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The difference between a grass trimmer and an electric shaver

To have a face with a neat and well-groomed appearance, today it is not necessary to visit an expensive hairdressing salon or have a personal stylist. It’s easy enough to have a handy tool for timely trimming of stubble, beard and mustache. The market is able to offer different types of devices, designed for specific needs. Some devices are universal, others are created more narrowly focused. The choice is quite large, and it’s quite easy to get lost in the variety. To avoid this, let’s understand what the difference between the trimmer and electric shaver is.

An electric razor is as important to men as a makeup bag is to the fairer sex. Originally, this unit was designed and created as a tool for shaving the head and performing simple hairstyles (box, half-box, etc.д.). Technology has improved over time, and an electric razor can do much more than just trim hair.

Today, there are two variants of razor design: rotary and reticular. The first is a disk blade attached to the heads of the. This design removes hair very effectively, but can irritate the skin. The second option hides the blades under the mesh. This shave is more delicate, but requires more time to perform the procedure.

An electric razor has many advantages.

  • Electric appliance blades don’t irritate skin. This is especially important if you have a higher dermatological response to everyday allergens and irritants, or if your skin is too dry and sensitive.
  • The second obvious advantage is the durability of the blades mounted on the device. In terms of reliability and durability, they’re a hundred points ahead of any manual shaver. An electric razor can cut as much hair as a soccer field. Where a regular razor is already dull, the knife blade will last a long time.
  • The third important and very relevant plus is the shaving quality. If there is a high risk of coming into contact with painful skin areas (pimples, etc.) while working with the machine.д.) and damage it, but in the case of an electric tool, this possibility is reduced to zero. Or to put it another way, your shave is definitely safer. Facial trauma is drastically reduced, resulting in more comfort and convenience.
  • There’s no need to use shaving gels or foam, you can shave with a little more precision.н. “dry shaving”. This is not possible with a manual machine.

Of course, like all other devices, the electric razor is not without its disadvantages. An electric razor is not the right tool for your beard. Just a close shave is its area of responsibility.

And regular maintenance is essential too. Cleaning, sharpening and balancing the blades in inexpensive models, lubricating parts in cases where the blades are self-sharpening. If the user wonders why to service an electric shaver, and stops doing it, then the machine can fail, and quite quickly.

What to look for when buying a grass trimmer for beard and mustache?

So, if you are thinking about buying a device, we recommend taking into account the following factors.

Positioning the device

All models can be divided into two groups: home and professional. The first type is cheaper, it is excellent for periodic trimming of the beard. In the second case, the functionality may not differ much from the first type, but the design will be much more reliable, which is not important for prolonged daily use of technology.

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There are also universal solutions. They are suitable not only for the beard, but also allow you to cut the hair on the head. True, with long hair, the inexpensive devices may not cope.

Length adjustment

The wider the range of settings, the more options are open to the user. The modern models allow you to adjust the length from 0.4 to 20mm. The standard setting step is 0.5 mm, but in advanced devices it is only 0.2 mm. The selected length is displayed on the body. For example, Braun trimmers have a special dial with dozens of settings.

Package Contents

The more nozzles that come with the device, the better. The variety makes it easy to get your beard in the shape you want. And you don’t have to worry about turning the trimmer the right way to shave an area.

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Among the included accessories there can be also highly specialized: for removing unwanted hair in the ears and nose, for correcting thick eyebrows, etc. д. Some attachments are multifunctional due to the ability to adjust.

As mentioned earlier, you can also control the length through a knob on the trimmer itself. This option is preferred because it allows you to trim hairs evenly and accurately. Adjustable nozzles allow you to achieve a similar result, but usually require more time.

The box with the trimmer almost always includes a brush for cleaning. A carrying case or small bag is a very useful accessory.

Additional options

There are a number of optional features that make life easier nonetheless:

  • Backlighting. Allows you to clearly see the result of your shave, eliminating any inaccuracies.
  • Laser beam. Pointer to help you cut your beard with perfect precision.
  • Rapid charging. The feature that allows you to charge the battery in just 10-15 minutes so it’s enough to shave comfortably without rushing.
  • Voltage regulator. Useful for travelers.
  • Vacuum system. The self-collecting system, which keeps hairs in a container to keep them from splashing around your room.

But it is worth clearly understanding whether you really need the appropriate functions, because overpaying for them will be considerable, and the benefit. not always obvious.

How to tidy up a beard

It is easy to take care of a beard at home. But to start without experience is difficult for many men, there are many questions about the technique and the process. Literally in one or two times the skill is being built up, there is an understanding of the process and knowledge of the nuances, and the result of home care already looks quite professional. To make it easier to cut the hair, it is necessary to know a few secrets.

  • A machine without a nozzle is used for edging on the neck. Particular attention should be paid to the bottom line. The beard looks beautiful if its border is on a clear line.
  • If the beard is short and needs to be cut with the right length nozzle, the procedure must be carried out against the growth of the hair, while pulling the skin slightly in the opposite direction, as when shaving. To make a long beard, the locks are cut along the height of the beard, from top to bottom. The trimmer should work slowly and smoothly, so the knives had time to work through the area in the course of the working head.
  • Create the side contour in the direction of the ear. For this purpose, the machine is suitable without the nozzle. Here you can also stretch the skin a little, so that the blade of the machine does not “stumble” and smoothly went in the right direction. You can work with the full width of the head or just a corner of it.
  • When creating a top or bottom bump, you can adjust the direction of your moustache depending on your preference and comfort. If the “hairstyle” does not imply a mustache, they can simply be shaved with a machine without a nozzle.
  • Work the stubble on the chin from top to bottom or bottom to top, while stretching the skin a little as you shave.

These simple tips help you trim and shape a nice, neat beard on your own, without going to a barbershop. Buying a good trimmer for grass will save money on the services of a master, time for a visit to the salon.

How to remove hair quickly?Best Hair Trimmer Barber Hair Clipper

There are trimmer models that support wet shaving. It’s a good alternative to a classic razor shave. Apply foam to the face for this treatment.

  • Use a pair of scissors to trim your beard before using the trimmer. This will make it easier and faster to operate the trimmer.
  • Then you need to apply the foam or gel as you normally do.
  • Adjust the device to the desired mode and start shaving the beard.
  • If you want smooth, bristle-free skin, remove the attachments and shave only with the blade before you start.
  • Don’t put too much pressure or strain on the skin.

After a wet shave, the working head of the grass trimmer should be rinsed under the tap. It is necessary to remove all hair and shaving foam residue from the blade and nozzle.

How to choose the best grass trimmer for trimming short beards and stubble?

Before you buy one of the best stubble trimmers on the market, you should consider a few key stubble care tips.

Choose a grass trimmer with a bristle attachment

When buying a new cutting tool, make sure you’re looking at a grass trimmer with a head designed specifically for bristles. An electric beard shaver or hair clipper won’t effectively cut your hair to the right length. An electric razor will shave off your facial hair and you’ll have to grow your beard back, while wide scissors won’t give you the control you need.

Check out the grass trimmer settings and features

Make sure the shortest grass trimmer setting is low enough to give you the closest cut you want. This setting is suitable for hair less than 1 mm (ideally a cut of 0.5 mm). If it has a contoured head, trimming around the curves of your face will be easy and prevent cuts!

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Grass trimmer mobility

The most popular beard grass trimmers are cordless for increased ease of maneuverability. However, some battery-powered models do not have a connected power supply. Luckily, we’ve only chosen the most powerful devices on the market, so you really shouldn’t have a problem with it.

Power battery

Battery charge and runtime can be limited and extremely frustrating, especially if you’re in the middle of trimming your hair. When you’re looking for a new brush-care tool, pay attention to the battery life and the time it takes to charge the grass trimmer to full capacity. Checking the quick charge feature can also save you a lot of time!

Philips Multigroom series 5000 trimmer for grass 9in1 MG5720 / 15

Rated multifunction trimmers

If you want to buy a good beard and body trimmer, check out the Philips MultiGroom series. There you will find some really interesting devices. We recommend the MG5720 / 15 which you can buy for about 4k. Compared to more expensive models, it offers better value for money.

DualCut Technology

The MG5720 / 15 has twice as many blades in its head as other standard models. This solution effectively increases precision and efficiency of beard trimming. In addition, the blades rub gently against each other, automatically sharpening during cutting. It really increases their longevity, and even after prolonged use, they do not lose their precision. Good quality blades combined with a large number of accessories make the MG5720 / 15 a universal product. The device will work as both a facial grass trimmer as well as a body grass trimmer. It will also help take care of your hairstyle complete with three hair trimmer combs in 9mm, 12mm, and 16mm lengths.

which, grass, trimmers, shave

Precision in action

Beard styling with the Philips Multigroom Grass Trimmer is a lot of fun. Depending on the desired bristle length, we can choose from three attachments. The first two trim the stubble to 1 or 2 millimeters respectively. The third one allows an adjustment from 3 to 7 mm. The ultra-precise bristle trimmer head is also an advantage. It will cut even individual hairs under the nose or on the cheeks.

Comfort of use

High-capacity battery power allows wireless operation for up to 80 minutes. Such a result can definitely be considered very good. You can easily take care of all body parts before the device gives a low-battery signal. However, a small drawback is the long time it takes to recharge the battery. Among the advantages of the device is its water resistance, which allows you to wash it under running water. The rubberized, non-slip handle is also commendable.

which, grass, trimmers, shave

Pros: the device has blades with DualCut technology, accurate cutting, good price, easy to clean, fully waterproof, positive user reviews.

Disadvantages: a long time to charge (16 hours).

Minimal effort for a clean instrument

When buying a trimmer for grass, pay attention to how to clean it. of the device in cleanliness is important not less than faces, it is necessary to do it after each use. Then the tool stays in great shape, which helps keep your beard in top condition and maintain the required level of hygiene.

Some models have a cutting head that can be removed and rinsed under running water. When reinstalling it, it is important to make sure that the blades are dry.

The non-removable blades are cleaned with a special brush that comes with the trimmer. If the instruction manual for the model requires periodic oiling of the blades, special oil (included) should be applied sparingly in 2 to 3 places. Then the switch is repositioned several times to evenly distribute the lubricant. There are models in which the blades are equipped with a special reservoir. tampon for automatic lubrication. Then it is recommended to periodically refill the reservoir.

The most convenient waterproof grass trimmers. There are special holes on their body, thanks to which the device is cleaned by simply washing under a stream of water. They can even be used under the shower, but only with the power cord disconnected.

In the hairdressing salon one trimmer cut different people, so to sterilize it is placed in a special device. In the home such a measure is not applied, because the knives are not in contact with the skin, even the slightest injury is excluded.

When a man grows a beard, he assumes a completely different care of his appearance. The care is more complicated than the previous smooth shave. With contouring, symmetry and constant shape maintenance. If you approach the selection of the grass trimmer for the home picky, trimming the beard instead of spending time and nerves will turn into a pleasant procedure.

Which company to choose?

What manufacturer to choose

The models of the following manufacturers are in great demand on the market:

  • Panasonic. One of the oldest companies that produces reliable and modern trimmers for grass with many options. They are characterized by ease of operation and durability.
  • Philips. Dutch company focuses on the latest developments, so its grass trimmers are significantly ahead of competitors’ products.
  • Braun. The German brand relies on quality and goodness. Grass trimmers of this brand are stylish, simple and very comfortable. Even in harsh operating conditions, they can operate without failure.
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Important! It is impossible to name the best manufacturer unequivocally. Therefore, focus on the distinctive characteristics of each brand, setting the right priorities for yourself.

Device type

The grass trimmers are divided into several types according to their purpose:

HOW TO GET A SHAVE THATS CLOSE ENOUGH (Black Mens Skincare Routine) | Grooming Secrets

  • Universal. have many different nozzles, with which you can take care of hair not only on the face, but also on different parts of the body. Many models combine a grass trimmer with a shaver.
  • For the nose and ears. a small device with one or two attachments. Suitable for gently reducing nose and ear hair lengths as well as contouring hair behind the ears and on the neck.
  • For mustache and beard. usually such devices are equipped with two combs. narrow and standard. The narrower one gives you the freedom to use any shape of mustache or sideburn. Standard designed for beard.
  • For the beard. the simplest kind with one or two attachments. Are designed for 1-10 mm or 11-20 mm lengths.

Power supply

The type of power supply determines the user friendliness and power of the appliance. The following variants are differentiated:

  • Mains-powered, depending on whether an outlet is available. Such devices are reliable and have great power, but it is better to choose grass trimmers with a long cord. they are more convenient.
  • Battery-powered. good for traveling and camping. It’s lightweight and powerful.
  • Cordless. these machines are more powerful than the battery-powered ones. The set of cordless trimmer for grass comes with a battery and charger. Charge is usually enough for a few shaves. To trimmer for grass did not fail at the most inopportune moment, it is better to buy a device with a charge indicator.
  • Universal. has two types of power supply: from network or built-in battery. Such a device is the best in terms of convenience. It allows you to choose a suitable power source. If the battery runs out, you don’t have to wait for it to recharge.

Motor type

Two types of motors are installed in trimmers:

  • Vibrating. are on inexpensive machines and have power up to 15 watts. They are not durable, so they can not work without a break for more than 15 minutes. Their advantages are low weight and affordable price.
  • Rotary. up to 45 watts of power. They are suitable for professionals and trim even stiff hair well. Rotary models have a higher number of revolutions, have more weight and are able to work continuously for up to 1 hour.


Blades are critical for a good shave. They are made of steel or titanium. Steel blades are made of stainless steel, so they are not afraid of moisture, but they blunt rather quickly. For stiff bristles with rapid growth is better to take titanium blades that retain their sharpness for a long time.

Professional grass trimmers can be equipped with ceramic blades or diamond-coated. They are very sharp and do not blunt for a long time, but require careful handling because of their fragility.

It is desirable to choose grass trimmers with self-sharpening blades. Unlike conventional trimmers, they are angled. The blades touch and sharpen each other while shaving. These blades last much longer, but also cost more.

Cutting length

Most men’s trimmers are capable of cutting hair to a length of 1 to 20 mm, but there are models capable of cutting from 0.2 mm to 25 mm. When choosing, you should pay attention to this characteristic of the grass trimmer, so that the desired length is present in the working range of the device.

Nozzle Set

The trimmer comes with a different number of attachments. The most common are:

  • short comb. used in beard and mustache trimmers; it provides 1-10 mm cutting length;
  • long comb. allows you to remove hair with a length of 10-20 mm; mostly comes with head trimmers for shaving;
  • for shaving. shaves your face dry;
  • For nose and ears. the rounded shape nozzle allows you to get rid of hair in hard-to-reach places;
  • for body. the mesh shape allows you to remove body hair, armpits and bikini zone;
  • micro brow comb.

Extra Features

grass trimmers may have additional features for ease of use, such as:

KEMEI 600 11 in 1 (Editor’s Choice)

Powerful and most versatile grass trimmer in our selection of trimmers in this ranking. 11 nozzles, where else have you seen such a thing?? Reliable brand, big functionality and pleasant price. Kemei 600 is without any doubts the leader in this list.

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