Which single axle tractor to choose for your home and garden?

Comparison table

If you are still undecided which gasoline cultivator is better to choose in 2020-2021 for your dacha, you can compare the technical characteristics of each model, which we have listed in the comparison table.

Model Engine displacement, cc. cm Tilling width, cm Cutter speed, rpm Tilling depth, cm Fuel tank capacity, l,
Mobil K MKM-MINI 98 22,50-42 140 21,5 1,6 17 890
DAEWOO Power Products DAT 3530 57,2 26 140 22 1 12 395
ELITECH KB 60H 196 35-85 N/A 32 3 20 695
Champion BC6712 196 30-85 130 33 3,6 21 940
Huter GMC-6.5 196 30-90 190 32 3,6 22 512
Hammer RT-50A 159 50 36 1,2 24 352
Hyundai T 850 196 80 114 30 3,6 29 511
Neva MK-200-H5.0 160 65-100 28-120 16 2 32 595
Caiman TRIO 70 C3 212 30-90 208 32 3,6 36 695
Echo TC-210 21,2 21 277 25 0,5 30 925
Husqvarna TF 338 212 95 53-97 30 4,8 39 945

Choice of power tillers and types of attachments for power tillers

First of all, when buying a power tiller, pay attention to the power. Here it is not necessary to be guided by the rule the more powerful the better, the choice should be made on the basis of the cultivated area. The approximate power calculation is as follows:

  • Plot with up to 15 acres 3,5 l.с.
  • 15-60 sotka 4 L.с.
  • from 60 acres to 1 hectare 5 l.с.
  • 1-2 hectares 6 l.с.
  • 1-5 hectares 9 l.с.

Of course, you can buy machines with extra capacity, but you risk wasting your money if you don’t use them to their full potential.

The second very important factor influencing the choice of power tiller working width, ie how much land the machine can handle in one seizure. This parameter, as well as the power, must be chosen according to the size of the area to be cultivated. When choosing, you can be guided by these approximate calculations:

Remember that this parameter determines the performance. A simple example will illustrate this. If you decide to save money and buy the lightest and cheapest single axle tractor with working width of 36 cm (which is actually 33 cm, t.к. If you have a power tiller with 3 cm overlap, you have to make 303 passes with your power tiller, which is 30.3 km. Agree, not a very bright prospect, it will take a lot of time. When choosing a single axle tractor, always consider the size of the plot.

Types of cultivator gearboxes

Gearbox. a mechanism that transmits torque from the engine to the working shaft of the cultivator.

A distinction must be made between maintained and unmaintained gearbox models:

  • Serviced. such a gearbox is more expensive, but has a design that allows it to be repaired. Maintenance of such gearboxes saves money.
  • Maintenance-free. usually these are relatively inexpensive worm, sometimes chain reducers. The body is indestructible; if it fails, it is replaced as a whole. Cultivator repair can be carried out directly in the field. by replacing the gearbox. That way you gain an invaluable resource. time, but you have to pay for this convenience. Although the price of a maintenance-free worm reducer is much lower than that of a serviced one, in the end the unit repair costs more.

Decide what is more important for you. time or money.

The following varieties of gearboxes are generally used:

Which cultivator is better. gear, cogged or chain-driven?? Consider each type separately.

The worm gearbox

The most inexpensive of all these gearboxes. Fits into compact class cultivators and mini-cultivators.

  • absence of reversing;
  • is not designed for mounted equipment;
  • low reliability constant friction causes rapid depreciation of the working surfaces of the worm, worm wheel and bushings, which play the role of bearings on the worm;
  • tendency to overheat and jam due to the same friction;
  • low efficiency such gearboxes usually transmit no more than 60% of the motor power to the working shaft.

In addition, if the cultivator uses a worm gearbox, the motors are usually installed with a vertical shaft. And the motor with a vertical shaft quickly wears out the bottom thrust bearing.

It is not uncommon to find on the Internet that worm gears are expensive to repair. It is cheaper to buy a new one than to repair the old one. worm gears are in fact no more expensive to repair than, for example, chain gears, provided the worm gears are demountable. Most models of worm gears are collapsible.

Chinese prefer block repair, accordingly, produce non-disassembled worm reducers. It is not that expensive to repair, it is not intended for repair. So if you decide to repair such a gearbox, you’ll just waste your money and time. If you want to replace it, you will only spend money.

How to choose the right tractor for you! Buying right the first time! Save

The chain reducer

The chain reducer is probably the most popular of those used in cultivators and power tillers. This is explained by the fact that at a relatively low price these units have high reliability and a solid working life.

Most malfunctions (the most common ones are chain stretching or breaking, shearing a key on the shaft or teeth on the sprocket) can be easily fixed in any workshop and sometimes even in the field (if you have spare parts and minimum repair skills).

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Gear (gear) reducer

The toothed (geared) gearbox is the most popular among users of agricultural machinery for commercial purposes because of its reliable design. With proper care, timely maintenance and adherence to the rules of operation, you won’t run into any mechanical transmission repair specialists for a long time.

In essence, the gearbox is the full analogue of the automobile gearbox. Accordingly, a single-axle tractor with such a gearbox, as a rule, has a pair of front speeds and a rear. And for all the advantages of chain reducers, they are not comparable to geared ones in terms of reliability.

The only disadvantage of the gear reducer is its high price. However, it is quite justified.

How to choose a single-axle tractor for the garden: what to pay attention to when choosing a unit?

Cultivators and power tillers are very popular among gardening equipment, aimed at making the hard work of countrymen easier. They are the machines that can take on the toughest agricultural jobs. But if cultivators are highly specialized assistants that work exclusively on cultivating the land, then motor blocks are more functional. They can work in combination with a huge number of attachments: plow, harrow, tiller, hoe, snowplow, cargo trailer, etc.д. One single-axle tractor at the farm replaces almost all garden equipment! But, having decided to buy such a miracle, you will inevitably face the problem of choice. the models of different power tillers on the market abound. The average buyer simply does not know how to choose a tractor, which attachments to use, what manufacturer to choose. Let us try to answer all these questions and help you make the right choice.

Aim at power and weight: division by classes.

which, single, axle, tractor, choose

The main characteristic of the walking tractor is its power. The larger it is, the larger the area of the plot and the heavier the soil will be able to handle the selected equipment. Depending on power and weight all power tillers are divided into 3 categories.

These machines have power up to 5,5 liters.с., up to 50-70 kg in weight. Their functionality is very small, and the number of attachments used is small. Most often only tillers are used. That is why manufacturers often classify these tillers in the group of power tillers. This technique is suitable for loosening the top layers of soil in a small area. up to 20 hectares. The single-axle tractor of this group is not capable of deep plowing and cultivation of virgin soil.

Variant #2. middle class

These power blocks have the power of 6-10 liters.с. and weighing 80-100 kg. These are real power tillers, most of attachments fit them: plows, ridgers, floor hoes, potato shovels, brushes, etc.п. Its high weight allows this technique to plow heavy soils confidently to a depth of 15-20 cm. Powerful enough for trouble-free tillage of plots up to 50 acres.

Variant #3. heavy class

Heavy units. these are professional motor blocks with power from 6 to 12 liters.с. They sometimes weigh up to 300 kg. these are real mini-tractors! They can be used to till virgin soil, create lawns, remove snow, and transport goods. If the area of your vegetable garden is 1-3 hectares, then choose a single-axle tractor among professional models. They are used by farmers and public utilities, that is why the number of attachments in this group is the most diverse.

Engine: gasoline or diesel?

When deciding which single-axle tractor to choose, pay attention to the type of engine. It can be petrol or diesel. Is there a difference between them?? Let’s get to the bottom of it.

Diesel motoblocs are more reliable and durable: some models have a motor life of up to 3000 hours! They are characterized by economical fuel consumption, low wear and tear of parts during operation. The disadvantages of diesel engines include massive, large size, some contraindications when working “at idle”. And lastly, diesel engines have a high cost, which affects the cost of a power tiller.

The gasoline engine, with the same power as the diesel counterpart, often has a smaller size. It is easy to work with, no special skills are needed. The disadvantage of gasoline engines is a smaller stock of motor-hours and productivity, but this is compensated by their relatively low price.

Starting system: electric starter or manual start?

Engine can be started with an electric starter or by hand. The electric starter makes it easier to start the machine, especially in winter, when the fuel has sub-zero temperatures. But electric starting requires a battery that needs recharging at regular intervals. There are some models of power tillers that have a battery powered by a built-in generator. Otherwise, it will have to be recharged with additional equipment.

Some, particularly advanced models of power tillers, have both manual and electric starter. This is the most convenient, albeit expensive option.

Equipment and additional functions

Choosing a single-axle tractor, ask the seller about the basic equipment of the chosen model. On this, and very significantly, will depend on the price. Most often the set includes wheels and tillers, less often. a plow and other awnings. All additional attachments can be bought separately.

plow. for plowing the soil, especially uncultivated and heavy soil; rotary haymaker. for mowing grass, making hay; dipper. for hilling crops, making preplanting furrows; potato digger. indispensable for digging root crops; aerator. makes holes in the soil, allowing the plant roots to better oxygenate, “breathe”; rotary brush. will quickly sweep debris from the sidewalk, walkways; blade blade. will help remove snow from the site; trailer. used for transporting goods, usually equipped with a dump body and brakes.

A single-axle tractor is heavy equipment, so it is very important that the manufacturer of a particular model has provided in the design elements that ensure safety and ease of operation.

Optimal list of such elements:

Steering wheel adjustment. used to set the steering wheel in a comfortable position for the operator. It allows you to raise and lower the handlebar to adjust it to the operator’s height and turn it to the left and right; differential release lever. allows you to temporarily release the differential and easily turn the single axle tractor, for example, at the end of the row; covers over cutters. protect the operator from branches, rocks, debris, dust flying out from under the cutters; Suspension of control rods. reduces vibration influence of engine on operator; Emergency engine stop. automatically shuts off power tiller in potentially dangerous situations, for example, when oil level drops drastically.

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Manufacturer: foreign or domestic?

We are used to the fact that quality equipment is brought to us only from abroad. However, many of our domestic manufacturers also produce reliable and easy to work with motor blocks. For example, you should pay attention to the motor blocks Neva, Ugra, Oka, Salyut. All of these power tillers are in great demand among our dacha owners and farmers. And not only because of the excellent quality, but also a reasonable price, which, with the same characteristics and performance is always lower than that of foreign machines. over, that the domestic power tillers are often equipped with imported engines: Japanese Mitsubishi, Honda, Robin-Subaru, American BriggsStratton. In this case the most practical solution will be to buy a domestic motor block with a quality engine from the world’s leading manufacturers

Foreign power tillers are presented on our market by such “monsters” as Honda (Japan); Patriot; DEKADO; Oleo-Mac; Gardena; MTD and Huter (Germany); Husqvarna (Sweden); Caiman (France). All of them, due to the “brand” and the cost of shipping from abroad have a rather high price, but quickly sold out due to the guaranteed quality and brand awareness.

A wide range of cultivators and power tillers for every need you can buy in the StroyloN chain of stores, as well as on the StroyloN website from home. Order home delivery you can contact us by calling (4832) 30 03 04.

And lastly! Buying a single axle tractor ask whether it is easy to buy spare parts for it in case of repair and where the service is provided. This information will be useful to you in the future and allow you to correctly choose a reliable assistant in the work on the homestead plot.

Classification of power tillers by weight and power

Presented on the market motor blocks are usually divided into three groups according to their weight and engine power:

We should note at once that this classification is quite conventional. Different sources give different criteria for classifying your power tillers in one group or another, depending on its weight or engine power. This can be explained by different engine efficiencies of different manufacturers and peculiarities of a certain model design. A single-axle tractor with less power rating may be more productive than a heavier, more powerful machine.

Light motor blocks

Usually light motor-blocks weighing up to 80 kg and equipped with engines with power up to 6-7 liters are considered to be.с. The heaviest motor cultivators with 4-5 liter engines belong to this group.с. and the possibility of equipping wheels.

Lightweight power tillers are suitable for working plots of 30-40 acres. As their service life and reliability is not very high, it is undesirable to work for a long time on such units without interruption. This can lead to engine overheating.

The light motor blocks can be used with additional equipment that does not require high power and traction, such as mowers, ploughs, etc. With heavier attachments such units will not show good performance.

They are not suitable for plowing in virgin and heavy soils. But they are good for light soils like fallow land.

Medium-sized power tillers

Units in this group weighing 80-120 kg. They are equipped with engines with horsepower of about 6-7 to 9-10 liters.с. Most models have petrol engines, but there are also diesel ones.

Such power tillers are designed to use a variety of attachments and have pretty good functionality. They allow to carry up to 500 kg of cargo. They can be used successfully as pumps, electric generators, etc., but their power output is too low.

Gasoline-engine crawlers with horsepower up to 60 acres are good for plots with an output of about 9 hp.s or diesel 6-7 hp.с. On diesel units with a capacity of 8-10 liters.с. they can work up to 1 hectare.

Medium motor blocks are good for almost any kind of soil cultivation: plowing, harrowing, cultivation, hilling, seeding.

Heavy power tillers

The heavy usually include models weighing more than 120 kg. Such machines can weigh up to 350 kg. They are suitable for plots larger than an hectare. The most productive power tillers can be used on areas of 3-5 hectares. Engine power. from 9 liters.с. and above, up to 15-16 l.с. The vast majority of heavy duty models have diesel engines.

Thanks to its weight this single axle tractor is perfect for plowing. These models are designed for use on farms. They can be operated for long periods without interruption, have a high engine life and reliability. Heavy power tillers are well suited for carrying loads.

Which plough and single axle tractor is the best choice for country side: inexpensive, reliable and fast

For someone who seriously took up farming and decided to achieve serious results in this business, sooner or later will be relevant question, “What company will be better to buy a single-axle tractor?”. For this we have given you a detailed rating of the best power tillers.

And in the process of searching for a future owner of a power tiller will face many questions about what exactly will be used a singleaxle tractor, what the main functions will be entrusted to him? And even if all you need is a single-axle tractor for the vegetable garden, which model is best for this purpose?

In order to clarify this question it is necessary to study in detail all the nuances.

Price and specifications

To compare all of the motor blocks from the rating and choose the best for dacha on the price-quality ratio, you need to compare their specifications and price.

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ModelEngine capacity, l.с.Tank capacity, l. Number of forward/reverse gearsMass, kgAverage price,
Mobil K MKM-3 PRO 6,5 3,6 2/1 69 42 990
Zubr MTB-300 7 78 24 670
PATRIOT Samara 95 29 990
Hyundai T 1300 93 39 990
Aurora COUNTRY 1000 4,35 3,2 105 37 900
DAEWOO Power Products DATM 80110 8 4,5 86 39 990
Huter MK-9500 9,5 6 130 38 430
Champion BC1193 9 132 45 200
Neva MB-23B-10.0 10,06 N/A 4/2 105 58 750
CaimanVARIO 60STWK 6 3,4 2/1 72 59 990

Rating of power tillers 2020-2021 by price and quality. Top 11 best country models

Working in the country or homestead takes up a lot of time and effort. To make your work easier the right decision will be to buy a power tiller. Such a machine is effective not only in tillage, but also in other types of work related to the cultivation of crops, as well as in the transportation of goods over short distances. A feature of the mechanism is the ability to connect various types of attachments.

A wide range of these units is available on the market. But not all of them have earned the trust of buyers, as evidenced by their numerous reviews. So, motor blocks: the rating of the best 2020-2021, the price and quality of which correspond to each other.

Mid-range motorcycle tractors. the best models

But despite the merits of lightweight power tillers, the most popular were and remain analogues of the middle class. The good compromise between price and power, as well as functionality, makes them a great buy for most users. That is why this category of equipment received the greatest attention.


Buyers looking for an inexpensive mid-range single-axle tractor are sure to like this model. Its power is quite high. 7 horsepower, which is enough to plow quite a large area. In addition, the width of tillage is 83 cm, so you do not have to spend extra time, plow it. Four forward gears allow you to choose the most suitable option to work on a particular plot, with individual terrain and features. And the reverse allows you to bypass an obstacle, free the cutters from foreign objects and just makes the work more comfortable. It’s nice that the noise level here is not too high. only 78 dB. If this is not the best single-axle tractor among inexpensive models, it is certainly one of them.

  • Powerful 4-stroke engine;
  • Excellent build quality;
  • Low noise level at work;
  • five speeds;
  • affordable price;
  • ergonomic handle.


It is no exaggeration to say that this is a luxury power tiller, which will be suitable for elderly and young people. Of course, the price is not very low, but it is fully compensated by the power and comfort of operation. Powerful, wide 8-inch wheels drive confidently on wet ground as well as on sand.

PATRIOT Ural is equipped with a robust cast-iron gearbox, which ensures high reliability and endurance when working with high loads.

The 220cc engine has 7.8 horsepower, so it can easily handle even long-unplowed land. And the tillage width is as much as 90 cm. you can plow a large area in a few passes. Six gears. four forward and two reverse. make your work even easier and more comfortable. With all this the weight of a power tiller in the basic configuration is 84 kg. not much for models of the middle class.

  • powerful engine;
  • cast-iron gearbox;
  • quick and easy to start;
  • convenient operation;
  • low gasoline consumption;
  • Reliable and practical when used properly;

Champion BC1193

Choose a mid-range single-axle tractor that’s as powerful as a heavy tractor and just as easy to work with? Then you won’t be disappointed with this model. Yes, but this is fully compensated by a number of serious advantages.

The power is really impressive. as much as 9 horsepower. no wonder, since the volume is 270 cc. Even an area with heavy, clayey soil can be plowed, if necessary. over, it cultivates large soil widths. up to 110 cm. True, there are only three gears. two forward and one reverse. Because of this, it is not always easy to work on problematic areas. But the wheels are very big. 12 inches in diameter. That is why the machine has a very good cross-country ability. Tank capacity. 6 liters. It is quite enough for a fairly large plot.

  • power reserve;
  • wide wheels make it easy to pass;
  • The width of the ploughed land is very large;
  • The high quality of tillage;
  • elaborate design ensures ease of operation;
  • Fuel tank capacity.

Neva MB-23B-10.0

But perhaps the best choice among medium-class power tillers can be called the Neva MB-23B-10.0. One of the important pluses is the possibility of adjusting the width of ploughed land. from 86 to 127 cm. And the depth of cultivation is quite large. 20 centimeters. The power will pleasantly surprise even the experienced user. as much as 10.06 horsepower. You can easily plow any soil, whether it’s clay, virgin soil, or soil with roots.

the single axle tractor is suitable for small areas, which need to be handled as gently as possible in order not to damage plants

The developers have provided four speeds for forward movement and two for reverse. It is true that the weight is quite large. 105 kg. But to find such a powerful yet lightweight mid-range single-axle tractor at all is impossible.

  • high quality build;
  • Powerful and reliable engine;
  • practicality and maneuverability;
  • band width adjustment;
  • easy to start.

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