What wheels to put on a single axle tractor. Single-wheeled

How to choose wheels for a single axle tractor?

If the wheels for the power tiller will be of improper quality, there is a high probability because of their failure not to finish in time the processing of the soil or not to bring the cargo to its destination. That’s why, when you buy a single-axle tractor, and even more so making it a tractor on 4 wheels, you should be very careful with this part of the device.

It is worth remembering that for a number of power tillers you can not buy new wheels if necessary, and use the wheels from the car “Zhiguli” or as they are sometimes called, Zhigulyovskie.


These options are great for frequent plowing and digging up root crops. An important point: the width of the wheels in any case should not be less than 20 cm and the diameter. 40 cm. Aggressive tread pattern will be a huge plus.

Pneumatic products contribute to the incredible stability of the unit, but in the case of damage they must be replaced. Often they are sold as wheels for power tillers Neva.

Power tiller characteristics

A single-axle tractor is a kind of a small tractor with a single-axle chassis. It is often used in small farms, homesteads and dacha plots. This versatile unit helps to solve various agricultural tasks related to tillage, planting of tubers or seeds, mowing grass, snow removal, transportation of goods, etc. д. During work, the unit is held by special handles and operated by following the.

The first prototypes of modern power tillers appeared about 100 years ago. Nowadays a lot of different models are produced, differing by their construction, engine power and configuration.

The main technical characteristics of the devices are considered in the table:

Variety weight, kg Power, l. с. Tillage width, cm Area of cultivation
Ultra light Approximately 20 3-3,5 60 Up to 20 hectares
Light No more than 40 3-5 80 Up to 60 hectares
Medium 40-60 5-6 90 Up to 1 hectare
Heavy Above 60-70 than 6 100 1-4 hectare

Various models are equipped with additional equipment to allow plowing, planting, hoeing, harvesting, etc. д. Usually they use potato planter, ridger, plough for potatoes cultivation.

These machines can operate on gasoline or diesel fuel. Diesel-powered, generally underpowered, but more economical than gasoline-powered.

To choose the right model, you need to consider several factors at once: the area to be processed, the possibility of using additional equipment, the weight of the unit, power, cost.

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It does not make sense to make wheels for a power tiller with your own hands, but not when it comes to soil hooks. The fact is that if they are rarely used, there is no point in buying expensive factory samples.

In order to make ground wheels on a single-axle tractor as it should be, you should adhere to the sequence of works, and correctly select the material of the right strength. It doesn’t take much to make the pneumatic pads:

To begin with, you need to weld the prepared plates to the wheels so that their edges touch the rim. Then, with the help of bolts they must be attached to it. Then, having cut the corner into pieces of the right size, they should be welded into the tines and then installed by fixing them on the rim. The distance between the hooks should be at least 15 cm. In addition, deciding how to make such wheels yourself, it is worth remembering that machine disks can be replaced by cut out of a used gas cylinder.

Purchasing wheels for a power tiller, it is unacceptable to save on their quality, choosing the model with the lowest price. Only a well-equipped single-axle tractor is a true and reliable assistant for the owner and will not let him down at the most crucial moment. With this in mind, you should focus primarily on the quality rather than the price of such an important part of the machine as wheels, which are responsible for its ability to move.

How to make wheels for a power tiller with your own hands?

It is necessary to understand that it is impossible to make wheels from scratch with your own hands. It is necessary to find the basis and only after that you can proceed to the formation of improved and useful fixtures.

As this very base you should use the wheels from a motorcycle or car. Self-made it is possible to create only a variant with a grouser, because in the case if the weighted wheels are not used so often, it makes no sense to buy new, expensive products. On our site you can find a specialized article that describes in detail all the features of creating soil hooks with their own hands.

To expand the wheelbase it is recommended to use extensions for the wheels of power tillers, because it is necessary to adapt the device to the individual needs of the farmer. over, to extend the capabilities, one can create iron twin wheels, which have a cavity inside to contain some kind of weighting agent.

Yes, these objects are unlikely to be used for the trailer of motoblock, but they will be very useful for the unit, because they can be created in the case if a person has no wheels on a motorcycle, but is available from the UAZ or “Moskvich”. The advantages of twin wheels:

  • Reduced towing and, as a result, a higher level of performance;
  • The ability to quickly remove the wheels of the outer plan;
  • The ease of creation at home;
  • maximum surface contact.
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Dual wheels are gradually becoming more and more popular, because you can spend a little time to create them yourself.

How to choose rubber for a power tiller

The right choice of rubber for power tillers is the key to its proper work. For a correct and proper choice it is necessary to know the width of the tire. It is indicated by the first digits in the marking and is usually measured in inches, and you also need to know the seating diameter of the rim.

Its characteristics are

The main characteristics of rubber are its parameters. width, diameter, weight of the tire, the maximum weight of the load it can withstand.


Rubber for power tillers is different in sizes. The following are available on the domestic market:

Rubber, which is installed most often on motocultivators, is presented on the domestic market in the following variants:

  • Tires “Kama-421” can withstand a possible load of 160 kg, width. 15.5 cm, the weight of one tire. about 7 kg;
  • “L-360” weighs 4.6 kg, diameter. 47,5 cm, can withstand a load of up to 180 kg;
  • “L-355” has similar parameters;
  • “L-365” can withstand up to 185 kilograms, diameter. 42.5 cm, weighs only 3.6 kg.

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Types of wheels for power tillers

single-axle tractor is a multifunctional agricultural machinery. For high performance, all parts and systems must be serviceable. Otherwise, the technique will not cope with the tasks assigned. Equipped wheels play a special role in this respect.

Depending on the design characteristics of the wheels on a single-axle tractor are divided into the following types:

Each type of wheel allows for different tasks. When using special component parts, it is possible to considerably increase the productivity of the power tiller, to make it as stable as possible.

Traction wheels

Air wheels are unique in their design and have a distinctive tread pattern. It is due to it there is a second name for traction wheels. “herringbone”.

These are wide elements, allowing to move comfortably both on flat roads and on sticky and wet ground.

Parameters of pneumatic wheels:

Thanks to these features wheels are suitable for plowing large plots of land.

Solid castor wheels

Cylinder block solid rubber wheels with aggressive tread pattern. This feature allows their installation also on mini-tractors.

Because of their quite large size these wheels are most often used in difficult terrain, forest and mountainous terrain.

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Metal wheels with cleats

This type of wheel is small enough. But the power and endurance of the machine is ensured by the presence of weights.

The design also includes steel tines. Their task is to push the single-axle tractor forward, preventing it from trolling even in the smallest area.

Support wheel

Most modern models of power tillers are supplemented with one support wheel. It is on it that all the load from the motor and other mechanisms that are located in the front of the motorcycle.

With the help of this support wheel the endurance of the power tiller increases, and its performance is optimized.

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Paired wheels

These wheels have two parts, they have the same dimensions and shape. Thanks to their design, they provide an excellent cross-country capability on rough terrain, greatly increasing its speed on the level road.

The wheels practically eliminate the risk of tugging. That’s why they are often installed during the winter.

Wheel extensions for power tillers. made at home

In order to extend the wheelbase of your power tiller, and make it more stable on uneven terrain, it is best to install wheel extensions on the machine. These simple devices are easy enough to make at home, having at hand certain tools and materials. The algorithm for making extensions is as follows:

  • Take two metal pipes, the diameter of which should be 1-2 mm larger than the diameter of the axle of the motoblock;
  • In the part where the products will be mounted on the axle, threads must be made that will allow the extensions to be screwed onto the single-axle tractor;
  • The other side of the pipe should be 1-2 mm smaller than the holes in the wheel rims. If necessary, the pipes need to be sawn to get the right size products;
  • To fix the wheels on the extensions, you need to make steel plates that will be attached to the disc with bolts.

It is very important that the difference between the diameter of the pipe and the diameter of the hole in the wheel is as small as possible. Otherwise, vegetation and soil will regularly get clogged up inside the thread.

Using all the above tips, you can make high-quality wheels for power tillers Agro, Neva, Krot and units of other domestic and imported brands.

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