Which chainsaw to choose?

What gasoline chainsaw to choose

This Swedish company has more than 300 years of history and is considered the world’s largest manufacturer of saws, garden tools and equipment.

All three Husqvarna chainsaws are presented on the market, and even the most budget versions have many positive reviews. The main problem of all European manufacturers’ products is the high cost of spare parts.

which, chainsaw, choose

of chainsaws for domestic needs start from 10 thousand, universal models can be bought for 24 thousand and more, and professional equipment costs about 30 thousand and more.

Design of chainsaw and how it works

Gasoline saws are chain saws. That means that its working element is a closed metal chain with saw teeth attached to it. During operation, the chain runs on the perimeter of the guide bar.

The chain saw is powered by a two-stroke combustion engine that runs on gasoline-oil mixture. Liquid fuel is mixed with air in the carburetor, and the amount of air-fuel mixture fed into the engine cylinder is adjusted with the same.

The engine is started with a manual cord starter. The crankshaft is untwisted. At one revolution, the spark produced by the spark plug ignites the air-fuel mixture. The gas created by the combustion of the fuel pushes the piston. The latter is connected via a connecting rod to the crankshaft, which inertia takes the second revolution. The motor spins the drive sprocket, which in turn moves the chain.

A chainsaw runs on liquid fuel, which means that one of its mandatory structural elements is a fuel tank. Manufacturers try not to make their saws with too big tanks, because it would greatly increase the size of the tool (and its weight when fueled). Most light-duty utility models are equipped with a tank volume of 0.2 to 0.5 л. Powerful professional chainsaws need more fuel, so they may have a tank capacity of up to 0.8-1.3 л. Tank capacity determines how long the engine can run without refueling.

Two-stroke engines do not run on pure gasoline but on a mix of gasoline and oil. The oil that comes in with the fuel lubricates the piston group and other engine internals. chainsaws do, however, have a separate oil reservoir. filled with a viscous, mineral-based lubricant designed for the chain and bar.

Chains need permanent lubrication. if you run the chain “dry”, it will wear itself out and scuff the bar. The faster the chain rotates, the more lubrication is needed. On the other hand, when the engine is idling and the chain is stationary, it does not need lubrication. That’s why chainsaw chain lubrication is automatic.

Tire.2. Chain.3. Inertia brake for chain.4. Cylinder head.

Starter knob.6. Safety trigger.7. throttle trigger.8. Throttle lever.

Rear handle.10. Oil tank lid.11. Front handle.12. Gas tank lid.

STIHL MS 361-16

Model for professional use in forestry or construction work. Can be used successfully in cold regions and during winter. for easy start in these cases the carburettor warming system is used.

  • Reliable components and engine. No damages other than change of consumables and natural wear of the drive sprocket.
  • The 3.4 kW motor and 40 cm long guide bar make it the right saw for most sawing jobs.
  • Chainsaw weight 5.6 kg. not much more than home models.
  • Quality anti-vibration mechanism. performs well in daily use.
  • Well-designed fuel system. holds the saw in every position and does not stall.
  • Good balance. weight and effort are distributed evenly on both hands.
  • A successful model. it has been in production for more than 10 years without any changes in design.
  • Professional equipment requires skill. in operation and maintenance.
  • You can still feel the saw’s weight during continuous operation. for better efficiency, work in shifts.
  • Not a good choice for a home-use machine, weight and fuel consumption are drawbacks.
  • If you use it in winter, it is possible that snow will get under the starter cover. in this case the idle speed will stop.
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Many users compare it to the legendary AK-47 or Mercedes cars in terms of reliability and modesty. if you want a professional tool for regular use, the STIHL MS 361 is the right choice.

Husqvarna 357XP

Professional, hand-held chainsaw for daily use with very short breaks. Scope of application. felling and clearing trees. Anti-vibration mechanism and chain stop on kickback. Can work with bar lengths up to 55 cm.

  • Increased fuel and oil tank capacity of 680 and 380 ml, respectively.
  • Metal casing protects the inner workings from accidental shocks.
  • Decompression valve for easy engine starting.
  • Convenient operation and control knobs: easy access to chain tensioning screw, snap-on cover, quality air filtration system.
  • Thanks to the vibration damping system, the saw has minimal impact on the hands.
  • Excessive power for home use, resulting in high gasoline consumption.
  • Requires specialized skill to operate effectively, but the manual provides the basics. best not to lose the manual.
  • The engine is picky about the quality of gasoline. if you pour less than the 95th, the performance of the saw will be somewhat reduced.

Expert’s choice

Echo CS-4200ES-15 1890 W/2.57 л.с

Ideal for cutting firewood. The machine can also handle light debris. The chainsaw is light enough to be easy to control. The Japanese-made design is considered one of the best, and the high-quality model material confirms it. No more problems with consumables, that’s one of the main advantages. The machine does not stall, does not crank, starts up instantly.

A 38 cm long tire and a robust 1,890 watt engine help provide high performance. Toothed stop for better hold the saw in place.

chain saw users always have questions about getting started: the chain saw doesn’t always start on the first try. It also has an easy-start system and a heated carburetor makes it possible to start even when it’s cold. Automatic chain lubrication system also helps to achieve fast working speed, and an inertia brake for chain lubrication provides safety at work. It also has an accidental start lock.


Made by a reputed manufacturer of this kind of tool. According to users, it is suitable for sawing firewood, is also suitable for construction work. The chainsaw starts up in half a turn. Thanks to the easy start-up it is not necessary to apply much effort. Reliable mechanics, so it’s easy to remove, clean and put back on.

The features

A sturdy and powerful saw. It performs its job well, saws absolutely everything, even the ice. Customers do not complain about the failure of the mechanism. There are much more positive reviews of this model on the net than negative ones. Starts the model from the first or second time. No problem if you get the hang of it.

The features

A chainsaw that is not the most expensive on the market. Nevertheless, it works properly. Starts up almost immediately, with the right power setting it copes well even with thick logs. The set includes a good quality chain. Among the features is a chain brake that promotes greater safety during use.

The features

Chainsaw has plenty of power. According to the users, it has a nice and convenient start. The machine works reliably and efficiently, doesn’t stall while working. Chain adjustment is very convenient, filter cleaning is also no problem. Saws logs up to 50 cm in diameter, works quickly when used intensively, and is ready to handle large quantities of firewood or other lumber.

The features

This chainsaw has enough advantages. quality of materials, workmanship, power, side chain adjustment. The chain included is reliable, does not require replacement. The owners of this machine notice the economical fuel consumption. Made in Germany, where they know how to produce quality tools. Even outwardly the model looks solid. nothing is loose, it seems to be reliable.


This model is in good standing with users. It is powerful and reliable, and starts up without much trouble. Air-cooled, two-stroke engine. Ergonomic and safe handle makes for comfortable operation, and adjustable automatic oil pump with spring vibration dampening system reduces stress on operator’s hands for more comfortable work.


One of the most affordable options on the market. The tool is positioned as a household tool, it is also suitable for any garden work in moderation. The chain saw comes well-equipped with a chain, guide bar, protective shroud, fuel tank, keys and file. Users say it’s a great value for the money.

The features

Chainsaw with good performance. You can hear it in the sound and see the result. It can be used both for household chores and to take with you to the nature, where, for example, you need to gather firewood. Low vibration. Yes, it may not be a universal machine on the market, but it will do for non-professional logging businesses.

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The model features low fuel consumption that allows the user to save money. It is lightweight and easy to operate. Great for clearing small trees and shrubs, for example. Also perfect for making firewood for the winter. No problem in start-up.


Another interesting model in our rating. It is suitable for home and workshop use. Can be used safely in a furniture shop, and very intensively. Even the toughest trees can be handled just fine. The chainsaw is also suitable for making firewood. There is no pushing or pulling.


Engine type petrol
Power 2100 W / 2.85 л. с.
Chain pitch 0.325 in
Busbar length 45 cm
RPM 13500 rpm
Engine displacement 49.3 cu. see
Fuel tank capacity 0.55 л
Oil tank capacity 0.26 л
Noise level 116 dB
Weight 5.2 kg (without bar and chain with empty tanks)
Warranty 1 year

What chainsaw is better to buy

After the leading chainsaw brands, their advantages and weaknesses have been named, all that is left to do is to choose in favor of one nominee. The first category is relevant for the home, the second can be used for domestic and professional purposes, and for a large volume of work fit any product from the third. Based on the comparative analysis, the following conclusions were made:

  • The Makita EA3202S-40 is a handy, ergonomic model;
  • Budget model for simple tasks. Carver PSG-52-18;
  • A suitable model for the construction site. Zubr PBTS-560 45dp;
  • The highest specific power is Champion 254-18;
  • For cutting hardwood. Echo CS-620SX-18.

When buying, experts recommend relying on the criteria specified in the rating, looking only at proven manufacturers. Much of the decision will depend on what tasks the tool has to cope with in the future. Price and quality, reliability, lifetime warranty will also prompt you to choose.

Editors’ Choice

It is hard to pick a clear leader in each category. But, given the fact that for non-professional use, most often choose the most versatile tool, you can focus on

Choosing a chainsaw. How to choose a chainsaw video

  • Reliable chainsaw Patriot PT 5220;
  • DAEWOO Power Products DACS 5218 models with a substantial operating margin;
  • Echo CS-260TES-10 “one-handed” saw, very popular among tourists, cottagers and professionals working at heights.

Because their actual potential, given proper maintenance and an appropriate mode of operation, is limited only by the owner’s desire to upgrade their own fleet of equipment.

which, chainsaw, choose

Top 5 cheapest and most stable models

Top models of the budget group are represented by five models. Most are household chainsaws, in which the price-quality ratio is at an optimum level.

Kalibr BP-2600/18U chainsaw

Powerful gasoline-powered saw is designed for sawing work with problematic wood trunks with a cross-section of up to 400 mm. Semi-professional category tool performance is provided by pulling parameters of the 3.5 HP carburetor engine and 18-inch headset.

The 6.2 kg and :

  • in its category, the best cheap saw has a modern industrial design and easy access to the tuning nodes;
  • operating time in autonomy mode;
  • Availability of a primer, diaphragm carburetor, advanced lubrication and emergency stop systems.

Huter BS-45M

In the affordable price category is the German chainsaw Huter series BS-45M, which proved itself among private individuals and farmers. The design uses the power parameters of a 45cc gasoline engine drive rated at 2.3 liters.

Lubrication of the saw mechanism, complete with a 16-inch long bar, is carried out by oil supplied to the headset design in a given volume.

Performance is regulated by an oil pump.

In the construction of the tool incorporated a number of exclusive engineering solutions to improve efficiency and extend the life of the component systems and units. On the Russian market it is possible to buy the tool at an average price of 4200-4500.


Model in its category, the best cheap chainsaw for care:

Productivity is handled by a 2.4 liter, 45 cc cylinder displacement power unit.с. Compact 15″ headset is convenient for working at heights and hard-to-reach places.

In different regions

Soyuz PTS-99371

Semi-professional class chainsaw PTS-99371 series is positively characterized by a significant torque reserve of the regular carbureted 38-cc engine capacity of 2.7 liters.с.

In the design features of the tool :

  • productive 405-mm headset with automatic lubrication and inertial emergency stop mechanism;
  • The weight of 5.1 kg is small compared to the same type models;
  • Vibration and noise levels compliant with current standards.
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DDE CS2512

Lightweight and small-sized chainsaw of this series is focused on maintenance of gardens and wooded areas. With 1.2 liter small-bore carbureted engine.с. Weighing only 3.15 kg, it’s easy to operate and convenient for working at heights.

Bracket for fixing a shoulder strap is included as standard equipment. Compact in transport and reliable in operation the tool is included in the equipment of expeditions, tourist groups, divisions of Ministry of Emergency Situations and fans of outdoor activities.

The rating of inexpensive chainsaws included models:

  • Huter BS-45M 2300W;
  • Champion 125T-10 700W/0.95 л.с;
  • PATRIOT PT 5220 Imperial 2500W/3.4 л.с;
  • Carver HOBBY HSG 152-18 1900W/2.6 л.с.

The tool for occasional, gentle use on a tight budget. Requires careful maintenance, often needs repair. Are inexpensive chainsaws are usually three to five seasons, depending on the activity of use.

1st place Huter BS-45M 2300 W

  • bar length 40 cm
  • chain pitch 3/8 inch
  • engine displacement 45 cc. see
  • Number of speeds: 1
  • Functions: anti-vibration, chain brake
  • 70/6/4 modification
  • weight 7 kg

The budget models ranking opens German development with a powerful motor, placed in a compact casing. Its tractive force is enough for pulling logs up to 65 cm in thickness. Unlike its counterparts, the single-cylinder engine needs a petrol-oil mixture in the ratio of 1 to 40. Sprocket assumes part of the load, facilitating engine operation. Turn the tire at equal intervals for even wear. Air filter cover is secured with wing nut.

Choosing your First Chainsawit’s this easy!

which, chainsaw, choose
  • secure grip;
  • accidental start lock;
  • The chain catcher protects the operator in the event of a break in the saw head;
  • Difficult-to-install guide bar, even for novices;
  • end chain tensioner.

2nd Champion 125T-10 700W/0.95 л.с

  • bar length 25 cm
  • 3/8-inch chain pitch
  • engine displacement 25.4 cu. see
  • Number of speeds: 1
  • function: chain brake
  • weight 3.2 kg

Very small and light chain saw for household and garden use. Engine power and speed is designed to handle all types of wood and grain. Length of bar is designed to allow you to hold the chainsaw comfortably above your head while tending to your garden. High-quality metal and heat treatment keep the chain-saw geometry permanently intact. Locking device prevents unintentional chain starting. Saw is also great for trips to the countryside with the family, will not take up much space in the trunk. Saw wood from dead wood, make a Roman candle and more with ease. tank for 230 grams of fuel mixture.

The saw is also praised for the arrangement of the rafters in the cottage or country house.

3rd place PATRIOT PT 5220 Imperial 2500W/3.4 л.с

  • tire length 50 cm
  • Chain pitch 0.325
  • engine displacement 52 cc. see
  • Number of speeds: 1
  • Functions: anti-vibration, chain brake
  • modification 220105575

Powerful saw with a two-stroke engine for longer service life. It starts with a little effort thanks to the Easy Start system. Inertia brake and starter caps are cast in magnesium alloy. Anti-vibration system reduces strain on hands, extending work sessions. Operator safety is increased by a chain catcher, flywheel brake, safety lock and deflector. Filter and candle can be serviced without tools. Features:

  • Easy motor start;
  • multi-level protection for the operator;
  • automatic oil dispenser;
  • side chain tension;
  • Quick access to spark plug and air filter.

4 place Carver HOBBY HSG 152-18 1900W/2.6 л.с

  • bar length 45 cm
  • chain pitch 0.325 in
  • engine displacement 52 cc. see
  • number of speeds: 1
  • features: anti-vibration
  • modification 01.004.00041
  • weight 5.06 kg

Tool with long bar for occasional sawing of logs up to 75 cm in diameter. Owners advise to do it less often with an eye on the price. Equipped with advanced safety mechanisms: engine brake in case of blowback, start-up lock. Rubberized grips ensure a firm grip with frozen hands and prevent the transmission of vibrations from the motor to the operator. Fuel pump makes it easy to start the engine.

  • long bar for cutting large trees;
  • tool chain tensioning;
  • for low temperatures;
  • Difficulty in reinstalling the cap.

For gardening and chopping wood for barbecue, the cheapest chainsaw will suffice. Cutting firewood, lumber, construction, regular sawing and making garden sculptures requires a powerful tool from a reputable manufacturer.

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