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Top 10 STIHL Electric and Petrol Trimmers

Trimmer for grass. a technique that is easy to manage and mow the grass in the garden, trim the lawn near the house. There are many companies engaged in the manufacture of such equipment, one of the popular. STIHL. Before you choose the right one, it’s worth finding out which STIHL weed trimmer is best for you. The company produces gasoline and electric models that are used by both homeowners and employees of utilities. A testament to its robustness, versatility and reliability.

STIHL‘s company history goes back to 92 years ago, when the young engineer Andreas Stihl opened his first engineering office in Stuttgart. At the time, the engineer was still very much in the logging business. It was hard work, so STIHL began thinking about building a powerful portable chainsaw.

The first STIHL chainsaw rolled off the production line in 1929. a tool destined to revolutionize the forestry industry. Gradually, chainsaws from the German engineer were modernized. they became more powerful and lighter. Andreas STIHL eventually founded his own fully fledged company that specializes in durable petrol and electric tools.

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In the 1980s, the STIHL brand, already well known in Europe, designed its first lawn mower. The model was heavy, but had plenty of power. Since then, new gasoline and electric models have been launched almost every year and were aggressively purchased by home and garden owners of medium and large lawn and garden plots.

Today the STIHL brushcutters and electric trimmers range includes several dozen models. Each one of them is distinguished by its high reliability, excellent build quality and long service life. All these advantages make STIHL an undisputed market leader in modern gardening technology.

Base configuration

Working capacity cm³ 27.2
Standard cutting tool AutoCut C 6-2
Power kW 0.65
Power l.с. 0.9
Weight kg (1) 4.1
Sound pressure level with plastic tool dB(A) (2) 94
Sound power level, with plastic instrument dB(A) (2) 108
Sound power level, with metal tool dB(A) (2) 109
Vibration level left, with plastic tool m/s² (3) 8
Vibration level left, with metal tool m/s² (3) 8
Vibration level on the right, with plastic tool m/s² (3) 8
Vibration level right, with metal tool m/s² (3) 8
Total length (4) 147mm
Tank capacity l 0,33

(1) Without fuel, without cutting tool and protection (2) K-factor according to RL 2006/42/EG = 2.5 dB(A) (3) K-factor according to RL 2006/42/EG = 2 m/s² (4) Without cutting tool



Build quality, performance, weight, service.


Starts up not from the first time, sometimes there is a detonation during the work (maybe the gasoline is not very good, but I fill the car with the same gasoline)


I chose the product for its reliability and after-sales service, the product has always had all the expendable parts. I mowed 6 acres of virgin land. Chops branches with the fishing line 1.5 cm just the way! The turnbuckle is 5-6 cm, no problem!I didn’t use a knife, being afraid to run into a rock and a piece of metal.

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Build quality, engine power, starting with a poke without misfires, fuel priming, spring starter (I especially liked it, even with the chainsaw I bought earlier).

STIHL 462C Pro SAWIs it worth 1100? You WON’T BE SURPRISED!!


Theoretically a cable drive shaft, but in reality I have no complaints about it yet.


I am a particular fan of STIHL, I choose the products on the official website, buy from a dealer, I justifiably believe that in the Russian market in the ratio of price, quality, reliability STIHL out of competition. The tool is always a long and tedious choice, long beforehand collect reviews. I have no warranty service experience, not a single thing has not broken yet, chain saw 7 years, 4 years, lawn mower 1Ga all kinds of rubble mowing, all works properly and now.


Manufacturing quality is excellent. The weight is small.

Commentary at

I bought it this spring. Mowed all summer long, worked flawlessly. At first, the suspension strap was disappointing (I wanted a two-shoulder strap), but I wasn’t uncomfortable with it. If I had to buy again, I would choose this one

Quality of workmanship, excellent maintenance

The manual included with every STIHL ride-on lawn trimmer explains the design, operation and functions of the machine in great detail. The lifespan of a hand-held mower can be significantly increased if you follow the manufacturer’s instructions as closely as possible.

STIHL ride-on mowers

  • STIHL brushcutters use a 50:1 mix of STIHL 2-stroke motor oil and branded AI-92 gasoline.
  • There are several brands of brand oil, the STIHL HP Ultra is considered the best. In the case of non-original engine oil, the fuel mixture is prepared in a ratio of 25:1.
  • The premixed fuel mixture should not be stored for a long time (no longer than 1 month), unlike the original STIHL MotoMix fuel mixture, which keeps its properties for up to 2 years.
  • Use STIHL grease to lubricate the transmission, checking it every 100 hours. The air filter is usually changed annually.
  • Sharpening of metal cutting tools is performed as needed, usually a few filing motions are sufficient.

STIHL electric brushcutters

No fuel problems with electric mowers, but some special precautions need to be taken with the electric tool. A cable safety device prevents the STIHL electric trimmer from being unplugged unexpectedly.

Cordless brushcutters

Depending on their equipment, STIHL cordless brushcutters have different running times without recharging, from 12 minutes (FSA 45) to 420 minutes (FSA 130). The model comes with or without a 36 V battery and charger.

Charging time depends on battery size and type of charger. The special AL 300 quick charger charges the AP 160 battery in 25 minutes to allow the STIHL FSA 65 cordless brushcutters to work for around an hour without interruption.

Standard equipment

The two-handed handle is easily adjusted with a thumbscrew without any tools. Handle can be swivelled through 90° for transport or compact storage. STIHL ElastoStart This special starter handle ensures a soft start without kickback or jerk. The integrated shock absorber balances out fluctuations in stress during start-up

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Owners reviews

The quality and reliability of STIHL products is reflected in the numerous feedback on agricultural forums. Owners note that brushcutters are easy and undemanding to operate. The maintenance is easy to perform.

Maxim: “When I bought the STIHL FS 45 lawnmower, I read a lot of reviews on the forums. I liked its specifications and price, but later it turned out that the power is not enough. Regardless, it does the job completely and neatly trims my lawn. Been working with this trimmer for 6 years and I don’t have any quality complaints.”

Grasshopper Mowers.comparison

Anton: “I bought the STIHL FS 90 turf trimmer 2 years ago. There were no damages during this time, and the engine started after the winter at the first attempt. I think the low weight is a nice advantage, because my wife and I change. Very comfortable to mow by hooking the mower to the shoulder straps. I can warn you from experience that the line for the trimmer quickly tears if you mow too thick stems. If you run the grass, you have to use the blades.”


Guys, if I was immediately told that the service is of this quality, then I would not for any money would not take this company equipment! I should point out that I am using a chainsaw the second year of the same company and had no problems. That’s why there was no question about which company to buy the trimmer. I read a lot of positive feedback here and bought from an official dealer. So when the trimmer stopped working, I found that there is no customer service as such, there are licensed receivers same as sellers of equipment. The first phone number listed on the official site did not answer, the second was an auto store, getting through to the third, I went. Arriving at the service station, I found out that this is most likely due to gasoline, t.к. do not store gasoline longer than 20 days, the octane number drops to almost zero! And so the carburetor is broken because of gasoline. I bought gasoline at Lukoil, there are receipts. Next was even cooler, the decision whether the warranty case is taken at the central office based on the description of the receiver. And he may describe it so that it will be a warranty case, but it may be so that it will not be a warranty. In short, in my opinion, this is blatant extortion, in the spirit of the Soviet Union. All sources write that the shelf life of gasoline from 3 years, nowhere else I have not found the nonsense about storage in 20 days. By the way they charged me 800 for the expertise. When receiving it they looked at the blank warranty card and the receipt and did not say anything, and told me half an hour after I left, had to return through traffic, call the seller and arrange with him to bring here a filled coupon. In short I lost half a day and was completely disappointed in the service of this company. Lest anyone think that this writing competitors (other reviews are so great) My number is 915 349 2199 my name is Leonid can send you photos of documents and addresses of these technical centers.

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I read the reviews, at that time there were a couple of negative. Same brand chainsaw is in its 5th year. Bought for a plot of 30 acres, which is overgrown with grass about a meter high, shoots of plums, rose hips, cherries. Had a knife and two blades in the kit. After the electric mower Makita, it is possible to say there is no vibration. But! When we mow with the line we go and demolish everything, except for the thick undergrowth. You have to be more careful with the disc. You go up to the brush and cut it off little by little. No fear of cutting the electric wire, although the weight is more, but it balances well and is not a burden. Was confused about the gasoline engine, mixture. Bought a 20cc syringe, poured in a liter of gasoline, got the mixture. Stirred it up, poured it in the gas tank. I pressed the gas pump, it blew out the air. Switched to warm up, pulled the cord, warmed up, switched to work and started, hung it on my shoulder and went to mow)))

Top 2. Husqvarna 143R-II

Accounted for 68 reviews from resources: Yandex.Market, All Tools, Otzovik, DNS

Big mowing width grass trimmer mows the grass within a radius of 478 cm. That’s 15% more than the nearest competitor.

The grass trimmer with the largest cutting radius: it is 48 centimeters. the best among all Husqvarna gasoline models. Grass can be mowed with either a fishing line or the knife that comes with the tool. 2 horsepower motor, which, combined with the 41 cc capacity, allows you to tackle thick stems and even reeds. The machine is suitable for professional and frequent use. Can work with loppers and other Husqvarna modules if needed. The boom is height-adjustable, so you can adjust it to any level you like. Like a T-shaped bike handle that locks at different angles.

Pros and cons


“VIKING MB 545 lawn mower.1 T I use on my lawn of about 15 acres. Powerful machine, immediately mulching, sturdy and light housing. The protective covers on the housing are convenient, have not yet changed. The vario drive lets you change speed smoothly without slowing down the blade. Mowing height is central. I recommend”.


“I was very pleased with my purchase of the VIKING me 545 electric ride-on mower. Very handy on my small lawn. No gasoline exhaust, everything is clean, tidy and fast. Some people might prefer to work with a gasoline engine, but for me it’s more convenient to work with an electric”.

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