What tools are needed for carving wood

How to make with your own hands

Masters, who have worked with ready-made cutting tools, see their disadvantages in relation to the technique used. It may be the length of the blade or its shape, someone does not trust the hardening of ready-made products, or he does not like the configuration and material of the handle. In such cases, you can make a woodcarving jack with your own hands. You will need a little experience in handling metal and a fairly simple set of tools:

  • A scheme of the woodcarving knife is drawn on the workpiece, then excess metal is removed with a sharpener.
  • The handle is cut out, the parameters can be determined by squeezing a piece of plasticine in your hand.
  • After shaping, the wood should be carefully sanded.
  • A hole is drilled in the handle where the blade sits, and then it is placed on the blade. To increase the tool’s service life, the wood is impregnated with linseed oil, then varnished.
  • Now you need to properly sharpen the cutter, keeping the recommended angle. After that the tool is ready for use.

While processing the workpiece, periodically dip it into water, avoiding overheating and tempering the hardened metal.

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Make template

Create rough blanks

Finish the edges on the sharpening machine

Using the disc grinder we make a rough cutting edge

Grind on a sharpening machine

Preparing the bars for the handle

Insert the blades in the future handle

Basic Hand Carving Tools Explained

cut out the desired shape

Finish and varnish the handle. Finished

How to use the tool

When you carve the wood, you drill, saw, cut and chisel as follows. Measuring tools are indispensable for the creation of a high-quality workpiece.

In the course of work, there is a need for an auxiliary tool or device to help fix the workpiece, to limit the degree of impact.

The nature of the work and determine the choice of required tools. Historically, the best patterns are made with hand tools, but the modern trend toward mechanization and automation of labor has not bypassed this area of activity.

A set of all kinds of wood carving tools

A variety of machine tools, mini-drills (bormachines), manual thread mills, electric jigsaws, grinders, etc., are available for sale.д. To make certain products can be generally in automatic mode by copy-milling devices (pantograph).

Wood carving (lesson )

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First we need to get acquainted with the tool. Let’s begin at.

Anyone lucky enough to be in the workshop of a real woodcarver would be horrified. so many different tools he uses. It’s a dizzying experience. A craftsman can easily tell you what to use, what works best for this or that piece. Choosing the right carving tool greatly determines the quality of the product.

A beginner carver does not need to buy a complete set of tools, and for making entry-level items, you can get by with a few of the most universal knives and chisels. This will give you an opportunity to get experience, develop your style, and then get the tools that will really be in demand.

Don’t make the mistake I did.

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With the joy of having a hobby, I snapped, bought the most expensive set at the local art store. (Spending 3500). And as it turned out, I only needed two kinds of knives to get started, and a cheap set of chisels from a hardware store.

Knife joints.

The most common knives for carving wood. jamb knives. Both professionals and beginners use them. Knives of this type have a beveled blade, making it convenient for creating small hollows. Their use is justified both for flat-relief sampling and for creating three-dimensional compositions.

A separate type of jamb knife. It looks like a triangle, with one corner jammed into the handle. This knife is universal, all zones of the blade are used.

Shank knives differ in cutting edge angle and blade width. According to the type of sharpening, a distinction is made between single-beveled and double-beveled. A beginner carver should have at least three of these blades of different width in his toolkit.

Cutters for geometric carving.

Another common carver’s knife. the cutter knife. is indispensable in the production of embossed panels. Because of the longer blade, such a knife is ideal for creating ornaments in the form of geometric shapes. Curved shapes and curves are easily carved. For example, a hatchet knife is used to cut triangles and other shapes.

In addition to creating flat reliefs, cutters are also widely used for three-dimensional products. In capable hands, a small cutter can be compared to an artist’s brush.

Bogorodsky knife, “Tatianka”. (My personal favorite.)

The phrase “Bogorodskaya toy” is familiar to many people. This is a handmade wooden figurine. Virtually the entire carving process, from preparation of the workpiece to smoothing out minor irregularities, is performed with a special knife, also called a Bogorodsky knife. Such a knife must necessarily be in the carver’s workshop.

A widespread modification of this knife, popularly called “Tatianka”. When cutting soft wood, the complete cycle of work can be done with one tool. Perfectly suited to “power carving” with its comfortable handle and ideal transmission of power to the blade.

Wood carving chisels.

Chisels of various configurations are convenient to make with the help of chisels. Cutters use a variety of tools, but the most common are.

Additional tools and cutters

The range of additions that a craftsman needs is great. Many craftsmen have, in addition to purchased tools, also their own developments. In the broad sense of additions, sets of skins with different grain sizes are also part of his professional arsenal.


A type of angular chisel for complicated carving with volumes. Used for ornaments, bas-reliefs.

Similar to a semicircular chisel, but differs from it in the rounding along its entire length, including the neck. This provides a smoother and easier movement in the cutting process.

Bleak carvers can be semicircular, angular, and straight. Available in a wide range of sizes, so you can easily select for any type and size of work.

A bit of history

Harvesting firewood for the winter, or making things for everyday use, was widespread not only in Russia. But time went on and people who had a yearning for beauty in their hearts and souls quickly realized.

That wood is a beautiful material on which you can depict your feelings or the events surrounding them. Each nation had its own special techniques of woodworking, it is associated with the culture, worldview and worldview of the people themselves. The higher the cultural heritage, the better and higher the quality of the work of craftsmen.

In Russia, elements of carving were present in everyday life, which had a ceremonial component. Home and kitchen utensils, were always decorated with carved elements.

Patterns, which were put on the hut, had the meaning of the elements and natural phenomena. Or to attract the bright forces, which were a symbol of fertility and longevity.

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Today such a craft continues its life, perhaps the tools have become a little more convenient and modern. Knives for woodcarving, were and are still pretty diverse. Let’s try to take a closer look, a modern woodworker’s workshop.

Hand-held wood cutters

Wood carving cutters are an indispensable tool in the arsenal of the craftsman, who is engaged in the manufacture of decorative objects made of wood. These tools come in different types and shapes, which affects the specifics of machining certain parts.

Some believe that master virtuosos work with one or two cutters, but, in practice, it turns out clear that to achieve the best result and ensure easy work will only help a full set of special carpentry tools, which should be chisels with blades of various shapes.

Among the tools for cutting wood can be distinguished:

  • jamb knives are a category of wood cutters that have short, triangular blades. They can have different angles of bevel of the cutting surface, so they are suitable for creating complex embossed drawings. Such universal wood knives have three functional areas: the blade, the toe and the heel
  • The chisel is the main and most popular carpentry tool. They have an elongated shaft and a cutting edge around the edge of the shaft. Chisels come in flat, oblique, half-circle, tenoning and rakeback designs. So different devices can cut grooves and notches of different depths, as well as give a particular texture and volume to the workpiece. Semicircular chisels are designed for volumetric carving
  • huckleberry cutters are devices for manual finishing cutting, they have two bends of 120 degrees. They have a very curved working part that allows for sharp detail relief. Like chisels, hacksaws have differently shaped blades. It can be stapled, straight, semi-circular, dovetail, goatskin and other clavicles
  • Spoon cutters tools that have a ring or half-ring shape. Their main task is to cut spoons
  • The rivets are available in a variety of sizes. They have three forms of sharpening: leaf, sword and nail. They are necessary for work in flat-relief and volumetric carving. With the help of such tools, it is possible to clear the background in hard-to-reach places. Knives differ from the usual pincers in the shape of the sharpening. If they are missing, it is often not possible to make a nice, clean carving
  • hexes, often called corners, but this is a misconception. The most convenient angle of bending is 45 degrees
  • files always have a 15 degree bend. Handles are shaped like a mushroom. Daggers are used in various types of carving.

Wood carving for beginners

People, who prefer to create objects of decoration by their own hands, can master the skill of artistic cutting. Wood is the material that makes it possible to create genre pictures and decorative compositions. These products can be a decoration for your own home, and they can also be given as a gift to friends and relatives. Today, wood products are at the peak of popularity. There are a lot of woodcarving lessons on the Internet.

Types of wood carving

Each technique developed separately: masters carved domestic objects, interiors, sharpened utensils to their own taste and way.

There are 6 basic techniques of woodcarving and their subtypes. Consider the beauty in detail.

Flat carving is a carving made on a flat background with notches-drawings of different shapes and recesses. The ornament over the entire surface of the background is flat with the same height.

Usually, the flat carving is carried out souvenir products. The patterns in the recess of 5-7 mm can be concave, straight or convex.

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Contour, with a varnished surface chosen as a background. The pattern is made with a chisel-corner, jamb, narrow (semicircular) chisel or tserazik.

Beveled (nail-shaped) threads made with chisels of different diameters. As a result of the craftsman’s work, flat semicircular indentations appear.

Geometric (wedge-shaped, triangular), the love of which appeared in novice masters because of the ease of performance. Patterns are carved with a single tool. a jamb knife.

Sculptural. three-dimensional carving, which received its original purpose in churches. They used it for decorating altars, crosses, and images. Furnishings made in the classical and palace styles are often decorated with sculptural carving.

This technique is widely used not only in the carving of large objects and sculptures, but also children’s toys. objects that require detailed form processing.

Flat-relief. carving with a low level of relief, located in one plane. This type of decoration is often seen in the interior decoration of wooden houses.

With a tapered contour. performed with a chisel at a slight angle and with the same depth of cut. After carving, sharp edges are rounded (filleted).

With a pillow background. a carving with convex shapes on all surfaces of the product, reminiscent of pads. The pattern’s edges were sagged abruptly, the background was sagged at a slight angle.

with a collapsed background. a complicated carving technique, which uses several tools: picks, chisels. In analogy with the block carving, they make an incision and carry out undercutting along the marked contour, and the background is selected with picks, straight chisels of different depth and width, depending on the pattern.

The lodge is one of the oldest techniques in home decoration, combining the basic elements of the blind and openwork types of carving. A blind carving had no through elements and protected the wood from rotting.

It was used mainly for decorating doors and shutters, railings, gables and the front of the house. The fanlight was decorated with delicate carvings or attached overhead inserts above the entrance.

Relief. the relief in this type of thread is made in different heights, and the background is always deaf.

It differs from the other types by its greater expressiveness, the abundance of complex elements that create volume and the play of shadows in the composition. To make a carving in relief, several tools are needed: jamb knives, semicircular chisels of different widths, clavicars.

Bas-relief. patterns with a slight elevation above the background. It can be found on doors, friezes of houses, boards, frames, door trimmers.

High relief. a high pattern with convex forms, significantly rising above the background. Such carving performs monuments, paintings, icons, in houses. pilasters, columns. where the pattern is clearly visible from the center and from the side.

Propyl (prosciutto, openwork). a carving with the background removed. The combination of a relief or geometric carving creates the impression of lightness and airiness of the product.

Through patterns, made with a special saw, decorate wooden houses (eaves, architraves, dormers).

Every cutting technique depends directly on the tool used. It’s time to learn more about it.

Wood chisel

Every craftsman who works with wood has a set of woodworking chisels in his arsenal. Wood chisels are very useful for jobs that involve working with wood. Perfectly sharpened blade of various shapes is used for carving of any complexity. In construction stores you can buy ready-made sets of tools, as well as chisels by the piece.

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