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Grinders for renovating apartments

Everyone who makes repairs at home is constantly faced with a variety of tools. We have already told you about impact drills, torches, angle grinders, etc. д. many people know the angle grinder, t. к. quite often it comes to our aid. angle grinder. this is a typical representative of grinders. But have you ever thought about the fact that in nature there are many other types of these power tools, and some of them can be successfully used at home during the repair.

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In any construction or repair work, there are always situations where you want or finishing surfaces to a smooth state, or preparing them for the subsequent finish or other moments. And that’s where you need grinders, which help to eliminate hard manual labor and reduce the time of performed works. Flooring parquet, scraping pasted walls or removal of old coatings, sanding for welding work, and much more, not without grinding works. If a person builds his own house or provides similar services, he simply can’t do without such equipment. In addition to grinding, stripping and polishing, some types of these grinders are able to cut different materials, ranging from metal to stone.

Attachments and tips

The price of hand grinder makes you think about the need to purchase it, and many people try to make an analogue of the angle grinder, a drill or a homemade device.

As for the angle grinder, and for drills, there are special attachments that allow you to sand the wood.

Velcro disc for angle grinder

For grinding wood with angle grinder use special circles with velcro for sandpaper.

When sanding, the angle grinder is driven in different directions by gentle movements. The grinding wheel is torn by collision with the nail head or sudden movements. Using paper of different grits can be carried out rough and medium grinding of wooden surfaces. At the same time, the speed of work will be faster than with other grinders.

It will be difficult to perform finishing work, t.к. It is necessary to work with it very carefully not to damage the workpiece. The tool will constantly be drawn to the side, pulling out of the hands.

The nozzle has no dust extraction, so debris will constantly accumulate under the sandpaper and interfere with the work, leaving scratches, reduced speed. The disk is cleaned by grinding the metal for a few seconds. During this time, all adhered dust particles are burned off.

The nozzle on the drill

To adapt the drill for grinding works, you need a special nozzle, similar in design to the nozzle for the angle grinder. grinding plate. Often the nozzle comes with an adapter to install it as a chuck in a drill or an electric screwdriver, and on an angle grinder.

Work with a drill with such a nozzle is very difficult, more complicated than an angle grinder. It is constantly driving, the drill pulls out of his hands so that you can be injured or sprained. Just as relevant are the disadvantages that were listed above, in the chapter on the angle grinder nozzle.

But if there is no other choice, it is better to find a plate for grinding, which will have a soft rubber between the soleplate and mount, which will bend easily if you hold the drill is not straight.

The flexo fix grinder attachment on the flexo fix drill

This floating effect of the nozzle will somewhat simplify the grinding process, but does not get rid of all the other disadvantages of this method.

Homemade grinders

If you want, you can make your own belt-type grinder. Grinder. But this process is labor-intensive and injurious, requiring wood, metal, electrical skills, welding skills will be useful.

  • Find the necessary materials: metal scraps, springs, rollers, bearings, electric motor and wires.
  • Make a solid base for fixing the apparatus.
  • A tabletop of suitable size is installed.
  • Install parallel racks with an electric motor and a drum with a belt tensioner.
  • Assemble and mount the drums and electric motor.
  • Mounting the grinding belt.

Technical details

The first thing you will have to face when buying a grinder is the realization that such devices are almost never universal. So first decide for processing what surfaces you will use it. Not every tool will cope equally well with a concrete surface and a wooden one. In order to choose the right option, our catalog has a special filter for the selection of grinders by purpose.

The power

In the case of choosing the power of the machine everything is simple: the higher it is, the more effective the device will work with pressure on the surface.

Do not single out the input and output power of the tool as the main selection criterion. Many manufacturers like to artificially inflate the power of the device, but it may not be important if the other characteristics of the grinder are quite weak. At this point, the choice rests on your budget, as well as your needs. If you are going to work with the grinder often and you need to process larger surfaces, then choose a more powerful device. For household needs it makes no sense to chase watts, the device with a capacity of up to 1000 watts will be enough.

need, grinder

Also depends on the power of the size of the nozzles on the device. The higher the power, the larger the work surface can be installed on it.

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Each grinder has a speed parameter. It shows at what speed rotates the spindle of the device (if it is an angular or eccentric machine), or indicates the speed of the tape (for tape devices).

The speed is directly related to the power of the instrument. If the power of the grinder is insufficient, it will only decrease when the tool is pressed hard, as will the efficiency of sanding in general. Good manufacturers can balance speed and power (based on the average person’s pressing power).

Belt devices are characterized by a belt speed of 250 to 500 meters per minute. Please note that powerful devices at high speed can ruin the surface if you press the machine too hard and overdo it in one place.

For tools with a rotating workpiece (angle grinders and eccentric grinders), conscientious manufacturers specify both the no-load speed and the surface speed. The latter is always lower because of pressure and increased friction. It is customary to grind hard materials at high RPM, while soft materials require a more gentle attitude, polishing is also best performed at low RPM.

It is better if the machine is equipped with a system for adjusting the speed.

Vibration frequency and eccentricity

This parameter applies to vibrating and eccentric grinders.

The armature rotating inside the device is specially displaced away from the center of gravity of the device, which causes it to vibrate at high speed. Vibrations are the reason for the sanding process. The higher the frequency of vibration of the device, the more effectively it will perform its task. The disadvantage is that the processing will be somewhat rougher because of the higher amplitude of movement.

The concept of eccentricity shows us how big is the radius of a conventional circle in which the grinding machine blade moves. Bigger is more efficient, but again, rougher. For machines with greater number of eccentricity and high frequency of oscillations it is often recommended to change the abrasive to a smaller one and go over the material once more after the initial surface treatment.


The greater the length, width and diagonal of the working surface, the more productive the tool. If you are going to work with large areas, choose a larger device, but do not forget about the power. The tool must be able to freely “pull” the required belt or grinding wheel.

Batteries or mains

Grinders can operate from both standard mains and battery power. There are also combined units.

Just consider that battery-powered models are very mobile, but they will have to be charged. And with mains-powered devices, you have to carry an extension cord.

Vibratory (flat) sanding machines

These units occupy an intermediate place between belt and orbital sanders in terms of surface finish. Vibratory sander has its own advantages over other types of similar devices.

  • Inexpensive tooling. Ability to use regular sheets of sandpaper.
  • Large flat machine bottom allows you to handle a decent amount of material.
  • Due to the simplicity of design, the machine has a low cost.
  • The configuration of the CMM soleplate allows you to work inside corners.

Besides all that, flat grinder provides good quality of surface treatment, but is slightly inferior in this parameter to the orbital CMM.

If you buy this type of grinder, you know

This grinder. versatile. The performance is in the middle between LShM and PM. Grinds weaker than a belt, but faster than an SMP.

This grinder is priced somewhere in the middle between LShM and PM. For example Metabo Metabo FSX 200 is around 5 500r 00.

This sander has compact dimensions and is designed for one-hand operation.

This grinder in the presence of the speed controller and felt tip can polish metal or stone.

This grinder is popular with those craftsmen who often grind and polish. So there are a huge number of models of CMM as the electric as well as pneumatic.

And the coolest sanding firm is MIRKA.

So, now it is clear that there is a fairly wide range of grinders, and you have to choose among them. But there are so-called general parameters that everyone takes into account when making a choice. At what should pay attention, deciding the problem. what to choose a wood grinder:

  • Power. The lowest-powered are the 120 watt machines. The most powerful are 1.2 kW. But here it should be noted that this characteristic also depends on the type of tool. For example, a belt tool is considered the most powerful, because it is more difficult to work with it, you have to pull the belt behind you. The power will also depend on whether or not a vacuum cleaner is attached to the machine. The conclusion: only grinders of the same type can be compared by this parameter.
  • Weight. On the one hand it is hard to work with a heavy tool, but on the other hand it is more stable in terms of vibration and displacement. Practice has shown that heavy tools are easier to control. Lightweight units are better to use if the task is to process vertical surfaces.
  • The ability to regulate the speed of the electric motor. Not all electric devices have this function, but it makes the work much easier. The fact that at high speeds of rotation of the working body itself the tool starts to shake in your hands, which reduces the quality of the final result. Therefore, changing the speed of rotation makes it possible to pick up the correct and convenient mode of operation.
  • Soft start. also one of the important features, which is characterized by the fact that the speed of the motor, and therefore the working body, gradually. This affects the quality of the operation, plus it increases the service life of the tool itself.
  • Speaking of the proper operation of the grinder, it is necessary to add the presence of a spigot, to which the vacuum cleaner is connected. Today, almost all wood sanders are equipped with bags or containers for collecting dust. With them there is one problem. they quickly fill up, which means that they have to either be cleaned or replaced with new ones. It is easier to connect to a vacuum cleaner in this regard.
  • Automation in the form of a motor overheat protection unit. A good option that has saved more than one power tool.
  • Length of the electric cord. There is only one position here. the longer the better.
  • Rubber pads on the handles.
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These were the general selection criteria. Moving on to each model individually.

Let’s start with the draw frame. What you need to pay attention to when choosing it:

  • The width and length of the belt: the larger both dimensions, the higher the performance of the power tool. In addition, the long belt lasts longer. As for the width, it varies from 6-100 mm. Narrow ones are good for small parts, wide ones for large planes.
  • Power output: 500 to 1200 W. The higher the wattage, the higher the productivity of the machine, its endurance and the longer the working time.
  • There is a holding mechanism in the construction of the draw frame. Its task is to center the belt. It can be manual or automatic. The second type is more preferable.
  • There are models with one handle and those with two handles. The second option is better, because the tool is heavy and it is difficult to hold it with one hand. Especially on vertical, inclined surfaces, or when sanding ceilings.
  • Belt speed adjustment. The higher the speed, the better the performance, but the rougher the processing. Special attention to the type of wood. The harder and harder it is, the higher the speed must be. That is why this option is very important.

Types of grinders

Depending on the place of application grinders are divided into two groups: household and professional. Flat sanders used for domestic purposes cannot work for long periods without interruption. After every 15 minutes of work it is necessary to pause for 15-20 minutes of rest. Only use a household sander for a maximum of 4 hours a day. The grinding disc of such a machine is small, its diameter does not exceed 150 mm. With such a machine you can periodically perform light work or a medium degree of complexity. If you compare a household sander with a professional sander in terms of functionality, of course, it is inferior, but the undoubted advantages of such a tool can include compact size, a relatively low price, economical power consumption.

Professional grinders used in various production tasks can work for a long time without interruption. In addition, the surface finish quality of such machines is much higher than that of domestic models. disc diameter for grinding is 125-230 mm. The most difficult surfaces can be machined for a long time without interruption with this professional tool.

Accessories of professional grinders are richer and more diverse. The set may include an additional handle, dust bag, case, in which the tool is convenient for transportation. They have continuously variable speed control of the disc speed. For professional grinders are characterized by high performance, durability, reliability, multi-functionality.

Grinders. Differences, comparison, selection issues

Need to buy an angle grinder!”. with this question begins the introduction to grinding machines. The first discovery. the angle grinder turns out to be a grinder. Most often the angle grinder is not used for grinding, but in the equipment with a cutting wheel, as a compact cutter for sawing metal parts.

So, let’s break it all down, there are grinders:

  • – Straight grinders
  • – Angle grinders (angle grinder), they are also “angle grinders
  • – Belt grinders (BFM)
  • – Vibrating grinders (VSM), aka flat grinders (FGM)
  • – Eccentric grinders, aka orbital grinders

Now in more detail, for detail lovers:

Angular (angle grinder). the most common type of grinders (another name. angle grinder). Of all grinders, this is the most versatile tool, because such machines are used not only for polishing and grinding surfaces, but also for cutting and processing stone and metal.

Can sand, deburr and polish, depending on the equipment of the grinder. angle grinders are not suitable for wood!

Straight grinders, similar to the angle grinder, but the work disk or sharpener is located directly on the axis of the machine. Straight grinders are required for precision work that requires careful manual work. Because of this, straight grinders are lightweight and powerful. Convenient one-handed operation. Tasks. grinding corners, edges, hard-to-reach places, to cut materials of small thickness, to engrave.

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Belt (LSM). the usual grinders in the understanding of most everyman. The belt sander or sandpaper rotates on two rollers. A large working area and the speed of the belt allows you to achieve high productivity. Mostly LSM used for woodwork. The LSSM looks like a planer.

Vibrating grinders (VSM). Another name for surface grinding machines (SPM). Superficially resemble a boot with a large flat work surface (sole). Grinding is performed by low-amplitude vibration of the soleplate, i.e. reciprocating movements. Purpose. fine sanding, used for wood, stone, plastic, metal. When choosing a PM, pay attention to the amplitude of vibration and power of the grinder.

Eccentric or orbital (circular) grinders. very similar to vibratory grinders, but with a circular working surface. Accordingly, grinding is supplemented by circular movements, combined with oscillating movements. Such a complex movement of the working surface makes it possible to perform uniform grinding. Orbital grinders are very flexible, you can use them everywhere and they can cope with any surface. Grinders are also suitable for fine sanding.

This is where the constructive differences between the grinders end. However, in addition to the design, the grinders differ in purpose and types of equipment. For example:

Brush sanders. are named so because the working tool is made in the form of metal brushes. There are both straight and in the form of LSM, but instead of a belt, two metal brush rollers.

Polishing grinders. virtually no different from the angle grinder, you can work with cutting discs, but their main area of application is the polishing surface (metal).

Manufacturers of grinders

There are a large number of manufacturers of grinders on the market. Let’s take a look at the main brands:

AEG. Specialization household appliances and power tools. This company has established itself as a quality supplier of equipment for woodworking, which can include grinders. Their distinctive feature. powerful and reliable motors. Cordless models deserve special attention.

The warranty period is 12 months from the date of purchase.

BlackDecker. Specialization garden and power tools. Equipment belongs to the category of household appliances. There are three categories they are distinguished by color: red, silver, green. Factory warranty of 24 months.

Bort. Part of the group of companies SBL. The range is quite extensive: gardening equipment, power tools (drills, paint sprayers), household appliances (refrigerators, air conditioners, etc.), home appliances (refrigerators, air conditioners, etc.), and more.д.), devices for cars. Warranty period from 24 months.

Bosch. Specializes in the production of power tools, garden equipment. There are professional lines, as well as for domestic needs. The price range is different. High level of customer service.

The warranty period can be up to 36 months.

Defort. Part of the SBL group. The range is rather wide. gardening equipment, power tools, household appliances, automotive devices.

DeWALT. Professional power tools are our specialty. One of the popular brands on today’s market, meeting all safety, reliability and durability standards.

Original tool has an embossed letter logo on each part of the body. Available in yellow and black only. Particular attention is paid to accessibility of maintenance, safety, environmental protection.

FELISATTI. Specializes in production of professional tools and equipment for construction and woodworking. Great attention is paid to new technologies. 24 months warranty from the date of purchase.

Hammer. Company builds professional tools for domestic use. Specialization in woodworking. Guarantee period 36 months.

Hitachi. Produces power tools and equipment for industry, medicine, construction, household purposes. Reliability, quality and durability of equipment proven by years of faithful service.

need, grinder

36-month warranty, 12-month warranty on batteries.

How to Use an Angle Grinder: Angle Grinder Attachments

need, grinder

Interskol. Russian manufacturer. In the middle segment in terms of both price and quality. Grinders of this manufacturer are reliable. Produces tools for woodwork, concrete work, garden tools.

Kalibr. Russian manufacturer, not so long on the market. Low price with good quality. Warranty period 12 months.

Makita. The company’s products are considered to be professional products. Tools are available gasoline, electric and cordless. Warranty period 12 months. In the case of repair, the warranty period is extended for the time spent in the service center.

Metabo. Tools for construction, metalworking, gardening. Products are referred to professional line. Warranty period 36 months, including lithium batteries, which is a quality guarantee.

Skil. Produce garden, household and professional tools. The warranty period is 12-24 months, but from the date of purchase by the first purchaser. Т.е. Considering that the first buyer is a dealer, the equipment can come to the ordinary consumer with a warranty period from the seller.

The list of manufacturers presented grinders is not complete. Please note that sometimes a well-known brand can hide low-quality equipment. If you want to be on the safe side, you can ask the dealer if there are any complaints about the particular machine and what kind of damage it has suffered.

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