Why the gasoline does not start the Husqvarna 359 saw?

How to tune a chainsaw

In the process of repairing the Husqvarna chainsaw with their own hands reveal some malfunctions, which appeared as a result of improper ignition adjustments and carburetor settings.

The mechanism is responsible for the revolutions of the motor and is adjusted for operation in the right conditions:

The Husqvarna chainsaw carburetor factory settings are set at the time of testing for productive operation.

The device has 3 adjustable areas:

Fix a Husqvarna chainsaw that won’t start

To adjust the chainsaw, after running-in carry out adjustment of the carburetor: first engaged in the jigger L, then the screws of the ХХ T and X. Clockwise rotation of L and X increases the air-fuel mixture quality, counterclockwise rotation increases the mixture quality. Turning T screw clockwise increases idle speed.

Have your carburetor repaired by a professional.

Husqvarna chain saws popular models

Today the market offers a large number of chainsaws of the Swedish brand. Each is designed for a specific task in agriculture, construction, or felling. Different constructional features and parameters of Husqvarna chain saws allow the customer to choose the gardening tool that can perform the assigned tasks as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Husqvarna 235 chain saw. model description

This Husqvarna garden tool is considered an amateur model. The main areas of application are cutting small branches, removing dry and rotten limbs, sawing logs with a diameter not exceeding 40 cm.

The basis of the saw is a reliable 1-cylinder engine, all parts of which are made of corrosion- and friction-resistant metal alloy. The model is equipped with an effective instantaneous vibration damping system for more convenient daily use.

Parameters of this Husqvarna chainsaw include:

  • crankshaft rotation speed at idle/maximum rpm. 3000/12000 rpm;
  • Length of the bar to be installed. 35-40 cm;
  • Chain pitch 3/8

This recreational model is equipped with a heavy-duty flywheel brake that activates whenever the chain hits a wire or a hammering nail.

Husqvarna 440 chainsaw. tool parameters

The complete set of chainsaw initially consists of engine with fully chromed cylinder with the volume of 40,9 cm3. A high-quality, adjustable oil pump is responsible for the lubrication of the saw unit used in the garden tool.

Parameters of this Husqvarna saw include;

  • crankshaft rotation speed at idle/maximum rpm. 2900/12000 rpm;
  • Length of the bar to be installed. 35-40 cm;
  • 0.325 chain pitch used
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Husqvarna 440 chain saw is equipped with a multi-layer impact-resistant body that can withstand strong shocks and falls from heights up to 1.5 m.

Husqvarna 61 chain saw. model features

Professional chainsaw in this branded set is well suited for the most demanding work on the site and single felling. The saw is equipped with a long-lasting, 61.5 cc, 2-stroke, forged piston, chrome-plated cylinder gasoline engine as standard equipment.

gasoline, does, start, husqvarna

Specifications for this popular Husqvarna chainsaw include:

  • Crankshaft speed at idle/maximum rpm. 2500/12000 rpm;
  • Length of the set bar. 40-45 cm;
  • chain pitch. 3/8

The model is equipped with a reliable manual starter, equipped with a spring with reduced resistance level.

Husqvarna 372 XP chainsaw. tool features

This heavy-duty chainsaw with professional features is suitable for intensive felling and construction work. The tool is based on a reliable 1-cylinder guided gasoline engine with a forged piston and a fully chromed cylinder with a volume of 70.7 cm3.

Parameters of this model include:

  • crankshaft rotation speed at idle/maximum rpm. 2700/13500 rpm;
  • Length of the bar to be installed. 40-50 cm;
  • Chain pitch. 3/8

The chainsaw’s internal components are housed in a rugged plastic case. It consists of individual overlays, which, when removed, allow the operator to repair defective parts of the tool.

Chainsaw carburetor adjustment

The quality and performance of your chainsaw depends on many factors, but today we’re going to talk about carburetor failures. A lot depends on the work of this unit, including your good mood. You took the chainsaw in your hands, and it did not start, or it started and began to sneeze and shoot, with a complete loss of power. Your day is ruined, and in your head thoughts. what is the reason, where to look for a master and how much will repair cost.

Gasoline saw parts

However, you should not despair in advance, most malfunctions of the carburetor can be corrected with your own hands, or make adjustments in the neighbor’s garage.

Restrictions in independent tuning of warranty tool

Even with an easy start system, it’s relatively hard to start new, untested equipment. It is not recommended to disassemble the manual starter before the end of the warranty service and repair period.

  • For service department such revision can become the reason for refusal of free replacement, failed more valuable equipment.
  • There are no penalties if you fix minor faults like “no gasoline coming in” or “air intake loose” on your own.
  • Practice shows that the problems with starting up budget range chainsaws appear after 2-3 years of operation. In such a situation, the owner has to put up with the additional cost of repair or rely on their own locksmith skills.
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Better quality of materials and factory assembly means that brand-name models have far fewer starting problems. Nevertheless, the recommendations given in this article may be useful for owners of medium and high class chainsaws.

The information obtained will prompt the direction of solving the problem, when the Chinese chainsaw does not start. Virtually all Chinese chainsaw imports are based on European models, so there are few design and operational differences.

Husqvarna 142 chain saw construction

The Husqvarna 142 chainsaw is equipped with a motor that uses proprietary X-Torq technology. Engine uses less fuel without sacrificing performance.

Husqvarna uses Air Injection to cool the engine, extending air filter change intervals and reducing wear on important engine parts. To reduce vibrations, the saw is equipped with LowVib technology, another proprietary feature. It consists of several dampers that act as a kind of shock absorbers.

The Husqvarna 142 saw comes with a Japanese Walbro carburetor. It is durable and has a larger volume, which allows a larger amount of fuel mixture to be prepared in a single cycle.

Engine can be started with a manual starter. Thanks to the SmartStart function, its resistance has been reduced by 40%. The starter rope is located on the rear of the tool. The other controls. throttle position switch, throttle lever, and ignition on/off button. are located next to it.

Top quality chain and guide bar for cutting timber. A separate chain tensioning sprocket is located on the side of the chain saw, so you can adjust the saw element without tools. Chain lubrication is automatic during saw operation.

All of the Husqvarna 142’s internal mechanisms and parts are housed under a rugged, multi-layer plastic housing. It withstands falls from a low height and occasional strikes against hard objects. It is equipped with 2 rubberized grips for ease of use.

Protection for the woodcutter is ensured by a right hand guard and an effective chain brake. It triggers immediately when the chain hits nails and other hard objects.

Model technical features

The Husqvarna 142 chainsaw has solid technical parameters. They include:

  • power. 2.7 hp. с.;
  • maximum rotation speed. 13000 rpm.;
  • Fuel tank capacity: 410 ml;
  • capacity of the oil tank. 200 ml;
  • the recommended tire length is 35-40 cm;
  • chain pitch. 0,325 ;
  • weight in assembled condition. 5 kg.

Thanks to its good characteristics, the Husqvarna 142 model can be used not only for gardening, but also for felling. The tool can successfully handle pruning of branches and twigs, clearing of brush, as well as cutting down trees with trunks up to 45 cm in diameter. The low weight of the saw makes it possible to use it at great heights.

According to official statistics, its 5 most vulnerable systems are:

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Faults of the first group:

  • The engine does not start or does not function stably;
  • the chain starts up with occasional malfunctions;
  • Doesn’t hold idle;
  • The tool fumes and does not create the tractive force indicated by the manufacturer.

In addition to those mentioned above, there is another problem that we will elaborate on.

Finding the Reasons Why a Chainsaw Won’t Start

Amateur and professional chainsaws are complicated devices. Their two-stroke engines, components, and assemblies have their own limitations. For this reason quite reliable and expensive tools on par with cheap Chinese units periodically fail and refuse to start. The situation when the chain saw does not start or stops is not very pleasant, and sometimes it puts the user in a deadlock. How to identify and repair malfunction, restoring the tool.

Husqvarna 142 Repair With Your Own Hands Video

Husqvarna 142 chain saw repair with your own hands

Why you need to tune your Husqvarna carburetor

The carburetor is one of the important mechanical components that make up a chainsaw. Its tasks include. To mix the fuel with the air and feed the resulting mixture into the engine. But situations arise during chainsaw operation when adjustment of the Husqvarna carburetor becomes necessary. Depending on the causes, carburetor tuning of the chainsaw 142 and other series is performed to prevent the following situations:

gasoline, does, start, husqvarna

Since the carburetor affects the quality of fuel, the first time the need to adjust the carburetor saw 137 or other professional series, such as Huskvarna 240 or 260, involves influencing a sufficient amount of fuel entering the carburetor to mix with the air mass. It is known that the maximum performance is possible only at a certain ratio. The second point of the carburetor mixer chainsaw adjustment is due to the lack of incoming air, which causes underheating of the injected gasoline with its output in the form of thick smoke. Timely change the parameters with your own hands to reduce the amount of fuel injected will significantly reduce the consumption of this product.

The consequences of running on rich and lean mixture

The brown color of the insulator and the absence of carbon deposits are the proof of the normal 16:1 quality of the air-fuel mixture.

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