Why does the chain saw choke on the throttle?

What causes a chainsaw to start and stall?

In cases where the tool stalls immediately after the motor has started, this may indicate problems with the chain brake or insufficient lubrication of the power unit. First of all, you need to check the oil level. if it is not enough, then by refilling the liquid, the problem will be solved. But sometimes the level is within normal limits, and the engine still stalls. This means that the problem is most likely in the tube through which the oil flows into the lubricating mechanism.

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Also, sometimes the problem is hidden in the carburetor. It may need to be debugged in accordance with your chain saw Instruction Manual. But if the carburetor is badly clogged or broken it is better not to try to repair it yourself. see a professional technician.

Sometimes the saw can not start normally, because the fuel level is too low. when you tilt the tool, the fluid flows away from the suction tube.

Why does the chain saw choke on the throttle??

Your chain saw does not have a very complicated system, but it does need to be carefully maintained. Many people forget about the basic rules during the operation of the chainsaw, and this significantly reduces its life. Basically, when certain rules are regularly violated, problems appear.

For example, a chainsaw may not start or stop after you press the gas. In such a situation, the first thing to do is to find out the cause of the failure and try to fix it yourself.

Why else can the chainsaw shut down when you press the gas

If after adjusting the chainsaw carburetor the problem remains, then you should resort to checking a number of other factors. There are enough of these factors and they need to be checked one by one, moving from the easy to the difficult. It is in this order and consider all the reasons why the chainsaw does not develop high revolutions, and at the same time stalls. It should be noted that in this case, the tool starts and at idle rpm works properly.

  • Check the tensioning force of the chain. if you tighten the cutting element strongly, it will create a heavy load on the engine. In this case, the high-speed engine will have difficulty cranking the chain, and as a result, we get it to stop working. The problem can be corrected by properly adjusting the chain tension. The chain should rotate easily by hand, but also take into account that at idle speed it should not move. If the chain moves at idle, you need to adjust the upper idle speed screw
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If checking all the causes does not achieve a positive result, then the chainsaw carburetor should be removed and cleaned.

This is interesting!Check that the fuel is getting to the carburettor. To do this, disconnect the hose from the carburetor, and look at the activity of the trickle. If the fuel leaks quickly, then everything is fine, and this factor can be excluded.

Filters often get clogged, especially when the chainsaw is operated almost daily. The air filter can be disconnected and washed under running warm water. Dry thoroughly before reinserting it.

If after disconnecting the fuel hose from the carburetor no fluid flows out of it, then it is clogged. It can be cleaned or replaced with a new one.

If you use the tool often, the gasoline pump can fail. Each part has an expiration date. It should be replaced or sent to a service center.

Checking the chainsaw’s major systems

If the chain saw stalls right after you start it, there is a problem with some part of the machine. It is impossible to identify the cause instantly, so you need to check all the parts in sequence.

The first thing to do is to check the chainsaw’s fuel tank. The fuel may simply be insufficient for proper operation, so it is necessary to prepare a mixture in accordance with the standards of mixing oil and gasoline. Gasoline must be of the highest octane rating and oil is usually chosen according to the recommendations in the owner’s manual.

If it is not the amount of fuel, the spark plugs could be the next cause. Check not only the spark plugs, but also the high-voltage wire from the lugs. The gap at the plug should not be more than 0.5 mm.

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If the gap is too small, it means that there is some deposits on the spark plugs, which need to be cleaned and then re-installed to see if the chain saw will start or not. It is also recommended that from time to time you replace all the spark plugs with new ones, even if they are in good condition.

Another reason why your chain saw malfunctions when you accelerate, may be a carburettor or fuel filter malfunction. Cleaning the fuel filter yourself is simple enough, unlike the carburetor, which has a more complex design and therefore this part is best left to professionals.

Why the chain saw does not start or stops when idling?

There are cases when the chainsaw stops when idling. Most often the cause is a clogged muffler, which can be easily cleaned without any help from professionals. It is also possible to solve the problem with the help of the carburetor settings. On this part of the chainsaw there are two bolts with the letters L and H. The bolt, which is called L, is responsible for the revolutions of the chainsaw.

To increase the idle speed you need to turn the bolt half a turn and this may solve the problem. Do not forget that the carburetor is quite a complex system and its adjustment may be beyond the power of an ordinary person. If you incorrectly set the value of the revolutions, you can deform the internal system of the chainsaw, so it is better to entrust this work to professionals.

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What to do if the chainsaw stalls on load?

Very often chain saws with a strong power device stops when the load is increased. The cause here can only be contamination of the fuel filter or in the gas tank. In this case it is better to change the whole fuel filter, because it is not too expensive. If this does not help, then it is advisable to check the mixture quality.

precisely, it is necessary to prepare a new fuel mixture, having previously changed the gasoline. Maybe it is the quality of gasoline, and the low octane rating simply does not allow the chainsaw engine to reach sufficient power at excessive loads.

The chain saw stops when the engine speed increases

In cases where the chainsaw starts to stall at high speeds, you need to check parts such as:

does, chain, choke, throttle

The air filter becomes very clogged during operation, so it must be cleaned and perhaps even rinsed under warm water, but before installing it, it will be necessary to dry the part well. Then disconnect the fuel hose from the carburetor.

does, chain, choke, throttle

If no liquid flows out it means that it is simply clogged and it is recommended to clean it or buy a new hose. If the mixture flows through the fuel hose in full, then the filter can not be checked. In all other cases, it is necessary to clean the breather plug with an ordinary needle, and replace or flush the gasoline filter.

It might even be caused by the gasoline pump. We are talking about checking the wear of this part. If the fuel is leaking through the walls of the gasoline pump, it must be replaced. If the fuel is not leaking through the walls, that is not the reason why the chainsaw stops at high RPM.

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