Why the lawn mower does not collect grass in the grass box

Gasoline lawn mowers: by what parameters to choose and what breaks down in them most often?

It’s no secret that the lawn can not provide itself. If you do not cut the growing grass, in just a couple of weeks, the green carpet will turn into a real thicket. There are many devices that can help the homeowner in the care of the lawn, and we will talk about gasoline lawn mowers

As a rule, petrol lawnmowers are bought to work on relatively large lands, although there are small models, appropriate even on a modest six acres. The first and main advantage of the four-wheeled friend on gasoline-powered mobility. It’s not tied to a power outlet, so you can work farther away from home. In addition, it does not need to charge and change batteries (which cannot be said about electric devices). One fuel fill is enough on average for 45-60 minutes of work, and this is more than enough to mow the lawn of average size.

Another obvious plus is the power of the device. Gasoline mowers are generally stronger than electric mowers. There are models that can even mow and shrub. The length of the blades can mow from 43 to 67 cm of green lawn in one pass, so find a unit that matches the size of the site, it is not difficult.

The power of the gasoline lawnmower ranges from 3.5 to 7 liters.с. or 2.14 kW. On average, it consumes 1 l/h

And yet you can’t call a petrol lawnmower the perfect mower. Many people don’t like the exhaust fumes and noise that accompany mowing lawns. The problem can be and considerable weight of the device from 12 to 55 kg.

Also worth noting the difficulties that often arise when starting up. To bring the mower into action, you have to pull the handle of the starter cord with effort. However, manufacturers are aware of this problem and offer various ways to solve it, which we will talk about a little later.

Finally, some inconveniences are associated with filling the unit, equipped with a two-stroke engine. It requires a mixture of gasoline and oil, and in the proportion stated by the manufacturer. And if it’s not handled carelessly, the engine will break down quickly.

With four-stroke engines, things are much easier. They run on gasoline AI-92. The operation of lawnmower with such a heart saves time, saving unnecessary hassle.

Most modern petrol lawnmowers allow you to adjust the height of cut. Number of settings from 3 to 11

Husqvarna LC 353 vi self propelled lawn mower, mowing width 53 cm, power 3,6 l.с., Adjusting the cutting height (25-75 mm), noise level of 98 dB, weight 42 kg. Price 55 990

Hyundai L 4600S self propelled lawn mower, mowing width 46 cm, capacity 3,5 l.с., Mowing height adjustment (25-75 mm), grass catcher box capacity 65 l, weight 33,8 kg. Price 24 990

Self propelled lawn mower AL-KO 127125 Solo by 4855 SP Aluminium 4-stroke engine, mowing width 48 cm, power 2,7 l.с., noise level. 96 dB, weight 47 kg. Price 52 790

Self propelled lawn mower Stiga Combi 55 SQ, mowing width 53 cm, power 3.4 l.с., fixed speed 3,8 km/h, grass catcher box 70 l, weight 39 kg. Price 36 195

Self-propelled gasoline mower DAEWOO DLM 6000SV, mowing width 58 cm, the power of 7 liters.с., Robust steel body, 80 litre grass catcher box, weight 42 kg. Price 43 990

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Self propelled lawn mower Oleo-Mac G48PK Comfort Plus, mowing width 46 cm, capacity 6,5 l.с., 70 l grass catcher box, steel deck, weight 25,4 kg. Price 25 000

Honda HRG 416C SKEH Self propelled lawn mower, mowing width 41 cm, the power of 4,5 liters.с., Sturdy steel body, grass catcher box 50 l, weight 31 kg. Price 34 990

VIKING MB 448 self propelled lawn mower.1 TC, mowing width 46 cm, the power of 4,5 l.с., plastic body, one-handle, grass catcher box 50 liters, weight 28 kg. Price 46,990

  • Mowing width 44-47 cm
  • Weight up to 30 kg
  • 3 in one, or better 4 in one (must mulching, grass catcher box, the emission lateral / rear)
  • Self-propelled (drive on the rear wheels)
  • Grass box 65-70 liters (soft is better)
  • The engine power of 2,5-3,5 liters.с
  • BriggsStratton motor

or watch the video (this is the only video clip that normally talks, but a lot of what I write in the video is not told)

But after the price tag I was told from 40 thousand if the battery is worth about 10 000 and its life is about 4-5 years, I abandoned the idea.

The criteria I wrote in descending order in my personal opinion. I do not consider powerful mowers for areas over 2000 m2 (more than 20 hectares)

The average area to cut the grass has an area of

10-15 acres (I do not take into account countrymen, they mow with Chinese electric trimmers from Leroy or OBI and constantly complain that the wire prevents)

So, based on my experience and communication with salespeople and repairmen from service centers

  • Weight
  • Volume and type of grass catcher
  • Mowing width
  • Mowing height
  • 3-in-1 functionality (mowing, collecting, mulching)
  • Self-propelled (Easy to operate)
  • Compact size for storage
  • Powerful
  • Easy maintenance (maintainability)
  • Which manufacturer to choose
  • 8 parameters for choosing a lawn mower

Different from conventional models

Grass mulching function is an optional extra that not all mowers have. Experienced gardeners and landscapers recommend to buy mowers with shredding, as it takes care of the grass in several modes at once.

  • First, during mowing, you cut off unnecessary layer of vegetation, bringing the lawn into a beautiful appearance.
  • Secondly, you immediately solve the problem with the disposal of cuttings, as they simply do not.
  • Thirdly, you get a ready-made mulch for taking care of the soil, its moisture and nutrition, as well as protecting the young lawn from drying out in the heat.

In addition, shredding grass in lawn mowers also requires a slightly modified design of the machinery itself. Instead of the grass catcher box it has a receptacle for cutting mulch, and the mixture is thrown to the rear instead of to the side, as in classic models.

Mulching involves mowing the grass with a lawnmower and fertilizing the mowed area. This is so that the grass and plants are processed in the mower and return to the lawn in the form of a nutrient fertiliser. The cuttings retain moisture in the soil during hot autumn or frosty weather.

The layer of grass cut with the mower has a protective function that slows down the growth of weeds in the soil. A lawn that has been treated with the mowing function is protected against the grass drying out on the ground.

The lawn mower mows the grass properly in the autumn season. Carrying out the procedure will help to shred dried leaves, which are not recycled on the plot and slow irrigation.

Using a lawn mower with mowing mulch is aimed at developing simple vegetation. Mowing with a lawn mower is not difficult, and the cut grass serves as fertilizer for the treated lawns.

It is not necessary to use the mower often. Otherwise, instead of the mowing procedure’s protective function, it will overfeed the soil and grass.

Mulching with a lawn mower delivers nutrients to the soil and recycles dried leaves and weeds, filling the soil of the plot with moisture without watering.

Mulching vs Bagging vs Side Discharge. Which is Best & Why to help your Lawn

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To work with a mowing kit for grass mulching, you need to use a popular lawn mower. Simple lawn mowers can work to mow plants, but not shred them. Lawn mower models for mulching must have high power.

In preference, the lawnmower should be equipped with a mower grass catcher, which works on the basis of a simple plug. It’s easier to shred grass and make fertilizer with a lawn mower. Use the mulching mower function on your lawnmower so that the cut grass is laid evenly.


You should consider several options in order to make the best choice. You may also need a garden fork.

Husqvarna grass catcher box combines quality and cost. The lawnmower is quite efficient.

The Makita grass catcher box. It has the maximum pick-up system. With its help you can not only work on flat lawns, but also near walls or fences. No untreated areas will remain when using it.

lawn, mower, does, collect, grass

Should You Pick Up Grass Clippings

Controls the filling of the Compact Go container. The grass catcher box operation helps compact the grass collected. Mow up to 93 m3 of land without emptying the hopper.

The lntelli-Cable Management is versatile enough. Perhaps at a point no matter what the terrain, or the tasks set for the lawnmower to connect the power cable.

In order to determine which grass trimmer is best, you should outline the data. Based on these, it is worth choosing a certain type.

Lawn Mower Cut Quality: Bagging

Hard test. How to cut overgrown grass

And now for the more difficult tasks. You may remember that I have wilderness areas that have not been mowed since late June (and it’s already August). In addition, the conditions for grass growth there are ideal even in the current hot summer: apple trees create diffuse shade, and in the depth of overgrown vegetation moisture remains for a long time. I’m afraid to even go in there. but I have to!

This one hasn’t been mowed in a month and a half

How to mow such thickets and not “kill” the mower? Here the mega helpful function of the cutting height adjustment is an invaluable aid. Let’s see how this is done with the Kärcher mower.

How to adjust the height of the shear

The height adjustment lever has 5 positions. Moving it raises and lowers the blade. Conveniently, it’s easy to set the height in one motion. On one of my previous lawnmowers, I had to move each pair of wheels.

Here are 3 out of 5 possible cutting height adjustment positions

I have not been able to test the minimum cutting height, the “one”. The lawnmower goes into ploughing mode and immediately stops. Maybe it’s the unevenness of the ground and the fatness of the grass, but I don’t see it as a big problem, because even on the 2, the cutting height is very low. I can’t imagine where I would need shorter grass (maybe only where I want to destroy the lawn).

The manufacturer declares a cutting height range of 2 to 7 cm. My measurements confirm this.

Measuring cutting height in different positions

How the lawnmower mowed the bushes

To cut much grown grass, we choose the maximum height. In our case it is the fifth position of the lever, which gives a cutting height of about 7 cm. Overgrown grass is always wet inside. This often results in an uneven cut and the blade tears the stems. Even the lawnmower mechanism should never be allowed to get wet, as the manual says. So if in doubt it’s better to trim the bush first, let it dry out and only then use the mower. But I will still test the Kärcher under these conditions!

Before mowing

I mow very slowly, in small sections, sometimes lifting the mower over high clumps of grass to cut the height in sections. But note that the manufacturer does not recommend this! At any rate, make sure there are no foreign objects in the grass, and no people or animals nearby. Every few minutes I turn off the engine and give it a little rest.

And ta-da! In 10-15 minutes the overgrowth was gone. Of course, with this mowing it makes no sense to talk about evenness, because a lot of grass was just lying on the ground. But I consider the Hard test passed because I have cut most of the green stuff, the clearing looks pretty good already and the lawnmower is alive and well!

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Overgrown corner after mowing

In a few days I will mow here again, but at a lower height.

Grass dries out and stands up after four days. you can cut it shorter

Differences from conventional models

Lawn mower with mulching option. the device with increased functionality. The machine works like a traditional model during normal operation. The blades of grass and plant trimmings are cut, and the cuttings are returned to the collecting container.

To mulch the lawn, the feeder channel is blocked off with a plug. The machine sends the plants into the blade section when this option is activated. The sharp blades in the tank shred the grass into a fine chopper. The machine distributes fine trimmings evenly over the lawn while driving. With traditional models the discharge is to the side, with devices with an additional mode. to the back.

The operator only has to use his energy to operate the mower. A person does not need to stop the technique and release the filled grass catcher box, than saves time. Lawn mulching does not need to be repeated every mowing, once a month is enough. Lawn mowers with a shredding option are used from late spring through fall. Procedures at the beginning of the vegetative season are prohibited, otherwise the grass will develop hard.

Lawn plants are not mowed after rain. The quality of the haircut will be poor, and the metal parts of the structure will begin to rust. Mildew will form in damp cuttings, which will cause the lawn to become diseased. The best time for the procedure is a cool day, in the heat of the day it is carried out in the early morning or evening, after sunset.

Cordless lawn mowers

Such devices are equipped with lithium-ion batteries with capacity from 1.3 to 6A·h with operating voltage of 36 V. The self-contained power supply increases the weight of the machine, but gives it the most important advantage of being able to cut the lawn even after rain, while the mains mower, for safety reasons, only allows operation on dry grass, and in the case of wet grass requires connection through a RCD or other safety relay.

Besides cordless and cordless mowers, the market offers hybrid models that can be powered by both 220 V and battery power.

There are also electric grass trimmers (corded and cordless) labeled three-in-one: they can be used as an ordinary mower cart and as a grass trimmer with interchangeable attachments for cutting grass (head with a fishing line) and for cutting thick stems and small bushes (steel blade or disk). Due to the special supporting wheel, such units, among other things, also allow you to neatly trim curbs.

Is the lawn mower, assembled with their own hands, effective?

Many owners of homestead or summer cottage plots planted on the free territory of the lawn. This solution looks harmonious and with the lawn area it is possible to combine different parts of the landscape and create a comfortable atmosphere.

The market offers a wide range of lawn mowers, with the help of which you can maintain a well-groomed appearance of the area and perform timely cutting of the grass. However, some people decide to make a mower with their own hands. It is worth to understand why this option is not profitable and why it is better to buy a reliable technique.

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