Which asynchronous motor lawn mowers

Rating of electric lawn mowers

Among the many different lawnmowers it can sometimes be difficult to find the right one. Although today you can buy an electric or gasoline-powered unit easily. But summer is just around the corner so we have to hurry up with our purchase. This article presents a rating of electric lawn mowers, recognized as the best in price and quality.

Place Model
1. Makita ELM3320 Prices Overview
2. Bosch ARM 37 (0.600.8A6.201) Prices Overview
3. AL-KO 112858 Silver 40 E Comfort Prices Review
4. STAVR GKE-1700 Prices Review
5. Hyundai LE 4600S Drive Prices Review
6. Huter ELM-2000T Prices Review
7. GARDENA PowerMax 1100/32 Prices Review
8. Makita ELM3720 Prices Review
9. Bosch ARM 34 (0.600.8A6.101) Prices Overview
10. Makita ELM4620 Prices Review

Rating of the best electric lawn mowers. Top 10

Category Location Name Rating
Best low cost electric lawn mowers 1 Makita ELM4620 9.2 / 10
2 STIGA Combi 44 E 8.9 / 10
3 MTD Optima 42 E 8.7 / 10
4 Champion EM4118 8.3 / 10
5 GARDENA PowerMax 1400/34 8.0 / 10
The best electric lawn mowers on wheels 1 STIHL RME 545 9.8 / 10
2 Husqvarna LC 141C 9.5 / 10
3 Bosch AdvancedRotak 760 (0.600.8B9.301) 8.5 / 10
The best self-propelled electric lawn mowers 1 Hyundai LE 4600S Drive 9.2 / 10
2 WOLF-Garten A 400 EA 9.0 / 10

Makita ELM4620

At the top of our ranking of the best electric lawn mowers is the inexpensive Makita ELM4620 wheel mower. If the idea of buying an electric lawnmower appeals to you also because they are usually lighter and more maneuverable than petrol ones then this Makita, alas, is not for you: the Japanese have conceived and the Chinese have assembled the 1.8 kW ELM4620 decently massive thanks to the steel deck, it weighs all 28.5 kg. But the unit came out pretty reliable and survivable (if not to ram stones and at least sometimes clean the deck), and even with a 46 cm blade. There are four modes of operation here, “just like in grown-ups”. Grass collection in a 60-liter grass catcher box, ejection to the back or side, and if a plug is installed, also mulching.

There is, however, one important nuance in this construction that you must take into account. Here we used not a high-speed collector motor with a step-down belt drive of the blade. the blade sits directly on the shaft of the induction motor. And this means high starting current, like any induction motor, and less force on the shaft, despite the seemingly not insignificant power. But, the most important, we have said not in vain about that it is not necessary to ram stones. the blow from the blade is transferred directly on the engine shaft, and some owners do manage to bend it even despite a plastic coupling under the blade intended to serve as a kind of “safety guard. In general, this mower is best suited for regular use on an area that has already been prepared, but it would not be a good idea for Makita to “cut” bushes on mounds of ground where you never know what’s hiding.

STIGA Combi 44 E

Stiga has a low weight of 14 kg and a high power output of 1.8 kW. But we should not forget that the lightness is achieved by increasing the share of plastic in the construction, and with a very characteristic for this model “sore” in the form of breakage of the mechanism of height adjustment. Therefore we definitely recommend this model only for work on “clean” plots, where the possibility to run into a stone, or even a piece of armature is minimal. the impact loads on the blade, passing on the motor and from it on the body, break the lever as a result.

The cutting width is 42 cm. Height adjustment from 25 to 75 mm. Without a 50-litre hard grass catcher box, the discharge can only go to the rear; the mower may also mulch. So if it were not for the obvious design flaw of the adjustment mechanism the mower would have had a good chance to move up in the ranking.

Even the wife can easily handle the mower. Powerful motor. And if you want to be careful not to hit a stone, with any mower it is necessary to.

MTD Optima 42 E

The MTD mower’s low weight (15.7 kg) and moderate price for a powerful 1.8 kW engine certainly appeal. But we should not forget that low price and light weight are not taken out of thin air. The deck is plastic, so be careful, but anyway, this mower is not a “forever mower”. For the plastic is in the mechanism of the central height adjustment, which in general is typical for cheap mowers, and is as typical for them “a sore spot”.

The knife is 42 cm long and performs quite well, the 47 liter capacity rigid grass catcher box might even seem a bit small. Designed for mulching, mulching blade included, standard blade for mulching. But the steel of the blade is unfortunately soft, it gets blunt very quickly, and with a blunt blade the efficiency of any electric mower literally falls down before your eyes. So, in a budget class it opens the field for imagination and hands. well, someone even likes it.

I often have to straighten blade, I plan to find analog someday. I rebuilt wheels on bearings, thanks to own workshop. But it’s not expensive and it mows.

Champion EM4118

For example, the same 1,8 kilowatt, “wrapped in plastic”, while it is twice cheaper than Bosh described by us below: though Champion weighs 13 kilograms, that is understandable if you buy it by a woman, but I wish the metal was bigger. Fortunately, at least they did not cut pennies and grams on the blade drive, having put a knife directly on the motor shaft. it is here collector, high-speed and, alas, in comparison with the same “Bosch”, sounding like a natural Jericho trumpet (but so what do you want for the money), and the drive on the shaft of a 42 cm wide blade. belt. But with bearings in plastic, so an encounter with a rebar dug in at night by a neighbor can end sadly: the mower can only be used with care and for light work.

The grass catcher box is combined (hard cover with a soft bottom), 50 liters. It is filled rather effectively, but it is shaken out because of the peculiarities of its shape not very. The standard blade, not surprisingly, is made of soft steel, so you have to dress it often (although its softness helps to some extent to save the plastic deck, I can’t deny that).

Typical cheap Chinese, in principle You will have to take care and to bring up to the mark, so it is rather a construction set, in my opinion.

How to choose a mower

We have selected 17 of the best lawn mowers on the market. The rankings are based on expert and consumer reviews.

Rating of electric lawn mowers up to 1500 watts

Good electric lawn mowers for grass do not necessarily have to have high power. We have selected two models with engines that do not put too much strain on the mains, but can still handle a small area.

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Model Power (W) Grass catcher box type Mowing width (cm) Recommended area (m2 ) Min-max mowing height (mm) Average price in Russia (.)
AL-KO 112856 Classic 3.82 SE 1400 Rigid 38 500 20-60 8 990
RYOBI RLM 13E33S 1300 Combination (soft top with hard top) 33 250 20-60 7 006

AL-KO 112856 Classic 3.82 SE

The German AL-KO 112856 Classic 3 single family lawnmower.82 SE stands out with the best ratio of body weight to engine power. That makes it easy to mow and the efficiency is still quite good.


  • Cheap.
  • Easy.
  • Convenient operation.
  • Best cutting width.
  • Good manoeuvrability.
  • Large grass catcher box.


A good lawn mower for domestic use is not only efficient, but also comfortable. The RYOBI RLM 13E33S meets these criteria: it’s powerful, easy to operate and easy to store.

  • Height-adjustable handle to make it comfortable for users of different heights.
  • Folding handle for easy transport and storage.
  • Low weight.
  • Good maneuverability.
  • Easy operation.

Which lawn mower is best for the garden?

If you are looking for a lawn mower for a plot of 1-12 acres and are willing to spend no more than 3000-7000r on the miracle of technology. read on.

We will not consider petrol lawnmowers because of their high price, environmental friendliness and loud noise. These units are designed more for public lawns with a large area. But in a country house, a small, lightweight and maneuverable appliance will be more useful.

Bosch Rotak 32 lawn mower

The Bosch Electric Lawnmower Rotak 32 is a good value for money, low weight (only 6,8 kg) and ideal for country houses. Perhaps the lightest electric lawnmower from a well-known manufacturer. Even a woman can handle it, which is important.

Adjustable cutting height. Width of the cutting strip is 32 cm. Large grass catcher box (more than 30 litres).).

Its 1200-watt output allows large lawn areas of up to 12 hectares to be mowed with ease. The manufacturer promises efficient mowing even in difficult conditions: high grass, mowing near walls, beds and lawn edges.

which, asynchronous, motor, lawn, mowers

Powered by an electric motor, connected by an electric cord.

I use the mower on a small area of 8 acres, before the season begins I check the area for stones and debris.I had a situation when the blade met a stone.I mow intermittently and do not overload it. A good lawn mower, the small overall shape provides better control and ease of use.Intelligent height adjustment system, you can mow even a little overgrown lawn. The rigid and collapsible grass catcher box allows easy cleaning after use.In my opinion, a good model for the price-quality ratio. I recommend!

  • Attractive price
  • Light Weight 6.8kg
  • Easy shearing height adjustment (wheel position switch)
  • Quality mowing, including in hard-to-reach places
  • Roomy grass catcher box 31l
  • Big power 1200W
  • Tied to an electric cord
  • Noise when working
  • Some customers have noted problems with the plastic gear. gears, which eventually fail

As with many popular models of equipment, this lawnmower has both an army of supporters and detractors. Most of the negative reviews are related to the failure of plastic gears. However, we believe that the price difference of 17000 is a serious reason to handle this model particularly carefully and carefully, as in the above review.

Economical, lightweight, maneuverable lawn mower for up to 12 acres with careful handling. To ensure a long life, try to remove stones from the site and do not overload this model.

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If you want an inexpensive mower with a different drive unit, consider the following model.

Makita ELM3311 Lawn Mower

Makita ELM3311 asynchronous motor with direct blade drive. Many buyers find it more reliable. The price you pay for such a device. heavy weight (11.5 kg, which is almost twice as much as the Bosch).

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Compare Bosch and Makita specifications

CharacteristicsBosh Rotak 32Makita ELM3311
Power, W 1200 1100
Width of grass cutting strip, cm 32 33
Min. grass cutting height, cm 2
Max. grass cutting height, cm 10 5,5
Grass box capacity, l 31 27
Engine type Electric motor Electric Motor
Weight, kg 6,8 11,5
  • Attractive price
  • High-quality mowing, even in hard-to-reach places
  • Asynchronous motor with direct output to the knife, which provides increased reliability

A good quality mower that mows well and economically. A good option if the Bosch Rotak 32 is not available or you are wary of its plastic gears.

When choosing a lawn mower for the countryside, it is also worth thinking about a mechanical mower. These models are powered by pushing, without any cords, motors or batteries.

Skil Lawn Mower

The undoubted advantage of mechanical mowers. is environmental friendliness, absence of noise and binding to the mains. In addition, such a model is cheaper than the electric. But there are some disadvantages. To work with a mechanic lawnmower is necessary to adjust, and sometimes the processing of large areas can be quite tedious. These lawnmowers also do not have a grass catcher box. And if there is. it’s uncomfortable and almost useless. And the grass clippings are valuable mulch that will come in handy for your other plants and beds.

The quality of mowing is inferior to electric mowers, but if you don’t have high expectations, it is worth mowing. This lawn mower will be a good option if you have a small lawn and no strict requirements.

I like it very much! Mows low grass like clover, etc.д. You just drive it around the yard and the merrily whirring blades of grass fly to the sides. Unlike a grass trimmer, grass will not get into your eyes. The cord does not get tangled underfoot and there is almost no noise. only a murmur. I recommend it for regular mowing in the garden. If you get a pebble or chip in the blades, it can get stuck, but it’s easy to clean. Not good for rough, bunched grass, or uneven, bumpy terrain. power saving and mobility. The neighbors are jealous.

Electric lawn mower

Using petrol lawnmowers for mowing small areas in front of the house is an unacceptable waste of resources. It is cheaper and easier to mow small lawns with an electric mower. Even for a summer cottage or a small green lawn in front of the country house, mowing the grass will cost many times cheaper. In addition, the electric lawn mower has a whole bouquet of advantages over its gasoline counterpart.

Advantages and disadvantages of electric lawn mowers

Structurally, the electric version is very similar to the model with a gasoline motor, except for the main node. engine. Thanks to the electric drive lawn mower, according to the reviews of dacha lovers, is popular not least because of the following factors:

  • for electric units are much lower than gasoline mowers with the same or similar working parameters, even within the same brand;
  • Electric motor works with less noise and absolutely no dirt and exhaust;
  • Lawn mower design does not require to bother with oil and gasoline, it is much easier and more comfortable to work, better suited for mowing small areas in the countryside with a lot of curves and transitions;
  • Electric mowers cost an order of magnitude less to repair and maintain than internal combustion engines.

Important! Electric motor power does not exceed 1,8 kW, but the high rotation speed of the blades makes the process of mowing the grass no less effective. In addition, these circuits usually do not have gearboxes or blade speed multipliers, making the device more reliable and lightweight.

Choose a lawn mower with an electric motor

Most electric lawn mowers are well suited to permanent transportation and carrying, especially if the lawn needs to be cared for in several places at once. Low weight design allows relatively easy to fold and transport the mower, even in summer house conditions. Mowers can be transported to the place of use with a normal passenger car if necessary. Gasoline unit weighs 30-50 kg during regular visits to dachas can cause injuries to the back and legs, not to mention the need to breathe gasoline fumes inside the car.

Design features of the electric lawnmower

As with the gasoline mower, the electric lawnmower is a cart with a high-speed electric motor driven by the mowing unit. The rotating blades are covered by an external hood that forms the main part of the mower with the housing base. deck. The cut grass is either chopped up into dust or thrown from the mown area by the air flow outside the mower.

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It is worth paying attention to the main parameters that need to be taken into account when choosing a model of electric mower:

  • Engine power and width of the mowed blade of grass. Generally rated at 1-1.8 kW. As a rule, for models with maximum motor power it is recommended to use branded power cords with increased cross section of the core and protection against water and damage.
  • Self-propelled and non-propelled version. Powerful models of electric lawnmowers are calculated and designed for continuous work on the areas from 600m2, so the manufacturer provides a drive on the rear wheels of the mechanism, which facilitates the movement of carts weighing more than 30kg.
  • Casing material and folding handles. For lawnmowers with engines under 1.6 kW the standard materials used are impact-resistant or reinforced plastics. This reduces the weight by 30-40%. Rarely, aluminum or composite housings are used for the most powerful brand-name models.
  • Availability of protection systems against overheating and loss of control. Thermal sensor on the motor helps to timely cut off the power in case of failure or overload. Handle for starting and monitoring the motor to prevent injury if the self-propelled electric lawnmower “breaks free.

The disadvantages usually include the inability of most models to work at a considerable distance from the mains. That’s not really the case. An analysis of the typical dimensions of lawns in country houses shows that there are very few cases where a small ornamental lawn has linear dimensions of more than 10 m. The standard cord on the lawnmower spool allows you to work at a distance from the outlet up to 20 m.

For special cases, there are variants of electric lawnmowers with built-in batteries, allowing to work with the mains disconnected for 30-40 min.

There are quite a few models with interesting options, such as a container fill indicator or an engine load sensor. Usually it allows you to choose the most optimal speed and quality of cutting the grass. Most models have a plastic body, not sensitive to the aggressive corrosive effects of grass sap.

Electric lawn mower, rating and best models

The line of electric lawnmowers can be divided into three classes:

  • Budget options;
  • Models of lawn mowers with an electric motor 1,4 kW;
  • Powerful lawn mowers with an electric motor of at least 1.8 kW.

Important ! In addition to built-in functions, most models can be additionally equipped with a device for shredding and mulching grass to a fine chop. Accordingly, equipping an electric mower with such a useful function is at an additional cost.

Mini-models of budget level

The category of mini options do not include all sorts of electric trimmers for grass and similar designs. The classic lawnmower requires a body and a four-wheeled dolly.

How to choose an electric lawn mower. Top 5 Best Lawn Mowers Rating

Groomed luxurious lawn will please those who know how to choose an electric lawn mower. There are a lot of models of this tool on the market, so there shouldn’t be any questions about which one to choose. In fact, it is vice versa.

Choose from such a variety is not easy: gasoline and electric, self-propelled and not, with a mulching function and grass collectors, with rear and side discharge of mowed grass. And add to this a lot of companies that make this tool.

The advantages of electric lawn mowers

To choose a garden tool, you need to know exactly what you need it for, t.е. What area is planned to handle the lawn. An electric lawn mower is worth choosing, if you have 220 V mains and a socket connected to the street. These models are easy to use.

They do not pollute the air and are practically noiseless, do not need to fill and refill oil. This tool can mow weeds and tall grass without requiring a lot of physical strength from a person.

In very overgrown areas with a large area, unfortunately, they are not very effective, as well as in case of frequent power outages.

When to choose a gasoline lawnmower

It’s much better to choose a petrol mower that doesn’t need electricity. Often such a garden helper has enough power and working width, so the work paired with it will be easy and fast.

Even wet grass can be mowed with a gasoline mower, usually equipped with wheels.

Kraftsman and Husqvarna brands are considered some of the best models in this group, as they have great power.

A self-propelled mower or not: what do you prefer??

Choosing between self-propelled and non-self-propelled models is easy. Of course, most people, will choose the first option, because, the work with such a design does not require excessive effort. just follow it, guiding in the right direction.

Buy a mower with rear or front wheel drive?

Next, in order to choose the right mower, decide on the drive?

If the terrain is flat, choose a rear-drive tool. less maneuverable than a front-drive one, but working well on difficult terrain. In other cases it is better to choose a front-drive model.

Who needs a self-propelled mower?

If the purpose is not only to clean up the site, but to combine work with physical exertion, you can choose a self-propelled mower. Bosch and Craftsman companies have proven to be good tools. they are leaders in the rating.

A grass catcher box reduces lawn care time, collecting cuttings to be removed for disposal later. If the mower is equipped with a grass catcher box, the grass cuttings won’t need to be picked up with a rake.

It is not bad when the mulching function is present, i.e.е. shredding and turning into mulch of mowed weeds. It is scattered on the ground during work, acting as a good fertilizer. In addition, it prevents the ground from drying out.

Advantages and disadvantages of mulching

  • there is no need to clean the grass catcher box;
  • You can save a good deal on the purchase of fertilizer;
  • The noise level of the working tool is reduced.

Gas-powered vs electric lawn mowers. which is right for you

One disadvantage. mulch quickly clogs the lawn, if you work with tall grass. If you do not remove the grass clippings from the lawn, it is better to choose the rear ejection. This choice will reduce mowing time, since it won’t have to be spent cleaning the grass catcher box.

Side discharge should be chosen when mowing is required:

Other Aspects of Selection

it is important to pay attention to the housing material when making your choice. The metal version of the body is undoubtedly preferable.

Do not forget when choosing a garden helper should be about the wheels: the option when the diameter of the rear is large, indicates the maneuverability of the design even on uneven areas.

It is not bad if the tool is equipped with a gearbox that allows you to regulate the speed. Partner gasoline mowers, electric. Texas Hobby etc.

Manufacturers of high quality electric mowers

The quality of the mower depends on the company that manufactures it. Chinese models, as a rule, the quality does not shine, and stop to choose them unwanted.

The Bosch brand has proved itself excellently. It is followed by Makita brand that is well-known for many people. That’s where you should choose.

Electric lawn mower: rating, best features and prices

To understand which of the electric lawn mowers is better, it is necessary to understand the technical indicators of the tool. The great advantage of the electric lawnmower is its work without fuel, which, when burned, emits harmful substances into the air. The second big plus. small weight and dimensions that make mowing uncomplicated. Third. No special training needed. All you have to do is plug it in. Although, on the other hand, such a binding, limiting the range of processing, is a disadvantage.

One of the main criteria influencing the choice is the power consumption. For modern electric models, its value is in the range 0.8-2 kW. The more powerful the garden tool, the higher the price. an important aspect in your choice.

Rating of the best lawn mowers

Location Model
1. Bosch ARM 37 (0.600.8A6.201) Prices Overview
2. AL-KO 112856 Classic 3.82 SE Prices Overview
3. Makita ELM3320 Prices Review
4. Champion LM4627 Prices Review
5. Oleo-Mac G 48 PK Comfort Plus Prices Overview
6. GARDENA PowerMax 1100/32 Prices Overview
7. Champion LM5131 Prices Review
8. Huter GLM-5.0S Prices Overview
9. DAEWOO Power Products DLM 48SP Prices Overview
10. PATRIOT PT 1634E Prices Review
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Before you buy a lawn mower, it is important to know some of its parameters.

Mowing area

Here, first of all, you need to take into account the topography of the mowed lawn. This includes the type of grass, knolls, pits in the area and the presence of buildings. But there are still average requirements.

If the area to be mowed reaches 200 sq. м., Electric lawn mower will be appropriate for your lawn with a capacity of 1-1.3 kW or 1.2-1.5 kW, with a cutting width of 34 to 26 cm. For a 200 to 400 square kilometers plot. м., You can use a petrol unit with a power rating of 3.5-5 л.с. Mowing width in this case will be 45 cm.

On plots larger than 15 acres, you will need to get a more powerful machine. Gasoline lawnmowers with cutting power of up to 7 liters can do the job.с. The cutting width is already up to 57 cm.

Engine type and power

Manufacturers produce self-propelled and non-self-propelled mowers. Non-self-propelled, there is no drive, and the operator pushes the machine in front of him. Because of this, these lawnmowers are equipped with a small and low-powered motor.

Each self-propelled modification has a different type of drive:

  • Rear. High-mounted, easy to operate.
  • Front. Maneuverable, but can only work on flat areas.
  • Full. Universal mowers that can work on areas of different terrain.

Electric lawnmowers have a motor power of 0.75 to 2 kW. In gasoline-powered ones, the power starts at 3 liters.с. and goes up to 6 hp.с.

which, asynchronous, motor, lawn, mowers

Explained: How Does an Electric Lawn Mower Work?

Weight of lawn mowers, depending on the model, also varies. The lightest are mechanical mowers. Weights range from 7.9 to 9.1 kg. Next are cordless machines. from 12 to 19 kg. Then there are electric mowers with a weight of 12-30 kg., and the heaviest are gasoline mowers. Their weight can be up to 50 kg.

which, asynchronous, motor, lawn, mowers

Grass discharge and mulching

Some lawn mowers are available for sale without a grass catcher. The EdgeMax Grass Catcher System lifts the grass from the side without having to use a grass trimmer Some of it is convenient. no need to stop and open the bag. But this process takes time after mowing. Still, the grass needs to be removed.

With lawnmowers with a mulching system, everything is simpler. The technology spreads the grass clippings in a shredded form. At the same time the soil is fertilised and there is sufficient storage of moisture.

Wheels, handle and body

The body of the mower can be made of aluminum, plastic or in a steel version. Experts do not recommend buying a lawn mower with wheels made entirely of plastic. If the machine is operated frequently, they will quickly break down.

about the wheels. Narrow wheels. Will leave deep marks on wet ground. And it’s hard to carry a laden mower. Wide wheels. With a larger diameter, allow the mower to move more easily and handle bumps and potholes better.

Most mowers come with folding handles. It is convenient for transportation and storage because it takes up little space.

Lawn mower rating for electric lawnmowers 1500 to 2000 watts

The medium power model is suitable for working on uneven patches of land with 5 to 6 acres or more. Handles high and tough growth, many mulch supports.

GARDENA PowerMax 1800/42

  • Wheeled lawnmower
  • electric motor (1800 watts) powered by mains cable
  • cutting width / height of cut: 42 cm / 20-60 mm
  • Mowing area: 800 m²
  • Grass discharge into rigid grass catcher box. back
  • mulching
  • weight: 14.3 kg

The lawn mower opens the ranking for electric rotary mowers for smaller plots with 7 to 15 acres and not very even surfaces. the wheels are big enough to take care of those bumps. Low weight thanks to plastic design allows teenagers and women to work. Handle position and height adjuster adapts it to the height of any operator. Robust plastic grass catcher box holds up to 45 litres of grass. Wide wheels made of impact-resistant plastic do not leave streaks on the lawn. The metal handle made of pleasant plastic does not make you feel uncomfortable. it is not cold and does not transmit vibrations. Height-adjustable handle. There are 5 cutting heights.

  • high capacity grass catcher box;
  • folding handle for storage;
  • wheels won’t tear up your lawn;
  • Enough power to cut high vegetation.


  • wheeled mower
  • electric motor (2000 W) from mains cable
  • Mowing width / height: 48 cm / 38-100 mm
  • mowing area: 800 m²
  • Grass discharge into soft grass catcher box. back

On the second place of our top of the list is a powerful electric lawn mower with a 2 kW engine. Efficiently fights any kind of grass in three modes: mowing and collecting in a container, mowing with dumping on the lawn and shredding with mulching. 7-position height adjustment of the mowing height adapts the look of the lawn to any landscaping project. EdgeMax catches the grass from the side eliminating the need for a grass trimmer. grab bar for comfortable one-handed operation of the lawnmower.

  • folding handle for reduced size;
  • central lever for cutting height adjustment;
  • body handles for carrying;
  • three modes of action.


  • wheeled lawnmower
  • electric motor (1800 W) from mains power cord
  • cutting width/height: 32 cm/20-60 mm
  • Grass discharge into rigid grass catcher box, backwards
  • weight: 7.5 kg
  • impact resistant plastic body material

The powerful electric Kruger lawn mower is easy to operate, easy to maintain and low noise level. Rigid plastic grass catcher box with a capacity of 50 l doesn’t need frequent cleaning. Compact size and low weight for effortless portability and easy maneuvering between trees and bushes. Ergonomic handle can be adjusted to the operator’s height. Vibration is smoothed out by the special coating of the handle, so that the operator’s hands will not get tired even when using the Kruger electric lawnmower for long periods of time. Also, the manufacturer has a 1900 W model, which costs a little more, but has better features. For example, it has a moisture-resistant induction motor. For more information about the lawnmower, visit the brand’s website.

  • Large and robust plastic grass catcher box;
  • three-level mowing;
  • affordable ;
  • ingenious design.

Makita ELM4121

  • wheeled mower
  • electric motor (1600 W) from the mains cable
  • cutting width / cutting height: 41 cm / 20-75 mm
  • grass discharge in soft grass catcher box. back
  • weight: 19.5 kg

Productive lawn mower that can mow about 6 acres of lawn. Quick-detachable combined grass catcher box is moisture-permeable and easy to clean. Container overfill indicator will notify you when it needs to be emptied. Large rear wheels with a wide profile take most of the weight of the unit with the grass and do not crush the surface. Small front ones give the machine maneuverability. Belt drive will prevent motor breakage if blade jams. The housing is made of stainless steel, which makes the mower reliable.

The testimonials show that it is a good machine for lawn care, but it should be used as intended and no wonder that you can’t mow bush or virgin land. Weeds need to be cleared with the trimmer first.

  • vibration damping neoprene pad;
  • safety switch function;
  • folding handle;
  • motor protection in case of a jammed blade.


  • wheeled (non-self-propelled)
  • electric motor (1600 watt) powered by mains cable
  • cutting width / height: 35 cm / 25-65 mm
  • Mowing area: 500 m²
  • Grass discharge into rigid grass catcher box. back

Lawn mower with the unique PCG technical solution, which guarantees 99% of the mowed grass. It lies in the special shape of the blade and its aerodynamics. air flows direct the cut stalks into the container. The central lever sets the desired cutting height in a couple of seconds, from 25-65 mm. A handle on the body will make it easy to carry the unit, and a folding handle will make it easy to transport to the cottage and store it. Cable holder will prevent you from pulling the plug out of the extension cord socket. Wide wheels do not damage the lawn surface.

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