Which attachment to sand wood with an angle grinder

The attachment to the angle grinder to grind wood, polishing angle grinder

The most popular tool for sanding wood is the angle grinder.

This device has many advantages compared to other equipment, designed for woodworking.

angle grinder is characterized by high productivity, provides high speed and excellent quality sanding.

With angle grinder can perform the entire range of operations on the grinding of wood: from roughing, to polish the surface.

Achieve the desired effect allows the attachment to the angle grinder for wood sanding. There are so many nozzles, and uninitiated in the intricacies of work can make a mistake with the choice, which will inevitably affect the quality of grinding. What are the attachments for woodworking, how to choose and use them correctly, that’s what we will talk about.

What you need to pay attention to when choosing an angle grinder accessory

Choosing a grinding disc, it is necessary to take into account the power and size of the angle grinder.

For the different sizes of devices selected wheels designed for a certain rotation speed.

which, attachment, sand, wood, angle, grinder

The main rule when selecting accessories for angle grinder. a wheel for grinding wood must have a certain thickness, the use of discs of small thickness is not allowed.

What parameters are decisive when choosing a disc:

  • Outer Diameter. The larger the size, the faster the machining and the longer the tool life.
  • Fitting diameter. To attach a wheel of a larger size, a special adapter is used on the angle grinder, which has a landing hole of the required size.
  • Disc thickness. The larger it is, the longer the tool will last.
  • Grit size. Fraction size should be chosen according to the type of processing.

Compliance with the safety precautions when working with an angle grinder is essential, as inappropriate or improper handling can lead to personal injury.

which, attachment, sand, wood, angle, grinder

High rotational speed and high stress on the machine can cause the disc to break into pieces, which can injure people. Before you work, you should check the correct position of the wheel and the strength of its mounting.

All movements of the angle grinder should be made smoothly and gently without vibration.

The treatment of a wooden house takes place in stages: first the rough treatment of the surface is carried out, then the finishing, and at the final stage the final sanding is performed. Accordingly, and nozzles, available on the market today, are divided into varieties, which differ in purpose, shape and material of manufacture.

Blade heads for roughing

There are several types of attachments used for roughing wood. Their main purpose is to remove coarse inclusions, bark and knots from the surface of wood.

  • Roughing discs consist of a disc with metallic wire tips. The steel bristles can be arranged either parallel or perpendicular to the tool. The wheels are not only excellent for roughing, but also for stripping old paint or varnish.
  • Wheel brushes are discs with metal filaments, arranged horizontally. Abrasive brush suitable for rough sanding and levelling.
  • End wheels are used for processing bevel cuts and leveling the ends of logs.
  • Metal brushes consist of bristles made of tough wire which are perpendicular to the tool. Used for the initial treatment and removal of old paint coatings.

Gentle sanding and polishing accessories

  • Petal nozzles on the angle grinder are the most common. They consist of overlapping, trapezoidal sanding discs.This design ensures that the sander head wears down slowly. Depending on the degree of work, discs with different grit sizes are available.
  • Sanding discs are made of sandpaper, felt, sponge, and dense fabrics and are usually sold in a set. The discs are equipped with Velcro, with which they are attached to the disc head.The wood sanding set consists of five discs of the same material. They are very convenient to work, a worn disc is easily removed from the main nozzle, and in its place put another abrasive.

Sanding machines

In addition to the angle grinder for abrasive grinding, other equipment is also used. Today in a large range of a variety of machines for grinding:

  • Bar sanding belt sander. The machine performs grinding with the abrasive belt, which is constantly rotating on two rollers. Speed of rotation depends on the capacity of the device. The machine is powerful and copes very well with large amounts of sanding work on flat surfaces. Ideal for roughing and removing old paint.
  • Cylindrical sanding machine for logs. The machine can be used for both straight and curved surfaces. It is equipped with a circular base plate to which the abrasive is Velcro-coated. Can be used for fine grinding and polishing wood.
  • The vibration sander for sanding logs has a rectangular base. The machine can work on a flat surface, it is also convenient for processing log corners. Set to grind with high sanding quality.

Wood sander

Can be sanded on a timber house using a conventional drill. This tool can quite easily and qualitatively perform a small amount of sanding work.

However, for large areas drill is not recommended. There are also sanding discs for the drill, with a pin in the center to fit into the chuck.

There are several types of sanding attachments on the drill:

  • Flat, made in the form of a circle, on which the sanding paper is glued. The bits may be hard with Velcro or flexible with rubber.
  • Petal, consisting of abrasive blades, like the bits on the angle grinder. Care must be taken when working with them. If handled carelessly, the flap bits can leave shear lines in the wood that bleed through the varnish.
  • Drum nozzles are cylindrical. The sanding belt is fastened to the head with a bolt. Basically, the drum is used for grinding the ends of wooden workpieces.
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The eternal question: what to do?

And really, what to do when you need to grind not just one wooden handle file or hammer, and wooden bars for the entire perimeter of the site, and it can be 100 meters or more just the perimeter, without taking into account the height of the fence. Do not buy because of one manipulation belt sander, which is unknown when useful, if useful at all.

In this case, we recall the possibility of using the available tools, in particular the angle grinder. As practice shows, the angle grinder for grinding wood is perfect, not for nothing it is called an angle grinder.

In total, thanks to this tool, the following manipulations can be carried out with the wood:

All of these manipulations are subject to careful disassembly.

To saw or not to saw

Nozzle on the angle grinder to work with wood.

Let’s say at once that you can saw wood with an angle grinder, but is there such a need, there are nuances. Considering this question, initially just answer yourself, what cutting you need. And be sure to read our table.

Practical observation! We advise you to read once again the column on the additional features of the angle grinder, or rather, their absence. The fact is that although wood is a rather hard material, but it has a fibrous structure that accepts only one sawing direction.

Make An Angle Grinder Sanding Disc- Sanding Attachment

The slightest change in angle leads to the fact that the fibers “explode”, there are chips, roughness and other defects. In addition, there can be peeling and flying chips, so a reminder of safety precautions will not be superfluous.

Sanding: with what and how

Sanding wood with an angle grinder. a process that has several possible scenarios. Therefore, this section is an attempt to combine the different options, it is a universal sanding instructions, it only remains for you to choose what is necessary for you.

  • Step 1. preparing the surface for sanding. Very often, in barns and garages are left old boards that contain traces of previous staining, or the old paint from the outwardly digestible wooden fence lost its marketable appearance. In this case, you need to remove the old paint.

An angle grinder is just right for this step. You need a roughening nozzle, which is a bowl with twisted wires around the perimeter.

Note! There are several types of such nozzles, if the wires form thick harnesses. scrapers, they are designed to work with metal or concrete bases and when used on wood can significantly damage the outer fibers. It is clear that their use is undesirable.

  • Step 2. rough sanding. The purpose of this step is to remove from the surface of the wood small fragments in the form of protruding fibers, remnants of old paint, lower layers of bark. For this purpose, there are special grinding and polishing circles for bolsters.

But it is better to take universal bases, to which are attached abrasive circles of varying degrees of abrasive grit with inner bases. Velcro. These circles at maximum speed of the angle grinder can quickly enough eliminate all those defects that can be on the wood.

This step is universal for all kinds of preparatory work for painting: grinding of wooden floors with angle grinder, sanding wooden planks and partitions terraces, all done under a single template.

  • Step 3. fine sanding. This step is more suitable for wooden products, which carry both aesthetic and functional load. When using the attachments already mentioned above, it’s enough to install a zero-grit wheel, that’s your fine sanding.

A little more practice! How to sand wood with an angle grinder has already been described. Do not try to use metal cutting wheels to sand wood. Despite the fact that the wheel itself is an abrasive, there is a high probability of its uncontrolled fracture with flying fragments and injuring working.

Here is the result of improper use.

Polishing. as a separate type

Polishing and sanding are twin sisters, the only difference being that sanding is done with abrasives at high RPM, while polishing requires cloth wheels and low RPM.

Advice! At high revolutions, the cloth heats up quite strongly when rubbing against a surface and the price of such application is thermal destruction of the lacquer layer, which is clearly not desirable.

The key is to choose the right brush head and speed.

Otherwise they are very similar. Both processes are done by hand, with an angle grinder and a universal base.


It is believed that metal brushes are designed to strip paint and rust from steel surfaces. This is true; however, brass-coated steel wire products, because of their relative softness, have also been used successfully on wood Together with the much higher life span compared to sandpaper makes it more than a competitive solution.

The picture shows a brush head made of brass wire with a diameter of 0.3 mm.

which, attachment, sand, wood, angle, grinder

What can metal brushes be used for??

Of course, the finishing sanding. not their profile.

Please note: as a rule, the main layer of paint is removed with a spatula after heating with a hairdryer, a torch or after treatment with a flusher. Brushing is used to remove paint traces from cracks, corners and surface irregularities.

The latter term is worth a special mention. Brushing is the artificial ageing of wooden furniture or interior fixtures and fittings. Brushing removes the softest fibers from the surface; irregularities in texture and annual rings are accentuated. It simulates natural wear and tear.

Brushing is particularly effective after a stain: the grain of the wood is emphasised by the tone transitions.

Wood sanding angle grinder accessory: performance variants and special applications

In this article we are to find out what attachments for angle grinder for sanding wood can be found in the wide sale. We will get acquainted with the features of the solutions and learn how to use each of them correctly. In addition, the reader will probably wonder how convenient all these devices are compared with a specialized wood sander.

an angle grinder can be used for more than just cutting.


It is used in two quite different in appearance and function.

Velcro-type attachment

This product is a plate with a thread corresponding to the thread of the shaft of the angle grinder, with an adhesive layer (Velcro) applied to its front surface. Velcro is used for fastening of interchangeable grinding wheels made of ordinary sandpaper.

Such an attachment for sanding wood on the angle grinder can be produced in several versions:

  • Its material can be plastic or rubber. In the first case, a soft foamed layer of polymer contacts the paper: a rigid base at a slight skew of the axis of rotation will leave untidy circles on the surface of the workpiece.
  • Several holes are often left in the plate to allow more efficient cooling of the sandpaper and the surface of the plate. At typical speeds for angle grinders (10,000 rpm or more) the heating of the abrasive surface becomes more than a serious problem.
  • Finally, nozzles may differ in diameter. depending on which wheel the angle grinder is made for. Typical sizes are 125, 150 and 180 millimeters.
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Please note: it is more convenient to use this type of sander with the guard removed. The height of the plate allows you to work with it; however, the hood significantly impairs the view of the sanding field. Of course, safety glasses must be worn when working.

The wheels for the respective nozzles, in addition to the size, quite predictably differ in grit size.

They can be labeled as domestic standards, and by foreign standards, the latter option is much more common, since most of the abrasive wheels, belts and other devices for grinding is imported. In Russia (Belgorod, to be exact), only wide abrasive paper in rolls is produced.

Belgorod sandpaper is supplied in 90 cm wide rolls.

Good to know: the domestic paper is marked with the letter “N”; increasing number in the marking indicates an increase in abrasive grain size. Exception.”Zero grain, which is marked as M40. Imported sandpaper is marked with letter “P”; the higher number means the finer grain.

To help the reader to avoid confusion with labeling, we will summarize the domestic and foreign designations in a single table. Grit size increases from top to bottom.

Imported products Domestic products
Р400 М40
Р320 4-Н
Р220 5. Н
Р180 5. Н
Р150 8. Н
Р120 10. Н
Р100 12. Н
Р80 16. Н
Р60 25. Н
Р50 32. Н
Р40 40. Н
Р36 50. Н
Р24 80. Н

For sanding wood with their own hands are most in demand:

Useful: the coarser the grit, the slower the abrasive surface clogs.

  • The P80 grit allows you to remove scratches left after rough sanding.
  • The fine gauge (P100. P120) is used for surface preparation for painting or varnishing. They are also used to clean the coating and remove lint that rises on the surface of wood or veneer after the application of the first layer of lacquer or enamel.

In addition to grinding wheels, on sale you can find products for polishing, made of felt and even made of sheep’s wool.

Petal sanding pad

Petal sanding nozzle on the angle grinder for wood differs from the above devices in two ways:

which, attachment, sand, wood, angle, grinder
  • Unlike a disk wheel, it does not have a perfectly flat working surface: the nut fixing the wheel head protrudes in the middle beyond the wheel surface. This feature is compensated by the inclination of the petals.

Because of their special shape, petal-type nozzles are ideal for sanding the ends of wooden boards, cleaning log-cutting joints, chamfering and rounding corners. For working on the plane it is better to buy the product of the first type.

Trunk sanding. This is where the shape of the petal nozzle comes in handy.


Metal brushes are said to be suitable for removing paint and rust from steel surfaces.

This is true; however, brass-coated steel wire products, because of their relative softness, are also used successfully on wood.

, Combined with a much better durability than sandpaper, it is more than a competitive solution.

In the photo. brush nozzle made of brass wire with a diameter of 0.3 mm.

What can be used metal brushes?

Of course, fine sanding is not their specialty.

Please note: as a rule, the main layer of paint is removed with a spatula after a blow dryer, torch, or a flush treatment. A brush helps get paint residue out of cracks, corners, and surface irregularities.

The last term is worth special attention. Brashering is the artificial ageing of wooden furniture or interiors. Brushing removes the softest fibers from the surface, accentuating irregularities in texture and annual rings. This simulates the natural wear and tear of the product.

Brushing is especially effective after a stain: the grain of the wood is emphasized by the tone transitions.

angle grinder versus angle grinder

So what is more convenient to grind? Which is more practical. the angle grinder attachment or the full grinder?

Sanding Wood With Angle Grinders

Gentle machining with sanding discs

Special accessories are used for sanding:

  • Petal. They are used to sand the solid, performing a soft finish. Surface of the sanding pad has a large number of trapezoidal sanding paper blades. They overlap like fish scales. Thanks to this the durability of the attachment is high. There are discs of different grits. The speed and quality of the work depends on this characteristic. It is advisable to have discs with both coarse and fine grit. It should be taken into account that the work with petal tips requires some skills. So it is necessary before the responsible task to practice as much as possible. It should be emphasized that the petal circles have a long service life. Their dimensions are different: from 115 to 230 mm. One such wheel is enough to handle 10 sq. km. м. wood.
  • Velcro discs. For grinding, polishing wood as well as stone, metal and other materials use grinding discs with Velcro. Diameter of the working platform is mainly 125 mm. But you can also find larger sizes on sale. Suitable discs are attached to the base with velcro. There are devices made of sandpaper, which allows you to carry out sanding work. They can have different granularity: both coarse and fine. On sale they are in the form of sets, each of which includes 5 discs. A polishing disc, usually made of felt, can also be attached to the base. It is also fastened with Velcro. With such a tool it is possible to work with metal, plastic, plexiglass, marble, polishing them to a shine. Works with metal are performed with a special GOI paste. It is applied to the disc. The polishing pad can also be made of sheep’s wool. It achieves a fine polish to a mirror finish.
  • Diamond flexible grinding wheel. Used for polishing marble, granite. Grit size of these bits varies from 30 to 3000. It is preferable to work with an angle grinder, where the speed can be adjusted. Ideal speed for the job. 2.

What is better to polish wood with an angle grinder or a surface polisher?

What and how to grind wood

During various types of repairs, at the time of production of furniture or wooden things often have to sand the wood. There are many ways, the use of which allows you to sand the wood. They have their advantages and disadvantages, some anticipate the introduction of hand tools.

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Conduct the sanding of wood species can be:

  • when using an angle grinder there is an option to bring the state of the wood to a suitable condition. Angle grinder has an abrasive material, represented by a wheel;
  • The ordinary drill is also used if you have set the goal of bringing the wood surface to a suitable condition;
  • Flat grinder can be a basic design if you set a goal to grind wood;
  • Belt grinders are used to grind wood with an abrasive material;
  • also performed sanding with hand tools.

Contrary to the fact that the considered natural material has a sufficiently high hardness of structure, there are many ways to grind, about some we will talk in detail.

Grinding with a surface grinder and angle grinder (angle grinder)

Angle grinder (angle grinder). a multifunctional device, which is also used in the situation under consideration. For this purpose you use special circles.

Petal circles are made of sandpaper, which is attached to a flat surface. In all this, the wheel you like different cross-section, with different grit ratio.

  • For paint removal should take a coarse-grained wheel;
  • If you want to remove a narrow layer of wood is an option to take the abrasive, which has a medium grain size;
  • To give the wood an unusual smoothness, then use a fine abrasive.

Wood sanding

Tips for use with angle grinders.

If you work with wood, watch this video

The video tells about a new tool for the sharp removal of old paint from wooden surfaces with the s.

But at the same time it should be noted that the removal of the surface is not carried out along the fibers. In this case it is essentially impossible to regulate the speed of rotation, the feed rate. Use an angle grinder can be if the pass, when you do not need in the highest performance indicator.

If you set a goal to carry out grinding of wood use special equipment, which is called a flat grinder. To the peculiarities of this include:

  • Wood is scraped back-and-forth motion of the abrasive material.
  • The sandpaper moves at high speed, which allows a positive result during the work.
  • Contrary to other methods, in this case the sander carries out processing along the fibers, which determines the quality of the highest level of the product.

The design is quite ordinary, allows to achieve a good quality. However, when changing huge surfaces the sanding machine is of low efficiency. Certain models have a sufficiently huge surface, to which the sandpaper is attached, but to provide the necessary force in this case is not possible.

Belt-type sander

Belt sanding machine is a more productive tool that is used for processing wood with the highest productivity. The jet method also has the highest productivity.

The design works with a round sanding belt, which contains various degrees of grit. The design accomplishes material removal along the fibers. But remember that it is impossible to grind corners with this design. The belt can be used for a huge amount of work: floor, walls, furniture, etc.д

In spite of the great automation of the work, it is possible to provide mechanical impact by hand. This is due to the fact that it is possible to carry out the removal of the fibers in the appropriate direction. It is also possible to carry out processing of corners.

But to achieve a suitable result, you need to possess certain abilities. Work with all this is very difficult, requires a long period of time.

Therefore, the manual tool has gained popularity only in certain cases.

Features of the choice of grinding wheel for wood

For those who do not know “Can the angle grinder process wood?”This article will be helpful. To perform grinding and polishing of wooden products or large surfaces of solid wood, you will need to buy the appropriate attachment. a wheel. For the grinders of different sizes are selected nozzles, designed for a certain speed of rotation. Special discs designed for woodworking must be carefully chosen. The disk must match the size of the tool, for its fixation using a special nut.

When working with the angle grinder must be strictly adhere to safety regulations and only use a wheel factory, which are suitable for a specific model of power tool.

Necessary equipment

In many cases, working with materials involves polishing, sanding, and roughing procedures.

It is no secret that cutting wood is a very dangerous occupation, but sanding a solid wood under force even an inexperienced worker. The main thing is to have the required tools at his disposal. It is enough to understand the basic principles of the upcoming work, and everything will be successful.

In most cases, for deburring, petal discs are used. After a careful study of the specifics of the product, you can be convinced of its functionality and efficiency.

From the name you can understand what are the features and principle of the consumable tool. Its working area can have a small amount of sandpaper blades. Such a structure may resemble fish scales. As for papers with low roughness, they provide a soft sanding elite wood.

The quality and degree of processing is determined by the grit size of the material, so you can polish and sand according to specifications.

Despite the great popularity of petal models, you can also use other consumables. For example, a very good solution could be a multi-purpose adhesive disc. Most modern accessories offer a quick Velcro changeover. The cost of the adhesive discs used is much lower than that of solid petal discs, but the low price characterizes the short service life. In any case, the universal adhesive models are effective both in processing and in sanding a variety of materials, which explains their great popularity.

The main parameters for the selection of accessories on the angle grinder for grinding


When you start sanding wood with an angle grinder, make sure that the disc is properly mounted on the tool. Working tool should not vibrate, so move the angle grinder should move smoothly, on the surface.

Do not use discs of small thickness when working with an angle grinder. Because of the rotation speed and high load, the wheel can break and injure you or people nearby

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