Which spark plug is better ngk or Bosch

Denso PK20PR-P8

Platinum spark plugs from Japan win convincingly in the ranking of the best primarily because of the lowest price. But there’s nothing to complain about in terms of performance either: the platinum coating of the center and side electrodes guarantee excellent service life, and the workmanship is second to none. The only negative side effect is the size of the gap between the electrodes, which is also smaller than Renault’s requirement: 0.8 mm. The purchase of more expensive iridium candles (remember, iridium has a much higher hardness and melting point, hence greater resistance to erosion) in civilian use is unlikely to be justified.

NGK BKR6EIX (6418)

Iridium spark plugs from NGK are considerably superior to their analogues of the conventional design, but their parameters still do not meet the requirements of Renault: the electrode spacing is only 0.8 mm. It makes sense to install such plugs on a new engine without appreciable oil consumption, in which case the reduced gap combined with the stability of the spark formation, which provides a central electrode with a diameter less than a millimeter, guarantee a start even with a thoroughly discharged battery.

If you carefully choose the spark plugs, iridium spark plugs have a decent service life, which can be up to 50,000 kilometers. But for the people who often go far by car in different directions, it is better to think about buying two sets of ordinary candles for the same money.

What you need to know about the heat rating

This determines the thermal properties of the product. According to this parameter, plugs are divided into 2 types:

  • “Cold” ones drain the heat as efficiently as possible. They are used for power units of fast cars. Such engines are characterized by high compression ratio and air cooling.
  • “Hot” engines have poor heat transfer. they are used for ordinary cars with small engines.

At the temperature of the electrode below 500 ° C, its surface can not be cleaned from sludge and other carbon deposits. This fouling will lead to ignition timing problems and an unstable engine. Therefore, “cold” products can not be put in “small cars”.

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If you put a “hot” plug in the afterburner engine of a fast car (for example, racing car), then at high speed the electrode temperature will exceed 850 ° C. Such overheating will destroy the ceramic insulator and melt the contacts. The load on the cylinders will increase.

Therefore, products in terms of heat dissipation are selected depending on the technical parameters of the engine. Cold” elements for powerful engines, “hot” elements for underpowered engines.

Which spark plug is better to choose: NGK or Denso

Spark plugs are the most important element of any gasoline engine. Their quality directly affects power, fuel efficiency, ease of starting, operation stability and exhaust emission.

NGK vs Bosch Spark Plugs

Today on the market you can find a fairly large selection of spark plugs from different manufacturers. The recognized leaders among this group of products are products of NGK and Denso.

Products NGK and Denso are installed by the leading automakers directly on the conveyor line, car owners also give preference to these brands in the case when there is a need to change these elements on the engine. At the same time, many have difficulty in choosing, trying to buy the best product.

Next we will talk about what spark plugs are better, ngk or denso, will touch on iridium spark plugs of these manufacturers, and take a look at the glow plugs for the diesel engine, which offer brands DENSO and NGK.

Car plugs are not the product that primarily interests the car owner, but when the ignition problems appear, then there is interest and a lot of questions about “What company is better” or “What should be the criteria for choosing”.

Studying the popularity of models and their functionality, you come to the conclusion that a wide range of spark plugs, produced by manufacturers other than the well-known car companies. There is an undeniable advantage, because the logo of a promoted brand on any auto part increases its cost by a quarter. So the conclusion is that it’s better to buy consumables from the manufacturer, thus avoiding a substantial markup from the automaker.

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Another spark plug, which has iridium cladding on the tips of the working electrodes. In addition the corrosion protection layer is not only on the electrodes themselves but also on the body of the plug. An additional advantage is the diameter of the solder on the center electrode is only 0,4 mm, which gives a powerful spark necessary for guaranteed complete combustion of the fuel mixture. On the side electrode there is a U-shaped cutout (sharpened), which corresponds to the similar tip on the central electrode.

  • Electrode body is made of nickel.
  • Number of side electrodes one.
  • Calculation number 20.
  • External thread 14mm.
  • Thread length 26.5 mm.

Article 5344, for one piece.

NGK spark plug selection for your vehicle

But this way is not very comfortable. If we consider the huge range of products manufactured by the company, then the best selection of NGK by car is the use of the company catalog, where the initial sorting by brand, model, year of manufacture and engine displacement is done. It is available on the company’s website, both in printable form (in the “Downloads” section) and in interactive form (in the “Product Selection” section). Finding the right spark plugs here is not difficult, even for an old Moskvich:

NGK spark plugs: types, marking, service life, selection features

NGK spark plugs are a well-known product of the Japanese company of the same name, which was founded back in 1919. The manufacturer specializes in manufacturing a whole list of high quality components and other elements for all sorts of different types of internal combustion engines.

As for the plugs, established mass production of products with different sizes and other characteristics, so you can choose a suitable option for almost any car and other types of vehicles. To select the spark plugs you can use the original printed or electronic catalog of NGK, and it is easy to select the spark plugs online. The main thing is to have a certain knowledge.

It should be noted that in some cases, the selection of spark plugs only by car model may not be completely accurate. For this reason, it is extremely desirable to know before you buy a particular NGK spark plug article, as well as what the marking of NGK spark plugs means. In this article, we’ll look at what types of NGK spark plugs there are and what the deciphering of NGK spark plug markings are. We will also talk about what the average life of NGK spark plugs is, and touch on how to determine whether NGK spark plugs are fake.

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Breakdown by type

Let’s break down each type of igniters and find out which one is right for your car.

which, spark, plug, better


These are standard igniters, which are installed on most gasoline engines. The spark they produce is quite enough for quality ignition of the mixture of air and fuel, and such parts last for about 30 thousand kilometers and more.


They are usually single spark plugs with an iridium alloy core. Such igniters produce a better quality spark compared to the previous type. Iridium igniters are preferred for high-powered cars and cars that have LPG systems. This type of parts is also installed on hybrid cars, which almost completely relieves the owner from having to replace these elements. Service life of such parts is from 60 to 80 thousand kilometers. Of course, there are some disadvantages. the price. One will cost the same as for the whole set of usual graphite igniters.

Of course, it is desirable to entrust such work to specialists, who will easily carry out this procedure.

Top 10 best spark plugs for VAZ (LADA)

The most common variety. gasoline cars, require full maintenance. Usually a simple detail like spark plugs doesn’t raise many questions. However, the knot requires more attention than most motorists think. The correct choice affects the stability of the engine and the duration of operation of the ignition system.

which, spark, plug, better

In 2020, there are a large number of models and companies on the market that produce, in their opinion, the best spark plugs for VAZ and other car models. But that’s not always the case.

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