What to do if you’ve run out of STIHL chain saw oil?

STIHL ms 180 starts with a splash of gasoline in the cylinder

The chain saw til MS 180 does not start. Washed the spark plug with acetone, sanded down with a fine sandpaper. For weeks and months. I didn’t use it, gas and oil were in the tank, but it would start in 50th time before. Please tell me where to look and what to do. And please send me the repair manual if you have it available.

Т.к. you had gas in the tank, 80 percent you have to clean the carburettor first. Second, the saw will start if there is fuel in the cylinder, spark and compression. Lack of fuel supply can be seen by a dry spark plug (disassemble and clean the carburetor, change the fuel filter, clean the pulse channel).If there is no spark then change the spark plug, if the change does not help, you must change the magneto. If there is no compression, you need to change the piston, cylinder and packings. My advice would be to first remove the muffler and check the condition of the piston (is there any scuffing on the piston or not).

You can not leave old gas in the tank of the saw is 100%. Diluted gasoline loses its properties pretty fast. There are many sawmills in our area and we are getting more and more experience.

There was a case: in one shop, in a short time all saws broke down at once the cause of searching for a short time, it turned out that gasoline diluted with oil in a large tank from which then filled the saw for weeks and months. All pistons have died out. Naturally the oil loses its properties in diluted form, it is advisable to do it only once, every day dilute a new portion. If left to drain from the tank before storage.

Advice on how to find out the compression in a chainsaw: the easiest way, lift it by the starter rope. It should go down slowly, characteristically squelching compression.

Another tip: You should only turn off your chainsaw when it is idling because when you turn the flag on the stop position the coil gets shorted to the common ground and the spark goes out. Sometimes, the ignition is turned off without reducing the RPM and the short circuit to the ground lasts a very long time, not every coil can withstand it.

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running stihl chainsaw ms170 with no bar and chain oil

Why am I writing all this? Even though the information doesn’t answer the question directly, these facts will help you to find the cause of your problem, maybe you will see what you were doing wrong and already know where to look. (I have, for example, on 270.On a Stihl, ignition coil burned out, shut it off at high rpm in a hurry.)

How to check the spark: unscrewed plug put on a piece of iron saw and twist the starter, indoors, the spark is clearly visible. If not, another way to be sure, instead of a spark plug, insert your finger into the cap and twist the crankshaft (will not kill for sure, but will be an unpleasant feeling but will know for sure if there is spark or not)

In your case, I would change the gasoline to a new diluted, and on the suction pump, cold start spinning until the candle is wet. Then I dried it off, refitted it, and started it up again as usual. If ignition, filters and compression are normal, it won’t go anywhere.

Risks of low-quality fuel

In the composition of different low-octane gasoline and fuel surrogates contain alcohol components, which require more time for complete combustion. The economical use of such fuel is questionable, as there are a number of factors, confirming the inefficient operation and forced wear and tear of the engine.

Plug greasing is promoted by the use of heat-resistant engine oils for 4-stroke engines, heavy wear of compression rings or the entire piston group in general.

What to do if the spark plug gets greasy on the chainsaw

If there is a suspicion of a primed spark plug, it is necessary to examine it. Using a spark plug wrench, it is unscrewed and carefully studied. If the plug is wet, but there is a spark, then it is sure to have been primed.

Proper preparation of the fuel mixture also affects the life of the plug and can also put it out of operation, about what proportions to mix gasoline and oil, read here.

Many experienced owners are able to identify the current condition of the spark plug with a high degree of certainty by its color. This is a procedure that should be repeated at regular intervals.

  • Light brown fouling is exactly what all owners want to see. In this case, the functionality of the chainsaw is not impaired.
  • Black soot signals an unbalanced mixture, namely a lack of oxygen in the fuel chamber. If the situation is not corrected, there is a high risk that the chainsaw will overfill the spark plug.
  • If you find corrosion on the plug or too much distance between the electrodes, it is likely that a lean fuel mixture is used.
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STIHL STIHL-180 chain saw does not start: What are the main causes?

Today, the production of machines for agricultural and construction work is engaged in a variety of manufacturers, among which the most popular is the equipment made by STIHL. High quality is not the only reason why STIHL power tools are so popular on the market. This is also due to the democratic price and optimum power possessed by models of this brand.

It is thought that many people have used a chainsaw of this brand. And not just to use them, but to do all kinds of jobs on a regular basis and to see how well they perform. Such a proliferation of these products is not accidental, given that in addition to power, this tool stands out for its graceful design. But remember that STIHL chain saws have a limited lifespan. Therefore, every owner of such a machine at some point is faced with the need to repair. The following is a general guide to STIHL-180 chain saw repair.

Tips for troubleshooting

If the chainsaw spark plug was still primed, and you do not want to wait for the fuel to drain out, there is a fairly effective and quick method of cleaning.

  • If the repair takes place in the field conditions, the saw is installed on a level surface (in a workshop everything is easier. use the table to help), then the BB wire is pulled out from the spark plug, the spark plug electrodes are wiped dry with a wrench. The circuit breaker system must be on.
  • Unscrew the lid of the air filter, which is cleaned of dirt.
  • After that, the control lever is set at the minimum throttle position and the starter cord is jerked up to 10 times, but not less than 5. The combustion chamber is thereby cleaned of excessive fuel.
  • Having returned back the air filter, installed the spark plug and connected the wire, you should pull the starter cord a few more times. The throttle valve must remain open.

If these actions are performed correctly, the saw will come back to life.

Fix 90% Of Stihl Chainsaw Bar Oil Leaks With This Simple Repair!

stihl, chain

Most chainsaw owners have filled the spark plugs and restored the tool to working order more than once. Do not be afraid of this problem: straight growing hands and having a user manual will help without going to a specialized center to continue using the tool.

“MASTER PLUS” repair of varying complexity in the city of London. Grayscale

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Chainsaw not oiling? Check this FIRST!. Homestead Tips

Why don’t you leave fuel in the chain saw?

Over time, if the same mistake is made in the process of preparing the fuel mixture, the gasoline equipment can fail at all. In this article of the construction magazine samastroyka.Why don’t you leave the fuel mix in the chain saw for a long time, and why don’t you store gasoline and oil for more than 1 month?

STIHL STIHL 180 chain saw repair manual

The STIHL STIHL 180 chain saw has proven itself in the construction market. This portable device has a power output of 1400 watts and a motor volume of 31 cc. see. The saw chain is 350 mm long and rotates more than 2 thousand times when idling. Its popularity among consumers is also due to the acceptable cost of the tool. However, when using a chainsaw from time to time malfunctions occur. Repair of the tool in the service is not cheap, so those who understand at least a little bit in technical matters, repair the damage with their own hands.


In practice, this is such a tool, the main meaning of which is quite difficult to define clearly. The fact is that such equipment is versatile and has a very wide scope of application. For example, it is very relevant during gardening, construction and other types of work.

Many dacha owners and gardeners buy lightweight models for the care of fruit trees on their country site. That is to say, nowadays the chainsaw has undoubtedly become a high-performance alternative to the hand saw or axe. And with the peculiarities of its operation and the adjustment of the spark plug gap almost every handyman is familiar.

But do all the owners of dacha plots know how to repair such equipment in case of any malfunction in its work? Let’s talk about what to do if your chain saw won’t start and fills up the spark plug. Let’s also talk about why this kind of thing happens.

STIHL 180 fills up the spark plug

A key cause of a primed spark plug on a chainsaw is excessive fuel and can be caused by a variety of reasons, including:

  • Poor quality gasoline.
  • Incorrect starting algorithm of a chainsaw, which is often a “sin” for inexperienced owners.
  • Clogging of the air filter, which can no longer cope with its function.
  • Failure of ignition system.
  • The unsettled work of the carburetor.

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