Which Makita circular saw is better?

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A circular saw is a must for DIY enthusiasts in their toolbox. If there is one good Makita hand saw there is a suitable case with it, or it can be bought for it. Makita handheld circular saws score points with excellent quality. The best Makita portable circular saws meet all the requirements of a professional portable circular saw. You can’t go wrong with a Makita.

  • SJS slide clutch for soft start
  • Infinitely variable cutting depth adjustment
  • Precise 0° setting
  • Flat motor housing as support surface
  • quick close protective hood
  • soft grip
  • Suspension
  • compact
  • Ideal for roofing and interior work
  • Suitable for left-handed people
  • extra sturdy table
  • auxiliary handle
  • Makpac 4 carrying case
  • Flat motor housing as a support surface
  • auxiliary handle

Our comparison chart for the Makita hand saw comparison does not replace one Makita hand saw test in which the Makita hand saw test winner can be recommended To add value to our readers, we can refer to outside verified sources of Makita portable circular saws. Only you decide which model is your personal Makita hand saw test winner.

When shopping for a tool, many buyers look at the price first. Which is understandable. not every our compatriot has the opportunity to throw away a few extra thousand, even when it comes to buying a saw for home. In addition, a home handyman does not need high power and great functionality. Therefore, the purchase of a budget circular saw can be called a good decision. Let’s start the review with the inexpensive tools that combine all the essentials.

Bort BHK-185U

The review opens with an inexpensive, but good model of circular saw, which has a rather high power. 1250 watts is powerful enough to saw through even hard and nearly dry wood quickly and easily. It is nice that the saw is equipped with an additional set of brushes. Weight is only 4.1 kg, which greatly simplifies the process of transportation, making the work really easy and comfortable. Disc speed reaches 5600 rpm, so even large quantities of boards, planks and other lumber can be cut in a very short time. Diameter of the blade is 185 mm, which provides a cutting height of 64 mm. All these features add up to make it a very good value. At least if it’s not the best budget model of circular saw, it certainly is among them.

Zubr ZPD-1600

Very budget and very good saw. It can be easily purchased by any dacha owner who regularly saws boards and other lumber. Its power is 1600 watts, which allows you to quickly and easily cope not only with wood but also other materials, including aluminum. The speed of the disc is quite high. 4500 rpm, which is considered an excellent indicator that allows you to quickly cope with significant amounts of work.

One of the most important parameters of any circular saw is the diameter of the cutting disc, so you should definitely pay attention to it when choosing a tool.

This model has a blade diameter of 185 mm, which is one of the most common values for a budget electric tool in this category. Weight of the device. 4.9 kg, which should be taken into account when buying. not all users will be comfortable to work with it.

  • high power;
  • low cost;
  • well-designed dust extraction system;
  • Easy adjustment of cutting angle;
  • a long warranty (5 years);
  • small dimensions;
  • elaborate safety system.


Classy tool. reliable, easy to use and not too expensive. If you need an affordable circular saw, this is a purchase you won’t regret. The weight is quite high. 4.8 kg, but the corresponding power. as much as 1600 watts. Of course, if you have a quality disc, the saw can easily cut the hardest boards, beams, and not only. The disc diameter is large. 190 mm, which provides a cutting depth of 65 mm. This is one of the best indicators among budget circular saws. Can easily handle very thick boards. Turning speed per minute reaches up to 5,000 rpm. Of course, any material is cut smoothly, without the slightest burrs, splinters and other imperfections that are often encountered when working with less fast tools. An additional plus is the laser marker, as well as the possibility of connecting a vacuum cleaner. no more time and effort to remove small sawdust after work.

  • high power;
  • possibility of connecting a vacuum cleaner;
  • is equipped with an additional disc;
  • rubberized handle;
  • laser pointer.

Which Makita electric saw to choose

Choosing an electric chainsaw, it is necessary to determine which one is best suited for the tasks ahead. The advice of experienced experts, who are finely versed in the difference of characteristics, will help.

Modern cordless models are not inferior in performance to mains units also have additional advantages:

The only disadvantages of cordless electric saws are high cost and limited battery life. When the battery level drops, you need to recharge or install a replacement battery.

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When buying a chain saw you must pay attention to its power. In the review of our editorial board there is a universal saw for 1,8 kW, it is most suitable for household needs or rare use for professional purposes. powerful, 2 kW, can work at construction sites, be used for repair, landscaping of gardens, parks.

Five models, included in the top of the best electric saws from Makita for reliability and quality, have become real bestsellers on the domestic market, among power tools. Truly the most reliable machines that have been tested by time and plenty of customers.

Makita 5704R


Good grip, powerful, deep cut, reliable.

Dewalt Vs Makita Circsaw Head to head Review!!!


For long cuts (more than 3 meters) the riving knife fails.

Comment by

Built a 2-story frame house, while finishing sawed porcelain tiles (fitter’s washer turn the side with a landing at 20mm and put a diamond disc with a landing at 24mm through the spacer ring (included in the kit from some manufacturers)), dissolved cement-bonded particleboard, laminate, etc.д. With different discs becomes a universal tool.

The advantages are

Light weight, no vibration, good blade, roomy carrying case.


The disk lock is not conveniently located (under the second handle) and the key is not fixed. but just plugs into the hole (big chance to lose it).

The commentary

Good quality saw, for home repair and construction is just right. The power is not enough. Can be used as a stationary saw. I am satisfied with the purchase. In general, I have always been very pleased with the Makita equipment.)


The short cord, very often cinch protection is because of that 2 times re-sawed the wire, without vacuum cleaner must be removed plastic nozzle otherwise will be blocked.

The commentary

Sawed a lot of boards with it. While I was learning the boards sometimes jammed the disk and a bump happened, but it stood up to everything. I recommend it for everyone, despite its flaws. I have never held a more convenient parquet in my hands.

The Best Makita Circular Saw


1) Powerful 2) Made in UK 3) Reliable 4) Good value for money


1) The vacuum cleaner’s chip outlet gets clogged during use. you have to remove the outlet. 2) Not the molded base, but there is no problem 3) The handle for the left hand requires getting used to


Been using it for 5 years. It is useful at home, in the country, at the cottage.


High-quality construction, materials. Not too noisy. It is easy to hold.


The scales of cutting depth and distance to the stop are not enough.


Bought it to build a bathhouse this summer. Not once have I regretted it.


No depth and width marks, by the way clogged dust outlet.


I need to upgrade it and make a saw table and it will be just great


1). High-quality materials; 2). Reliable, handy, powerful; 3). English build.


The disadvantages may be there, but for me they are insignificant. For the most part they are related to usability, such as the non rubberized grip, etc.п.


I have been using this model for over 3 years, during all this time nothing has changed (disk, brushes) or repaired! For household use it is just right (power, weight, cutting depth), although I often see that it is used by professionals, too.


Convenient and safe tool in the work


I worked on construction sites, so there is something to compare it to. I have been using Makita 5704R for nine months already. I would like to note that it works quietly and cuts any wood. It is very important that the accessories really help: the casing protects, not just hangs out; the cord of incomprehensible material is elastic even in the cold. In addition, it is well attached to the body, which is very important and convenient. The unlocking blade, which always had to be removed, works fine here. I also liked the fact that it comes with a normal, and not a lame-duck disk.


The left hand grip is really not very comfortable, but maybe it is subjective, because I have nothing to compare it with. 2. Sometimes the outlet for the vacuum cleaner gets clogged with wood chips, but you can not see it from the outside. It does not affect the performance, but the dust-sawing becomes more around.


One of the best saws for the price, I believe. Powerful enough, light weight and easy to use. than enough for home work. I have received more positive reviews only for the similar model Hitachi, but it was not available in the store, so I took this one. Another possible disadvantage. not the all-steel frame, but usual steel, but no problems.

How to choose a quality saw

There are some features that can be used to distinguish between professional and home use. To these should include the performance of the motor, the quality of materials and parts used, as well as the life of the motor.

It is logical to assume that a tool for household use will have less motor power than a professional model. If the motor will be limited to insignificant power and support work with discs of smaller diameter, then the tool will not be able to penetrate into the material to a greater depth.

If we talk about table and manual equipment, then there are more opportunities for choice. To make it right, it should be made with an emphasis on the individual needs of the operator. To do this, he must determine where he most often plans to use the equipment for sawing. If the tool is purchased for sawing material in a garage or cottage, that is where most of the work will be done. In this case a table saw would be an optimal choice. Such a tool is distinguished by its impressive power, and on top of that provides the most comfortable conditions for work.

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Today you can buy in stores and models that are designed to be installed on the frame. This parameter is a must to pay attention to when choosing a tool. But beyond that, there are other features to consider when choosing a tool. One of them is a manufacturer that should have a good reputation. Such should be called the company Makita, whose products are very popular among a wide range of consumers.

Makita UC4051A saw

The Makita UC4051A saw has a rating of 5.0 in 4 user reviews.

We suggest you read the pros and cons of the Makita UC4051A saw, which users wrote about in their reviews.

Everything works fine, well in general it feels like a quality thing.

I have been using it for 2-3 weeks and it feels the same power as Stihl 260. The oil does not leak as with other models, it starts up smoothly and is pleasant to work with.

Powerful enough for cutting wood. ( Passed the logs along the fiber for the logs of the bath. Saw for 5, no booze)2. Chain tightening pleased the whole crew. no need to run for the key (which is always “in the unknown place”). you get it, it’s always like that on a construction site)3. Oil tank with visual level. No need to open the lid every time and don’t throw sawdust into the oil can.4. Oil tank lid can be unscrewed even with gloves. There are large ribs on the barrel.5. A rubberized handle that feels good in the hand.

which, makita, circular, better

There is, but not to say that it is a disadvantage. Took a Makitka with a short cord, the cord has a special lock for an extension cord, so if the extension cord “chinese” (plug easily fits into the socket outlet). there were cases when during active sawing (saws mixed from top to bottom) the plug was disconnected from the socket. This disadvantage is more than compensated by moving the saw to another place. It’s a great way to pick up and go, but when you use different tools and have to plug different tools into the same socket, that’s where the short wire comes in handy.

Damn, I almost forgot about the most important thing. is the oil flow regulator (I will not write in the advantages, it is lazy to change the figures, so that the second place on the merits was the regulator). In winter, when the oil is viscous, you increase the speed of oil flow and oil is immediately in the chain, the parts do not get oil starvation. Or the oil is of different viscosity, and there’s no getting around without a regulator (sometimes you can’t always find brand oil on hand, sometimes too thin)

A pleasure to hold the saw in your hands.Well-known and long-proven manufacturer with high quality of production, the design corrected the deficiencies of the previous model, probably will not be a problem to find consumables.Equipment: All you need and nothing more. cardboard box, guide bar, protective shroud, wire retainer, clear and detailed instructions in English and Russian. In the version with the letters AX1 two Dolmar 511 492 056 chains are included, which is very convenient. while one chain is being sharpened you can work with the second one.Smooth start, smooth stop, no jerking, no wrenching.Emergency brake is a band brake, stops instantly and also without jerks.

This model is correction of defects of legendary and time-proven UC4030A. The cover design is changed. now there is a latch on the latch lever that prevents spontaneous opening, and the chain tension adjustment by plastic pinion with large cogs.The lever is still plastic (with a metal nut pressed into it), but it doesn’t look too flimsy to fall apart at the first pull.If that plastic lever doesn’t suit you, buy the UC4050A. it has two nuts to fasten the cover (use a socket wrench), and a screwdriver to adjust the chain tension.Added ability to adjust oil flow, there is now a plastic thread in the filler cap, which prevents the cap from getting lost.Cable length 30 cm. (thirty centimeters). in case of an accident the wire is made so short specially for safety reasons, that in an emergency the plug is always at hand. And not because the manufacturer is sorry for the wire.Promised that the drive sprocket to the motor shaft is made of metal. Unfortunately I can not check it and disassemble the housing, the saw is still under warranty. By the sound of the work it is quite possible that it is. the sound is like an angle grinder, with a metallic ringing.Made in Romania. When purchased in November 2018, sold a saw manufactured in February 2016. two years and eight months of the year the saw has been in storage.

Type electric chainsaw Design manual Power 2000 watts Number of speeds 1 Chain pitch 3/8 inch

Circular saw specifications

When choosing a circular saw for your home, first of all pay attention to the technical specifications below.

Motor power

Power affects the performance of the tool. The higher this indicator, the thicker products can be cut with the saw.

In carpentry there are 3 classes of circular saws, depending on power:

  • Up to 1000 watts. light and compact units designed for cutting plywood or thin boards.
  • 1000 to 1500 watt. semi-professional saws for use on a small construction site. Suitable for cutting small bars, logs or thick boards. If used at home, it will last longer than a low-powered saw.
  • From 1500 W. professional tool with a long engine life allows to work up to 6 hours a day with interruptions.
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Characteristic that affects working speed. Most of the time, it depends on the motor power. When working hardwoods at high RPM, the risk of the tool jamming from the resistance of the material is reduced. Semi-professional models have a speed of 5200. 6000 rpm. this is a good indicator to buy.

Cutting depth

One of the main criteria for choosing a circular saw is the depth of material cutting. Characteristic that depends on the power and diameter of the saw blade. When buying a household saw the maximum depth of cutting will not exceed 55 mm, but the professional tool can easily make a cut of wood 80 mm thick and more.

  • 40 to 46 mm, which is considered a shallow depth, and a tool that meets this requirement is a domestic tool.
  • From 50 to 55 mm. the saw is able to cut thick floorboards or small bars.
  • From 65 to 70 mm. with the help of the tool it is possible to make cutting of non-load-bearing elements of wooden house framework.
  • From 65 to 140 mm. a professional saw that can quickly make a cut of small planks, or several boards at the same time.

Working at an angle

This characteristic has more to do with the base of the device than with the saw itself. Some bandsaws have skids and a locking mechanism for setting the angle, which is convenient when working with doors, baseboards or furniture.

What is the best sole (platform)??

All experts say that a molded soleplate is best. But saws with a good molded sole are expensive.

The main thing is to look at the quality of the sole, not the manufacturing method. Even if the soleplate is forged, but thick and rigid, then such a sole is not much worse than the cast one.

Circular saws under 5000 have mostly a pressed sole that is flimsy.

Saws priced 5000-10000 have a molded or stamped sole, but it is thick and stiff!

Battery type

Cordless, battery-powered devices can cut wood in any hard-to-reach place. It may sound like an advertising slogan, but it really is a useful tool. If you deal with sawing work once in half a year, then the cordless saw is not necessary for you, this category of saws is more suitable for professional use.

There are two basic types of batteries for household power tools:

which, makita, circular, better
  • Lithium-ion (Li-Ion) batteries are modern batteries that do not lose capacity after replenishing energy at any level of residual charge. From the disadvantages. low frost resistance. the battery loses efficiency when used in conditions of subzero temperatures (this is in theory). In practice, people work with them quietly in cold and heat.
  • Nickel-cadmium (Ni-Cd) batteries are outdated, but still widespread. They need to be fully discharged to replenish their capacity, but at the same time they are good for working in extreme conditions. Such batteries are better not to buy, and there are not many of them left on the market.

Battery voltage. there are 3 main types on sale. 10.8 V, 12 V, 18 V. As a rule, the higher the voltage created inside the battery, the more powerful the tool. The best batteries on the market are considered products of such brands as Metabo and Bosch. Before buying a new battery, find out what voltage range the particular unit is designed for.

Whether a level or laser pointer is needed?

This option allows you to accurately follow the cutting path when operating the tool, as the beam indicates the saw’s direction of travel. However, the presence of such equipment does not guarantee a perfect result, because its achievement depends on the experience of the master and the hardness of his hand when working.

Do you need RPM control??

Important function in professional woodworking, as it allows you to set the right cutting pattern for a specific material. RPM also depends on the width, tooth size and other characteristics of the cutting disc.

Do you need a soft start??

Also a convenient option because the gradual increase in motor power without a jerk does not overload the power grid and prevents rapid wear and tear of the motor. Of course, with frequent on and off cycles, the time to process the material increases due to the long acceleration of the disc, but the motor is saved from power surges. But this option is found only on expensive circular saws.

Technical characteristics of a circular saw directly affect its cost. Thus, the cheapest model will work at low revolutions with little useful power, because of which there may be problems in operation, and the expensive professional tool will cope with almost any profile task.

How to choose a circular saw

Everyone can buy a circular saw, this task is quite simple, but not the fact that the tool will serve you faithfully for many years.

In order to buy a really high-quality model, we suggest familiarizing yourself with useful tips on choosing.

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