Which battery is better – Bosch or Warta?

Bosch batteries

As for Bosch battery models, here we can highlight the following list:

S3: designed for the category of cars with low energy consumption;

S4 Silver: Batteries manufactured using the specialized silvering method;

S5 Silver Plus: are characterized by increased resistance to discharge;

S6 AGM: specially designed for executive class cars, as they provide simultaneous supply of several power-consuming devices.

The range of presented products includes batteries for different types of vehicles, for different financial possibilities, and it is worth mentioning that each of the presented options provides the optimal balance between price and functionality.

Varta Batteries Serviceable or not?

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Batteries Varta conditionally, as we have said, are divided into 3 classes (more than 3 classes of other classes are innovative developments):

And there’s a factory type battery. т.е. Varta batteries, which are installed in new cars during their production, they are not on the market.

Constantly we hear the question: are these batteries serviceable or not??

Varta Batteries. Those which can be found on the shelves of any store such as:

They are maintenance free. The question arises: how to look after it? The answer is very simple: only charging with current of 10% of the total capacity of the battery. In other words, if you have a Varta 60 ah. it must be charged with a charger configured for a 6 amp, 12 volt charge. How long do I charge it?? For this you need a battery testing device for its starting current, as seen on

What to do if you do not have a meter to measure the starting current? It all depends on your charger. But the principle of any battery charger is the same. As your battery reaches 100% charge, the ammeter (of your battery charger) will ideally approach the 1 amp mark and go into maintenance mode for your battery. If the needle of the ammeter is close to 2m amps or 3m or 4m amps and doesn’t go any further. it means that your battery has been used a lot and that the battery will not last on your equipment for a long time. you should consider purchasing a new battery.

We’d like to point out. Many craftsmen take a drill and drill 6 holes in the battery jars to check the density of the battery and add distilled water. This procedure completely disables the battery and the battery can not be restored after that. By drilling at least one hole. the sealing of the battery is impaired by the cyclic process of evaporating water from the electrolyte and normalizing the electrolyte density again.

And there are, as we said at the beginning of this review, factory-type Varta batteries. т.е. Varta batteries, which are installed in new cars during their manufacture. They are not available on the market. They are only available at flea markets or sometimes on sale by authorized service centers of European cars at a very inflated price. Their characteristic appearance differs from all other Varta batteries by the presence of a black cover and screwed six plugs under the stickers, as shown in the photo below:

With these Varta batteries, you can safely tear off this top label and unscrew the cans to check the battery for density with a areometer, and refill with discolored water. We would like to point out that the charging procedure for this battery is the same as for maintenance free batteries.

If you have a factory Varta battery of the following type. as listed on

They are charged the same way as maintenance free acid batteries (their charging process we have already described at the beginning of this review).

AGM standard batteries are gaining popularity among cars, no matter if the car is equipped with a stop-start system or if it is an electric car. That’s why we tried to explain separately: Which Battery is Better Gel or Acid?

Opened the original Varta, comparison with Varta Blue Dynamic (Bosch S4)

The topic of this article was the “autopsy” of two popular batteries: car battery Varta, which comes as standard on cars and has a very good life (by the way, Varta is the supplier of batteries for almost all factories, except for Japanese and Korean). Also opened the battery Bosch S4 (who do not know, it is Varta Blue Dynamic, but with stickers for their dealer Bosch Siemens). Both batteries have already served their useful life on the car.

Factory Varta 1J0 915 105 AC has characteristics 60Ah 480 A (En), store. Varta Blue Dynamic (Bosch S4) similar 60Ah 540 A (En). According to the specifications on the label, the second one is better. In fact, the “regular” is 2 kg heavier. The factory plastic was also harder to saw 🙂

Both batteries have forged positive plates. Varta’s proprietary “power frame” stamping with a hard frame around the perimeter. But the positive plates of the factory Warta are noticeably thicker and the spread, despite the age of the battery, is still there (it’s evident that they stick to the cells with wider walls more easily). The battery that Warta offers in the networks is worse. The positive plates are very, very thin, and no grease was found on it. crumbled. The positive plates are packed in the usual plastic separator envelopes.

The negative plates are made by the punching and stretching method and do not have a stiffening frame around the perimeter, as well as their own separator envelope. Warta only packs plus plates in envelopes. Again, the plates of the regular Varta are thicker and stronger than the store battery.

Plastic on the body of the OEM battery is also almost twice as thick as the store battery. The side wall ribs are very small in both, so the sides are almost always bloated.

The factory Varta has plugs and access to the banks, and the store one does not have them. Also, the factory battery is equipped with a charge level indicator peephole.

Output terminal through the plastic lid housing is implemented through 3 rings at the factory and only 2 in a store (the more such rings, the more difficult for the electrolyte to seep out and then leave the white salt on the terminals, so annoying to owners).

The condition of the wax and plates of a 5 year old regular battery is MUCH better than that of a similar old store battery. It is possible that the nameplate in the original tank is additionally fixed with a special paper or cloth (unfortunately, it is impossible to find out by visual inspection).

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As a result, it turns out that the autopsy once again confirmed the fact, which we always inform our customers. OEM Varta and Varta (Bosch), which is sold in retail chains, are completely different in quality and, consequently, the battery life. Perhaps our photos do not convey the difference in thickness of the plates, the coatings, the case and the difference in weight. but it is very significant.

Unfortunately, OEM Varta can be purchased only in the official car centers of the brand of your car and it costs 2.3 times more expensive than the store one. In our opinion there is no point in overpaying so much. there are other manufacturers that offer even better batteries at a very reasonable price.

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Which battery is better to choose: Varta, Bosch or Rocket?

Bosch is known as a manufacturer of spare parts for cars and seller of countless products: from batteries to the most complex equipment. But not all products the company manufactures itself. Most of the products under its brand the corporation from Germany orders from third-party manufacturers. For example, Bosch car batteries are ordered from Varta. Bosch batteries are manufactured at the Varta factory in the Czech Republic. The batteries that Bosch sells in Asia are made at the Rocket factories in South Korea.

In Ukraine there are Bosch batteries produced by Warta. The importer’s warranty period for them is from 1 to 2 years. Similar in price and quality to Varta batteries. Why it is better to buy not a Bosch battery in the store read below.

Batteries imported to Ukraine are produced at a modern Varta factory in the Czech Republic. 1 to 2 years warranty. Warranty depends on the importer’s policy. Varta is the most popular car battery brand in the world and the best-selling. The technology used to manufacture Varta batteries for retailers Dynamic (Black, Blue, Silver) Ca/Ca. These are common budget calcium batteries. Consumers mistakenly believe that Silver Series batteries have silver in the plates 🙂 There is no silver. In the budget series of the Warta speaker (and series Bosch S3, S4, S5) only positive plates are made by PowerFrame technology, and the negative is the usual mesh and stretching (“chain link”). This technology is used to produce cheap budget batteries). But Varta batteries are not cheap for the price. Service life of the batteries from the Warta Dynamic series is 3-4 years. Batteries with low capacity of 35-45 Ah have a shorter life: 2-3 years.

Varta is a supplier of batteries to AUDI and Mercedes car factories. But Varta offers totally different batteries in the factories and service networks of car brands. All plates in them are made by PowerFrame technology (strong, forged, with thick edges). For example, weighs such Varta 60Ah 16,5 kg, and budget Varta Blue Dynamic 60 Ah about 14 kg. Are such “real Varta” very long (7-8 years). Owners of Skoda, VW, Audi, Mercedes, which state Varta batteries lasted so long, run to a store and order “Varta only”. Varta Dynamic and. But this is not the same Varta 🙁 In Ukraine demand is for Varta Blue Dynamic batteries of Asian standard JIS.

Reliable Rocket batteries

Rocket batteries are manufactured in South Korea. Rocket batteries are one of the five most popular batteries in the world. Its warranty period in Ukraine is 1.5 years (although in Europe the manufacturer gives a 3 year warranty). In fact the brand is Japanese-Korean, a joint venture with the Japanese holding Yuasa Co. Rocket batteries are made on improved modification of calcium technology: Ca/Sn (calcium-tin). All plates are made with PowerFrame technology. Rocket. This is quality in every detail. Sturdy reliable shell, modern composite current leads, no impurities in the electrolyte, high grade lead. All connections, current collectors, separators are made of the most reliable materials. According to statistics of Rocket supplier in Ukraine, these batteries have the least percentage of returns under warranty. Rocket supplier of factory batteries for brands Kia, Hyundai, SsangYong, DAEWOO. As the experience of Ukrainian drivers shows, the average service life of Roket from 6 to 7 years. There are some record-breakers, surviving up to 8 and even 10 years!

Two features of Roket batteries in Ukraine are in two models, which have no analogues from Varta and Bosch:

The Rocket SMF 75D23L (65Ah, EN 580 A) battery has the largest capacity in the most popular Asian size 232x173x225 mm (LxWh)

The Rocket SMF 75B24LS (55Ah, EN 470 A) battery also has the largest capacity in the size of 239x129x225 mm (LxWh). The Battery for Honda Accord.

What to choose? We advise to use pragmatic approach: find out date of battery manufacturing, compare and warranty periods, make sure that there is a warranty center of the brand in your city.

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Differences between Varta and Bosch car batteries

Let’s start with the fact that we are constantly correcting and supplementing this publication with different subtleties in understanding the legendary batteries of brands Varta and Bosch. Certainly many of you while opening our publication wondered why we combined exactly two brands Varta and Bosch in one publication? The answer is very simple, for more than 5 years, maybe even more, Varta and Bosch batteries do not differ from each other, they are the same product, which differs only in the design of the label. They really don’t differ in any way. The same dimensions, the same starting currents, the same manufacturing technology, but the labels are different and the internal catalog number is different. Varta batteries are conventionally divided into 3 classes (more than 3 classes the other classes are innovations):

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Similarly Bosch batteries are conventionally divided into 3 classes (more than 3 classes the other classes are innovations):

To simplify further writing of this review, the classes of Varta and Bosch for logical perception can be compared as follows:

That’s the way it is. Very often you may hear from a customer who has called us that he only wants to order a Varta battery or after a certain period of time you may hear from another customer. The desire to buy only Bosch. In the process of selling batteries, our online store AKBSET, constantly keeps control of the fact that the ordered battery was fresh. In such cases, when we offer a cardinally tuned in person to buy Bosch instead of Varta or vice versa instead of Bosch to buy Varta, basing on the fact that this or that battery is more recent by date of manufacture, there is a misunderstanding on the part of the buyer that the batteries are the same. But it is so. Accordingly, the manufacturing plants are the same, too. Varta and Bosch batteries are manufactured in the following countries:

We must not forget to focus your attention on the fact that there is a rumor that Varta and Bosch batteries are produced in Ukraine.Dnepropetrovsk (one buyer was so confident in the speculation, that he even voiced the address in the city where they allegedly produce them) or this version of the speculation that they are made in China and even heard that we have near Kiev. Varta and Bosch batteries are made only in the following countries: Germany, Czech Republic, Sweden, Austria, France, Spain. And Ukraine is only supplied from the Czech Republic so far.

Аккумулятор Bosch S5 Silver Plus 100Ah или Аккумулятор varta silver dynamic 100ah какой выбрать??

And now we will dwell in detail on each of Varta and Bosch series

The official website of the Varta and Bosch brands says the following:

For cars with a basic electric setup, they may need less battery power. But they still need excellent starting power, continuous performance and absolute reliability. All of these offer you Varta Black Dynamic Batteries (Bosch S3 Batteries) a tried and trusted solution that provides quality at a reasonable price.

  • Designed for vehicles with less complex power needs
  • 100% cold cranking current
  • PowerFrame technology® for exceptional performance
  • Meets OE requirements

In our words it can be explained that Batteries Varta Black Dynamic (Batteries Bosch S3). these are batteries that are designed to last for three years. Their starting currents correspond to the cars with gasoline engine only and as a conclusion if the buyer is adjusted to buy the battery only Varta or Bosch, and as these accumulators are budgetary in price, they will always correspond to the limited budget of the buyer, thus fully satisfying the desire to have these accumulators installed in your car.

The official website of Varta and Bosch brands writes the following:

You are looking for a solid all-rounder? Take a look at Varta Blue Dynamic Batteries. Our best-selling replacement battery meets OE specifications, delivers best-in-class starting power and cold start performance, and has a high charging capacity. This high quality product is ideal for every vehicle class.

  • Designed for vehicles of all classes
  • Optimal cold cranking current of up to 110% compared to conventional batteries
  • PowerFrame technology®
  • Meets the requirements for OE

In our words it can be explained as follows Varta Blue Dynamic batteries → Bosch S4 batteries. are batteries that are designed to last for four years. They have starting currents matching those of gasoline-powered, high-consumption vehicles. The prestige of these batteries corresponds to that of an upper-middle class car, where they do not suffer from intermittent charging by the alternator.

The official website of Varta and Bosch brands says the following:

High-performance vehicles with a lot of equipment require a lot from their batteries. That’s where our excellent Varta Silver Dynamic batteries. It is extremely reliable, meets or exceeds all OE requirements and is characterized by excellent cold-start performance. In short, a premium lead-acid battery you can always rely on.

  • Designed for high-performance vehicles with extremely high energy requirements
  • Exceptional cold cranking current of up to 122%
  • PowerFrame technology that delivers exceptional performance
  • Exceeds EO requirements

In our words it can be explained that Varta Silver Dynamic batteries → Bosch S5 batteries. they are batteries that are designed to last for five years. They have starting currents that match both gasoline-engine and mostly diesel-engine vehicles with a large number of consuming appliances. The prestige of these batteries corresponds to the prestige of an upper-middle class car, where interruptions in battery charging by an alternator are completely absent.


Varta and Bosch batteries are currently the leaders in the battery market. The quality is excellent. But what about the drawbacks? According to the experience of sales of these batteries we have come to consensus about their only disadvantage. the batteries are completely maintenance free. Two or three heavy discharges of a Varta or Bosch battery causes the battery to completely malfunction and be impossible to repair. Creators of these batteries decided that these batteries will stand only on modern cars where all fuses will not allow a strong discharge battery. Accordingly, we do not recommend installing Varta or Bosch batteries on domestic cars more than 10 years old.

That’s all for now. In the process of our work as we receive interesting thoughts and facts, we will constantly add interesting information about these batteries.

Test of 10 battery packs: electric duos

Want a modern battery under the hood of your car that is not afraid of deep discharges, quietly delivers high currents, takes a good charge and has excellent foolproof?

Kudos to the skeptics who understand: such a battery will be twice as expensive as a conventional one, and at such a price all these advantages fade shamefully, requiring a more thorough accounting. This is what we decided to do.

For our research we have chosen brands that offer two types of batteries. so called AGM (with absorbed electrolyte) which have all the above mentioned features and the common batteries (with mixed batteries). We searched for European batteries with dimensions of 242×175×190 mm. Such batteries are installed, for example, in Volkswagen-Polo, Skoda-Rapid, all the LADA cars, etc. п.

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There are five duets of this kind. Banner, Bosch, Warta, Deca and Mall. All products were purchased by the editorial board in cash in convenience stores.

It’s okay?

The overall impression of the test results is grim. There are three main reasons to be upset. First, sellers are still slipping stale goods, albeit with warranties, smiles, and seals. Secondly, it is unpleasant that in the Russian frost eleven out of twenty new batteries have failed. Thirdly, out of two dozen batteries only two. Tyumen Battery Premium and Varta Blue Dynamic. really fought for the victory. Their lead over their rivals turned out to be serious. And, curiously enough, the advantage is obvious, both with and without the price.

Run through the first columns of the table, which shows the reserve capacity of new batteries. In parentheses we give the real “volume” of electricity, for which the customer pays. It’s similar to filling station: you ask to fill up a full tank, but the attendant only poured to the bottom of the tank. But there is a difference: the “mistake” of the filling station will not lead to anything bad, but a discharged battery, as the professionals say, “goes sour”. Often it is irreversible: it loses capacity and loses performance. We were ready for that, so before testing we charged all the batteries to the full, as usual. You should do the same before putting the battery on your car. Our measurements confirm it.

Now about “overpayments” for the brand. The miracle did not happen: all little-known batteries are grouped together at the bottom of the table. The most unfortunate thing is that the of many of them are not at all cheap. For such import obviously there is no sense to overpay. And the first half of the table is filled with familiar names. we advise to use them as a guide.


The first thing to determine is the size of the battery. It should fit in its working place. in the engine compartment or luggage compartment. Check polarity at the same time. Here the old battery will help: look. plus on the right or on the left? Often the length of the wires does not allow you to connect the battery of the “wrong” polarity.

At a choice of the brand of accumulator we strongly recommend to be guided by the list of our winners of last years. Do not be fooled by the low price. there are no philanthropists in the market. The brand defines the price. As a rule, with the same dimensions serious companies offer batteries with different power capacity (for example, different declared amperes and ampere-hours). It is better to take the maximum, even if it is a little bit more expensive.

Do not buy products that have “Ah” units on the labels or in the passport. This shows the technical illiteracy of their authors and raises doubts about the quality.

It is imperative that you charge the battery you have purchased. After the charge and endurance (storage of the battery disconnected from the charger) for 10-15 hours, the voltage should be 12.5-12.7 V. If measured immediately after charging, the readings may be much higher than the real open circuit voltage.


I can say that some friends these batteries worked from 5 to 7 years, which is a very good figure at this price and, in fact, this is an indicator of quality Turkish company. Pros and cons of MUTLU:


The main advantages of Bosch batteries are high energy characteristics, which allow them to work perfectly in cars stuffed with electronics and having powerful engines. By the way, Bosch batteries are produced in the same factories as VARTA. Bosch has production in China, but only for the domestic market and don’t sell their products to other countries.


I can tell you from experience that I bought an Octavia Tour 1.8 Turbo, it had a VARTA battery, it was more than 8 years old, but in my case it was damaged by a leakage current. At the moment it is 12 years old and has no problem starting an old VAZ 2109 at my friend’s house. I tried to find the same battery by the code on it, but they just don’t have them in the store.

The better half

At first it all went very smoothly. The reserve capacity of the batteries is not bad. over a hundred minutes. In examinations of previous years, most of the results were more modest. But the reserve capacity, as we know, is tested in greenhouse conditions: with a modest current of 25 A and temperature of 25 °C. And what will happen at three-digit currents and in cold weather??

That’s when the alarm bells started ringing. The Titan, when estimating the cold cranking current on the first readings, dropped below 7 V, which is not a good symptom. If we tested the battery in strict accordance with GOST, the battery would be removed from the mileage: everything below 7.2 V. is a puncture. But we decided to turn a blind eye to that. maybe the battery will recover.

That hasn’t happened in a long time! Two batteries at once. the Beast and Akteh. refused to deliver the declared current for 30 seconds. And that at only.18 °C. So in the table of results there appeared the first “goose bumps”. The single current test, Akteh failed again. And when the temperature went down to.29 °C, half of the batteries failed! Titan and Akteh went down in the first second, Beast and Bosch. in 11 and 18 seconds respectively, and Mutlu. in 24 seconds. Here are new batteries!

Only half of the tested batteries showed their willingness to share their stored energy. The best of them were products of South Korean factory Delkor. multiple winner of our competitions Medalist and newcomer Cene. The third place was confidently taken by the Tyumen battery, which once again proved its high level. Unfortunately, this is the only “Russian” that made it to the podium.

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