What type of hammer is needed for concrete?

How to choose a perforator for home work and professional activities?

Residents of houses made of solid concrete, panels or bricks often need to prepare holes for attaching, for example, a cornice or shelf. You can’t do it with an ordinary electric drill. To choose a reliable and handy tool is not an easy task. Which peorator to buy for home, cottage or professional services. this material will help to understand.

The choice of peorator is influenced by: the technical characteristics of the models, the weight of the tool, its size. However, the consumer must first of all decide what kind of work and how often he will perform. When it comes to occasional work, it is enough to buy a budget peorator with minimal capabilities, but if it will be a major repair, it is better not to save.

The frequency of use and the load on the tool determines which model to buy. home, semi-professional or for professional builders. Once you understand the type and frequency of work, you can move on to the study of the main characteristics of these devices:

Power. This figure, depending on the purpose of the particular model, can vary from 1 to 15 J. Household peorators have low impact power, up to 3 Joules. Semi-professional products. from 3 to 8 J, and powerful machines for construction are already from 8 to 15 J.

Power consumption. Accordingly, the power has a dependence on the power consumption. Household devices consume from 0,4 kW, and professional. up to 1,5 kW.

Speed. the number of revolutions per minute also differs in power: household rotary hammers give from 600, and professional. up to 1500 revolutions.

Type of chuck. The type of chuck used to secure the drill depends on the purpose of the geared torch. For domestic models, such as Hitachi, SDS-Plus chucks are used, designed for fixing drills up to 30 mm in size. For construction and semi-professional products are supplied holding devices SDS-Max, for drills up to 52 mm, and SDS-Top, which can hold drills from 16 to 25 mm.

Type of power. Most models are made for the standard 220 V mains voltage, but for special types of work the cordless torches are the most convenient option. They are lightweight and practical if you have to work long hours on the ladder. Professional pneumatic rotary drills can be designed for 380 V.

Impact frequency. This indicates the number of blows per second. The higher the value, the faster the desired hole can be drilled.

Operating mode. Professional models are most often designed solely for impact drilling and chisel functions, which are required for punching niches or removing tiles from walls. Home appliances often have a regular drill mode. There are also models that, in addition to the functions of normal and percussive drilling, can also produce only blows.

When deciding on the purchase of a torch, you should consider all the characteristics and not forget about the purpose of the tool. Cheap is not always bad, the main criterion is the right parameters for the repair task.

What is the best trimmer to buy??

Don’t skimp. a reliable, years-proven tool can’t cost a penny. World famous foreign brands: Bosch, Makita, DeWALT, Hilti, Hitachi, Kress, Metabo, AEG. Popular Russian brands. Interskol and Zubr.

We have selected the burners that will be in use by the end of 2021. The best ones are the ones you can call at the beginning of 2022. These models are popular among customers, they deserve a lot of positive feedback, are multifunctional, reliable and safe in use.

type, hammer, needed, concrete

Selection Criteria for a Gripper

Going to the store for peoratorom determine in advance what holes you’re going to drill: whether you put open sockets (5 mm), pull cables (10 mm) or pull through a wall one-inch pipe (31 mm); whether you need a jackhammer. to knock down the old tile.

Impact Energy

The main parameter of the torch is the energy transmitted by the striker to the machining tool, and it is measured in joules. The greater the value, the larger the hole the tool can make. However, do not run after the numbers, the machine with an energy of 27 joules is similar to a jackhammer road workers and weighs nearly 12 kg. The energy of 1.5 to 2.5 joules is sufficient for drilling with drills up to 30 mm in diameter.

Weight of the torch

The impact energy is directly related to the weight of the device. They are conditionally divided into three categories: light (up to 4 kg), medium (4-5 kg) and heavy (over 5 kg). The less weight of the device, the easier to hold, but the impact energy of a machine with the weight of 2 kg will make 1,4 joules. enough to work with a drill up to 18 mm in diameter.

The lightest torches are almost indistinguishable from an electric drill. They come with a cam chuck that clamps simple drill bits. Such a versatile device “two-in-one” will save your money.

Motor power and shaft speed

The industry produces torches with power from 500 to 2000 watts, but this parameter is not decisive. Each manufacturer selects the optimal power for each model. If you are drilling a hole in a concrete wall with a depth of more than 50 cm, we recommend to buy a machine with a motor of not less than 1 kW. Friction in the wall is very high, the slightest misalignment and the low-powered motor will stop.

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Nor does the spindle speed matter, it comes in the 600 to 1,500. RPM. Operating principle of the rotary table is percussive destruction of material; rotating drill only needs to remove dust from the working area. Turning too fast increases wear and tear on the tool.

Automatic speed adjustment is a useful feature. Electronic circuitry adjusts speed to the density of the material to be cut.

Working modes (table)

There are three basic operation modes (drilling with impact, drilling without impact, and chiseling) available with today’s powders. In stores you can find devices with different combinations of these modes. As a rule, band saws with one and two modes cost less.

Mode Application
Drilling without impact In this mode, the tool works like a regular drill, drilling holes in wood, plastic, or metal. Tool reciprocation is disabled.
Impact drilling Main mode of the hammer drill. The auger reciprocates, breaking up lumps of concrete. Dust and grit is carried away by the rotating, spiral groove in the auger.
Impact without rotation (chiseling) In this mode, the tool does not rotate. A chisel, chisel or spade is used instead of a twist drill. The Peorator chops away at tiles or cuts through wall.
Chisel positioning When working in hard to reach places it is important that the fixed bit is in the set position. Manufacturers sometimes distinguish a fourth mode. the ability to put the tool at a certain angle.

Chuck type

The actual standard for small and medium-sized gimbals

type, hammer, needed, concrete

Bosch has developed SDS plus and SDS max chucks especially for brushcutters. They clamp the tool immediately and never unscrew it (unlike cam chucks).

SDS plus chucks are the most common. around 60% of rotary tools. They are designed for drills with 10 mm shank and used in light and medium appliances. SDS max chucks are used in heavy drills, for drills from 20 mm in diameter.

We recommend to use for home appliances with SDS plus chucks, they are manufactured with drills and borings, blades and chisels, crowns and nozzles. Cam chucks with these shanks are available in the stores and turn your torch into a universal drill.

motor position: vertical or horizontal

The rotary tool can be designed both horizontally and vertically.

The first one is similar to an electric drill by shape of the body and position of controls: long and narrow, with a short handle and a trigger. It is easy to get into tight places like cabinets or air ducts with such a tool. The machine is smooth when drilling deep holes, the auger is less deflected. But it is hard to chisel ceilings and cut grooves with this drill. you have to twist the hand, your arms get tired quickly.

Example: Horizontal motor on the right, vertical motor on the left

A vertical motor takes up less space and cools better. Machine fits in your hands like a Kalashnikov assault rifle, is very stable and easy to control. The position of the operator’s hands on one axis with the chisel makes it convenient to work with the torch from the waist and with one hand. Floor-to-ceiling milling is done in one pass without any fatigue.

Additional Features

A good tool has additional features that make it more convenient and safer to use.

Extra function What’s so useful?
Soft start When the collector motor starts to rotate, there is a large current that builds up in the machine. Electronic circuit steplessly increases motor voltage and prevents mains overload.
Disengaging clutch Drill bit hits a rock and gets stuck. a common sight when drilling deep holes. To prevent the winding of the collector motor from overheating, a coupling mechanically disconnects the auger from the motor shaft.
Shaft reverser If the twist drill is stuck in the wall, simply reverse the drill and it will unscrew itself from the difficult position.
Automatic speed adjustment Electronics change the shaft speed depending on the load on the tool and maintain it at the optimum level
Limit ruler Ruler attached to the body of the appliance, graduated in units of length. Rejects into wall as soon as drill has plunged to preset depth.
Vibration protection The pioneer vibrates while working. To protect the operator’s hands from vibration, the tool’s handle is insulated from the body with a vibration-absorbing spring.
carrying case tool is protected from dust and damage in a plastic case, and spare parts and cutting tools are also stored there.
Accessories A good manufacturer will include in the carrying case several drills, spare carbon brushes for the engine, shank lubricant, cam chuck.

But still: domestic or professional model?

expensive and powerful professional tools are equipped with many functions. They are reliable and durable. It is easy to distinguish them: usually all manufacturers have models for professional use painted in a different color than the household. And they carry the appropriate inscriptions. But their most important difference is the continuous operation time, which is 7. 8 hours, t. е. all day. But why would you need a heavy and bulky device for a pro at home?? You don’t usually have to perform supertasks, and for the most basic repair or hanging up shelves, a mid-range model will suffice.

Let’s list the optimal characteristics of a torch that you plan to use for your home needs. With these parameters you can easily and quickly drill holes in concrete with a diameter of 1.6 to 2.8 centimeters, as well as perform other types of work.

So, a good peorator has the following parameters:

  • Power. 0.5 to 0.9 kW.
  • Impact force. 1.2 to 2.2 joules.
  • Operation modes. three (besides drilling, also chiselling and drilling).
  • Shaft speed adjustment.
  • There must be a safety clutch. it prevents the tool from jamming.
  • The drill should be attached by the SDS plus system. and it is not necessary to use wrenches for clamping or unclamping the chuck.
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Then see for yourself. hold the tool in your hands, try and make a test hole. If you feel it is comfortable to work with, take it. Of course, the torch must be suitable for your application. Just keep in mind that in performing these tasks, the tool must be handled carefully. About this below.

What to consider when choosing a torch

Selecting the right tool is not a complicated process. It is recommended that expert advice be taken into account. These include the following criteria.

Impact energy

This parameter can range from 2 to 20 J. Impact energy depends on the type of material to be drilled. For reinforced concrete and concrete it is necessary to choose tools with a high power factor. For home use, devices with power up to 8 Joules and low weight are suitable.

Peorator weight

Peorator for home, which one to choose depending on the weight? The following features are taken into account for this:

  • Light. Weights up to 4 kg, very manoeuvrable and suitable for household purposes.
  • Medium. Models weighing no more than 8 kg. The device is often used during construction and has a good power output.
  • Heavy. These tools are most often used in construction to drill in hard materials. Have a high impact force and weigh more than 10 kg.

For heavy power tools, special additional handles are often used to take pressure off your hands and allow you to use the torch for longer periods of time.

Motor power and shaft speed

The power of the motor determines the performance of the tool. A reliable rotary tool has good power and cuts through hard materials quickly. Semi-professional models should have a power rating of up to 1000 watts. Models with power up to 600 W can be selected for home use.

Torque frequency depends primarily on the application. If you will be using your torchlight frequently, models with a 2000 RPM output should be preferred. This is enough to drill hard materials.

type, hammer, needed, concrete

Working modes

Mode Value Scope of application
1 mode Drilling Used for drilling fragile materials such as wood, metal, plastic.
2 Mode Drilling with impact force Use for drilling in concrete, heavy metal. For use in construction to remove tiles and coatings.
3 duty cycle Chiseling and drilling with impact Professional device suitable for breaking down concrete walls and laying electrical wires.

Chuck type

There are three types of chucks available on the chuck:

  • SDS-plus. Suitable for lightweight models up to 5 kg. For such devices drill bits with diameter of 10 mm are used. Lockable with a clip.
  • SDS-max. This chuck is used in heavy-duty products designed for concrete. The chuck is fixed with a shank and groove. Drill bits from 18mm in diameter are used for these models.
  • SDS-top. This chuck type designed for heavy duty use.

In order to understand how to choose a trimmer for home work, it is necessary to assess the frequency of use of the tool and the scope of application. Models with an SDS-max chuck are chosen most often.

The motor arrangement: vertical or horizontal

For home use, models with a horizontal motor are most often chosen. Such tools don’t strain your hands and are maneuverable. So the work can be carried out even in the most hard-to-reach places.

The vertical motor allows for a high impact force and is intended for professional construction work.

Important! Horizontal-motor models are narrower and smaller. So they can be used for small dismantling jobs.

Power supply

For indoor use, preference should be given to models that operate from the mains. These devices are characterized by high power and universal application.

But it may be necessary to repair on the road or in places where there is no electricity. Cordless models are used for such applications. The advantage of such devices is their small size and ease of use.

Additional functions

A quality torch has extra features that make the work process easier. These include:

  • Protected from dust. Allows you to reduce the amount of dust and facilitate further cleaning of the room.
  • Antivibration. Mostly used in professional devices. Reduces jolting when drilling and drilling holes.
  • Speed change mechanism, allows you to choose the most suitable mode of operation, depending on the type of material.
  • Additional handle available. Makes it easier to work for a long time, so you can get to the most hard-to-reach places.

Optional features do not affect the productivity of the tool. Can, however, reduce the strain on the hands when using the tool.

Equipped with a groomer

Choosing a peorator, it is necessary to take into account that in the future it may be necessary to replace the components. Therefore it is advisable to make sure that the tool comes with replacement brushes for the motor. A replacement chuck will also be helpful. Most models come with a drill bit. Many professionals, however, buy the right size.

A tool storage case will also be useful. The carrying case will keep all the necessary accessories at hand at all times.

How to use the tool safely

To be sure of safe use of the torch, it is recommended to wear personal protective equipment. It is important to protect the eyes, face and hands.

During work, there is a risk of the drill bit heating up to high temperatures. It is connected with its strong friction. That’s why it must be allowed to cool down or the procedure must be performed with gloves on before removing the element.

Important! To understand how the drill works, it is necessary to study the manual beforehand. It includes many useful tips for the functioning of the device.

In what cases can blinking lights

if there are indicator lamps in the design of the torch, their flashing may indicate breakage or malfunction of a certain assembly or mechanism. If a red light flashes on the tool, it is recommended that you read the instructions for use.

Spindle speed and number of strokes

Rotation is needed to remove crumbled material from the hole. If you plan to drill frequently, choose a value of 1500-2000 rpm. On the other hand, high rpm is not required for drilling. Here, on the contrary, the higher the rotational speed, the faster the tool wear, so for such activities buy professional rotators with 1000 rpm or less.

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In addition to power and tapping force, the performance is affected by the number of blows per minute. The more of them, the faster it will be possible to make a hole of the required depth in a solid material. For professional activity, the optimal rate is 4500-6000 beats per minute. 3000-4000 rpm is enough for occasional use.

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Mid-range. reliable tools for hobbyists and professionals

No other category of construction power tools is as popular as the mid-range rotary tool. After all, the opportunity to hold in their hands the products of world-renowned companies, as well as the ratio of cost and potential, do not leave indifferent neither amateurs nor professionals.

Based on the design and thanks to the set of implemented technologies, Zubr peorator ZP 900 EC is considered an analogue of expensive professional equipment. After all, here is everything that is implemented in one way or another in a brand-name tool.

type, hammer, needed, concrete
  • Quick-action chuck (SDS) with dust protection,
  • Metal impact housing,
  • well-designed anti-vibration system,
  • the handles are made of materials that prevent the tool from slipping out during work,
  • 3 standard operating modes,

backed up by five and a half kilograms of weight and the vertical position of the electric motor, bring the ZP 900 EC to the level of a good household tool. Even with the claim of professional use. For this model, loads are not critical, neither with drill bits up to 28mm in diameter, nor with hammerless drill bits, nor during sinking operation.

Features Values
Weight, kg 5.4
drill fixation variant SDS
Working modes Boring, drilling, drilling with impact
Impact force, J 4
Blow frequency at xx, rpm 2600
Shaft speed at xx, rpm 0-700
Power Consumption, W 900
Drilling in wood / metal / concrete, mm 30 / 13 / 28
optional. functions Safety clutch, vibration reducing active system
Power cable length, m 2
Provenance development / off. production Russia / Russia
Price, 5100

Bosch GBH 5-40 DCE

Professional quality cordless power tool with 1150 Watt motor. Spindle speed is 170-340 rpm./min., and the impact rate is 1500-3050 beats./min. Tool impact force up to 8.8 Joules. With the help of the Bosch GBH 5-40 DCE Stator you can drill with a drill bit up to 55 mm in diameter and with a crown up to 90 mm in concrete.

  • Powerful enough tool that weighs relatively little.
  • Quickly produce holes even in very hard materials. Work for an hour in hard concrete without shutting down the machine. No speed fluctuations under heavy load.
  • High-quality German construction for durability and long service life of power tool.
  • Large power reserves expand the versatility of the geared motor.
  • High-quality anti-vibration system reduces strain on the hands.
  • Smooth motor start, speed adjustable.
  • If it jams or overloads, it triggers protection.
  • Handy carrying case holds not only the power tool, but also all the necessary drills, bits and blades.
  • The tool heats up a lot. Does not take long to cool down in winter, but has to take breaks of up to half an hour in summer.
  • No reverse, making it difficult to retrieve the auger.
  • After years of use, the number of revolutions may vary slightly under load.
  • No drilling mode.

Conclusion. Overall, it is a workhorse, which copes with the tasks assigned to it. For use in construction, repairing various objects (houses, garages, fences, etc.).

DeWALT D 25601 K

The power tool has a power rating of 1250 W, and is suitable for drillings up to 45 mm in diameter and up to 100 mm with core bits. The drill works in chiselling and drilling with impact mode.

  • Powerful tool weighs relatively little, which enables long, fatigue-free work. It does not get hot.
  • Comfort of operation is ensured by ergonomic handle and vibration damping system. Hands are considerably less tired after an 8-hour workday.
  • Safety coupling ensures that the machine can be stopped immediately. This helps to avoid personal injury or damage to equipment.
  • Designed to work even with very strong and reinforced materials.
  • Design includes service indicators. The color of the light indicates the type of failure.
  • Bricks do not splinter when creating openings. Clear rectangle shape for easy reinforcement during subsequent work.
  • Small carrying case makes it easy to carry tools and parts as needed.
  • Grease can be ejected from the barrel during continuous operation.
  • Safety mechanism in case of jamming is sometimes actuated with a slight delay.
  • The length of the cord is not enough in some cases. But this disadvantage does not prevent most standard construction and installation operations.

Conclusion. The tool is suitable for construction, plumbing, electrical work. But for making holes at height, it is better to prefer other models.

Makita HR 4501 C

Sufficiently powerful professional model with electric motor 1350 W, operating in the modes of drilling with impact, chiseling. The maximum size of the holes created by the drill is 45 mm, and the crown is 125 mm.

  • Powerful tool easily works with any modern building material. Very high impact force (13 Joules).
  • This model is assembled in Japan. That’s why the tool is high-quality, durable. Even under considerable, prolonged strain, the system elements do not fail.
  • Comes with a regular and D-shaped handle, which increases the comfort of using the power tool.
  • Smooth start-up, easy gear shift system.
  • There is an indicator to tell you when the carbon brushes need to be replaced.

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