What you can do with a circular saw

Homemade circular saw

The circular saw is a specialized equipment that is used for sawing wood, laminate, some varieties of wall panels, sheet materials such as plywood, OSB, chipboard. When carrying out a number of construction and repair work and carpentry operations the presence of the sawing installation of stationary type can significantly reduce the time and improve the quality of the result. If there is no possibility to buy a factory-made model, it is possible to assemble a circular saw yourself. To make it yourself you will need the most common locksmith’s tools and the skill to work with them. The more you have the necessary materials and parts, the cheaper the project will be.

stationary circular saw is intended for fulfillment of quite big volumes of works. Design of the realized variant in two views is shown on the scheme below. It also shows the basic dimensions of the installation, which are recommended to use as a basis for self-assembly.

The numbers in the drawing correspond to the following structural elements of the self-made equipment:

  • 1. frame (bed);
  • 2. side panel;
  • 3. starting device;
  • 4. table height adjustment mechanism, 13. its stops;
  • 5, 6 and 7. two halves of the saw table with the base;
  • 8. electric motor;
  • 9. motor mounting pad;
  • 10. pins (M10);
  • 11. saw;
  • 12. shaft;
  • 14 and 16. driven and driven pulleys, respectively;
  • 15. belt;
  • 17. switch.

Advice! To improve personal safety when operating a homemade mechanism, its rotating parts, located under the table, should be closed with covers. A protective cover must be installed over the disc when the machine is not in use.

It is better to place the starting device on a visible place of the panel (made of dielectric material) so that it is freely accessible. It is also recommended that the machine be equipped with an emergency stop switch. It is convenient if it is of large size.

Focusing on your own needs, you can upgrade the unit, making it with a planer or planer. For this purpose it is enough to fix the drum with knives on the existing shaft and to make a cut-out in the table for it of appropriate size. This will expand the functionality of the created installation: to plan on it a sawn timber, remove the bevel and choose a quarter of the wooden blanks.

If you plan to perform regular carpentry operations on homemade equipment, it is recommended to equip it with a coordinate table with several guides. They must be fixed at different angles. For productive work it is also necessary to provide the ability to regulate the speed of the electric motor and quickly change the discs if necessary.

Circular saw structure

The design of a circular saw, like most stationary machines, consists of such basic parts:

  • The frame or base;
  • Motor. most often it is an asynchronous electric motor;
  • Belt transmission. pulleys and transfer belt;
  • The working shaft of the circular saw;
  • Working table;
  • Safety devices;
  • Electrical equipment.

The entire layout of the device is based on a solid bed or base. It can be a one-piece piece cast aluminum cast iron, or it can take the form of a frame. a body assembled from offcuts of pipes or angles. Self-made machine, it is preferable to make from scraps of profile pipes, for example, you can use square profile pipes 25×25 mm or rectangular profile 20×40 or 25×50.

The spindle for mounting the circular circular saw is used as a thread on the shaft. The saw’s clamping is then done with a nut. The spindle assembly can also be done in a different way, as in a manual circular saw. drill a hole in the shaft, cut an internal thread and clamp the disk with a bolt. But as practice shows the first variant is better. the circular saw is clamped more reliably, and the thickness of the blade can be chosen differently.

When using belt transmission, the electric motor and the working shaft are connected by a V-belt. The rotary motion from the motor shaft is transmitted to the work shaft pulley via a pulley. It is recommended to design the circular sawmill according to this scheme, this will increase the life of the motor and exclude the possibility of jamming. If the circular disk jams, and it stops, and just stretch the belt, and the motor will continue to run.

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The worktable is necessary to keep the workpiece in the same plane during work. The circular saw table is made as wide as possible so that it is possible to safely lean the workpieces on its plane.

For a woodworking circular saw to be safe, safety devices must be installed. This can be a protective cover, a pusher to work with small parts, a parallel stop.

One of the options to assemble a simple budget machine for home work is the option to remake manual circular saw to a stationary, adding to the virtually finished device bed and a wide work surface.

tool disassembly

Almost all malfunctions of electric circular saws cannot be eliminated without disassembling the machine partially or completely. Complete disassembly of a manual electric circular saw, using the Interskol example, is as follows.

This completes the disassembly of the circular saw.

Important rules for working with the circular saw

Although modern woodworking machines are equipped with guards and various safety systems, they are still devices that require the utmost care when using. Here are a few rules to help avoid serious injury and get the job done quickly and efficiently:

How to Make a Circular Saw Using 775 Motor and PVC Pipe

  • Never operate a circular saw with its blade touching the material or any other object;
  • Always use the blade guard when working;
  • The workpiece should be resting on the machine table and not hanging in the air. Also take care that the material is in a stable position when cutting;
  • Turn off the machine each time you are distracted from your work for any reason. Keep in mind that the machine can be dangerous for you as well as for people and animals who happen to be in the area;
  • Avoid garbage collecting underfoot as you work;
  • Choose for work with the machine clothes, sleeves close to the body;
  • Make sure the appliance is connected to the mains in compliance with all regulations and is earthed.

How to work with a circular saw

Circular saw machine is:. horizontal better massive table in the middle of which with vertical rotation from an electric drive circular saw riving knife. saw guard. ruler. A measuring bar inserted lengthwise parallel to the saw’s disc Ventilation. for chip evacuation. On the photo also the carriage. moving part of the table with devices for fixing the product.

The direction of rotation of the saw is such that the board is pressed against the table. The nut on the saw unscrewed in the direction of the saw’s rotation.

Circular saw is designed for longitudinal sawing. in the direction of wood fibers. Crosscut sawing is done on a special machine, and on a circular saw only for face operations using a carriage. Only when sawing longitudinally is the carriage removed.

The saw should be sharpened. And the board is dry. The workpiece then feeds easily, without effort and without pushing back. Use oil for table lubrication.


There should be a riving knife on the back of the saw. It prevents the board from shrinking after sawing. After-saw clamping occurs with knotty wood or e.g. spruce. when clamping at the exit, the saw grabs the board, lifting the workpiece and injurious ejection of the board onto the operator. This is also avoided by the rigid guarding of the saw. But its main purpose is protective. Working on the saw without the cutting part guard is not allowed.

There are usually two people working on the saw. One feeding, one receiving. It is not allowed to skip on the machine tool blanks with a length of less than 500 mm it is dangerous. A wooden pusher can be used for feeding. The machine usually makes edged boards. blanks for subsequent processing.


There is a ruler on the table for making pieces of the same width. First the edge is cut off, and then a calibrated cut is made. the cut side goes along the ruler. An experienced carpenter can easily on a bar of any length perform a straight line cut along the entire length.

On a circular saw machine, if equipped with a carriage, it is possible to make a clean calibration facing of the workpieces along the length. Calibration is done with a ruler or against a stop. To prevent chipping at the outlet, the “clean” workpiece is clamped and cut along with the other, “rough” workpiece.

Operating Algorithm

Manual and stationary circular saws have a similar principle of operation. But the operation of the equipment has some differences.

Manual models

Circular saws are efficient and safe tools. But still the use of such equipment requires compliance with some operational rules:

  • Connecting to an electrical power supply. When using the saw in remote areas away from the mains, an extension cord is often used. It must fully correspond to the power of the circular tool. Check the insulation of the cable before connecting it. When connecting the saw to the powerpack make sure that the switch on the device is off.
  • Material fastening. The wood to be sawn should be well supported on a flat surface. To do so the material is placed on a workbench and secured until it is completely stable.
  • Setting the cutting depth. The required value is determined by the scale on the tool. When sawing the bar the disk must not protrude beyond the material, otherwise the workbench would be destroyed. It is therefore recommended that the cutting depth is set to a value slightly below the required cutting depth.
  • After all the necessary settings have been made, set the cutting mechanism in motion. Start cutting only with the circular saw blade rotating. The movement of the saw along the material should be smooth and even.
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At the end of the work process, the manual circular tool should always be unplugged.

Stationary models

Circular saws have their own application. To make a cut in wood you need to:

  • Set the switch on the equipment to the “off” position. Only after that you can connect the cable to the power grid.
  • Lift the handle to adjust and fix the height of the cutting disk according to the size of the material prepared for sawing.
  • Check the position of the guide bar and saw blade. Their position between them must be parallel.
  • Start the circular saw and make a longitudinal cut in the wood material. Sawing on one board should be done in one single pass.

Using a stationary circular saw After processing all the material, you should turn off the switch on the equipment, which stops the disc from turning, and unplug the tool from the mains.

How to choose the right circular saw

In today’s construction tools market there are a huge number of models of circular hand saws. If you are wondering which manual circular saw to choose, then it is worth understanding a number of nuances. First of all, when choosing a saw you need to pay attention to the main characteristics, which will be discussed below.

Power of the saw’s engine is a parameter that directly affects the efficiency of the tool. If you want to buy a circular hand saw on which you can install a large-diameter cutting disc, you need a model with a powerful motor. It also affects cutting depth and blade rotation power. A low-powered saw can get stuck when cutting particularly hard wood and let you down at the most crucial moment.

The disadvantage of any powerful model is its weight. For example, an electric hand-held circular saw with a 1200 watt motor would weigh about 4 kg, but with a 2000 watt motor it would weigh 7 kg.

Depth of kerf is adjustable

Depth of cut. depends directly on the previous parameter. The more powerful the motor, the larger the disk can be installed on it. 4 Sizes in total with cutting depths. The first is a domestic, which is 40-45 mm, the second in depth cut 50-55 mm. is used for semi-professional needs.

Professional circular saws are characterized by a depth of cut of 60-70 mm, and the last size is up to 140 mm. Saw blades of the last type are used in industry, it is almost impossible to use them at home. How to choose the depth of cut for the circular saw? Compare sizes to your needs. By the way, some models have a function to adjust the depth of cut.

Cordless models are great for use in places without access to electricity

Driving speed. the density of the material that can be cut with the saw depends on this parameter. Also the higher the rotation speed, the cleaner the cut.

Useful tip! Many users mistakenly think that the more power the engine, the higher the speed of the blade. In fact, there is no direct correlation between these two parameters. Low power circular saws for cutting chipboard have a high RPM and cut fragile material cleanly.

Cutting angle adjustment. almost all electric wood circular saws now have this feature. It is used mainly for professional work, and for amateur sawing boards or plywood is not necessary.

Circular saw with sawing angle adjustment function


Manual electric circular saw: additional functions

Many modern saws have a number of additional features that allow for a neater cut and many other things. Let’s look at a number of popular and useful features below:

  • Material sinking. this function makes it possible when working with material to start cutting it not from the edge of the sheet, but from any place;
  • connection of a vacuum cleaner. a very useful feature that allows you to blow away sawdust formed during operation. This not only clears the air in the working room, but also significantly improves the view of the material;
  • start lock. two buttons must be pressed simultaneously to start the saw mechanism. This prevents the user from starting the saw suddenly, i.e. increases the level of safety in operation;
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Rockwell RK3440K Mini Circular Circular Saw with Laser Pointer

  • Smooth start. the blade begins to rotate smoothly rather than immediately at maximum speed. It prolongs its life;
  • laser pointer. with it you don’t need a guide rail for handheld circular saw. But you will need some skills for this, because a beginner who first picked up a circular electric hand saw will not be able to make a precise and straight cut;
  • stationary dust and chip evacuation system. very practical for small jobs. For example, the Makita 5017 RKB circular saw has such a container, which makes it very convenient for working in confined spaces.

Except of all above mentioned it is very important to have hinged guards that cover a part of a blade.

The Makita 5017 RKB circular saw is equipped with a plastic container for collecting sawdust and an effective dust extraction system

Choice of circular saw blades

The main working part of any circular saw is the cutting blade. It is the blade that is used to cut through material. How to choose circular saws with the right blades? You need to consider what materials you plan to work with. So a blade with trapezoidal teeth is good for a precise cut in many materials, variable teeth are used for cutting wood along the grain.

For harder materials it is recommended to use discs with hardened teeth or carbide tips. Sharpening price of circular saws with tungsten carbide tips is higher than that of ordinary saws, but they last longer and work more effectively.

Circular saw with their own hands: safety of use

If you take into account how much a circular grinder costs (from 16000. the most modest model), and compare the price to the cost of self-made (this is 60-90% less), then the difference is significant. But no savings will be justified if the safety of the work is not ensured.

Before starting to work on the circular saw, it is necessary to wear goggles and gloves

In order to avoid injury situations, it is worth adhering to the following recommendations:

  • Do not use wood with metal parts (nails, angle bars, bolts, etc.) as raw material. д.);
  • sawing boards over 200 cm in size should be performed by two people;
  • When working on the circular saw, you must not make any abrupt movements;
  • it is necessary to wear goggles and gloves before starting work;
  • wood debris must be removed from the surface of the circular saw, as it can cause a short circuit.

It is categorically forbidden to work on a homemade circular saw:

  • If the guiding device is not made;
  • there is no guard;
  • There are no finger-hold fuses;
  • the riving knife is higher than the saw blade.

To avoid injury when working with a circular saw, it is worth following safety procedures

A good tool makes it possible to enjoy the work. And the result pleases with a high level of quality. Making a tool with your own hands will allow you to get the desired parameters and the necessary performance characteristics. Limiting oneself to superficial knowledge is not an option in any activity, especially a technical one. To set up a circular saw yourself is worth doing only after thorough theoretical preparation and full understanding of the practical part of the process.

How to operate the circular saw

The circular saw is a hazardous tool, which is why working with it requires practical skills. Before sawing check that machines and electric cables are in good condition. Check that the circular saw blade is securely mounted and that the blade guard and riving blade are fitted correctly. If necessary clean saw blade with brush or rough cloth.

Remove foreign objects from the work area, check that the work table is stable and grounded. Protect yourself from sparks and wood dust with suitable clothing and personal protective equipment.

Sawing must be done with the workpiece securely in place, with the saw blade held tight against the surface of the workpiece. When the work is finished, it is important to return the guard to its original position and completely de-energize the electric saw.

Circular saw has a balanced, sophisticated working mechanism. It combines high safety requirements during operation and high-precision adjustment of all components to ensure quality work and maximum productivity.

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