What you can make from a broken jigsaw

Safety precautions when working with a jigsaw

Electric jigsaws are dangerous tools and it is therefore essential that you observe proper safety precautions when working with them:

  • Take care of your safety gear. A respirator prevents minute particles of dust from getting into your respiratory tract, and goggles protect your eyes. Wear gloves for safe sawing operations. That way, you will not cut yourself on the sharp saw blade and you will not burn your hands if you touch the metal blade that is heated at high speeds.
  • Clamp the workpiece to the table with a vice or a clamp. This prevents it from moving while you are sawing and reduces the risk of the saw blade coming off.
  • The part you will be sawing off must be in the balance. It is important to make sure that the jigsaw moves freely and does not touch anything. The jigsaw must not touch any surface when the jigsaw is switched on.
  • Protect your hands while the jigsaw is in operation. Keep them away from the moving tool. After stopping the jigsaw, wait until the mechanism stops completely.
  • Clean and maintain the jigsaw only when the power is off.


Despite the fact that the structure, which has an electric mini jigsaw, it is difficult to call any complex, its mechanism still has a number of certain features, which should be dealt with. To begin with, it is necessary to understand what exactly makes the saw blade perform a reciprocating motion.

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The main of any such device, where there is an electric drive, are:

If we talk about the components of the secondary type, it should be named:

precisely, the movements of the saw blade begin with the energy derived from the motor, which appears after the start button is pressed. The rotation is transmitted by the shaft to a special gearbox, which interacts with the rod. It is in its attachment that the saw blade is installed, which will be responsible for cutting the material. In order to reduce the load on the rod, the back rib of the saw blade rests on the roller of the supporting type.

This allows you to use all the components of the device and saw all kinds of materials at home.

How to make a table saw from an electric jigsaw

Electric jigsaw. it is a very useful tool in the home, a board there what to saw or sheet of plywood. But it is very inconvenient and dangerous to saw something small with it, and sometimes you need, for example, to saw a piece of foil fiberglass for making a circuit board. What to do? Buy a miniature table circular saw or a table saw? Costly, and still one machine needs somewhere to store. And here, for example, for electric planers there is a special bracket that allows you to install it upside down. you get a table electric planer. I have one. But I haven’t met such a support bracket for jigsaws, and in any case the manufacturer did not attach such a thing to my jigsaw. No problem, we’ll do it ourselves. The actual result: To make it I needed: a piece of thick plywood, three wood strips, a smaller piece of plywood, two metal angles, a screw with a wing nut and some screws. Two vertically mounted bars squeeze the jigsaw at the sides. The bar at the front and the plywood on the corner at the back keep the jigsaw from moving back and forth. There is a cutout in the plywood for the power cord outlet. There are 4 rubber feet fastened to the bottom of the base: The feet are made from pieces of vacuum hose, which for a change was not borrowed from the previous place of work (and there were hoses there), but was taken out of the trash can under the window of the iXBT office in time.com. The rubber in this hose is soft enough, so the noise and vibrations during the jigsaw work is well damped and the whole structure does not jump on the table. However, the effort in the direction of the saw can still move the machine, so in its front part was fixed a removable angle, which rests against the end of the table when working. And once again, a general view: Tests showed the efficiency of this design, the machine when working, the machine stands like a rock, to hold it is not necessary, which frees up two hands for feeding the workpiece. A disadvantage of the construction is that the power and lock buttons are accessible, but the speed adjusting screw is not. It is somewhere where the arrow shows: I simply unscrewed it to the maximum beforehand. However, if desired, a hole can be made in the base opposite the spindle, through which the speed can be adjusted. In addition, in order to make more or less vertical cuts, a guide fixture was made. This consists of a base plate and two guiding angles. The workpiece is pressed to one corner, the second corner is pressed by hands to the face of the jigsaw blade, also the plane of the jigsaw base is pressed by hands to the plane of the blade. In case you need to use the jigsaw in a usual “traditional” mode it is very easy to remove it from the stand just to unfasten the plastic cable (I took it with a lock, but you can also use a disposable cable if you do not plan to remove the jigsaw often). Yes, and of course, this design does not have any protective guards, so you need to be extremely careful and watchful not to cut something unplanned.

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How to saw a circle with an electric jigsaw

At times, many beginners and even seasoned owners of electric jigsaws, ask the question “How to make a perfectly even circle with this tool”. Tasks for accurate radius sawing do not appear often, and require the operator a steady hand, ingenuity or financial costs. Below, we have given 3 ways how to cut a circle with a jigsaw, starting from the most trivial and ending with a rather interesting solution.With our own hands

The most obvious, but very controversial option, for more or less experienced craftsmen. Speed in such a case should be minimal, and next to the workplace it is better to install a vacuum cleaner for timely removal of sawdust from the marking line. The smoothness of the cut, in this case, depends only on the experience of the operator.

Circular. Some brands of electric jigsaws can be equipped with additional, auxiliary accessories, one of which is a circular saw. Unfortunately, not each of the models presented in the store can be improved by a trivial purchase, because the tooling of one manufacturer, simply will not fit another. Not all manufacturers provide the ability to expand the functionality of their devices, so pick up a jigsaw for its brand, it is quite problematic. By the way, such trinkets cost from 1000 to 7000.

Self-made compass. Perhaps the best option for the home handyman. To create such a device you will need only a sheet of plywood of the required size, some PVA glue, and a dozen nails or clamps. Assembled from these materials, you can easily cut a hole in the tabletop for a round sink with a jigsaw, cut an opening for a decorative window and make a lot of perfectly-aligned holes wherever you want. The detailed process of making a circular saw for a jigsaw, you can see in the video below.

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Installation in a jigsaw machine

Stationary jigsaws (jigsawsaws). the result of the natural development of electric hand tools. When working with such a unit, both hands of the master can manipulate the material, which greatly increases productivity and facilitates work with oversized workpieces.

Special blades are used for such electric devices, although craftsmen sometimes adapt the blades of a hand jigsaw. Dowel saws have a special pin on the end, which makes a more secure attachment. Pinless, respectively, have no special device and remain flat. Blades can be with or without a tooth set.

It is actually not at all difficult to install the jigsaw in the machine.

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  • The saw blade is fixed in special slots, first in the lower and then in the upper one. The teeth of the blade are directed downwards and towards the side of the saw. Tighten the blade with the lever, the tensioned saw blade should jingle from the impact.
  • Pinless saws need to be tightened particularly carefully, they have a tendency to jump out of the clamping device, however, they remain popular, thanks to their wide range of uses for sawing complex products.

Standard solutions

The hand jigsaw is made from a simple table. This fixture is common and is mass-produced, samples can be seen in the photos below.

  • The jigsaw remains firmly fixed on the tool ensuring no human error (the hand cannot move the jigsaw without proper alignment).
  • The presence of the support allows to move the device without deviation from the trajectory.

With the help of the table the jigsaws start to cut in a straight line, but the possibilities of such a device are limited. If you remove the side stop and try to guide the workpiece forming a curved cut, the same saw deflection problems occur. The problem can be solved by using a simple saw, rigidly attached to a pair of rollers. Making shaped cuts is now comfortable and fast. How homemade and industrial products of this type look is shown in the following photos.

Features of jigsaw repair

There is a great variety of power tools from different manufacturers on the marketplaces. There are a variety of models: both cheap amateur and “smart” professional, which cost a lot of money.

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Electric jigsaws occupy a special place, they are also in high demand. There are units of various sizes from domestic manufacturers and imported.

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Changing saw blade holder

To replace some types of fasteners, it is much easier than finding these parts. To perform a similar operation with pad and screw clamps, you do not even need to unscrew the body of the tool. saw clamps of this type are fixed to the end of the rod with one or two screws, which makes it quite convenient to change them. In the case of some screw mounts, replacement will require removal of the rod for a more convenient and secure holder.

In the video below about the repair of the electric jigsaw with their own hands, the process of replacing the pad type of fastener is clearly demonstrated.

If the simple saw clamps are relatively simple, then the replacement of the quick-change clamp can cause some difficulties, especially for inexperienced masters. Let’s start with the fact that such types of fasteners, according to the location of the levers, are divided into radial, lateral and frontal. The first type is the most common and spare parts for its repair can be found, but the last two are unique and can be ordered directly from the manufacturer. In the case of radial type mount, you can buy a repair kit and try to rebuild it on your own, but it will be better to buy it assembled, along with the rod.

Few People Know About This Jigsaw Feature! Hidden Features of Jigsaw

How to use the jigsaw?

The tool is versatile, so it can be a good alternative to a large number of other devices. For quality sawing everything should be adjusted and prepared. Before starting, inspect for malfunctions and proper connection to the mains. Everyone who is interested in how to saw with an electric jigsaw, you should know that all work is performed on the saw table. The operating technique is as follows:

  • Wear personal protective equipment when operating the tool.
  • Before starting to saw, the tool should run idle for a couple of minutes.
  • During operation, the operator’s free hand must be away from the direction of the tool.
  • Jigsaw movement should be away from yourself. The electric cable must not get on the blade.
  • When the work is finished, the device is disconnected from the mains. Clean the body and check for damage.

How to change the jigsaw on the jigsaw?

The way of replacement affects the comfort of working with the device. When learning how to insert a jigsaw into an electric jigsaw, you need to know that there are several ways to change the blade:

  • The block fastener. One of the most common blade clamps. Highlighted by its versatility. It is important to make sure that the saw does not skew, so as not to spoil the device.
  • Screw fastening. A more reliable option, capable of fixing saws with different types of shank. On the plus side is the ease of replacement.
  • Quick-clamping fastener. The most convenient way, but it has some disadvantages. Lack of universality and low retention reliability.

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