Which cultivator is better with electric or gasoline?

Heavy class cultivators. the best models

Users, who have to plow the land a lot and often (for some it is a good part-time job in the season), should give preference to heavy cultivators. Yes, they are heavy, expensive and often impossible to transport in a car. But you can quickly and easily work a large area without fear that the unit will break down. For such customers let’s consider top 3 the most successful models of heavy class.

Husqvarna TF 338

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This model is suitable for many users who wish to buy a cultivator of heavy class. To begin with at least its power. 4,89 hp. With speed of 3100 rpm it makes it possible to plow even the most difficult terrain. Working width is very large. 95 cm. Therefore, a large vegetable garden will be processed in the shortest time. And a cultivation depth of 30 cm is more than enough for the vast majority of users. Eight tillers not only dig over the ground fast, but also qualitatively. The fuel tank capacity of 4.8 liters is quite enough for long hours of work. you will not need to interrupt to refill gasoline.

  • Quality rubber wheels.
  • Price-performance ratio.
  • Easily adjustable handle.
  • Big working width.
  • Robust frame that can easily withstand heavy loads.
  • Can be retrofitted with attachments.
  • High power.


Champion BC8716

This model is one of the most powerful in our rating. No wonder then that many users choose it as their favorite. 7-horsepower output is enough to completely process neglected or never plowed land covered with dense grass. Treatment width of 83 cm and depth of 33 cm. Most owners, even the most picky, find it sufficient. Nice that there are three speeds. two forward and one reverse. And the cultivator can reach speeds of up to 12 km/h, which can be called an excellent indicator. It’s also worth noting that the unit can easily use attachments, which expands the possibilities of operation.

  • Three speeds.
  • Very powerful engine.
  • Relatively light weight.
  • wheel lock option.
  • Top mounted valves.
  • It has PTO.
  • Oil level indicator.

Husqvarna TF 545P

Great choice if you regularly have to plow big areas. Yes, it is heavy. 125 kg. The working width is even 110 cm, more than any other model in our review. Eight tillers work at depths of up to 30 cm. In addition to the useful reverse function, there are also pneumatic wheels, allowing you to easily walk on soft and wet ground. Judging by the reviews, many owners appreciate the presence of as many as six gears. four for forward movement and two for reverse. It is worth highlighting and the high quality of assembly, and the possibility of using attachments.

  • High power output sufficient for professional work.
  • A very large working width.
  • Six gears.
  • Water-repellent powertrain.
  • Quiet and reliable motor.
  • Air filter with oil bath.
  • Folding handle for easy transportation.
  • Reverse function.

Gasoline cultivator. what is it, the device, what is it for, comparison with the electric device

Caring for the garden or vegetable garden without the use of additional helpers takes a lot of time. Solve this problem with professional equipment. One of the popular representatives is a gasoline cultivator, which, thanks to its characteristics, helps to solve several problems in the care of the plot at once.

About the device

With such a large range, it is very difficult to choose the most reliable and popular power tillers, but following this article, you will not have any difficulty in this case.

Not many people know the difference between a single-axle tractor and a cultivator. Cultivator is a device that helps you to qualitatively process the soil, remove weeds, form seedbeds, and more.

They are very easy to operate, and in addition they have a high efficiency in their case. The big plus of the cultivator is that it saves your health, nerves, time and effort. These units are used in the cultivation of vegetables, berries, potatoes, and so on.

The cultivator is a great substitute for a shovel, and it treats the soil wonderfully, makes it soft, and removes weeds, which is a big plus. But these machines unfortunately cost a lot of money.

Depending on the size of your future cultivator, you will be able to treat hard-to-reach areas of land that do not lend themselves to easy treatment, places between bushes, flower beds, inaccessible places in greenhouses, and so on.

Also, if you buy a quality electric cultivator, manual, for the vegetable garden to cultivate the land, you will not have to worry about the fact that it can easily and quickly break.

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A quality cultivator has a stable, strong construction and reliable build quality.

Read more about how the cultivator works at

In addition, cultivators have a variety of additional features that will help you achieve the perfect garden or vegetable garden.

It should be noted that the cultivator is also used for leveling, fertilizing the soil and digging up crops. This unit is very functional, and if you have a dacha, you will definitely need it. The cultivator is definitely smaller than the same single-axle tractor.

The size of the cultivator ranges from eight to forty-five kilograms. You should definitely pay attention to this.

With a cultivator weighing from eight to twelve can cope even a woman, but the larger units are under the power of men.

It also digs up the soil twenty to thirty centimeters. That is to say, operating such a machine is not very difficult for you.

In order to choose a cultivator, one must know what kinds of hand cultivators exist in general.

Cultivators are divided into three types: light, medium and heavy cultivators.

A lightweight cultivator is a machine that will plow no more than thirteen acres. The minus is that these cultivators won’t plow very deep. They can plow no more than twenty centimeters. The plus is that they are not very heavy, and you can easily carry them to the place you need.

A medium cultivator will be able to plow a maximum of fifty acres. Such machine weighs more and it is harder to carry (for example, VIKING cultivator).

A heavy cultivator is the most qualitative option. It weighs over ninety-five kilograms. It is worth noting that it has a lot of power, and with this unit you will be able to use additional equipment.

How to choose

After you decide on the type and capacity of cultivator, pay attention to some useful recommendations:

  • The safety of work is provided by the emergency lever. If the cultivator has such a mechanism, then in order to turn off the engine, you need to remove your hand from the lever. Machines with a stopper may not be very comfortable, because you can’t always keep your hand on the lever.
  • It is good if the engine is equipped with a protection mechanism against overheating. If there is a heavy load, it simply shuts down the motor without allowing it to burn.
  • If you have to work on hilly terrain, ask your salesman about the model’s capabilities. The fact is that some machines can not work at a certain angle of inclination.
  • The reverse makes it easier to work with the mechanism, as does the lever that helps turn the unit. Speed shifting expands the list of jobs to be done.
  • If you have chosen a powerful and quite heavy machine, then choose a model with tubeless wheels. Otherwise, they’ll have to be constantly primed or glued.

Tip. The electric cultivator can be easily disassembled for storage or transport. It is enough to unscrew the wing bolts on the handles.

Choose according to application

In order not to be disappointed in the purchased cultivator and really facilitate your work on the ground with its help, it is necessary to select the right cultivator.

  • The type of soil is a key factor. The heavier and denser the soil, the more powerful the implement must be. The same applies when a device is purchased for virgin land, or more precisely, for cultivating it. It is better to choose powerful and high-powered cultivators that run on gasoline or diesel.
  • The place of further use. The machine can be purchased for a summer cottage, for a vegetable garden, for a garden or even for a greenhouse. So for processing garden beds, lawns, small flowerbeds or land in greenhouses is worth to buy a compact cultivators that run on battery or electric network and have a low weight and medium or low power.

If you plan to cultivate the garden, then the best choice will be a model of medium power, working on batteries or gasoline with the presence of additional attachments.

  • The type of work to be done. After all, these will be key when choosing models with different attachments. So, for example, cultivator designed to plow vegetable garden, can not be used for weeding or fertilizing. That is why it is important to first determine the type and amount of work to be done, and then select a cultivator of a certain type and with certain functions.
  • The type and type of crops to be cultivated should also be taken into account when choosing the device. For example, a unit designed to treat potatoes is not suitable for the care of flowers or garlic. Virtually all vegetable crops should be treated with special attachments that are not suitable for the care of the garden or lawn.

Choosing a cultivator for a household is not an easy task and requires serious consideration. However, if you listen to the recommendations of experts, as well as correctly assess the amount, frequency and type of upcoming agricultural work, there will be no difficulties.

Which cultivator is better: petrol or electric??

The hard work of the landowner can be made easier by using a cultivator. Cultivating crops, caring for the surrounding area, mowing the lawn takes a lot of time and effort. But with the help of the cultivator can be greatly simplified and accelerate this process.

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The most labor-intensive processes include tilling and preparing the ground for sowing, as well as harvesting. If previously a bayonet shovel was used for this purpose, today it can be replaced by a good cultivator. It may cost more, but labor costs can be reduced by several times.

There are two fundamentally different cultivators on the market: gasoline and electric. It is not difficult to guess that the first works with fuel (gasoline), while the second requires a network connection. The main difference between them is the area of the cultivated territory: up to 5 acres. electric, more than 5 acres. gasoline cultivator.

In what case it is better to buy an electric cultivator for dacha?

Cultivator with an electric drive is suitable for dacha owners and gardeners in the following cases:

If you do not like unnecessary noise. Electric model has minimal noise and vibration during operation. Buying a cultivator for a private home, where a couple of dozen meters away is the neighbors’ house, not really want to disturb them with loud sounds coming from the machine. Noise has been known to annoy neighbors for years.

If cleanliness of the area is important to you. The smell of gasoline and oil is intolerable to many people. In the case of a gasoline cultivator, this disadvantage will be inherent in the work of the cultivator. The gasoline cultivator contributes to contamination not only of the area, but also of the environment. If small children live in your house, the purchase of such a model may be dangerous for their well-being.

If weight and size are important to you. An electric cultivator is usually modest in size and can be useful in hard-to-reach places. If you do not have basic physical training, a model with small dimensions will suit perfectly.

If more than one person is planning to use the cultivator. The electric model most often has an adjustable handle length, which can also be folded for convenient storage.

If you are an amateur gardener. Whether you have a garden, a lawn or a small garden, an electric cultivator is more than enough for you. It has a basic set of functions that are enough to work on a small area.

If you are a frail woman. This model is manageable even for a fragile girl, for example, to process the lawn.

When it is better to buy a gasoline cultivator for dacha?

A gasoline cultivator is the same as an electric cultivator, but with more functionality and performance. Cultivator with a gasoline engine is suitable in the following cases:

If you need to loosen the soil on a large area. With the help of an electric cultivator you can work an area of small seedbeds and greenhouses, unlike the gasoline model, which can handle a large open area.

If you want more functionality. Tilling, cutting beds, planting, all this is possible with a gasoline cultivator.

If additional equipment is needed. There is a wide range of attachments for the petrol model (plough, trailer, potato digger, ridging plough, etc.).). They can be used for a full range of agricultural tasks.

If higher power is required. The average power output of a gasoline cultivator is 4.8 kW, which is needed for the most demanding tasks.

If you have to work in the open field. The autonomy of this unit allows to work without being connected to the power supply.

If you want to save fuel. The gasoline cultivator consumes less and is therefore more economical.

If the soil to be worked has a hard structure. An electric stubble cultivator will only do three things for loosening heavy soils. unlike a gasoline one.

Which cultivator you choose depends on what you want to do. After deciding on a set of features, you can make a choice in favor of one or the other machine.

Clayey soil

Also, much depends on what kind of soil you are dealing with in your area. As a rule, standard ground is easy to work, and the equipment is able to show its best qualities and maximum depth on it. As for clay soil, it’s not so simple.

After all, it is quite difficult to control the machine on such soil, in addition, the machine can get stuck. In order to cope with such problems, you can take two simple steps. First of all, you need to choose a machine that is equipped with the possibility of reversing.

The process of planting potatoes requires quite a lot of time and considerable physical exertion. With a potato planter for MTZ-82, this process will become much easier, faster and more effective.

There are a lot of foreign companies, equipment which is in high demand. A striking representative of such equipment is a mini-tractor Kubota Japanese manufacturers.

The bulldozer is a tracked or wheeled earthmoving machine. Here’s an article about monster bulldozers. the biggest in the world of automotive equipment.

This makes it much easier to control the machine, prevents it from getting stuck, because you can easily tow the equipment back. The second step is to buy an accessory, such as a wheel weigher.

Thanks to it, the machine gets more passability, as well as this accessory provides a greater depth of penetration of the cutters even in the most clay areas. So if you choose the right electric cultivators for your summer cottage, clay soil will not be a problem to work.

Tillage helpers: choosing a single-axle tractor or cultivator

There are several reasons to plow and cultivate the soil:

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Salinity and lack of oxygen

The topsoil dries out, but the deeper layers retain moisture and accumulate salt. Crop yields depend on it. If the top layer is loosened and turned over, the soil gets oxygen. It is essential for important microorganisms.

Weeds and pests

After plowing, weed roots die off in the sun or die from damage.

Soil erosion or excessive compaction

Wind erosion “blows out” the fertile portion of the soil. Soil compaction squeezes pores that should conduct water and air. This prevents root growth.

In the past, dacha owners used to use a shovel or horses for such excavation work. Hand cultivators are good for oversized garden plots with tended soil, small flower beds and seedbeds. On hard ground, it is difficult to use hand tools. So work is not everyone physically able to. Therefore, modern cottages, large gardens and vegetable gardens use power tillers, cultivators and mini-tractors.

The mechanization of manual labor provides many advantages, including savings in time, effort, and efficiency in carrying out such work as:

Rating of electric cultivators

Let’s look at the rating of the best electric garden cultivators, based on

Champion EC750

Compact and lightweight model that even the elderly can cope with the management. Outstanding maneuverability and easy transportation.

Judging by the reviews, the main disadvantage of the owners of dachas and vegetable gardens consider knives of the fixed type, which are very inconvenient to clean at the end of work.

DDE ET1200-40

Reliable and popular machine with wheels for transportation and adjustable handle. Cope well with cultivation of ploughed beds and greenhouses.

According to the reviews of owners, gearbox is capricious enough and requires careful attention.

Patriot Tesla 3

Small-footprint, low-noise model with wheels. Folding handle allows space-saving transportation. Cultivator perfectly loosens previously cultivated soil.

If you believe the reviews, the start button is located inconveniently. the unit has to turn on two hands.

DAEWOO Power Products DAT 1800E

Cultivator features a body that is protected against dust and moisture. Folding handle makes it easy to store and transport the unit. Coulter and 24 specially shaped burrs provide high-quality plowing at home.

Negative reviews draw attention to the shallow depth of loosening, incomparable with the power of the cultivator.

Elitech KB 4 E

One-speed electric cultivator that goes into the ground by itself, not requiring effort from the operator. Rubber-coated handles and strategically placed controls increase operator comfort. The model is designed for soil treatment in small gardens, greenhouses and greenhouses.

In reviews, users point out that the only drawback of the model is its heavy weight.

Greenworks GTL9526

Self-drilling machine designed for loosening soil in hard-to-reach places and weeding between the rows. Large wheels and folding handle make it easy to operate and transport. It has a built-in safety lock to prevent accidental start-up.

In some reviews, owners write that the unit heats up very quickly, reducing the period of useful work.

Eurosystems La Zappa 1300 W

A quality cultivator, designed for working on dachas and vegetable gardens, up to an area of 300 m2. Users note good steering and low noise level. Suitable for light to medium soils.

There are mentions in some reviews about the weak design of the stop.

Hyundai T 2000E

Powerful electric cultivator with integrated protection against accidental start. Handle is height-adjustable in 4 positions to match operator’s height. Side cutters eliminate the possibility of damaging the plants in the countryside. Also available with reinforced coulter with continuously variable working depth adjustment.

Suitable for medium and difficult soils, but will not cope with virgin land. not enough power.

DAEWOO Power Products DAT 2500E

Powerful model with a heavy-duty opener and oversized wheels for transporting soil that easily overcomes obstacles and unevenness. Reliable asynchronous motor for low heat during operation. The cultivator is distinguished by its quality of workmanship. Warranty service life of chain gear. 100 years.

Judging by the reviews, some owners of the unit had difficulties with the assembly due to the incomplete information in the manufacturer’s instructions.

DAEWOO Power Products DAT 2000E

Great cultivator that combines compact size and working efficiency. The model is notable for the quality of workmanship. Forged cutters handle both light and clay soils well.

In reviews write that the regular cord is not enough for normal operation. you must buy an extension cord.

Hammer EC1500

Cultivator lightweight class, which can manage even the elderly. Thanks to the ergonomic design of the handles, you can work for a long time with little effort. Has a built-in vibration suppression mechanism.

According to some reviews, some owners complain about the noise of the machine.

Zigzag ET 214

Powerful electric tiller, designed for processing large plots, an area of up to 20 acres. The engine is enclosed in an aluminum housing with ribs for efficient heat dissipation during operation. Suitable for all types of soils, including virgin farmland.

If you believe the reviews, the manufacturer’s instructions are incomprehensible. some owners had difficulties assembling the machine.

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