What trailer for the power tiller is better?

Making a homemade cart for a power tiller with their own hands: drawings, dimensions, video

The ability of the body to support a particular load depends on the quality of assembly. The cart should be made of durable material that can withstand the weight of the load and all weather conditions. It should also have folding sides for easy loading and unloading. The dimensions should be roomy and correspond to the power of the power tiller.

On carts the following wheels are used: automobile, motorcycle, etc. п. The main thing is that the cart for the motorcycle tractor can withstand heavy loads.

Wide wheels are preferable as they increase the vehicle’s passability.

There are wings on cars as well. Serves as a protection against rocks and dirt from the wheels.

All modern trailers are equipped with seats. Some craftsmen build a drawer underneath for storing necessary things.

The drawbar is a triangle-shaped attachment that connects the trailer to the power tiller.

Brakes will improve the process of transporting goods.

Trailer equipment for power tillers can be purchased from manufacturers of agricultural equipment, or you can make a homemade trailer for your power tiller. Let’s consider both variants.

There are many ready-made models for power tillers on the market. They come in different sizes, weights, capacities and costs. Their advantage is that they are assembled by professional mechanics according to the pre-designed schemes. You do not spend time and energy on it. The disadvantages are, firstly, in finding a bona fide manufacturer, dispensing quality product, and secondly, a good product is not cheap.

A single-axle tractor serves as a horse. It acts as a drive connected by the drawbar to the trailer. For this purpose, such brands of motor blocks as: Patriot, Ural, Caiman 320, Forza, Crosser, Pro Arab, VIKING, Texas.

It is possible to make a trailer for a Neva power tiller made of durable metal. Carrying capacity of body is 500 kg. The dolly has a brake drive, which makes it easy to drive. On the Internet you can find a lot of drawings of trailers for the motor block Neva. They have a successful design with minimal consumables.

Among the ready-made models you can find a device with the function of a dump truck. The design is basically the same as a usual cart, but with the modification, allowing to make the unloading by tilting the box. Although this model is more expensive, it is essential for your farm.

The making and assembly of the cart is often done by the owners of power tillers. There are a lot of self-made, but you can assemble them on the same principle. the undercarriage on the wheels, sides and axle to connect the trailer with a power harvester.

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Design features of a trailer for a power tiller

All trailer models have the same coupling mechanism with the tiller. When choosing a transportation tool, it is important to determine its carrying capacity, the quality of the braking system, useful functions. But the most important thing is the power of the power tiller. The trailer manufacturer always gives recommendations on what equipment to use it with.

When choosing a cart for a power tiller, you need to know what material it was made of. It comes in steel, plastic, galvanized. The most reliable and thus the most expensive are zinc-coated ones. The most slim-wall trailer has 2 mm thick sides. The figures in the trailer name indicate the load capacity.

How to Attach Power Tiller Trolley

A vehicle with folding sides makes it much easier to operate. Simplifies the work when, for example, hay is harvested, transported and unloaded. Tipping trailers are attached to the power tiller in such a way that the maximum weight can be unloaded. When the load is heavy and bulky, disconnect the single axle tractor before engaging the tipping function.

trailer, power, tiller

When you buy a trailer with a payload over 350 kg, make sure it has a mechanical braking system.

The trailer comes with or without wheels. Pay attention to what kind of hubs they have. Steel ones are more durable. Cast iron ones break quickly when used on roads with poor pavement. The hubs are different on other models. It makes sense to find out what they are made of.

There are many different topics discussed on forums devoted to Neva power tillers. There’s plenty of discussion on trailers, too. Here are some reviews of them.

“The trailer is the main attachment I use during harvesting. I grow potatoes on large plots, so for me the main factor is the lifting capacity, because potatoes are quite heavy. And far be it from me to have the bottom ripped out somewhere along the way. That’s why I bought a VRMZ trailer. I’ve been using it for three years now with no problems”

“I made the trailer myself, as I do not see the point of overpaying for ready-made designs. I had more than enough metal in the garage. After a couple of weeks of work, the model was ready. The end result is this kind of miracle “

How to assemble a trailer to a power tiller with my own hands

Trailer (adapter) in its structure is simple, but the assembly procedure will require attention and certain skills. Not only that, you will definitely need drawings, video instructions. inaccuracy or negligence is fraught with the fact that the adapter will quickly fail or will not work at all.

The drawing of a cart for a power tiller

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Tools and materials needed

  • welding;
  • power drill;
  • file;
  • angle piece;
  • Sheet steel 5 mm;
  • Several square pipes (1 inch);
  • mounts.

There are two key elements at the base: the hitch and the wheel locking assembly. Coupling is a construction from two welded parts of square pipes and one part from a water pipe. it is inserted into the stem with a tee.

For the node weld two ten centimeter sections of pipe at an angle of 90 degrees. The horizontal part is inserted into the mounting tube and fixed with a bolt, on the vertical part they mount the axle, wheels and bearings.

As the last step mount the axle and the wheels. For this purpose parts from an old moped or motorcycle can do. If the elements are too long, they are shortened with an electric hacksaw.

    Connection methods. This applies to individual assemblies and moving elements (bushings, axles and a number of others). What to choose. fixing by bolts, rivets or by welding, it is decided in advance. What to make the trailer’s parking supports (legs) from. Seat option. rotating or stationary. The first. more convenient, the second. easier to make your own hands. Body modification. A tilting construction is preferable in terms of versatility of power tiller operation, but its production is much more difficult. And it costs much more. Variety of connection unit (trailer. single axle tractor). It can be articulated, on bushings, bearings. There is also something to think about.

Without taking into account these nuances it is senseless to start the project development and drawing a drawing. You should also take into account such aspects as your own capabilities, the availability of the necessary materials (parts) at hand and personal experience in assembling something by yourself (practical skills).

What trailer for a power tiller in 2021

In order to accurately answer the question of which adapter is best suited for a power tiller, you should have an idea of what they are in general. Adapters are classified according to several principles, which can be understood from the table:

Classification Type Description
By location Front Clutch at the front, necessarily present steering wheel for steering
Rear Coupling at the back of the power tiller
By scope of use Shortened Most commonly used on lightweight power tillers
Extended For industrial heavy equipment
By the presence of the body Body Suitable for large areas where many tasks have to be done every day, transporting crops
Bodyless For connection with a power tiller

Base units of the trailer

A universal design will include several auxiliary assemblies:

trailer, power, tiller
  • the frame of the attachment, which carries the main load;
  • The body itself;
  • drawbar (drawbar hitch), designed to connect the vehicle with the trailer;
  • A seating area with a footrest, tailored to the configuration and size chosen;
  • trailer undercarriage (wheels);
  • the steering mechanism itself.
trailer, power, tiller

Among other things, it is not superfluous to provide and additional devices that will facilitate the process of operation: a simple hinged mechanism, brakes on the trailer of the power tiller, additional stops, etc.

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Drawings and diagrams of homemade trailers

Often, in order to make a trailer to a power tiller with their own hands, they take galvanized iron in the form of sheets as the basis. In addition to galvanized steel sheets can be used.

Rarely, for this case there are foundations made of hard and durable quality plastic. If compared to iron sheets, plastic will last a much shorter amount of time, but it is cheaper.

In the diagram and drawing of a trailer for a motor-block, there should be such basic points as:

To make such a drawing you don’t need a special engineering education, but a responsible approach is sure to come in handy.

Assembling the running gear of the trailer

To assemble a comfortable and comfortable driver’s seat does not require much effort, time and spare parts.

The drawbar with the turnbuckle are the two parts of the trailer that are subjected to the maximum load.

  • The above parts of the trailer must necessarily be strengthened with additional stiffening ribs.
  • The driver’s seat is secured with a special hinge.
  • the diameter of the hinge is chosen according to the size and anticipated weight load of the driver’s seat on the trailer.

The entire chassis structure of the trailer is made by the “tube-in-tube” method. This is a fairly common method that has been in use for decades.

The hinges, which are located where the pipes join, allow the wheel area and the entire driver’s area to swivel smoothly.

Assembly Tips

It is worth starting with an analysis of examples of drawings, which can be seen in various sources. Next, based on what you have seen and what elements are available, you need to create your sketch.

The more detailed it is about all the fasteners, the less complications will arise in practice. The optimum dimensions of the trailer for the power tiller must necessarily be worked out. To assemble a construction, it is important to know how to use a welding machine.

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trailer, power, tiller

It is worth noting that it is one of the key factors for quality results on the output. The trailer can have two wheels or four. The number of wheels on a specific model is determined by the anticipated loads. But still the basis, which brings out the entire structure, is the frame.

Most reliable for use, if it is a cast construction, where it is already distributed and space for the wheels.

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