Why the lawnmower doesn’t pick up

Causes of power loss in a brushcutter. The lawnmower does not develop full power

Anyone who owns a dacha or a plot of land is well aware of the problems of dealing with excess vegetation. Now the grass trimmer has come to the rescue, which has successfully replaced the conventional mower in this field. This unit is very convenient in operation, but he, like any mechanism, because of the harsh working conditions or incorrect operation tend to fail. Situations when the grass trimmer does not pick up speed are quite common. To understand this problem, it is necessary to understand some aspects related to the functioning of the machine.

All grass trimmers are classified by type of power supply: gasoline or electricity (from a network or battery). It should be noted that gasoline mowers are superior to their electric and battery-powered counterparts in many respects. Despite the fact that they all perform similar functions, the difference in performance, maneuverability and efficiency is very noticeable. However, the general principle of operation of all types of manual mowers almost no different. the devices are equipped with engines (two- or four-stroke ICE or electric motors), which drive a cutting unit (spool with a fishing line or a metal disc). All elements are mounted on a straight or curved boom, including the handle to control the trimmer, which has the main buttons.

Since the problem of weak revolutions is more characteristic of gasoline versions of trimmers, they will be given more attention. Thus, the lawnmower is very comfortable in operation and unpretentious in maintenance. But most of its malfunctions are caused by the user’s ignorance of the elementary things written in the manual. Therefore, before you start operating the unit, you should carefully study the manufacturer’s manual. In particular, to start the engine, you need to do the following sequential steps:

  • Switch on the ignition button;
  • Press the silicone button several times to pump the gasoline;
  • close the air damper;
  • set the throttle lever in the high rpm position;
  • first make light jerks with the starter handle to feel the engine resistance, then yank sharply.

If the lawnmower starts, but stops, you need to put the air damper in the middle position and try again. When the engine starts, you need to turn off the gas and open the air valve, as the weed trimmer works only on the suction.

Important! The operation of the grass trimmer depends on various environmental influences. The machine needs more time to cool down in hot weather. When working in dense thickets or high vegetation, the engine also overheats heavily. It is necessary to make five minute breaks every 15-20 minutes.

When pushing on the throttle

If the lawnmower stops when you press the gas, the causes may be.

  • The most common ones are The carburetor malfunctions, which occurs when there are significant loads on the drive, after prolonged inactivity of the mechanism or when it is used in harsh conditions.
  • A clogged fuel valve, Which is eliminated by loosening it, as a result of which gasoline begins to flow normally through the system.
  • The cable in the carburetor is loose and hanging. It can also occur fuel hose stretchup to and including bursting of the breather, caused by a considerable load.
  • The breather valve is clogged(check valve) in the carburetor and the fuel fails to flow into the tank.

If the problem is related to the carburetor unit, you can recognize it by the appearance of vibration of the lawnmower

When the hose breaks or the cable is stretched. these components are replaced.

Grass trimmer malfunctions

Grass trimmer. a convenient and affordable replacement for a lawnmower. Its cutting part is made in the form of a fishing line, knives or disc, mounted on a drum, which is closed from above with a protective cover. The basis of the construction is the rod, which is adjustable in height, has a handy handle and a shoulder strap at the end.

As any other technique, the grass trimmer can break down unexpectedly, and to prevent a breakdown from resulting in the final failure of the tool, we suggest you read this article. The unit can break for various reasons. Breakage occurs in new trimmers, as well as in those that have long been in use.

Failure of electric models

Causes of sudden disconnection of the electric lawnmower are associated with a broken cord or a lack of current. In the first case it is recommended to check the cable for breaks. To replace the power cord, you will need to pull the plug out of the socket, open and remove the switch cover.

Before unscrewing the cable clamp? It is necessary to remember the scheme of its connection to the switch. To disconnect the cord, use a hexagon (diameter 1 mm). The clamp is released, the conductors are removed. To check the cable breakage using a multimeter. If necessary, a new cord is installed. In doing so, follow the reverse sequence.

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In the second case, it is recommended to connect another device to the mains. The electric devices may not work if the fuse in the plug is damaged. To do the repair work, you need to disassemble the fork. Use a screwdriver and a tester.

Motor malfunctions are caused by overheating of the lawnmower:

In the first case, it is recommended to wait a few minutes for the motor to cool down. In the second case, it is necessary to remove the jammed object. The efficiency of the cooling system depends on the condition of the air filter.

Dirty device has poor airflow, which contributes to the machine shutdown. Experts advise cleaning and changing the filter once every 3 months (if the lawnmower is constantly used).

If the electric motor breaks down, there is a corresponding smell and noise. In such a case it will be necessary to replace the drive.

Motor vibration at idle, when the engine is cold or warm: possible causes

At a glance, there are many reasons for the appearance of internal combustion engine vibration, ranging from torn pads (supports) of the engine and ending with ignition skips and tripping of the power unit. For a more accurate determination, first of all, you should pay attention to one or the other symptoms.

The fact that vibration can be both constant (regardless of warm-up and loads on the unit), and manifested in a certain mode of operation (idle or high rpm, when cold or hot). engine vibration can manifest itself on a cold engine, but with the warming completely disappears. Let’s look into it.

  • For example, if the engine has recently been disassembled for repair (perhaps a complete overhaul), then it is highly probable that the crankshaft was not properly balanced after re-assembly. The result is a runout and increased vibration.
  • Also note that after the repair of the engine to the imbalance and vibrations may lead to different weight, which have details of the cylinder-piston group. The greater the difference in weight, the greater the vibrations. For this reason, experienced craftsmen weigh the pistons, pins, etc., before assembly.д.
  • Often the cause of vibrations is that the engine is tripping, that is, one or more cylinders are not working or are malfunctioning for some reason. Usually eliminating the cause of the TNT automatically eliminates the vibrations from the powertrain.
  • And don’t forget that a timing belt or chain that is misaligned can also cause vibration.the reason. the engine is running unstable because of the wrong timing.
  • Many engines have special balancer shafts in their design, which are needed to “dampen” the vibrations. Obviously, problems with the above shafts will lead to increased engine vibration.

Engine mounts are one of the most common causes of engine vibration. In fact, it is a damper, made of rubber in many cars to absorb vibrations. As you know, over time, rubber dries out and cracks, loses its properties as a result of technical fluids, etc.д. The main thing is that an engine with a damaged cushion can not run smoothly.

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  • If you have recently moved from one car to another, you should take into account that different engines may differ in terms of vibration load. The number of cylinders, layout and a number of other features affect the vibration level. In simple words, a normal inline engine with 6 cylinders can run with less vibration than a 4-cylinder engine and even more so a 3-cylinder engine. In this case, we are not talking about malfunctions, since for a particular engine a certain level of vibration can be considered the norm.
  • Also add, to reduce vibration, on the crankshaft of many engines is the so-called torsional vibration damper. If there is a problem with the element, the engine will vibrate more.

As you can see, at the initial stage it is important to accurately determine the cause of increased vibration. For example, in most cases, replacing the engine mount or fixing the problem that causes the engine to trip. However, it also happens that the power unit itself needs to be disassembled and repaired.

Repair of mechanical mowers is held when blunted or damaged cutting elements. In this case, experts recommend dismantling the removable blades themselves. An emery cloth is used to sharpen them. If necessary, the battery is replaced in the battery models.

Before repairing the lawnmower, the type of motor is determined:

Why doesn‘t the STIHL electric brushcutters deliver their full power?

When using an electric grass trimmer, there can also be problems with revolutions. Here, the reasons are completely different from those for the fuel squares.

You can fix it yourself

An electric weed trimmer doesn‘t get the power it needs because

  • the voltage in the network is below the required minimum for the device more than 10%;
  • There was a failure in the soft start (if there is such a system);
  • there was a malfunction in the brush assembly;
  • The motor winding has caught fire;
  • Rotating parts can sometimes get jammed.

To adjust the voltage it is a good idea to check the power first. If it is not up to standard, it must be increased with a stabilizer.

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The softstarter can only be repaired by a service center.

Take note! When the brushes are worn out you just need to replace them. When installing a new one, it is advisable to clean all surfaces against which they come into contact.

To adjust the voltage, it is worth checking the power first.

If motor windings are burning up, the electric motor must be replaced.

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Jamming of the rotating parts can be the result of many different causes. To get rid of them, the whole drive unit must be reconsidered.

For your information! The last problem can also occur with another machine from the same company. STIHL pruning shears and sharpening the blade is the solution.

Why the Chinese lawnmower does not rev up ?

The Chinese analogue of Husqvarna lawnmower does not develop revolutions, the reason is very simple (see video)

lawnmower, doesn, pick

Vibrations that occur while the lawnmower is running can lead to misalignment.

Incorrect adjustment of the mower, on the other hand, can be corrected simply by adjusting it according to the requirements in the instruction manual.

In addition, sometimes gasoline grass trimmers can stall because the valve located in the gas tank lid, just clogged or stuck.

To find out, try using the mower by loosening the gas tank cap.

If the machine works properly in this mode, clean the valve.

lawnmower, doesn, pick

Before sorting out why any of the tools of a dacha gardener or a professional working with a brushcutter (gasoline mower) stalls. it is worth distinguishing between two main situations when it happens. The first is when the tool does not start after you have just made the purchase, and the second is when it has been in use. So, let’s take apart both of them.

  • After starting. The lawnmower stops if the carburetor is not set correctly or if it is unregulated. The fuel supply is not evenly distributed and the engine vibrates distinctly.
  • When it heats up. The situation when the mechanism starts and works, but gradually “crushes” and stops on the move. when the carburetor boils gasoline, or the flap in the carburetor is not disk, and rotary type. It is better to replace the carburettor in such cases. It is also possible that it becomes air sucked in when the ignition coil or wire is punctured.
  • At high revs. It is also the result of a carburettor malfunction or a clogged gas tank lid. It is worth trying operation with the valve slightly ajar. Be sure to check the fuel intake hose. it may be cracked or poorly attached to the base.
  • It does not rev up. A clogged air filter is the main cause for stalling. The cable in the carburetor can fall off, the carburetor can break, and problems can occur with the mechanics of the motor drive.

There are cases when a part of the mechanism requires compulsory replacement, so we are always happy to offer. It is important to understand that sometimes saving on minor elements can cause failure of such global components as the carburetor or engine. So the correct operation and timely replacement of the necessary parts ensures that you can work to your full potential and enjoy your machine.

There is a wide range of trimmers on the market from different manufacturers. They are characterized by common reasons why the revolutions drop. Also, each unit is equipped with a the operating instructions. It contains the necessary recommendations on this subject for the model in question.

If in the process of self-troubleshooting a positive result was not achieved, it is better to seek help from professionals. You should also involve professionals in solving the problem if you have no minimal experience and skills in such matters, so as not to harm. The most complicated node is the engine. Only experienced masters are allowed to work with it. When the lawnmower is on warranty service , The best option is to contact a service center, where they will diagnose and repair the equipment.

Purchasing a lawnmower, you need to be prepared for the fact that, as in all other similar tools, it can also have breakdowns that will require repair.

But you should not run straight to the service center and pay a lot of money to masters, convincing you that there is a severe malfunction in the device.

Use of fuel of poor quality

Benzotrimer does not pick up speed in the case of low-quality fuel. It may stop or not start at all. To check the quality of the fuel you need to look at the plugs. They are the main indicators for solving problems with the combustion chamber.

If there is sludge on the plugs, plaque that forms, the old fuel is drained and the other, quality.

or the petrol cutter should be filled with good quality petrol and the grade of fuel specified by the manufacturer on the machine’s data sheet.

lawnmower, doesn, pick

For your information! The spark plugs should be thoroughly cleaned of plaque, and only then should they be placed back into the combustion chamber.

When operating a grass trimmer with an electric motor, problems with revolutions also occur. But they are caused by very different faults compared to fuel-saving motors. The electric motor does not develop the required rotation speed in such cases:

  • if the voltage in the mains is more than 10 % below the nominal value of the electric motor;
  • In the case of malfunctions in the soft start system (if this unit is installed);
  • when there are problems with the brush unit;
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To rule out a voltage problem, you need a multimeter or tester to check its value in the outlet, from which the power is taken. If it is less than the minimum allowable value, then to increase it will need to turn off all appliances or install a stabilizer.

To repair the soft starter you need a good knowledge of electronics, so it is better to contact a service center. There to determine its repairability or the need for replacement. Independently you can check the button or find a diagram of the unit and try to understand it.

Brushes can wear out, as a result there will be no contact, which leads to stoppages of the electric motor. Brushes are easy to replace. The particular process depends on the model of brushcutter used. It is also necessary to clean all contact surfaces along the way.

In case of burned-out windings, if you continue to mow grass or shrubs, the electric motor will quickly burn out. It will be accompanied by a smell of burning, up to melting of separate parts. Electric motor needs to be replaced.

Rotating parts become jammed for a variety of reasons. To find and fix them, you’ll need to rebuild the drive assembly. There are models in which the number of revolutions is automatically adjusted depending on the load, increasing when the load increases. their idling speed is reduced.

Problems with engine starting

Correctly determine the cause of the failure is very important, because otherwise we just can’t fix it. If there are no extraneous noises when trying to tune the chainsaw (knocking down, grinding, etc. Д.), Often it turns out that there is actually no problem. For example, if you start the chainsaw incorrectly and pull the fork for a long time, the engine just pours and starts very hard.

To start the chainsaw engine properly, set the lever or switch to the “flap” position. Then you need to pump the mixture into the carburetor if a fuel pump is available. Pull out the starter handle until engine resistance is noticeable, and vigorously pull out the amplitude by taking your hand to the side. After two. three such movements, the motor must first start and then decay. If this does not happen, then you need to move the lever to the half throttle position or simply to the working position, and then continue to operate the chainsaw in this mode. Many chainsaws “half throttle” lock automatically when the air damper is pulled. Some models have a keyed ignition, it is important to make sure it is on.

If the engine won’t start, the first thing to do. Unscrew and check the spark plug. There are cases when the plant fills the burner with fuel in the cold season. Then unscrew the spark plug too, dry the combustion chamber with one plant, clean the spark plug, screw it in and start again. It is prudent to check for spark immediately. On a twisted spark plug we put a cap with a high voltage wire, we put it on the cylinder, and we pull the starter. Visually observe a frequent blue spark. OK. We twist the spark plug into place and start it. If no spark, change spark plug and try again. Again, no. Check the high voltage wire connection to the spark plug, coil and ignition system.

In general, the condition of the spark plug can be used to determine the type of fault.

  • Dry.Most likely the fuel mixture is not entering the cylinder. This is not the ignition system, so the spark plug is screwed in and checked.
  • Wet, heavily spattered with fuel.Caused by excessive fuel mixture is due to improper starting, as described above, or by improper carburetor settings.
  • Covered with black carbon.This could indicate the use of low-quality oil, an improperly tuned carburetor, or an improperly calculated gasoline to oil ratio. The spark plug should be washed, cleaned of carbon deposits with a sharp object (awl or needle), the electrodes wiped with a cloth, and reinstalled.

Checking the spark plug, you need to pay attention to the gap between the electrodes: the norm is considered from 0.5 to 0.65 mm. Damaged or worn gasket should be replaced.

A properly adjusted carburetor chainsaw ensures that it performs at full power with the most economical fuel consumption.

The need for adjustment of the chainsaw carburetor is infrequent, as the adjustment is initially performed by the manufacturer to achieve the optimum mode of operation. The adjusting screws are for more fine-tuning the carburetor chainsaw, if necessary.

Among the most common causes of misalignment of the adjusting screws are the following:

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