to fix the clutch from a peorator with a vertical motor. Principle!

Ремонт пеоратора бочки. нет удара

  • A short circuit, which burned out the rotor or stator;
  • Complete wear and tear of the carbon brushes;
  • Brush holders loose brushes do not hold them;
  • Burned out lamellas on the collector;
  • The winding on the rotor, or should I say stator, got torn;
  • Battery breakage;
  • A kink in the mains connection cord.

Wrap it up with your own hands. If you take to replace the brushes, buy two at a time that you choose, ruined one or both. If there is a short circuit, exchange the burned parts for serviceable parts. If the difficulty lies in the wire or battery. buy new ones and assemble them to the area of the old ones.

Feedback: Peorator Soyuzmash PE-1700. A pleasant surprise

I decided to write about my old assistant, peorator. I had quite a few of them, for different needs. But this particular one appeared completely by accident. One day my torch broke down, and the work had to be finished urgently. I had to go to the nearest power tool store, with a small amount of money, about four thousand, in the hope to buy something at least.

soyuzmash, 1300, does, work

It was advised by sales assistants, there was a good choice in the store, I could compare it with five competitors. Now I am extremely grateful to those sellers, the advice was sound. At that time I expected that it would not last even the warranty period and I could exchange it with a surcharge on a decent one, from a well-known and trustworthy brand.The torch works really well. It is at least six years old ! I often use it sparingly and it is a miracle. It has a lot of power, it has a good punch. SDS type chuck.

The case is made pretty well and to this day is whole. The metal fasteners are very comfortable and secure. It comes with a drill chuck, drill adapter, lubricant, and a set of core bits with spade and shovel. The cord is not very long, but I always have an extension cord handy, not critical.

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I can hold it comfortably in my hands and the balance is very good. In the Soyuzmash Pe-1700 three modes of operation, drilling, drilling with impact and chiselling. It is very handy, and thanks to the adapter you can screw in screws if necessary. It did not break down. I did not go to the service. I will not particularly praise, but think about it.At such a low price (about three thousand) to work so much time, it’s just a treasure!

Review: Peorator Energomash PE-25140. Large, heavy and powerful!

Bought this peoratora a week ago for 5000 r, in addition to my peoratoru Hitachi DH24PC3. For a long time I’ve been looking at the big peorator, because. к. My small 800 watt peorator does not do all the tasks in everyday life. Don’t be misled by the inscription: developed in Russia. This is pure cheap China!

I first needed a powerful and terribly heavy torch four years ago, when I was redecorating my apartment. I bought this peorator a week ago in addition to my Hitachi DH24PC3!) builders on the screed (put it myself), managed to fill so screed that the corridor grew hill! I fired the builders, having previously paid for the work (why am I so generous?) I faced the question: “With what to cut down the concrete “hill”, when it has already had time to freeze?”with a chisel and a sledgehammer? I’m crawling on my hands and knees, alternately hitting my fingers with a sledgehammer and chipping away at 8 meters square of screed. It’s long and hard. Bought a trowel to the Hitachi and. After digging it for an hour, I figured I’d be like this for a month. So I went to a neighbor and asked for a huge machine of about 1.5 kW. I did the job in about 6-8 hours.

Now the test drive of Peorator Energomash 25140, I put the trowel in and set the mode of impact without rotation, proceeded to chopping down the concrete snot left to me by the builders of the garage. I bought a Hitachi shovel and the torch coped with them great! In a few minutes, I “chewed off” two buckets of concrete. The cast aluminum gear cover only got a little hot. After drilling two holes in a 50 cm wall with a 30 mm drill, I realized that the peorator got “credit!”liked it: 5 joules of impact! Optimal weight of about 5 kg (no scales), too light will be very vibrating in your hands, too heavy, will have to carry and work together). The vertical position of the motor is optimal for drilling and reaming on a horizontal surface. Parts seem to fit evenly and, “snot” of plastic, not to hang. The 3 m wire is thick, but harder than Hitachi’s, how it will behave in the cold, I don’t know.

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The device is completed with 3 augers 12, 10 and 8 mm; 2 spades (trowel and spade), chuck with adapter and key (up to 13 mm, I think, until I used it). Lubricant for the drill. Spare brushes. Kind of a case. I also had a wrench for an angle grinder (why?). But a gift horse.

To be honest, I’m skeptical about all kinds of bonuses, and I think that the more of them, the worse the tool is. But here I didn’t have to choose. Although honestly, the quality of “stuff” is okay, like from Styer and Enkor segment.

Did not like: Case is just awful, the slit in the side, the clasp will fall apart immediately and it will cease to close, carrying handle slightly to the side (does not let the poorly processed plastic in its place) and itself some liquid and flimsy. Same quality as the elastic band “lockable” drill case.

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Reasons for no hammering on the torch

Sometimes you can visually identify the cause of a bad hammering or no hammering at all. Other cases require disassembly of the mechanical part or motor. information on the most common problems.

No shock, but it rotates

If the torch has stopped hammering but is drilling under load and in no-load mode, the causes may be as follows:

  • The striker is lodged in the sleeve. When the tool is running, part of the impact pulse is absorbed by it, and that can cause the sleeve to become deformed or broken over time. The striker is blocked by fragments of the sleeve, the striker jams and the hammering mechanism cannot continue.
  • Wear of the compression ring on the striker. The larger it is, the weaker will be the impact force. The solution is to replace the compression ring.
  • Damage to or total destruction of the drunk bearing cage. Must also be replaced.
  • Problem with the operation switch. Usually it is due to wear and tear, deformation of the plough. The switch is sticking out of its guide grooves. It needs to be repositioned, or if this is ineffective, a new one should be put in.
  • Tool hasn’t been oiled in a long time. Dust clogs all cylinder holes for air infiltration, causing loss of impact power over time. Do not use too thick a grease. it will cause the rotor to stop chiseling as well.
  • Clutch teeth on intermediate shaft are sheared off.

Bits but no drilling

When the peorator is chiseling normally but not spinning, the reasons are as follows:

  • Loose tension of the spring which presses the clutch;
  • The barrel shaft pinion is not fixed by the locking roller;
  • Teeth on small rotor pinion have been cut. Options are to replace either one of the gears or the entire rotor.

For more information on troubleshooting the percussion mechanism of the peorator, see

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