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Top 12 useful tools for master builders

A good construction tool is the key to quality repair or construction work. Every master builder must carefully choose a device so as not to screw up the whole job in one moment. Recently there are a lot of new and interesting tools, which I recommend to get acquainted with. In this review, we will try to explore together the features of new products and understand what they can bring to the daily life of the builder.

All tools are very affordable and have good features. To my mind, this optimal price-quality combination is perfect for private builders. And most importantly, all devices from my list are delivered by couriers anywhere in Russia right to your door. Let us have a look at each tool separately.

LANNERET grinder

A very useful device will be an angle grinder power of 220 watts. The machine is made with the latest safety requirements, so it is equipped with a two-way switch with lock. The body of the tool is made quite ergonomically, so it sits comfortably in your hand while working.

LANNERET LGCSS220 grinding machine

For convenience and safety installed soft start device and speed control, as well as have the ability to lock the side handle in two positions, choosing the most suitable for yourself. The machine has a maximum rotation speed of 7500 rpm.

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Hand saw

A normal hand saw has a blade that is about 60 centimeters long. It is most often used for simple cutting work, when it is quicker to grab a hand saw than an electric jigsaw. The teeth can be designed to cut across the grain (crosscut saws) or to cut along the growth of the fibers. Cross-cutting saw with 10 or 12 teeth. A good basic model that can also cut a board if necessary.

To optimize the work

When housework becomes quite a lot, you can save time and effort by using power tools and other auxiliary items.

For example, using an electric drill to drill a hole. In some cases, a peorator will be more useful. It is recommended to buy and some parts for them. drills.

You can also speed up the work by replacing the usual jigsaw with an electric. An ordinary saw. a chainsaw.

Get an angle grinder and electric screwdriver. With their help, you can quickly screw in or out, e.g. self-tapping screws, saw various materials, etc.д.

But it is not absolutely necessary to have such tools at home. Sometimes it is more convenient and profitable to rent for a short period of time. In the latter case, you only need to spend money on individual parts, such as buying the necessary nozzle.

Many people find it easier and more comfortable to use homemade tools at home. But everyone has to decide for himself.

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It is convenient to store the tool kit in drawers or on a separate shelf. Depends on the number of items in this kit and their size. Complete the tool kit according to your needs and place it in the way that suits you best.

Electric drill

When choosing an electric drill you should pay attention to the following parameters: the availability of the battery and the need to use the key to work with a chuck. The presence of the battery will simplify the work at home, because you will not depend on the outlet and the length of the wire. And the chuck, which can be worked with without a wrench, will speed up the process of changing the drill.

It is also worth to buy a set of drill bits to the drill. For metal, a set of 2 to 12 mm would be optimal.

Tool kit for home. What to buy?

Probably everyone has wondered what tool is needed in the house, what is the most necessary? It may have been when first repairing the apartment, or when buying a new one. Some of the tools should always be on hand, because it is difficult to predict when you need this or that thing.

In this article we will consider what you need first of all every home handyman, which is difficult to do without in everyday life, whether you have a private house or an apartment. I will make a short list of tools, which I think are the most important, what I use most often. Although tool kits are often sold ready-made, but there are often unnecessary items, or not quite suitable, so I consider it advisable to take everything separately.

One of the most commonly used power tools for repairs. With its help, you can perform quite a few tasks: to drill a hole, if you need to hang a cabinet, a shelf, a curtain rod, to drill metal, wood, plastic. Of course, it should be noted that it is not very effective to drill concrete (slowly), but it is still possible, the same brick without problems.

It can also replace a screwdriver, you can twist screws. Just need a little skill, because there is no friction, the chuck will not stop in time, you can twist the head of the screw. But on low speed, slowly, it is quite possible to work as a screwdriver.

Drill can be and knead screed or tile adhesive, of course not in large quantities and not an industrial scale, since this task requires a powerful engine, but just for home needs to cope without problems (requires an attachment mixer). For a drill will need to take drills, can be on metal, they easily take both plastic and wood. The most popular sizes are 3, 4, 6, 8, 10mm. They are inexpensive. If the house is brick or concrete, then the appropriate drill bits on concrete. The most useful are 6mm, 8mm. And for a complete set of plastic dowels, also on 6 and 8 mm. Article about the choice of drill.

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Without it it is difficult to exactly hang the same shelf, closet, or set the level of the washing machine, put a tile, so without it anywhere. For regular household tasks a small level, 60cm or 80cm, will suffice.

Wrench or adjustable wrench.

Needed for tightening the nuts, bolts. You can take a small set of the most popular sizes (from 8mm to 17mm). But since we are talking about the most necessary, it is quite possible to do and one adjustable wrench. There are many types and sizes. I think a wrench up to 30 mm is the most universal, because it will be good for both small and large nuts, which are used in plumbing, you can replace the faucet. Article about the types of wrenches. 4. Screwdrivers.

It’s indispensable. Every screw, screw, screwdriver. you can’t go anywhere without a screwdriver. So we add those to the list as well. Cross size is the most needed (marking PH). Suitable for most screws used in homes and factories. Suitable for black on wood, metal, with a washer, for the yellow.

Also need to take a PH (the first cross). It is needed for thin self-tapping screws, such are used in small parts. They often come with thresholds that connect the joints of linoleum.

Pro slotted too, we should not forget, although it is much rarer than a cross, but it does need, can be taken at 5 mm wide (measured screwdriver tip).

Tester screwdriver, you can check the socket or cable for voltage, and you can twist screws. Since it is small, it is suitable for a terminal screwdriver. When repairing sockets, chandelier installation is a very useful thing. Even if you turned off the machine in the entrance, it’s still worth checking the phase on the wire, there may be residual voltage. Such a screwdriver costs a pretty penny.

As opposed to a wrench, it is convenient to clamp round objects, especially if it has S-shaped jaws. When repairing plumbing, sometimes very helpful. It’s convenient to clamp something with such a wrench, it has very good compression force, and the harder you press the handles, the stronger the clamping force. Good for situations where the object is not fixed, such as a piece of pipe and it has a nut, one hand holds the pipe, the other hand twists the nut. Article about the types of pipe wrenches. 6. Wood saw.

It is difficult in the economy without it. It will be optimal to take one with a medium tooth, and the cut will be pretty clean, and it will not cut slowly. You can get a rolled one, you don’t have to sharpen it.

Any measurements in the house will make to take this tool, whether it’s laying laminate, installing the ceiling curtain rod, and so on and so forth. I think it’s better to get a tape measure 5m, enough for most standard apartments.

Clamp, clamp, hold, bite off a small nail, wire, cable, pull something out. The small things this tool performs a lot of tasks, without it it is difficult to imagine a complete set of tools in the house. There are mini pliers, as well as large and medium. Probably it is better to buy just medium, 160mm long, they are more convenient to work with and will be suitable for both big and average palm.

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Useful little thing. For example, you install a chandelier, or repair the socket, the machine is off in the entrance, in this case, without a lamp is difficult. It can also be useful in the car or in the vegetable pit. There are regular hand flashlights, and a headlamp, too. I think the second option is the most universal, because both hands are free and the beam shines exactly where you look at the moment.

You can’t go anywhere without nails in construction, as well as without a hammer. They come in different weights. Optimal to have in the economy of 400-500 grams, no more. You can hammer a small nail, or cope with a big one. Naturally, small is better to hammer, 200gr hammer, and large 800gr, but with infrequent use enough and one.

Drill screwdriver

With power tools, you can almost forget about screwdrivers and a hammer. Drill a hole in the wall, screw in screws to hang a shelf or a painting, connect the wooden parts. a matter of two minutes. Keep in mind that drilling brick or concrete is better with an impact drill or perforator. But with drywall, a cordless tool can easily handle it. Just make sure you have the right drill or bit.

And if you put a dust brush or a mixer in the socket, the screwdriver can help clean up the house, loosen the soil in a flower pot, or stir a solution to kill insects in the country.

Level. to find out the curvature of walls and floors

Shelves, posters and pictures should be hung evenly, and a spirit level is helpful for this. It’s a good idea to check the curvature of your floor before installing the washer. The tool will show you the imperfections of vertical and horizontal surfaces. Most expensive. a bubble level, a little more expensive, but of higher quality. hydro-level and laser devices.

Deciding to become a model homeowner, do not spend money on a ready-made set of tools. In these “suitcases” you will find tools more suitable for car repairs rather than the occasional small repairs of the apartment or house, they are full of bits and wrenches. Besides, ready-made kits are not always happy with the quality, they have another goal. to impress by quantity. And when you choose screwdrivers and pliers one by one, you are guaranteed to inspect each item.

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