Where to find tools for fine work


On this map, the blue dots mark where the tools are located:

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Where to find the tools for fine work. S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Lost Alpha Developer’s Cut

When you bring the tools to the two technicians they can improve your weapons and armor. To start your quest with the tools you have to talk to the technician and agree to bring them.

Workshops of the substation

After you talk to technician Kardan on the ship, go to the “Substation Workshops”, the first set of tools is located there. Getting to it will not be as easy as we would like, because the shops are guarded by mercenaries. What to do with them is up to you. You can kill them or make friends with them by feeding them something tasty.

After you’ve dealt with the mercenaries, go to the courtyard, the tools are on the crates there. You can get to the courtyard by walking through a long building.


The first set of tools you have. Now you need to figure out where to find tools in Stalker more. To do this, go to the sawmill, where you will again get an unpleasant surprise. half a hundred zombies. They’re not easy to sort out, but they’re only five minutes’ work for an experienced stalker.

Now you need to find the house where the ZIL was parked in ’86. It’s an old, dilapidated car. You go inside and climb into the attic. Here look carefully, in a pile of old ammunition in one of the boxes there are tools. Look in the far box that builds in the corner. Now you’ve got two kits, so you can move on.

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Go to the second location where you are waiting for another technician. Nitrogen. Get a quest from him and go in search of tools.

The train

The first set of tools is in the train under the car bridge. To get inside, you need to jump from the bridge to the roof of the train and reach the last car, there is an open hatch. Once on the train, move very quickly, as the radiation levels can kill your stalker. Once you get to the first carriage, find the tools on the seat and get out quickly through the window.


Head to the Jupiter factory warehouses, which are south of the Concrete Bath. Go up to the second floor and look for a path between anomalies and pipes. Once inside, you will see a green locker, which is where the necessary tools for fine work lie.

Where to find tools for fine crafting

In Call of Chernobyl mod the appearance of tools in locations is random. Tools help you earn well in the game and get improved weapons and armor, making for a comfortable and painless walkthrough. Modification as you move through the story tells us the most likely ways of finding tools. To do this, the following principles must be followed:

  • A great chance of finding tools is given by completing side quests from key NPCs. After passing the quest, the main character is usually rewarded, in addition to cash bonuses or items, by marking geocaches on the map, which can contain tools, including.
  • Do not always kill an injured enemy right away, you can interrogate them and learn the locations of tool caches.
  • Read the information in found PDAs from the corpses of nepis, from them you can also get information about caches with tools. Talk to NPCs as often as you can, they can be very helpful.

Below are the likely places where the tools will appear, but it is not a given that they will be there. Spaun tools depends on the faction selected at the beginning of the game and many other random parameters.

  • On the ventilation equipment in Rostock, near the bar if you look from the arena.
  • If we play for a military faction, then fulfilling their job, get a lead on the tools near the main entrance to the research institute.
  • Working as a guide on Amber you can get tools for your services.
  • In one of the boxes at the Bartender’s Bar location you can also find the cherished kit.
  • In the green box at the military location Cordon, next to the tunnel through the railway embankment.
  • We can get tools by completing the mission Combat Training.
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At the end of the video with tips for beginners when passing mod Call of Chernobyl:

Tools in Call of Pripyat

Don’t forget about making friends with the mechanics themselves, making friends with whom you can get a discount on their services. Kardan. the mechanic at Zaton really misses his friends who are missing and offering his help to gather information is a great chance to make friends with him. Nitrogen, a mechanic in Yanova, thinks how to get the material for work. After you go to the cement plant and bring him wires, coils and more, will be lower.

Each of the camps has its own technician. a man who repairs and modifies weapons, armor suits, helmets: at Zaton. Kardan (“Skadovsk”), in the vicinity of “Jupiter. Nitrogen (Janov station) and Novikov (scientists’ bunker), in Pripyat. Lieutenant Kirillov (laundry), only deals with repairing things. By taking advantage of them you can greatly improve the parameters of your personal weapon or equipment. Simple enhancements require only money, but complex enhancements require additional tools. There are three pairs of toolkits scattered around the Zone: for rough work. for fine work and for calibration. Until the tools are delivered to the technicians, complex modifications will remain closed.

To start the modification process. Left-click on the “Repair/Modify” button in the Techniques dialog. The window is divided into three parts. If you left-click on a weapon or piece of equipment on the central or right side of the monitor, a list of available modifications will appear on the left side. At the same time, the “Repair” button under the picture of the vehicle becomes active. To do the repair, left click on it; the cost of the repair is shown in the dialog box that appears.

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Information about the nature and cost of modifications to weapons, armor suits, or helmets can be obtained by hovering your mouse over the image of the modification. In case a particular modification is unavailable, the reasons will be given here. To carry out an available modification you need to left-click on the modification image and confirm your choice in the dialog box that appears. To exit the repair/modify window, click on the “Exit” button. Some modifications have mutually exclusive improvements. In this case, you have to choose what’s more important. It is not possible to modify things in all directions at once, nor is it possible to undo modifications already made.

Tools for rough work in “Stalker: The Call of Pripyat”:

  • Dungeon. Sawmill. In the attic of the dilapidated one-story house, located near the truck.
  • Jupiter. In a closet in the attic of a two-story building with anomalies in the utility yard, which is southwest of the Jupiter plant.

Tools for fine work in “Stalker: The Call of Pripyat:

  • Zaton. The substation shop building, where a squad of hungry mercenaries camped, demanding food at the entrance.
  • Jupiter. Train with moving electric anomaly inside.

Calibration tools in “Stalker: Zov Pripyati”:

Many rough tools are found in the first location in the building next to the sawmill on the attic. There are a lot of military zombies in the foxhole and

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