Which way to wind the lines on the multi-function grass trimmer?

Makita DUR181RF cordless grass trimmer

Choosing a gift for mom’s birthday party cordless mower trimmer for the grass, I realized that I also want one, so I bought two.

I tried it for the first time yesterday. it was a superb machine!

It is important to understand that such a small and lightweight trimmer for grass is not designed to mow the whole garden plot. It is needed for mowing places where the main mower-cart cannot pass. Such places are scattered on the site, so use a network trimmer for grass (I have for 20 years, they formed as many as three in the country) is not convenient, because for a few stems nettles unwind up to 30 meters of wire horrible lazy, and the battery-powered simply take and walk with him on the site, removing flaws in the main mowing.

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The line is one, not two, and that’s a good thing. the spool is simple and easy to wind. For the line to pull out of the spool, it is enough to hit the head on the ground when the mower works.

The head rotates at the desired angle (you can turn it the way you want by pushing the big black button).

The boom is telescopic (to change the length, turn the locking mechanism and pull out the boom).

Battery is below the handle. To protect against accidental starting, to start the grass trimmer, you must first slide the slider on top of the handle, and then press the button at the bottom. After starting the slider can be released, just hold the button. There is a red LED that starts blinking when the battery is almost empty, but it is not very necessary. battery low is already obvious. the grass trimmer reduces the speed.

It comes with an extra line (the main one is already tucked into the spool) and a shoulder strap. I haven’t used the belt yet. the mower is very light. 3.1 kg with battery.

Huge plus of the RF package is the battery and charger.

Included battery BL1830B (18V 3Ah).

Battery has button and four LEDs to check the charge level.

Also comes with a super-fast nine-amp DC18RC battery charger.

Battery lasts for 23 minutes of continuous mowing (it’s a lot, even if the number seems small). Charging takes 25 minutes. The fan is quite noisy while charging. A loud beep is heard at the end of charging (it is convenient when you rest after mowing and wait for the battery to recharge).

the grass trimmer is sold in two configurations. DUR181Z (from 4320 ) without battery and charger and DUR181RF (from 6850 ) with BL1830B battery (18V 3Ah) and DC18RC charger (9A).

Installing Trimmer Line. Husqvarna Trimmer

The Z package is not worth buying even if you already have a charger and a Makita battery. The reviews joke that the RF complete set includes the grass trimmer as a gift: indeed, the battery charger DC18RC costs 3800 separately, the battery BL1830B 3100, and it turns out that the grass trimmer complete with charger and battery is cheaper than a charger and battery separately. 🙂

There is a nuance with the purchase of any Makita equipment: three brand name online stores at the same price as the others, give their warranty of 5 years (courier brings two warranty card. Makita for a year, and theirs for five years). Of course, I bought my grass trimmers from one of these stores. I will not give references, you can find them yourself.

I am very pleased with the trimmer. yesterday I mowed almost everything on one charge, to which the mower-trolley did not reach. My mom also liked the gift.

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Mows all right, weeds can’t get through, but it digests small bushes.

I have never received a single Makita machine with a warranty card filled out.

Exactly the same grass trimmer I sent to my parents, complete with a dcl181 vacuum cleaner. I bought a 364 trimmer for grass on special offers. a corded grass trimmer will hardly ever be needed with it.

Makita has no company online store that offers adequate and normal delivery terms in the Moscow region. And in all sorts of ozones, I take and t.п. Never get the warranty card. Without the card, the warranty will be 100% rejected.

Makita equipment is also not of the highest quality to take it without a warranty. I recently purchased an orbital, killed the soleplate after the first use. Turned it on, it seemed to work, but it seemed strange that it didn’t pull below 3 speed at all (I thought the speed regulator was faulty). Began to grind, it began to stink for 5 minutes, the sole plate overheated and melted in the center. Now rubbed down and all is well, even at 1 speed is pulling, but minus the soleplate. Drill once a long time ago took, the chuck with force to clamp, and over the years have absolutely ceased to hold. Bought for 300 rubles a similar Chinese cartridge, no problems at all, my fingers twist and holds like a fit. But the are as high as for a professional tool.

The third season I’m using one of these 40V. Lightweight, quiet, lasts only 30 minutes on a 4Ah battery. One disadvantage. it is necessary to manually pull the fishing line, there is no mechanism in the reel for self-extraction.
This shape. I have been using it for several seasons. Not much wear and tear. Thanks to high speed and weight of the blade it cuts through rather thick bushes and trees without slowing down.

I have one bobbin of fishing line for the season, it holds 6 meters of line. Diameter 2,413 (written on the package) it’s like a scroll of two lines, but the cut is solid, part number of the milky 49-16-2713. In the coil 76.2 meters, I foolishly bought two coils, counting for twenty years and a half enough.

I mow about one hundred square meters at a time, under drainage / cherry / currant, and along the chain-link fence which rests against the ground. If you’ve mowed along the fence, you’ll understand that if the line is no good, it’ll rip in a second.

Two electric grass trimmers have been lying idle for two years.

Well, it certainly is not worth six thousand, but its already worked, an extension cord for the mains trimmer for grass I remember as a bad dream.

I used to have one of these. Very weak, within one hundred square meters to mow with it. or to trim the bottlenecks behind the big one. The motor died after a couple of seasons, but was easily and simply repaired. blessing a shaft of spare parts for Makita.

After that, there was a 36-volt motor with a commutatorless motor.

Who can honestly say that there’s a 150-watt motor that actually works?? You’re not gonna buy that.

If it was 1000 watt, then an 18v 3Ah battery would go away in 3 minutes with this load.

As a mower with 15 years of experience, I’ll tell you what kind of trimmer to buy. First with the centrifugal clutch. Without it, the disc mowing loses all meaning. I hit a rock, the head’s up. If you get a rock without a centrifugal clutch, you will hit the head or the shank and end up with a splinter. And with tall grass it helps, you just throttle back and your head’s up. It’s also handy for cutting long-stemmed plants. You don’t have to turn off the engine, just throttle up and go. Straight boom with bevel gear. I’ve tried to mow with electric horns many times, honestly, it’s much more convenient than round handle. If you want to save your back, get a grass trimmer with a harness that spreads the load over both shoulders. It’s much better than a shoulder strap. The horns are much more comfortable than the round handle. I’ve tried to mow with electric horns many times. Annoying to the teeth. It is not enough that the extension cord is wound up, unwound, thrown over the bushes, but it still catches on some plant at the most inopportune moment and the process is interrupted. I’m not talking about the fact that in wet weather, electric mowers are strictly not recommended, especially with the bottom-mounted motor. If you have more than 5-6 acres, only gasoline, only hardcore. By the way, with the price of “lipezdrizhenii” in SNT 4-6 per kWh, the cost of gasoline is not much higher than the cost of electricity, and the usability of gasoline is much more convenient. If the task is to mow more than 5-6 acres of even surface (lawns, lawns), then the most shitty lawn mower will be better than any trimmer for the grass. For removing grass in bushes, along curbs, mowing alpine slopes only battery-powered grass shears. And so, for comparison. The cheapest Husqvarna 128, with normally sharpened disc, coming in a complete set, easily cuts down a sage as thick as a thumb. And also tree branches, if you have the strength to wave it in the air. The well-publicized Gardena hedge trimmer barely cuts through twigs as thick as a little finger and is not much cheaper.

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In case anyone is wondering. There is some kind of standard for mowing grass, which recommends leaving a minimum of 5 cm of grass. height. Accordingly, many trendy mowers do not allow to set the blade of grass below this level. And many grass trimmers have such a design of the head, which mows the grass to the same 5 cm, and if you need to shave to zero, it is necessary to bend, strain the back, to trimmer head to skew relative to the surface. When buying a lawn mower or grass trimmer this should be taken into account. I mean, if you fight dandelions by mowing the grass to zero, they adapt and their stems begin to stalk along the ground, releasing the flower also, at the very ground. Even if you put the blade of the lawnmower at two centimeters. against the grass, it even lets such adaptable owans through. Here only or trimmer to shave the grass to zero or after a lawnmower to take cordless grass shears (necessarily with a bar, otherwise the back kruptsa) and go through the dandelions with their help.

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Preparing to wind a fishing line

Before the reeling process it is necessary to remove the spool with fishing line from the case. Depending on the manufacturer, power and type (electric or gasoline) there are three design types of trimmers:

In this kind of model it is possible to install a knife. Reel removal in such models is made by means of two keys recessed in the body of the reel. To install the trimmer blade, it is necessary to align the hole of the reel and the boom, and then insert a device in the form of a steel pin (screwdriver, iron bar). After locking the spool it is easy to unscrew the housing by hand in a clockwise direction.

Many owners and professionals note the ease of operation and threading a reel with one whisker. Depending on the manufacturer, the length of the refill line can vary from 2 to 5 meters. The end of the line is inserted into the head in a special technological groove or hole, and winding is done in the opposite direction to the working rotation of the bobbin. Most spools have arrow marks on the outside of the housing that indicate the direction of travel of the grass trimmer reel.

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After winding you need to leave the free end 15-30 cm to reinforce the centrifugal force, which is decisive for the extraction of trimmer line in automatic and semi-automatic spools. Thread the left end through the working hole of the spool and assemble the head.

How to Replace the String on a Toro Trimmer : Lawn Care & Power Tools

Trimmer head with two clamps

After removing the bobbin from the body of the spool, determine the number of spooling threads (1 or 2). There is no fundamental difference between single groove and double groove spools, but careless bobbin threading into a double groove may cause operational problems. Because of the possibility of intertwining of neighboring lines it may happen that after wearing out the working clamps it is impossible to pull out the new ones.

Regardless of the number of spools, we take a fishing line of length from 1.5 to 3 meters. Winding should be performed in the opposite direction to the rotation of the head, because winding in the direction of movement will lead to the fact that the line will not be extracted from the bobbin. Once the line is tucked into the grass trimmer reel, we thread the loose ends (15-30 cm) through the special holes. Then reassemble the head in the reverse order of disassembly and check its functionality. Do not worry if the ends of the two tendrils are very different in size, because when starting the grass trimmer, the blade mounted on the protection will cut off the excess.

Grass trimmer head with automatic line threading

Some models on the market have a spool with an automatic winding mechanism. The owner only needs to correctly tuck and fix the ends in the head, and the winding operation will be performed by the tool itself when it is turned on in working mode. Incorrect winding of the line in the grass trimmer with this head is almost impossible, as the spool independently determines the position of the tendrils. The advantages of the automatic grass trimmer head include the simplicity of threading, and the disadvantages. frequent breakdowns of the mechanism due to the complexity of design and high cost.

Warranty wear-out of the grass trimmer’s factory filling will inevitably require line replacement. Having a very rough idea of how to tuck the line into the grass trimmer spool on their own, beginners are reluctant to take up this matter. However, with some skills, mastering this simple science is not difficult, and the following similar instructions will make the process as easy as possible.

How to change the line in a trimmer

To change the thread in your trimmer:

Choose a line that suits your trimmer in terms of thickness: look at the diameter of the former, or the notches on the mowing reel, consult the manual of the device, or rely on the motor power (in the store, this parameter will be enough).

How to replace string trimmer line

The arrow and the Wind-cord indicate the correct direction for winding the line on the reel. If there is none, wrap it in the opposite direction to the direction of rotation. Wind the thread tightly, avoiding any overlaps. Everything else can be automatically adjusted while the grass trimmer is working.

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