Where is the breather plug in the Chinese chainsaw

What is the chain saw breather for??

The effectiveness of any tool directly depends on compliance with the rules of its use. First of all it concerns the start. It should be done in this sequence:

  • Start the chain brake, for which it must be pressed in the forward direction.
  • Remove the protective cover from the tire, if there is any.
  • Turn on the decompression valve, which will facilitate the starting process.
  • Press the fuel primer. This is to reduce the number of swings.
  • Move the combination lever all the way down to the no-load position by first locking the throttle lever.
  • Position the tool on a flat surface and hold it with both hands so that the cutting part is at a distance from the surface. While doing so, put your left hand on the handle and your right hand on the starter rope. The tool must be secured with your foot, for which you can simply step on the rear handle.
  • Now pull the starter rope taut, and then pull it several times. move it upwards away from the housing.
  • This will cause the engine to stall for a short period of time. After that the joystick should be moved up by one click and then the starter should be restarted.
  • If the engine is running, you need to pull the throttle lever and set the combo to idle.
  • Now remove the chain brake and you can start using the tool.

Even if the process is straightforward, situations can arise where the chain saw will not start. The causes are not always related to a machine breakage. It is possible that not enough force has been applied. If, however, after several attempts to start was unsuccessful, it is worth conducting a thorough inspection of the device.

Why do you need a breather valve in a chainsaw??

Despite the subject of the availability of service centers for maintenance and repair of power tools, some owners of chain saws prefer to fix them without the help of others. Getting started on your own repair, you should know what the chainsaw consists of, how to diagnose malfunctions and have a set of tools that will be needed to make repairs.

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Next, let’s see how to repair the Husqvarna chain saw with your own hands and what you need for this purpose.

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What you need to repair your Husqvarna with your own hands

To carry out repairs by your own efforts to the saw Husqvarna, it is necessary to have a few specific tools, which are purchased in specialized stores to do otherwise without the help of others. First you will need:

    piston stopper. needed to limit the piston stroke through the spark plug hole. Used to unscrew the flywheel nut and clutch (if you want to change it of course cord from the starter with a tied to this address node);

Tip: It is a good idea to use the honeycomb clamp and tweezers on all gasoline-powered tools when making repairs. Also will be necessary to have a set of sockets, slotted screwdriver and a set of Torx wrenches.

Husqvarna Saw Disassembly Algorithm

The process of disassembling a Husqvarna chainsaw is fairly simple. If you set a goal that remains our customer to do the right thing and not even break the parts of the body as it is also called CPG, you need to create a disassembly in the following order:

  • Top cover.
  • Chain and fittings chain brake cover.
  • Starter.
  • Handwheel and clutch.
  • Front handle.
  • The carburetor.
  • Oil pump.
  • Engine.

Depending on the Husqvarna model, the order of disassembly may vary slightly.

Important: Before starting to dismantle the chain saw it should be cleaned. Sawing produces a lot of chips and wood dust that can get into the innards of a Husqvarna chain saw if you disassemble it.

Removing the side cover and the saw headset

The side cover, also called the saw chain brake cover, is held in place by two thirteen-point nuts.

After unscrewing the nuts, the cover is removed from the guide rods, and then the guide bar and chain can be removed from the chainsaw. Some models of Husqvarna saws have a special mechanism that allows you to remove the cover and saw headset without using special tools.


The starter is on the right side of the Husqvarna and is held in place by several screws. Unscrewing that, you can just remove the starter and thus gain access to the flywheel and the ignition coil.

Removing the flywheel and clutch

To unscrew the flywheel nut to unscrew the spark plug and replace it with a piston lock.

If you do not have a special stopper, instead of using an old chain saw starter cord. On a cord it is necessary to impose knots in Dalek from native edge of 2-3 cm, after that, by means of a screwdriver, to put it through a candle aperture inwardly the cylinder. This rope limits the stroke of the piston and prevents it from turning the crankshaft and damages the piston.

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As the piston stopper is installed in the cylinder, there is an option to unscrew the flywheel nut. After the nut is unscrewed, you need to use a hammer and a mallet of soft material, make one sharp blow, setting the mallet on the flywheel mounting shaft. This is needed to remove the flywheel from the shaft. к. the design foresees the installation and tightening of this element with great effort.

To find out in detail how to correctly remove the flywheel from a chain saw Husqvarna, in addition to that in fact, how to disassemble the saw, of course, watch the video. Master explains the process step by step and show our customer remains the right tools:

In order to unscrew the clutch will need a special key. If you don’t have a spanner, you can make it out of an old 20-two crown by sharpening it with an emery.

The clutch has a left hand thread and should be unscrewed clockwise.

Do not try to unscrew the clutch with a hammer and chisel, as some craftsmen recommend. Using these tools, you risk breaking the clutch housing and increasing repair costs. Also it can destroy the crankshaft bearings.

Front handle

Removing the front handle of the Husqvarna is easy enough, t. к. it is attached to the shock absorbers with screws.

Gasoline chain saw Husqvarna 236, 240 chain saw breather replacement

How to replace and install the breather plug and fixing plug of Husqvarna (Husqvarna) 236, 240 chain saws.

Air filter and carburetor

To remove the carburetor, disconnect the fuel hose and choke linkage, it is convenient to do this after removing the air filter, which is installed immediately behind the carburetor and held by two 10 lug nuts. Once the air filter is removed and the fuel hose and rods are disconnected, simply pull the carburetor toward you and remove it from the studs.

OIL LEAKS,- HOW TO FIX. Little tricks Chinese chainsaw

Use tweezers and medical clamps to remove the carburetor.

Oil Pump

The oil pump on the Husqvarna is installed on the right side of the chain saw. It can be removed only after unscrewing the clutch. No special tools are needed for removal.к. The fastening screws are made to fit a common Phillips screwdriver. After the screws are unscrewed, it is necessary to lift the pump and disconnect the oil hoses from it.

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To remove the engine on a Husqvarna chain saw, after removing the carburetor, clutch, flywheel and muffler, you need to unscrew the four screws that secure it to the housing.

Clutch clutch

At low speed, the friction elements (1), which have a degree of freedom in the radial direction, are drawn to the center of the shaft by the springs (4).5) do not transfer the rotation to the drum (3) which is connected to the sprocket that drives the chain. When the chainsaw engine speed reaches a value where the centrifugal force exceeds the force of the springs, the friction segments press against the inner surface of the drum and do not start to rotate. As a result, the drive sprocket that drives the saw chain begins to rotate.

As you can see in the photo, the sprocket is

On other chainsaws, the sprocket may be on the outside of the clutch.

The main advantage of this type of clutch is that when the chain jams, the clutch chainsaw slips, without stopping the engine, not causing damage to the mechanisms that transmit motion from the engine to the chain.

Where is the breather on the trimmer of different tool manufacturers

Knowing what is the breather valve on the gasoline cart or trimmer, it is necessary to understand its location. Based on what the check valve is designed for, we can conclude that it is located directly in the gasoline tank structure. The check valve is located in different places on trimmers by different manufacturers. The most popular location of the device is on the gas tank lid. However, the detail may be located not only on the cover, but also in the construction of the gas tank. It depends on the tool manufacturer. STIHL and Husqvarna grass trimmers and lawn mowers have the breather located on the gas tank cover. The photo below shows what the breather looks like.

Less often the check valve is in the wall of the gas tank. This arrangement can be found on older models of chainsaws and chain saws, as shown in the photo below.

Understanding the principle of operation and purpose of the breather, it is not very difficult to find it yourself on your tool.

breather, plug, chainsaw

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