Which Makita 125 mm angle grinder to choose

XPT. Makita proprietary technology for extra protection of the motor from dust. Extends the life of the tool. Today, almost all Makita cordless angle grinders have this “chip”

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ADT. this function automatically adjusts speed and torque during work depending on the load. Allows for adjustment to the type of work being performed.

AFT. Active Feedback Sensing. automatic shutdown of the angle grinder in case of sudden slowdown or stoppage (jamming) of the disc. Protects the tool and operator’s hands. Please note, in Makita cordless bolsters this function is implemented electronically, this technology should not be confused with the Super Joint System, used in mains models and working at the level of mechanics.

Makita GA5030 vs Metabo W650-125, порівняння двох популярних болгарок (шліфманинок)

Restart protection. There are in all modern cordless angle grinder. If the battery is dead when the tool switch is on and locked, and you replace it with a new one, the angle grinder will not start immediately, which eliminates the possibility of injury.

Electronic brake (BRAKE). Ensures that the disc stops almost instantly after the motor is switched off. This functionality also increases the safety of the tool

Bluetooth. Why the angle grinder needs Bluetooth wireless communication? To control a vacuum cleaner! If you are using a corded tool, the grinder turns on automatically as soon as the tool is plugged into the socket on the grinder. And if there are no wires? That’s why some models of angle grinder have Bluetooth support and can control a vacuum cleaner (which must also support this technology).

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angle grinder (angle grinder) Makita 125 mm

If you need to accurately polish, sand, cut, sanded or deburr a small or medium surface area at low speed (not more than 4,000 rpm), it is best to use an angle grinder with a disc diameter of 125 mm. The best solution is to use an angle grinder with a disc diameter of 125 millimeters. This tool is used when processing materials such as ceramic tiles, concrete, metal and stone. The scope of use of angle grinders is very wide: the construction industry, conducting repair and finishing works. These devices are used by experienced professionals, and home masters.

How Bosch differs from Makita?

Here is a comparison of these brands of angle grinders, which will show us their strengths and possible weaknesses. Consider the Bosch GWS 13-125CIE and the Makita 9565CV.

  • The Japanese manufacturer equips the gearbox with ball bearings for reliable and durable operation. The German company has it mounted simply on a bushing, but there is a special adjustment plate between the body and the gearbox, which will extend the operating time of the angle grinder until the gearbox is replaced;
  • Makita has bevel gear transmission (gears are oblique) and Bosch has spur gear transmission (gears are straight). The first option is better and stronger, the second is subject to destruction under strong impacts;
  • Makita brushes will last longer than Bosh’s, but thanks to the shot option is auto-off brushes, which saves the angle grinder and shows when you should replace them;
  • The Japanese manufacturer has a better anchor design. The protection is stronger, consisting of a thick layer of armor. The German-made model has a simpler protection, consisting of winding thread and pouring varnish;
  • The GWS 13-125CIE has a complicated adjustment of the protective cover, the Japanese is easy and convenient due to the stepless lock;
  • The Bosch handle is well rubberized, anti-vibration, the Japanese counterpart is conventional.
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WEV 11-125-QUICK from Metabo

The device with the ability to regulate the speed. Power of angle grinder. 1100 watts. The device is quite compact and lightweight. Every minute the machine can perform from 2800 to 8800 rpm.

The motor is dust-proof and shuts down automatically if it becomes too worn out. The button for adjusting the speed is in an awkward place, so you have to bend your arm to adjust them.

Automatic clutch to prevent the blade from jamming. If the power is switched off for a short time, the motor will lock. On the front of the device is an indicator that indicates the triggering of the protection. There is also a second indicator that fixes the overheating of the angle grinder.

The queen of repair work, without a doubt, can be considered the popularly called “angle grinder” angle grinder (angle grinder). This engineering marvel enables you to grind and polish any surface without any difficulty, to cut the toughest metal. Choose the perfect angle grinder for every need will help rating high-quality angle grinder.

What is the name of the angle grinder? The tool is properly called an angle grinder, invented in the middle of the XX century by a German company, the angle grinder is only gaining popularity. It is interesting that the term “angle grinder”, which can often be found on the price tags in stores, and in special literature, is common only in Russia and the former CIS countries. The fact is that the first samples of the tool were brought to the Soviet Union from Bulgaria.

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Rating of the best grinders for home 2020

angle grinder. an indispensable tool, which must be in the economy of any owner. This hand tool is used for working metal in all kinds of designs. sheets, rods, etc.д. In addition, the angle grinder is used for grinding works. it is enough to use special attachments to give the surface the required roughness.

For your information. angle grinder is used not only to work with metal, but also for processing mineral and polymeric materials. Such versatility allows you to perform various processes, t.к. it is enough to change the working elements (cutting wheels, grinding accessories, etc.).

What angle grinder to choose?. this is the question users are interested in, because everyone wants to get a quality and reliable angle grinder, which will last more than one year. Note that each buyer relies on his preferences, experience and requirements for the tool.

AG-9012-TE from the company Sturm

This angle grinder is characterized by a low cost. It is necessary to install discs with a diameter of 12.5 cm. Device power. 1,1 kW. Every minute, the device performs 10,000. rotations.

Despite the budget cost, the angle grinder under consideration is equipped with many additional functions:

  • overload protection;
  • the possibility of stabilizing the speed and fixing the spindle;
  • speed control;
  • Locking the power button;
  • auxiliary handle.

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