Which Oregon or STIHL chain is better

How to properly sharpen a chainsaw chain with a file

file has a low price and is easy to use, but for chainsaws it is necessary to get a special kind. For work two kinds of a file are required. round and flat. A standard set for the job looks like this:

  • a round file with a permissible diameter of 4.5-5 mm;
  • flat file to change the limiter;
  • holder with lines, whose task is to position the chain on the permissible upper edge;
  • hook, to remove sawdust and swarf.

Please note that the diameter of the file must be chosen so that it corresponds to the rounding of the working part of the sawtooth. If you work with chain saws for household purposes round files with a 4 or 4,8 mm diameter are optimal. powerful and professional chainsaws require a 5.2 or 5.5 mm round file.

Important: for the chainsaw to cut properly in the future, in addition to sharpening the cutting edges of the teeth, the limiter, which is responsible for the depth of cut, must be changed. Otherwise you may not be able to cut to the right depth and the result of this is a longer and heavier work with wood. The limiter is corrected with a flat file as described above.

How to classify saw chains

The quality and speed of the cut depends on the type of saw chain, the arrangement and the total number of links that make it up. Manufacturers produce chipper and chisel products, which are differentiated by the shape of the cutting tooth.

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Chains of the first type are installed on professional and domestic power saws. It is named after the shape of the cutting element. The word chipper means “chopper” in English. In fact the sickle-shaped cutters with a rounded top allow high cutting speeds. But such chains are less efficient in operation because they have a larger contact area between the cutting edge and the wood. They are conveniently sharpened because a clear angle is not required.

Chisel products (chisel means “chisel”) are installed more often on professional equipment. Sharper angles of attack of the working tooth make it possible to cut into wood more aggressively, which improves the performance of the saw, but lowers the cutting speed. When sharpening, the right angle must be accurately learned.

Saws for chainsaws are also classified according to their application. For cutting down trees and crosscutting trunks a cross cut chain with a sharpening angle of 5 to 15 ̊ is used. Longitudinal saw chains are needed for making cuts along the grain and need to be sharpened at an angle of 25 to 30 ̊. The harder the wood, the sharper the file or machine needs to be sharpened.

Design features of professional grade chains

The assortment offered can be divided into chains with chisel and chipper configuration of cutting links. In the first case, the chisel has a cut resembling the number 7. This profile offers more productivity in demanding sawing applications.

A significant disadvantage of the chisel “seven” is the difficulty of manual sharpening, because even a slight deviation from the specified angle, the main advantages of the seven-shaped profile are canceled out.

The chipper links are sickle-shaped. Increased contact area with the wood being sawn puts extra stress on the motor. On the positive side, chipper chain designs are valued for their stability in the face of high levels of contamination and less stringent demands on the precision of the cutting edge finish.

Criteria to choose from

When a person buys an electric or gasoline-powered saw for the first time, he has no idea that the chain is a consumable and will have to be replaced many times. Mid-level manufacturers use chains that are not of the highest quality. Their service life is short: they quickly lose their sharpness and pull out. The chain is stretched by the wear and tear of the hinges. This causes the chain tensioning adjustment to run out and the chain needs to be changed.

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Which chain is best for a chainsaw?? Every owner will have to deal with this issue. To make the right choice, there are several criteria:

  • Chain manufacturer. There are recognized leaders in the manufacture of such equipment. Each uses proprietary secrets to give the chain its unique qualities.
  • Chain length. It depends on the tire on which it is mounted. Its size can also vary within a range that the power of the tool allows.
  • Depth of cut. This depends on the height of the cutting edge and influences the performance.
  • Pitch. This parameter is determined by the distance between the chain hinges. It directly depends on the size of the drive pinion that turns the chain.
  • The chain tail is the part of the link that goes into the guide bar. It prevents the chain from flying off the bar during rotation. The thickness of the tail depends on the width of the groove, as well as the loads the chain is designed to withstand.

Saw chain

The geometry of the modern tooth was verified by numerous trials and errors, until it came to the modern form here is one of the variants of the sawtooth:

Best Chainsaw Chain Brand? (10 BRANDS), Stihl vs Oregon, Husqvarna, Carlton, Forester

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