Which gearbox is better for a power tiller

Gearboxes on a single axle tractor or cultivator. their types and maintenance

There are worm and chain drives. The differences between them are small, but important enough. Concludes the difference in the characteristics inherent in the two different types: Efficiency; angular speed; number of gears; number of shafts and ratio between gears.

which, gearbox, power, tiller

Relatively cheap power tillers are often equipped with non-dismountable reducers of simplified assembly. The service life in this case is greatly reduced and additional features are eliminated:

It speaks to the low quality of the gearbox material, the fact that most of the parts will not be sleeved. The diagram will give you an idea of how it works and how long it lasts.

Expensive power tillers have gearboxes that are more complex in design and allow for further assembly-disassembly. Maintenance can be carried out to correct any deficiencies in the unit.

Repairs are made in order to continue operating life. Faulty parts should be replaced with more expensive ones. Timely lubrication will also extend service life.

In most cases, the gearbox converts speeds, meaning angular velocity is quickly and qualitatively transformed into low. The input shaft has a high rotational speed, the output shaft has a low rotational speed.

To prevent unexpected breakdowns, regular, thorough maintenance is essential. When there is a step change in speed, the gearbox is called a gearbox. The unit is called a variator when a manual gearbox is not used.

Champion BC1193 9 L single axle gasoline tractor.с.

The Champion BC1193 single-axle tractor is a multifunctional machine for plots up to three hectares. Gear reducer ensures long service life. The single axle tractor is equipped with a 9 litre petrol engine.с. Large pneumatic treaded wheels for excellent all-terrain mobility. Front bumper protects engine from shocks. Large pneumatic treaded wheels for excellent all-terrain mobility. Transmission provides two forward speeds and one reverse.

Champion BC1193 9L single axle gasoline tractor.с.

which, gearbox, power, tiller


the MB 1 single axle tractor was very popular at one time, namely in the eighties and nineties.

At that time, the market for special equipment, if you can call it that, was filled with products of Soviet factories, among whose products the Luch equipment was considered one of the best of its kind. The single-axle tractor “Luch” MB 1 confidently competed with a similar motoblock “Niva”.

It properly performed its main function. processing the field or vegetable garden, transportation of goods: crops, firewood, building materials. It was then that the proliferation of homemade trailers began, and the trend toward turning these power tillers into mini-tractors became established.


Although the technical characteristics of the “Luch” MB 1 are inferior to modern power tillers in many respects, at the time of the peak of its distribution they were at their best. the weight of the device assembled is a hundred kilograms, speed from 3.6 to 9 kilometers per hour, on a level track, loaded, it gives a stable 8-99 kilometers per hour.

Acceleration up to a hundred is possible in principle, but only in very specific conditions that hardly anybody recreated. Fuel consumption 1.5 to 2 liters per hour, fuel tank capacity 3.6 liters, therefore experienced drivers always have a reserve fuel can.

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Its big advantage is that the engine does not require a continuous oil refill. timely maintenance is sufficient. The single-axle tractor is easy enough to operate. this process does not require great physical effort.

The minimum space required for turning has a radius of only 1100 millimeters. The movement of the walking tractor is smooth, thanks to the chain reducer with V-belt drive, the gear shifting is smooth and jerk-free.

For more information on the Luch MB1 power tiller, please see

Transmission is reliable enough, with two forward and two reverse gears, and an engine powerful enough for such a product. 5 horsepower, provides good traction and stable speed. High level of off-road mobility and traction achieved by pneumatic tires with large tread.

Also the MB 1 is easy to transport with its quick-release handlebar and wheels. As for possible problems, the occurrence of which is inevitable in the operation of any technique, especially made during the Soviet Union, the repair of motor-block “Luch” will not be a serious problem.

Over all the years that it is used by farmers, dacha owners and farm owners, a lot of information has accumulated regarding quick, inexpensive and reliable repair. Thanks to the experience of its owners, who have found all the causes of problems, you will be able to repair your single axle tractor “Beam” without excessive costs.

Malfunctions, no matter how serious they may seem, can be repaired in the home workshop, using the most common tools, without resorting to the help of specialists. The only thing that is required of you. to diagnose a failure as accurately as possible, and then it is a matter of small.

Autofarm Power Tiller / Weeder | Best All Rounder Agriculture Machine | Mini Tractor Agriculture

Varieties of power tillers

The classifying features that influence the choice of a power tiller are their weight and motor power.

There are three types of these machines. light, medium and heavy. The first two categories are designed for domestic use. Weight of these machines is in the range from 50 to 100 kilograms, and the engine power does not exceed 8 liters.с. Many of them are equipped with a gearbox with two front and one rear speed.

Heavy power tillers are designed for farming. They weigh more than 100 kilograms, have a gearbox and an engine of more than 8 liters.с. Such machines can be retrofitted with attachments that significantly expand their capabilities.

Let us consider in detail the process of choosing a power tiller, based on its working conditions: type of soil, working area and the number of functions.

Gearbox oil

Please note that you must not forget to change oil in gearboxes. If you miss this point, after a while the additives lose their properties. To extend their life, their performance must be protected with oil. Its untimely replacement may cause foaming of the product, as a result of which the gearbox will be jammed.

Check the oil level before changing the oil, take out the dipstick and clean it with a soft cloth. The reducer of the monoblock must be filled with oil to an average level.

Oil is essential to the long service life of a Geareducer. In searching for the best product, be sure to read the instructions. It is important to consider in which environment it will be operated. The most popular oil is Motul, which is used by almost all the owners of power tillers.

Design of a reducer for a power tiller (power tiller)

Gearbox for the motor block (power tiller) includes such parts as housing, gears, shafts, sprockets, chains, bearings.

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The gearbox housing is the basic element needed to house the gear parts, protect them from contamination, and organize the lubrication system. The housing absorbs the forces and loads occurring in the gear mesh and bearings. The main criteria for the reliability of the housing parts are strength, stiffness, wear resistance and durability.

In most cases housing parts have a complex configuration with many reinforcing elements (ribs, bosses, etc.). п.) Housing parts are produced by casting, stamping, welding or combined method from different materials, such as plastic, steel, aluminum alloy, cast iron. By design, the housing can be split (one- or two-part) or non-split.

Gears, shafts and sprockets for a Red October-Neva gearbox are made of alloyed structural steel and are hardened using high frequency hardening equipment (HFI). The combination of high quality steel and hardening to high hardness values makes the parts strong and wear resistant which in its turn increases the service life and reliability of gearboxes.

How to Make a Gearbox on a Single Axle Tractor with Your Hands

Homemade reducer for power tiller requires the preparation of tools for making. For a fruitful work will be needed:

  • screwdrivers in different sizes;
  • hacksaw for metal;
  • pliers;
  • bench vice;
  • welding machine;
  • hammers of different weight;
  • rubber for gaskets;
  • a drill with drills.

Some other tools may be needed in the process of work. From the materials you need to prepare the shafts and bearings, sprockets and chains, belts and gears. You can use a caliper to measure the parts. Before the work you need to make the simplest drawings.


So, the tools and sketches are ready, you need to prepare the material for welding the body or take ready-made. You can weld together pieces of stainless steel. The prepared gears must fit loosely into the finished casing. They can be borrowed from an old chainsaw. Suitable brand Druzhba or any other. The saw needs to be carefully disassembled and pull out the whole gears along with the shafts. They are cleaned and washed, then sized according to the gear ratio.

When calculating the transmission ratio, take the number of idle engine crankshaft speeds as a basis and add 10% to this number.

No misalignment between the drive and idler components is allowed with any of the product designs.

Bearings should also not be replaced with bushings. When disassembling an old saw, keep this in mind.


When assembling the product, carefully place the parts in their places in the housing and turn them. The housing must be hermetically sealed. This prevents dust and dirt from getting into the parts. Oil seals are used on the shafts. Grease is poured into the inside of the housing. The homemade unit is connected in the same way as the original gear unit. To test it, start the engine and roll it on the ground. The parts should have a little run-in to each other.

Stroke reduction unit

Grip of the tillage machine’s wheels on the ground can be improved by using grousers or a tyre packer for power tillers. Wheel slackeners are an attachment. It gives the possibility to reduce the speed of the agricultural unit and increase the pulling power together with the torque. The analogue of the gearbox works with a chain and sprockets on the shafts. If desired, this device can be made with your own hands. Parts from other machines.

Each considered converter is endowed with its own disadvantages. To reduce the number of them to a minimum, it is worth trying to make the device yourself. A homemade thing can be of higher quality and more convenient to use than a purchased copy.

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Review of series and models of Neva power tillers

The Neva range of power tillers is designed to meet all agronomic operations and climatic conditions in Russia. Neva technique can be divided into 2 groups: with a gearbox “Multi-AGRO” and the classical gearboxes (about their differences we will tell below).

With Multi-AGRO gearbox With a classic gearbox
MB-1 Multi-AGRO MB-2 Multi-AGRO MB-23 Multi-AGRO MB-Compact MB-2 MB-2 CS: GO MB-23

Neva MB Compact single axle tractor

Neva MB Compact. the most compact and easy to operate unit in the line. Recommended for light or loamy soils. In terms of functionality, the single-axle tractor is not inferior to units of other series. work with plow, dipter, cart, mower, moldboard and much more. Great for milling machines. The MB Compact is equipped with a 6.5 liter domestic gasoline engine.с. Gearshift transmission in aluminum housing with gearshift on the steering wheel. Number of gears on the power tiller is 21, besides it is possible to shift the belt on the pulleys, as a result, it is possible to obtain high or low speed.

Neva MB-1 Multi-AGRO single axle tractor

Neva MB-1 Multi-AGRO. similar in dimensions and parameters to the MB-Compact series, but equipped with the Multi-AGRO gearbox, which allows the power tiller to cope with the same list of tasks with less physical effort due to the larger range of gears.

Power tiller gearbox

single-axle tractor Neva MB-2

Neva MB-2 is the most popular and well-known single-axle tractor in the Neva line. Currently available in two versions: Multi-AGRO and a classical gearbox. MB-2 proves itself in any type of ground. The list of attachments is one of the widest: from cutters and dip heads to branch chippers and woodchoppers. Number of gears in a reducer with a classical gearbox. 2 forward and 1 reverse (lever on the gearbox), and in gearbox Multi-AGRO. 3 forward and 1 reverse (switching on the handlebar). Both versions have the possibility to shift the belt on pulleys, as a result one can have a high or low speed.

On power tillers MB-2 the function of wheel isolation is realized. When turning, the operator practically does not need to apply force, and in the classic gearbox only the left wheel is unlocked, while in Multi-AGRO both wheels are unlocked.

Out of the MB-2 power tillers line, it is worth to mark out the MB-2 CS: GO single axle tractor. It is practically the same single-axle tractor Neva MB-2 with classic gearbox, but with two main differences: The single-axle tractor is equipped with Chinese KASEI engine of 6.5 L.с., and a gearbox is not equipped with a wheel decoupling function.

single axle tractor Neva MB-23

Neva MB-23. the most powerful single axle tractor in the line. This machine will process all types of soil, help clean up a heavily overgrown area, remove heavy and dense lying snow together with snowdrifts. Equipped with a single-axle tractor professional engine BriggsStratton (10 l.с.), Honda (9 l.с.) with the classical reduction gear, as well as Yamaha engines (11-12 l.с.) with Multi-AGRO gearbox. Models with multi-AGRO gearbox have the largest number of speeds in the range. (42)x2, which allows to choose the ideal speed for soil cultivation.

which, gearbox, power, tiller

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