What wheels can be put on a single axle tractor

How to choose and install wheels for a cultivator?

When buying a single-axle tractor for the farm, people focus on engine power and machine performance. However, the performance of the unit is directly influenced by the wheels for the power tiller. The running gear allows the machine to move around the garden.

Factory models are usually equipped with a suitable wheelset. But the wheels often break, thanks to the stresses placed on this structural element. Accordingly, the farmer has to buy the defective part himself.

We will advise you on how to choose the right wheels, and prompt you options for making the undercarriage with your own hands.

Algorithm of independent manufacturing of twin wheels

To improve the permeability of the dacha motocultivator, the factory wheels are replaced with self-made paired designs made of discs from passenger cars. High-quality components last at least 10 years if the machine is used intensively. For work you will need a sheet of steel of thickness not less than 10 mm, car wheels (Zhiguli, GAZelle, Moskvich) of a suitable radius, tires, bolts 40-50 mm, washers with a hole diameter of 8 mm, nuts, marker for marking, tape measure, jigsaw, angle grinder, wrenches, vice, drill, drill bit on metal, welder.

  • make templates from plywood or strong cardboard, made according to the drawings;
  • Using the template elements, make a flange in the metal sheet of steel;
  • Make the wheel bolt by 10 in 4 places;
  • drill holes for fixing the weights;
  • weld the workpiece to the automobile disc;
  • Grind the edges of the disks from irregularities, jagged edges, remnants of rubber tires;
  • Weld the weights onto the inner surfaces of the rims;
  • weld the automobile blanks along the edges to make a volumetric wheel;
  • equip the homemade part with rubber of appropriate diameter.

Make calculations and drawings in advance, where you mark the location of fasteners, hole sizes.

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To improve the permeability of small-sized farm equipment, improve the quality of work, you can make homemade wheels on a singleaxle tractor. Deficiencies of the factory equipment are corrected by putting weighting agents on the rims, replacing the tires with a pronounced textured pattern or studded, the installation of automotive wheel designs.

What kind of wheels with grousers?

This is another kind. metal wheels. On the perimeter of such a product is an iron sound. They additionally dig into the ground you are tilling and loosen it up, but at the same time they perfectly fix the singleaxle tractor.

If one wants to get the best result from such a wheel, one can put one more tooth on each one. We get extensions for the wheels of the power tiller. That’ll give you an even better job on the ground. You get a kind of parallel harrowing of the soil, which cannot be achieved with the pneumatic version.

Wheel types

Different types of wheels are used for power tillers Neva. Each of them has its own parameters, so they need to be considered one by one.

Transport wheels 4×8

Main purpose. transport of goods, mounting on trailers.

Width is 4 inches, but they are low, so you get maximum traction with the ground.

Set for wheel track extension

Often there is a need to lengthen axle or trailer for further work with different attachments.

The optimal solution in this case would be to purchase a set of specially designed extensions that allow the installation of wide wheels.

The set includes several extensions and two stoppers.

Due to the Neva hybrid nature of power tillers, almost all types of wheels can be used

Traction wheel set 16×6 50 8

Traction 16×6 5 8 wheels are installed if traction works are required. Parameters are the most suitable for the following tasks.

The tires are made in tubeless version, which completely eliminates the possibility of their failure due to over-pumping.

Features of the set of traction wheels 16×6:

  • working pressure. 2 atm;
  • Each tire has a maximum load of up to 280 kgf;
  • Weight. up to 13 kg;
  • 16″ outside diameter.

Such wheels have a certain weighting, so they have additional power. Teeth made of steel “push” the unit forward and do not allow it to boot even in the most clay soil.

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Particular attention should be paid to the supporting front wheel, which has a considerable load. It helps to optimize ground works and increases the endurance of the power tiller.

Trailer wheels have a similar classification and are chosen according to the same principles. Do not forget that in the process of transporting heavy loads, the low pressure is on the wheels of the motoblock itself, and the high pressure is on the wheels of the cart (trailer). Therefore, in this case, you need to choose the most durable options.

How to make twin wheels by yourself?

Farmers were especially interested in a simple and even a little crude, but effective method:

  • Then it is advisable to cut small treads on them;
  • The next step is that people buy a strip of steel 5x50mm, weld squares with a side of 250mm and insert them into the rim;

It is not difficult to obtain such useful devices, the main thing is to determine exactly what options are needed and pick up all the necessary “ingredients”.


Basic units used to create a 4×4 all-terrain vehicle, in addition to the motoblock itself, are represented by such components:

  • the frame, which will be the base of the unit;
  • Rear axle, to install a second pair of wheels;
  • driver’s seat;
  • lighting devices, which give the possibility of safe movement at night.

Such units are means of transportation designed for one person. The average carrying capacity of motor vehicles is approximately 200 kilograms. The width of the chassis is determined by the required stability before overturning, but it is desirable to make it not less than 1.1 meters.

Among power tillers with an engine it is desirable to use units. “Neva”, maybe others with 10 horsepower or more. Such power characteristics are enough to move faster than 10 km / h. In the course of movement on slippery or sticky ground it falls down to 2-3 km / h.

How to make your own weights for the undercarriage of a cultivator

Weights are of great importance in the functionality of the rotary cultivator. Where there is work on the virgin, on slopes, in damp or viscous soil, the undercarriage of the machine can slip, since it lacks its own mass.

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Weights have been created to solve this problem. You can make them yourself. For this you will need:

  • disc weights (5 kg and more);
  • pancakes from a sports barbell (10 kg each);
  • clutch baskets for cars;
  • hexagonal profile;
  • angle grinder;
  • welding machine;
  • electric drill.

Homemade weights The process takes place in the following sequence. Drill holes in two small sections of the profile, fasten the barbell discs to them, the clutch baskets are welded to the bars, and then the weights are attached. The weights are ready, you can hitch them to the cultivator.

The installation of weights solves a number of problems at once and greatly simplifies many tasks for the owner of garden machinery.

Making wheels with trailing feathered wheels

Elements equipped with weights, it is best to install on a single-axle tractor, power not less than 6 liters. с. A motor with this rating will not succumb to excessive loads, and overheat.

To work on such wheels you will need to prepare certain materials:

With everything you need on hand you can start work. First weld steel plates to the wheels. The edges of the latter must be securely fastened to the rim. Cut the corner into pieces in the shape of teeth and weld them to the rim. In this case, the distance between the plates and teeth should be at least 15 cm. At the end you need to put the rubber tires on the rims and fix the wheels on the axle of the power tiller.

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FARM SHOW. Single Axle Remote-Controlled Tractor

Elements of the movement, equipped with tines, not only allows the crawler to move, but also cleans the ground on the plot of land from weeds. Do not forget to clean vegetation from time to time, otherwise the single axle tractor will slip in the ground.

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