Which chainsaw is better Makita or Stihl

What is the best chainsaw??

First of all, when talking about chainsaws, the most famous brands come to mind: Husqvarna (which, by the way, chain saws became a forced demand for mopeds in the late ’50s was falling, so they had to find a new use for low-volume two-stroke motors), Stihl. But it is worth recognizing that in the affordable segment they have long gone down the road of cheapening, and not always useful the same problems with the oil pumps of the budget ones Stileys have long been the talk of the town. So we should not forget about the Asian manufacturers first-tier: with sufficient budget Japanese will be very interesting Echo, The Koreans will fit into a smaller amount of money Daewoo и Hyundai. Makita Although being formally a Japanese brand, in fact it just sells German Dolmar saws under it, which are also very interesting.

Chinese brands bottom link, Including mimicry for Europe (like Huter) a choice only for occasional use at home or in the country Yes, their chainsaws are cheap, but they can’t boast of a resource.

Rating of the top 5

The 1st place in the top. a chainsaw Partner P350 S

This chain saw is designed for household chores, work in the garden or in the cottage. Also great for people who like hunting or fishing, in some cases need travelers.

Engine has a displacement of 40 cc³ and a power of 1.52 kW. Electronic engine ignition for starting. Fuel is fed quickly and safely, adhering to the established scheme: gasoline residue and accumulated air are automatically released from the carburetor, which occupies a certain place in it.

The starter rope resistance in this unit is 40% less compared to popular pre-optimized models. These features help to start the device more quickly.

2nd place. McCulloch CS 360 budget for home and cottage

The model is equipped with an easy-start system. It consists of the use of a primer for the timely delivery of a large amount of fuel and maximum reduction of resistance of the starter rope. The chain can be braked manually or inertially. The air in the system is purified with the latest technology provided by CCS. There is an anti-vibration system, which has a standard design.

Manufacturers claim this device can be used for felling classic wood and pruning. Wood cutting is possible, but it should be done with care, not infrequently and in moderation. Wood construction is also possible, but for that the chainsaw can only be used partially and only for a limited number of hours a day.

Comes with a guide bar with a pre-arranged chain (see also. how to sharpen the chain). This element is 45 cm long, but it is possible to insert the 40 cm and 35 cm. This chainsaw is made in the USA. Has a 36 cm³ engine and its power is equal to 1.3 kW. Control unit is combined, it is equipped with an air damper.

The engine is designed with the latest version of OxyPower technology, which helps reduce exhaust emissions by up to 70%. There is high power at a relatively low price, primer for fuel priming, easy start. Of the disadvantages stand out amateur chain, sometimes you need to warm up, there may be problems with the adjustment of the carburetor.

The 3rd place. the high quality and reliable Makita EA3203S40B

This is a semi-professional device that can be used not only for domestic purposes, but also for a large number of areas, which require work of a higher level of complexity. Continuous operation for quite a long time, the mechanism of the device is designed for.

The gas tank volume is 0.4 l, which exceeds this indicator in many models. The engine volume is 32 cm³, and the power is 1.35 kW. All features are in line with the class of chainsaws listed above.

It is possible to switch the ignition system to a cold start (like the Makita chainsaw). The chain brake works by inertia, and there is a water-resistant filter that functions by means of air masses.

The anti-vibration system has been improved, As it is composed of four shock absorbers made of steel. In the presence of idling automatically turns off the pump responsible for the oil supply. Together with this device comes a special case and a rather capacious container in which you need to mix gasoline and oil yourself.

The 4th place. the characteristics and price of household chainsaw brand Husqvarna 240 E

The chainsaw has a semi-professional entry level. It can be used for any work both in a private and in a rather large country house, where some activities with wood are constantly carried out. The engine volume is quite large, is 38.2 cm³. Enough power for countryside work 1.5 kW.

The only limitation is cutting firewood. These actions can be performed, but with long or constant logging, the design wears out quickly.

Makita battery chain saw versus stihl petrol chainsaw

The anti-vibration system is advanced, but works on a standard principle. The air is cleaned by centrifugal force. Exhaust is moved, reduced by better fuel recycling.

When working with this chainsaw, it is imperative to replace all parts in time. First wait for the wear of the three chains, After that, a new sprocket is put in place. When two sprockets are used up, a new tire must be put in. This rule of thumb is circular, which helps ensure that the tool is working properly.

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5th place. semi-professional chainsaw from the manufacturer STIHL (Stihl) MS 180

Small chainsaw has a small weight of 3.9 kg. Engine capacity of 31.8 cm³. The unit has a standard output of 1.5 kW. The STIHL MS 180 chain saw does an excellent job of all your daily chores and makes travel a breeze. The bar is only 35 cm long, which provides the easiest operation, and the engine runs at full power, which is actively used when working.

Quality anti-vibration system and brake. No fuel pump, but it is not important for this system, so it only makes the design easier. Four modes can be set to be used at a specific time. There are two types of starting (cold and hot), active work and deactivation. They can be switched easily with a special lever.

The chain lubrication system is economical (cf. oil for lubrication). The oil pump delivers 50% less stuff than the non-optimized models. There is a special compensator on the carburetor, which helps to stabilize the operation of the engine if there are problems related to contamination of the air filter.Read also about chain saw chain sharpening.

This feature is necessary to make minimal repairs and improve performance. In its category, this stove leads the way in convenience, cost-effectiveness and durability.

Read in our other article the reasons why this chainsaw may not start.

How Makita chain saws differ from the Stihl brand?

The Makita ranges are packed with high-quality products that offer many advantages. Let’s get to know them better. So, why Makita electric saws are widespread among beginners, amateurs, and professional builders:

Yes, this is one of the key points. Along with the ” Stihl “. the Makita has a much higher functionality and performance than the former. According to the data, the tool is 300% more productive than its competitors, for this reason Makita saws are in the top sales in online stores.

No backlash, no squeaks. Sawing trees is much nicer and faster with the Makita. the saw doesn’t get stuck in the material and doesn’t break when it’s hard to work.

Also, the advantages of “Makita” saws are reflected in their power. Need to cut a small tree? 1,8 kW electric saw is enough. A wide tree stands in the yard? No problem, Makita saws with power of 4.1 kW will manage the task perfectly, they will cut down “weeds” for sure.

Makita saws are simple to use and easy to maintain. Design parts of the tool are tightly sealed against dust, bark, and sawdust from trees. When adjusting, the saw’s cutting chain is easy to tension or replace with a new one, even without a special wrench.

The chainsaw charges quickly and holds power for a long time with heavy use, without any loss of power. What’s more, it can effortlessly cut through trees of any thickness. The cut is very smooth and very even. Chainsaw has soft start and protection against accidental operation. A light touch of a button is all it takes to start the machine.

STIHL MS 362.59 cm3. VS MAKITA 6100 P. 61 cm3.( 2 good weapons for this type of wood.

Minimal vibration coefficient. up to 5 units. Thanks to which, the saw sits firmly and securely in the hands, so it will not make any discomfort, as well as will not slip out during long cutting of trees. Generates no more than 102 dB noise, compared to 120 dB with a similar Stihl appliance. Therefore, it can be used even without noise-canceling headphones. Power capacity is important? Then you should buy a Makita chainsaw in Ukraine.

Makita saws have a long service life. They perfectly cut even after prolonged intensive use, and do not require special maintenance, unlike similar devices brand Stihl.

Both in domestic and professional tools, users appreciate good performance, fuel efficiency, as well as ergonomics of use. Even though the entry levelengine life will always be higher than that of the entry level models, the working conditions compensate this difference, leaving the quality and reliability in the end.

The following criteria should be considered when evaluating the models:

  • ReliabilityFor: engine durability, frequency of breakages, no-failure operation of important &#8212 components; clutch, sprocket, chain lubrication system
  • Ease of use: grip, weighting, availability of mechanisms and devices to reduce vibration
  • Serviceability: Maintainability, availability on the market of original or interchangeable spare parts.

The question of price is quite specific: on the one hand, it is possible that an inexpensive product demonstrates excellent performance on these points. On the other hand, you can’t expect miracles: excellent results are given by the development and implementation of advanced technologies and use of advanced materials. And this, in turn, affects the final cost of the product. A good saw cannot be cheap & sounds like a slogan of cunning marketers, but here it is not only a trick, but also a severe pattern of production and commodity-money relations of the modern world.

However, this does not mean that there are no good examples among inexpensive tools. Choosing the best from the worst is even more difficult, and that is what hundreds of users of gasoline-powered units face.

Comparison of Stihl and Husqvarna chainsaws

Stihl and Husqvarna are, without a doubt, the leaders in the manufacture and sale of chain saws with gasoline engines. Due to serious competition, each of the companies annually develops a lot of new technical solutions, implementing which facilitates and makes it more comfortable to use their tool. For example, Stihl has such technical innovations as:

  • STIHL M-Tronic system. makes the chainsaw easier to start thanks to the fully electronic ignition system. The system differentiates between cold and hot starts. M-Tronic also precisely regulates the ignition timing and quantity of fuel mixture when starting the chain saw;

If you look at the technical innovations of Husqvarna, you can also highlight some interesting systems:

  • Air Injection (air cleaning system) a centrifugal air cleaning system that extends the cleaning interval of the filter element;

If you take two similarly sized chainsaws from the Stihl and Husqvarna companies, the only things that are similar is that they have an internal combustion engine, a bar, and a saw chain. But all, even the typical elements of these chainsaws differ in size, shape and materials of which they are made.

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Makita chainsaws: Japanese quality at a reasonable price

The first mention of the Makita Corporation dates back to 1915. Back then, however, the future world giant was a garage producing lighting equipment and transformers. It is unlikely that the founder of the company, a young Japanese engineer and inventor, Masaburo Makita, expected his brainchild to become one of the leaders in the production of garden equipment (including Makita chainsaws) and power tools. However, for the first 50 years of its existence Makita Electric Works lived through hard times, and its products did not enter foreign markets until the beginning of the 1970s.

Today the Makita Corporation has eight big factories with several thousand qualified engineers and workers. The manufacturer’s catalog contains more than a thousand items of various products, among which electric chainsaws, milling machines, jigsaws, sabre saws and other household and industrial appliances are especially popular.

At the moment Makita Corporation plants are located in Japan, Germany, China, some other European and Asian countries. As for chainsaws, they are produced in factories in Germany and China. To understand which manufacturer’s tool you are buying, you need to carefully read the accompanying documents and study the marking of individual parts and assemblies. At the same time, the high quality of Makita products should be noted, regardless of the manufacturer.

The high quality of the company’s equipment is combined with its reasonable cost. Makita chainsaws are now available from 220 to 1,070. The popularity of chain saws is determined by the following features:

  • Wide range of models;
  • Durable body made of magnesium alloy and ergonomic handles;
  • Use of the latest technologies and modern systems that facilitate the operator’s work and increase labor productivity;
  • It has a low weight but still performs very well;
  • Informational support from the manufacturer and an extensive network of service points.

Makita chainsaw lineup review

Makita EA 3203 S40B

Perhaps the most affordable and popular chainsaw in the company’s lineup. In spite of its low price, the chainsaw has everything to satisfy most customers. With its help you can carry out repair and construction work, prepare and cut firewood, arrange hedges and garden trees. It is not recommended to use this model for felling trees larger than 30 centimeters in diameter. Engine, power 1,8 l.с. Equipped with Memory-Power-Ignition ignition system that makes it easy to restart the engine. Operator comfort and safety is ensured by a multi-point anti-vibration system, a toothed stop and an instantaneous chain stop inertia brake.

Makita EA3203S40B chainsaw

Makita EA 3500 S35B

Amateur class tool with 2.3 liter engine.с. Can be used for making firewood, crosscutting and longitudinal sawing, construction and repair work. The chainsaw has a quick-start system and MPI technology for quick motor restarts. Ergonomic die-cast magnesium body with excellent balance, yet the Makita EA 3500 S35B chain saw weighs only 4.9 kilograms. This model is available today for a price starting at 280.

Makita EA 3500 S35B chainsaw

Makita EA 3500 S40B

Another amateur model from the Japanese manufacturer. The saw has a powerful enough engine (2.3 l.The Makita EA 3500 has a guide bar with a length of 400 mm, which enables the use of a saw unit with a bar. The saw is equipped with all modern systems, including Easy Start and Memory-Power-Ignition technology for easy motor restart. In their reviews, many users point out the presence of a quality anti-vibration system, the excellent performance of the automatic lubrication system and the low weight of the chainsaw. The Makita EA 3500 S40B is available today for 290.

Makita EA3203S40B chain saw

Makita DCS 3501

Semi-professional chainsaw that can be used for household, municipal and forestry work. With this tool you will be able to carry out cross and longitudinal sawing of wood, prepare firewood, conduct repair or construction work. Powerful Engine (2.7 L.c) and high productivity, combined with its low weight (4.5 kg). Features a tool-less chain tensioner and adjustable oil pump that can save up to 20% on lubrication. In light of the above features of the Makita DCS 3501, its price of 240 seems quite reasonable.

Makita DCS 3501 chainsaw

Makita EA 3502 S35B

Despite its amateur status, this chainsaw can be used for all types of household chores, including felling trees up to 30 cm in diameter. The primer-equipped engine is easy to start in all weathers, and the Safety Matic instant-stop chain brake takes care of operator safety. Like most Makita chainsaws, this chainsaw is equipped with Memory Power Ignition for easy engine restart and an “easy start” function. The Makita EA 3502 S35B chainsaw is available for 260 on the manufacturer’s website.

Makita EA 3502 S35B chainsaw

Makita EA 5000 P45 E

This semi-professional model is characterized by high performance, low weight and excellent body ergonomics. 3.8 liter engine.с. The saw chain is driven by a 450 mm bar. The operator’s work is made easier by EasyStart, high-quality anti-vibration system on steel springs and effective sawdust extraction. This chainsaw can be used in home and communal applications, it can cut wood lengthways and crosswise, cut down small trees up to 35 cm in diameter. The Makita EA 5000 P45 E chainsaw costs 740 on the manufacturer’s website.

Stihl vs Makita chainsaw. Which is better?

Makita EA 5000 P45 E chainsaw

Makita DCS 7300

Chainsaw with decompression valve and EasyStart system. Powerful, economical engine (the SLR system helps save up to 15% fuel) of 5.6 liters.s, allows you to install a 500 mm guide bar and use the tool for professional purposes. However, the chainsaw will also come in handy in the household when cutting firewood, crosscutting and longitudinal sawing. The body of the saw is made of durable magnesium alloy, a multi-point anti-vibration system virtually eliminates vibration from the ergonomic handles of the Makita DCS 7300 chainsaw. On Makita’s official website, this model sells for 810.

Makita DCS7300-50 chainsaw

Makita DCS 7901

This professional saw combines an ergonomic body, high engine power (6.25 l.с.) and a relatively low weight of 6.3 kilograms. Increased fuel tank (0.75 l), higher fuel capacity (6.25 l) and improved durability.) and 600 mm guide bar. A decompression valve makes starting the engine easy and the Airmaster air filtration system makes starting the engine very economical. With features like these, the Makita DCS 7901 can be used in forestry for professional felling. It will be a reliable helper and any villager. Buy chain saw Makita DCS 7901 for a price starting at 840.

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Makita DCS 7901 chainsaw

Makita EA 7300 P50E

A professional model designed for demanding applications and industrial felling. The tool can be used as in household, forestry or municipal services. Features a 5.6 liter two-stroke motor.with which to fit a 500-mm bar. The multi-point anti-vibration system on steel springs and the relatively low weight of 6.6 kg reduce operator fatigue and improve productivity. The Makita EA 7300 P50E is equipped with the SLR system which reduces fuel consumption by up to 15 percent. The manufacturer offers the chainsaw at a price of 979.

Makita EA 7300 P50E chainsaw

Makita DCS 7301-50

One of the most powerful and reliable models in the manufacturer’s catalog. The chainsaw is equipped with a 5.7 liter engine.с. and comes with a 500 millimeter guide bar. Such features allow the tool to be used for professional felling and other intensive work. To facilitate starting the engine, the chainsaw is equipped with a decompression valve, air purification is improved with the Airmaster ventilation system. On Makita’s official website, this model is available for 1,070.

Makita DCS 7301-50 chain saw

Stihl or Makita chainsaws: which is better to use?

Trees used to be chopped with axes. Now there are high-performance saws for that. Thanks to them, the landscaping of a summer cottage or private home will not be difficult even for the most inexperienced. There are both gasoline and electric saws by Makita that differ in their features. So today let’s look at the advantages of Makita saws and why they dominate the competition.

How Makita chainsaws differ from the Stihl brand?

Makita lineup of saws is represented by high quality tools with its own advantages. Let’s get to know them better. So why Makita electric saws are widespread among beginners, amateurs, and professional builders:

Yes, this is one of the key points. Along with “Stihl”, “Makita” has functionality and performance much higher than the first. According to the data, the tool is by 300% more productive than its competitors, for this reason the saw “Makita” is in the top sales in online stores.

Complete absence of backlashes, creaks. Sawing trees is much nicer and faster with the Makita. the saw does not get stuck in the material and does not break down during the tough sawing operations.

Also, the advantages of “Makita” saws are reflected in their power. Need to cut down a small tree? A 1.8 kW electric saw is quite enough. There’s a wide tree in the backyard? No problem, Makita 4.1 kW saws do the job, they cut through “weeds” like a lightning bolt.

Makita saws are easy to use and easy to maintain. Design parts are tightly sealed against dust, bark and sawdust. When setting up, the saw chain is easy to tension or replace with a new one, even without a special wrench.

Power is quickly recharged by the mains and keeps it charged for a long time in intensive use, without any loss of power. What’s more, it has no problem cutting down trees of any thickness. The crosscut is very smooth and straight. Chainsaw has soft start and accidental start protection. A light touch of a button is all it takes to start the device.

Minimal vibration coefficient of up to 5. Thanks to this, the saw sits firmly and reliably in the hands, so it will not cause discomfort, and will not slip out during long cutting of trees. Noise levels as low as 102dB, opposed to 120dB with a similar Stihl appliance. Therefore, it can even be used without noise-canceling headphones. Power capacity is important? Then you should buy Makita saws in Ukraine.

Makita power saws have a long service life. They are excellent saws even after long intensive use, and do not require special maintenance, unlike similar devices brand Stihl.

What to look for when choosing a Makita saw?

To make your money investment as effective as possible, you need to follow special recommendations that will help you choose the best option. So, what to do when picking up the device:

Determine the purpose of the power tool

Trite as it may sound, but before you make your choice you should think about your applications. For example, if you want to improve a small plot with small trees, a normal chain saw under 4 kW will suffice, but if you work with large plants, you should use a more powerful device.

This parameter influences how big a trunk diameter the saw can “take. As a rule, electric handsaws are equipped with a 20-40 cm guide bar.

IMPORTANT! For the quick sawing of non-voluminous trees, the short bars are suitable. They are more convenient to use and maintenance is easy.

Professional tools have a guide bar length of 40 cm or more. These models are designed to work with heavy trees, such as oak, ash or acacia.

What determines reliability and quality?

Compact and ergonomic Stihl 170 is the right saw for light-duty jobs in the garden or in the summer house. The chainsaw handles logging and pruning equally well.

Small, but powerful enough for its parameters, the model is designed for work in the garden. Not designed for sawing logs larger than 10 cm in diameter.

The model is often found in sawmills, when felling. This equipment is assigned a professional consumer class.

A chainsaw must fit its class in terms of technical characteristics, which is ideally confirmed by its value (this also applies to a mini- chainsaw).

The warranty period of the Stihl chain saw is three years and a half, and the amount of warranty coverage is limited to the following.

Only models are presented for which the manufacturers indicate their true benefits, with high performance and long service life. When evaluating devices, you need to pay attention to their main indicators.

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