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Oil is a lubricant used in all internal combustion engines. Including those mounted on a lawnmower. The quality of this product needs to be paid special attention, as it is the one that forms fouling and affects how long the garden tool lasts. And price is not always a guarantee of high quality. Our rating includes only the best options for 2 and 4-stroke lawn mowers from top and little-known manufacturers, but with guaranteed high quality.

Consumption rates for lawn mower trimmers loppers

On the practicalities of fuel consumption

Of course, there are some differences between theoretical calculations and practice. Fuel consumption is not only influenced by maximum speed, but also by power output and specific fuel consumption.

Faulty equipment and impressive forklifts show higher fuel consumption than those whose engine is regulated. Excessive flow can also be detected during special tests at full load. For example, a machine weighing a ton and a half can show consumption of 5 to 6 liters per hour, although the average is 3 liters per hour.

It should also be noted that in real conditions, the power unit has a lower load than during the test. A series of test measurements are required to determine the fuel consumption of a cancellation.

As an example, the conditions of Komatsu’s BX50 forklift (transmission. FD30T-16, load capacity. 3000 kg). Type of work operations. unloading trucks as well as placing cargo in railcars. Work is performed within 9 hours daily. Fuel Consumption. 2.5 liters per hour.

which, your, al-ko, lawnmower

With a 4D92E power unit, shift time is 24 hours, fuel consumption for household appliances:

With an eight-hour shift, the loading speed of the loader is 1500 kg. 2.2 liters, and a capacity of 1800 kilograms. Up to 2.95 liters per hour.

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How to choose the right oil

The market offers a large variety of different lubricants. They differ in price, quality class, type of mixture, amount/composition of additives and features of use. The ROLF GARDEN 2T, for example, is used in machines with two-stroke engines. Before selecting one is necessary:

  • read the documentation for your mower: it usually tells you which mixtures are suitable for your particular model;
  • Decide on the budget and the nature of the use of the equipment to better understand what properties are required from the oil;
  • choose type: mineral, synthetic or semi-synthetic;
  • choose the right quality grade for your mower depending on the application and your mower’s design features.
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Type of mix

There are three main types of lubricants on the market, and this is true for both automotive oils and those designed for small equipment.

  • Mineral oils are cheaper than others. They are created from crude oil through distillation and distillation, have a shorter life span and are usually supplied with more additives.
  • Fully synthetic fluids are synthesized using a complex technology. They have better lubricating properties than mineral oils: all molecules in the mixture are approximately the same size, resulting in less friction. The main disadvantage is the price: they are more expensive than other options. You can use it for a longer period of time.
  • A compromise between two types of semi-synthetics. Semi-synthetic oils are a mixture of mineral and synthetic fluids. They are cheaper than full synthetics and perform better than mineral ones. ROLF GARDEN 2T semi-synthetic oil.

Quality class

Lubricating fluids are labeled according to the API system developed by the American Fuel Institute. For oils intended for small machines there is a special marking. It determines how the mixture can be used.

  • TA is the lowest grade, suitable for engines up to 50 cc 3.
  • TB is designed for motors from 50 to 200 cm3. sometimes used in light scooters.
  • TC grade for engines with higher quality requirements. It is most commonly used for mowers, the ROLF GARDEN 2T brand belongs to it.
  • TD is commonly used in motorboat engines where liquid cooling is used.

AL-KO Highline petrol lawnmower. Owner’s Manual

Read these operating instructions before you start working with the tool. This will ensure its safe and trouble-free operation. Before use, familiarize yourself with the controls and how to use the appliance. Observe the safety instructions and warnings in this documentation and on the tool itself. Save this instruction manual and pass it on to subsequent users.

Meaning of the icons
Warning! Accurately following these warnings can prevent personal injury and/or property damage.
Special instructions for better understanding and use.
The camera icon indicates in the illustration.
  • Preface to the manual;
  • Product Description;
  • Safety and protection devices;
  • Safety Notes;
  • Installation;
  • Filling;
  • Commissioning;
  • Electric start (optional);
  • Maintenance and care;
  • Storage;
  • Troubleshooting;
  • Repair;
  • Warranty;
  • Declaration of compliance with EU standards;
  • Disposal.

Product description

This documentation describes the different models of gasoline lawnmowers. Some models are equipped with grass catchers and/or are additionally adapted for mulching. Identify your model based on product images and descriptions of the various options.

Intended use. This device is intended for private lawn mowing. It should only be used on a dry lawn. Using the tool for any other purpose is improper use.

Possible improper uses:

  • This lawnmower must not be used in public gardens, parks, sports fields, or in agriculture or forestry;
  • Safety devices may not be removed or bypassed;
  • Do not use the unit when it is raining or on wet lawns;
  • The device is forbidden for industrial use.
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Safety and protection devices.

AL-KO 38p is it worth buying?

Warning! Risk of injury! Do not deactivate safety and protection equipment!

which, your, al-ko, lawnmower

Safety handle. The device is equipped with a safety handle. In case of danger, release the safety grip.

Reflective flap. A deflector flap provides protection against discarded parts.

1.Starter rope; 2. Start, stop; 3. Wheel Drive; 4. Safety handle; 5. Ergonomic height adjustment; 6. Fill indicator; 7. Reflector flap; 8. Grass Receiver; 9. Adjusting the cutting height; 11. Adjustable gearbox; 12. Instruction manual; 13. Ejection unit; 14. Valve shutter; 15. Mulching kit; 16. Electric start ignition.

The symbols on the appliance

Warning! Exercise extreme caution when operating the tool. Keep hands and feet away from the cutting mechanism.
Read the instructions before starting the unit! Keep away from the danger zone.
Keep third parties out of the danger zone! Remove the spark plug plug from the socket before working on the cutter.
Additional signs on appliances with electric start

Attention! Danger of electric shock.
Keep the connecting cable away from the cutting blades.
Always unplug the machine before performing maintenance work or if the cable is damaged.

Safety instructions

Attention! Only use the tool if it is in perfect technical condition!

Двигатель для газонокосилки и культиватора Oleo-Mac ,Husqvarna,AL-Ko,Stiga,MTD,SOLO,Pubert,Stihl

Warning! Risk of injury! Do not deactivate safety and protection equipment!

Attention. fire hazard! Do not store the fueled machine in buildings where there is a risk of gasoline fumes coming into contact with open flames or sparks! Keep the area around the engine, exhaust pipe, battery box, and fuel tank clean. There should be no grass clippings, gasoline, or oil.

  • Keep third parties out of the hazardous area;
  • The operator or user is responsible for accidents to other persons and their property;
  • Children or others who are not familiar with these operating instructions should not operate this machine;
  • Observe local regulations regarding the minimum age of the user;
  • Do not operate the tool while under the influence of alcohol, drugs or medication;
  • Wear proper protective clothing;. Long pants. Sturdy and non-slip shoes. Hearing protection;
  • When working on slopes:. Always try to get as stable a position as possible. Always cut across the slope, never carry the mower up or down.Do not cut grass at an angle greater than 20° on slopes. Exercise particular caution when turning;
  • Work only in sufficiently bright daylight or artificial light;
  • Stay clear of the cutting mechanism;
  • Observe national regulations on operating hours;
  • Do not leave the unit ready to operate unattended;
  • Use only a sharp cutting blade for mowing;
  • Never use the machine with damaged guards/guards;
  • Never operate the machine without protective devices completely mounted (e.g.: deflector flap, grass catcher);
  • Before each use, check the unit for damage and replace damaged parts;
  • Turn off the engine, wait for the unit to stop, and remove the spark plug plug from the socket:. if you must leave the machine.After a malfunction is detected.Before releasing the interlocks.Before clearing a blockage.after making contact with foreign objects.If there is any damage or unusual vibration in the machine.
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Inspect the mower for damage Inspect the mower for damage and, if necessary, make repairs and, if necessary, make repairs before starting and operating it again.

  • Plug spark plug into socket and start engine:.Once the malfunction has been corrected (refer to “Repairing the malfunction” on page 31). Check the troubleshooting table) and check the unit;.After cleaning the unit;
  • Completely and thoroughly inspect the area to be trimmed and remove all foreign objects;
  • Take special care when turning the mower or pulling it toward you;
  • Do not cut grass over obstacles (e.g. branches, tree roots);
  • Do not remove grass clippings until the engine has stopped;
  • When crossing an area not to be mowed, switch off the motor/cutting blade;
  • Never lift or carry the machine while the engine is running;
  • Do not eat or drink while filling with gasoline or engine oil;
  • Do not inhale petrol fumes;
  • Drive the lawnmower by moving in steps;
  • Before operating the machine, check that nuts, screws, and bolts are securely fastened.


Follow the enclosed installation instructions.

Warning! Do not operate the unit until it is completely assembled.

Filling. Before putting the lawnmower into operation you need to fill it up.

Warning. fire hazard! Gasoline and oil are highly flammable!

Lawn Mower Oil Guide: What Type of Lawn Mower Oil Should I Use? | eReplacementParts.com

Always follow the supplied instruction manual from the engine manufacturer.

Gasoline Motor oil
Type normal/unleaded gasoline see. engine manufacturer’s instructions
Fill quantity See. engine manufacturer’s instructions See. 0,6 л

Safety. Warning! Never run the engine indoors. Danger of poisoning!

  • Store gasoline and oil only in their designated containers;
  • Fill and drain gasoline and oil only when the engine is cold outside;
  • Do not fill up with gasoline or oil while the engine is running;
  • Do not overfill the tank (gasoline expands);
  • Do not smoke while refueling;
  • Do not open the filler connection when the engine is running or hot;
  • If the tank or filler neck is damaged, replace it;
  • Always close the tank lid firmly;
  • If gasoline is leaking:. Do not start the engine. Avoid trying to ignite. Cleaning the device;
  • In case of engine oil leakage:. Do not start the motor. Collect the leaking engine oil with a binder or sponge and dispose of properly. Clean the device.

Waste oil:. must not go into normal waste. Must not get into drains, sewers, or the ground.

We recommend that you dispose of used oil in a sealed container at a recycling center or service center.

  • Unscrew the tank lid and put it in a clean place.
  • Pour gasoline through the funnel.
  • Pull the engine oil filler cap out from the fuel filler opening.
  • Unscrew the oil filler cap and put it in a clean place.
  • Fill in oil through the funnel.
  • Firmly close the oil filler opening and clean it.

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