What to cut the wall panel PVC

What tool is suitable for cutting plastic panels?

In the arsenal of masters of finishing works there are many ways to cut plastic. And everyone who is engaged in self-repair, can choose any of these ways, use a professional tool or improvised means, based on their needs and capabilities. Consider in detail the pros and cons of each method:

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  • The plastic cutterThe plastic cutter. Sold in any construction store. With this sander it is possible to make a perfectly even cut on a PVC panel without using too much effort. The only disadvantage is that it only cuts in a straight line, so you can’t make rounded cuts. If you want, you can construct the cutter yourself. from a strip of metal about 1 cm wide and 2 mm thick. One side should be sharpened at a 45-degree angle, and the handle should be wrapped in duct tape so as not to cut your fingers when working.
  • HacksawSaw. For plastic, the tool with fine teeth is suitable, but make sure that the teeth on the blade are not bent in different directions. That way the cut will be smooth and the plastic will not break. It is convenient to cut several panels with a hacksaw, stacking them on top of each other.
  • Jigsaw. It makes the process of cutting the panels much faster than with a hand tool. But there are some nuances of working with the jigsaw: jigsaw 1. The pendulum motion should be switched off immediately. 2. to use a saw with fine teeth. 3. Adjust the speed of the saw (choose the slowest one, so as not to melt the cut). The jigsaw will perfectly cope with the task of cutting panels stacked, the main thing is that the height of the stack does not exceed the length of the saw.
  • angle grinder angle grinder. The most convenient tool for cutting PVC-panels, you can make straight and curved cuts with an angle grinder with a cutting wheel. Keep in mind that when cutting plastic, the tool must work at the lowest rpm, otherwise the cut edge will melt and the panel will be ruined.
  • KnifeKnife. In the absence of a more convenient tool you can use a simple kitchen or office knife. The narrower the blade of the knife, the easier it will be to cut. A loaf knife with a serrated blade is ideal, it leaves an even edge without breaking or chipping.

How to cut a PVC-panel properly?

When cutting, place the panel on its front side

To successfully complete the task, it is worth knowing some secrets of plastic cutting. This will significantly reduce the number of rejected and damaged panels, and save the novice master from unnecessary waste of time, money, and above all. from injury.

  • If you carry out finishing work in the cold season, do not cut the panel, which has just been brought in from the street. Let them warm up to room temperature. The best option is for them to spend at least 1 night in the room temperature. Otherwise, the plastic, which in the cold becomes brittle, will break in large pieces, may go crack along the entire length of the panel.
  • Regardless of what method of cutting you have chosen, place the panel face up (photo above), otherwise the panel can deform and its installation will cause difficulties. In addition, if you make the cut on the wrong side, the front side can be covered with microcracks that will manifest themselves only over time, finally spoiling the design. It will not be superfluous to mark in advance a line of the cut, for this purpose a simple pencil or felt-tip pen (which will easily erase from a surface after termination of work) and a pupil’s ruler will do.
  • To cut several PVC panels at once, you need to stack them and make a two-point support for this stack, so that the panels do not sag. It is also worthwhile to rest the opposite edge of the stack in the wall, otherwise during the cutting the panels will shift and you will end up with parts of different lengths.
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Experienced craftsmen who have in their arsenal of special tools for processing plastic, are used to cut the PVC panels for wall cladding with a special cutter. This handy tool makes a perfectly straight cut on plastic without any physical effort.

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Installing 3D Wall Panels DIY | The Carpenter’s Daughter

Skilled people can quite make that tool with their own hands according to the following instructions:

  • You need to take a strip of metal sheet with a thickness of at least 2 mm. The width of the strip should be 1 cm.
  • One edge of the metal strip is cut at a 45 degree angle.
  • One side of the homemade cutter is sharpened with a sharpening stone.
  • The opposite side should be wrapped with insulating tape to avoid damaging your hand while working.

Please note! It is worth a cutter for plastic 700-1500, it may well come in handy in the future. We recommend buying this useful tool because it greatly speeds up the process of cutting PVC panels.


Hacksaw. a universal tool that is available in the arsenal of any craftsman. It can easily cut wall panels of plastic, if the purchase of a special cutter is not possible. With a hacksaw the process of cutting takes longer, but with a small amount of work it does not significantly affect the duration of wall cladding.


During the sawing of plastic with a hacksaw, the following nuances must be taken into account:

  • For sawing PVC use a tool with fine teeth for wood (cross-cutting) or metal.
  • Do not use too much force to cut through the plastic, otherwise you could damage the material.
  • With a hacksaw you can cut several panels at once by stacking them together.

Keep in mind that when processing plastic, the cut can turn out jagged if you use a tool with the teeth bifurcated in different directions.

How To Cut PVC Walling

Power tool

The most impatient can use an electric tool for sawing the PVC panel. For these purposes, any machine that is at hand with the master will do. This method allows you to cut plastic quickly, saving you a lot of time. The cut is made with a power tool:

Electric jigsaw

angle grinder.angle grinder

Circular saw. Circular saw

Important! Sawing plastic is recommended only at low speed, as at high speed it begins to melt, releasing toxic fumes, and the cut turns out jagged.

Here’s a secret

When it is necessary to prepare a lot of sticks, frame size. For example, you need to cut 20-30 pieces at once.

And so you don’t have to cut one piece each time, but increase the speed. There’s a little trick you can do.

You need clamps like we have in the photo. Take a few at a time, usually 5 at a time. Adjust them so they don’t stick out one by one and clamp them with the zips. Two pieces on each side of the panel.

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And saw in peace. This way you can cut up to 5 panels at a time. It is possible to cut more, but that is not possible with the Bosch saw.

You will speed up the cutting process by a factor of five and make your work easier.

  • If you are finishing work in the cold season, do not cut panels that have just been brought in from the street. Let them warm up to room temperature. The best option is to let them spend at least 1 night in the room temperature. Otherwise the plastic which becomes brittle in the cold will break in large pieces and the entire length of the panel may crack.
  • Regardless of what method of cutting you have chosen, is the position of the panel face up (photo above), otherwise the panel can deform and its installation will cause difficulties. In addition, if you make the cut from the wrong side, the front side can be covered with microcracks, which will manifest themselves only over time, finally spoiling the design. It will not be superfluous to mark in advance the line of the cut, for this will work a simple pencil or felt-tip pen (which can easily be erased from the surface after the work) and a student ruler.
  • To cut several PVC-panels at a time, you need to stack them and make this stack two-point support, so the panels do not sag. Still worth to set the opposite edge of the stack into the wall, otherwise during the cutting the panel will move and you will end up with parts of different lengths.

angle grinder (angle grinder)

Not every angle grinder is suitable for cutting panels. It should be small, so you can easily hold it with one hand. Not every angle grinder is suitable for cutting panels.

In an angle grinder set the thinnest disc 0.8 mm, 1 mm or a maximum of 1.2 mm. A normal metal disc is used.

The angle grinder gives a strikingly accurate cut, without nicks and, as they say, the people “sniffles”.

The angle grinder does not tear the plastic. No matter what part of the panel you are cutting in what weather conditions. whether in cold or heat. using an angle grinder you get an even cut.

With an angle grinder, you can literally cut millimeters off a wall panel.

The disadvantages include the fact that it is heavier than a jigsaw and a knife. But the biggest disadvantage is that the angle grinder gives a lot of fine dust. It gets in all the right places.

Precision and quality

The format cutters for cutting laminated chipboard and particle board have a high quality of cut, which reduces the subsequent costs for the processing of cuts (sanding, removal of chipping and burrs, etc.).

That’s why such machines can be used to make a cut of any complexity and configuration, which means almost inexhaustible possibilities in furniture production.

Fancy children’s furniture, comfortable computer desk tops, carved details in the doors of kitchen fronts. all this is possible with the machines.

There are two types of panel cutting machines:

  • Vertical machines, consisting of a sturdy, vibration-resistant welded bed (frame) set vertically at a 50° tilt to the rear, with guides at the top and bottom along which the saw beam runs. It is a bracket for the saw unit, which moves down and up along the beam and rotates 90°, allowing both vertical and horizontal cuts. Cutting accuracy is amazing. A special scoring unit is used for cutting laminated chipboard, as well as hard, corrugated or porous boards. The saw has a rotation speed of up to 15,000 rpm;
  • horizontal, consisting of a table for the plate, a carriage to move the saw along the sawing mechanism and the actual sawing mechanism, consisting of one or two cutting units. The cutting units themselves are equipped with a main saw and a scoring saw. The principle is simple: the main saw deeply cuts through the chipboard and the scoring saw precisely and accurately cuts the bottom edge (veneer or laminate surface). The saw unit can also be tilted up to 45°.
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The mitre saw is a homemade and greatly reduced copy of a horizontal machine. It is not suitable for cutting wide sheets of chipboard or laminated chipboard, but it can handle small parts.

How to cut plastic panels. three cutting methods

Economical homeowners know that there is no better and more practical material for bathroom and toilet walls than decorative PVC panels. They are an excellent substitute for ceramic tiles in cases when money or time is insufficient for complete renovation.

This material is also popular because it can easily be fitted by hand. However, the standard length of the panel is 3 m, which exceeds the height of ceilings in typical high-rise buildings. In connection with this inexperienced masters who have decided to decorate the walls of the bathroom with their own hands, the question arises what to cut the plastic panel at home. In this article we will tell you about the special tools for sawing plastic and the handy tools that can be used for this operation.


Such a device is convenient when speed and quality cutting of the end face of workpieces are important to solve the problem. The speed of such a tool is high, and, at the same time, the quality is better than any of those described above. But when working you need to carefully inspect the panel for possible chips and lay it back to the cutter, and face the supporting surface. This is because the cutter can press 2 to 5 millimeters into the surface of the PVC workpiece.

M1 PVC Panelling Overview & Installation

The tool simplifies and speeds up assembly work. Buying the cutter will close the question forever, how to cut the plastic panel, and other techniques will no longer be relevant. Using it, it is important to remember that it is not possible to make trimming in place with such a tool.

How to cut PVC panels? How to saw plastic construction

PVC-panel is one of the most popular materials for interior decoration. Its use in the interior is attractive not only in appearance, but also in affordable price, ease of maintenance and installation. Due to the characteristics listed above, many people prefer PVC panels rather than tile, when finishing personal hygiene rooms.

Features of materials

Careful calculation of decorative cladding, fitting panels without fasteners and scrupulous preparation of the necessary tools will reduce the number of defects to zero. Therefore, before you start cutting the material, you need to know how each variety of panels behaves:

It is not necessary to have a professional set of saws and discs, if the material of the panels is more serious than thin plastic. It is enough to choose the right one and sharpen the cutting part well.

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