What to cut laminate without chipping

Features of the process of cutting laminate

Proceeding to the installation of the laminate floor, you need to know not only how to cut the laminate at home, but also how to use the tools correctly. Among the main determining points regarding the peculiarities of working with laminate, the following can be noted:

  • You should not apply great force when cutting laminate;
  • In case of a poor-quality cut, the board should be laid with the damaged side under the baseboard;
  • To get the perfect cut, the workpiece should be placed backside down when working with an angle grinder and circular saw, or backside up when working with an electric jigsaw;
  • Check calculations before making the cut several times to prevent any damage to the material;
  • Place a construction adhesive tape over the kerf to make the curved cuts.
laminate, chipping


Since the material consists of wood sawdust, it is quite easy to saw by hand. Use a wood or metal hacksaw. It is important that the hacksaw has fine, sharp teeth. This will allow you to cut the panels without chipping or scoring. With minor damage to the edges, the ends will cover the skirting board.

Before you start cutting the laminate flooring you should mark it. Before you saw the laminate flooring, measure the required length on the panel and apply the cutting line. For a better edge quality, the bottom layer should be notched on the reverse side

What is the best way to cut the laminate flooring at home??

Considering what to saw the laminate, it should be noted that the laminated coating is recommended to lay by the same technology as the brickwork, that is, in a scattering. Only in this case the finished floor will look natural and very attractive. The only disadvantage of this laying scheme is that it involves cutting the material in each row.

Cutting laminate is a very responsible task, on the correctness of which will depend on the appearance of the flooring. Therefore, such work should be treated with the utmost seriousness, pre-cleared how and what to saw laminate.

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What is used for sawing laminate at home without chipping and damage

Technology of work with laminate provides that in the process of laying will need to perform trimming cloth length or width. The average buyer who has decided to carry out these works independently, there is a quite reasonable question how to saw laminate at home.

For trimming laminate boards can be used as hand tools, and electric equipment. The quality of the sawing in each case varies, but if you follow the elementary instructions the result is almost always positive.

What to saw the laminate for even cuts: an overview

When cutting laminate flooring often gets a question than saw laminate, what tools should be used for this purpose. This problem can be solved in two ways: production and manual. As a result, the production cut is obtained without chips.

It is performed with special tools. About the advantages and disadvantages of each and tell in this article. Knowing about them, it will not be difficult to make the right choice and choose the device for cutting laminate, which will be easy to manage.

Now clamp the board tightly (face down). RPM speed of the power tool should be high. Try to saw smoothly enough without jerking the jigsaw to avoid chipping. Having got used to it, it is possible to quickly and accurately saw laminate boards.

How to cut a laminate flooring at home

No markings with laser beams and pointers built into an electric jigsaw or a renozzle cannot be used. The second condition is a slow feed speed of the cutting tool.

Let’s equip ourselves with an electric jigsaw

It is a good idea if you have a jigsaw at home that is equipped with a file for wood surfaces.

Using this tool is the best option.

Before sawing, mark the cutting line with a pencil, and then use a knife or an awl to cut through the film of the laminate flooring. Now we tighten the board (face downwards).

How to Cut Laminate Countertop – DIY

RPM of the jigsaw should be high. It is necessary to try to saw smoothly enough, without jerking the jigsaw, in order to avoid chipping. After some practice one can saw laminate boards quickly and accurately. And the excellent result is obtained when cutting both along and across the board. It seems that the answer to the question of the best way to saw laminate flooring is clear.

Many ordinary people who are trying to make a laminate with their own hands, a valid question arises, what are the tools for cutting and which of them is better? To answer these questions, we need to consider all kinds of.

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The main features that a home laminate cutting tool should have are:

The last point, whose meaning is not to spoil the look of the laminate boards after cutting, is decisive for most home craftsmen. But its importance is still exaggerated. In any case, chips up to 5 mm in size on the finished flooring will not be noticeable. defects on the edges of the panels are hidden behind the skirting boards.

So, what are the most suitable tools for cutting laminate?

The tool The jigsaw

The best result in cutting laminate can be achieved by using an electric jigsaw for this purpose. This is a lightweight, very easy to use tool, which will quickly find an approach any master-beginner. Even a woman or a teenager. The jigsaw cuts at high rpm to avoid structural damage Fibreboard. If you act quickly and confidently, the cut will be almost perfect.

The Best Way To Cut Laminated/Formica Countertop Without Chipping.

The main thing in using an electric jigsaw is the choice of the jigsaw. Modern tools are usually initially equipped with special saws for cutting laminate. They differ in shape, pitch, and the way the teeth are set. However, ordinary metal saws, narrow with fine teeth, will do the job just as well.

In order not to damage the decorative surface, the cutting line is drawn (with a pencil or chalk) on the underside of the laminate board. It is laid on the table (chair) with the back side up so that the part to be cut is in a suspended position. One hand fixes the laminate lying on the table, while the other hand quickly cuts off the excess.

The tool A circular saw

A neat cut on the edge of the laminate can be obtained by using a circular saw with a disk on metal. Working with a circular saw is more difficult than with an electric jigsaw, so it requires some skill. If you have them, you can saw the laminate flooring quickly, evenly, with almost no chips.

The laminate flooring is laid on a hard surface with the pattern upward, and then it is secured. It is necessary to cut accurately, with a little pressure advancing the disk along the drawn line, trying not to slow down in one place.

The tool Angle grinder (angle grinder)

Angle grinder. a handy tool, indispensable in the drawer of the home handyman. Almost everything can be cut with it, including laminate. For a beautiful edge, without cracks and chips, when sawing, you need to turn the laminate board with the front surface. It is used for metal, concrete or ceramic tile discs.

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The disadvantage of using an angle grinder (and a circular saw, too!) can be called a large amount of dust, which will be released when cutting laminate. Also this action can be accompanied by a smell of burning wood. That is why you should cut on an open balcony or outdoors.

The tool A hacksaw

The laminate flooring can be successfully sawed with an ordinary wood hacksaw. But it will take some effort, because its teeth are quite large and will dig into the laminate, not cut it. A hacksaw for metal has finer teeth and should be used for cutting.

The hacksaw is very often used for cutting small amounts of work. This method is not used by construction crews, because it is time consuming and labor intensive.

The tool Laminate Cutter

The laminate flooring cutter, on the other hand, allows you to cut at a professional level. Most often, this tool works like a guillotine. a knife that, with the help of a handle, is lowered onto the surface of the laminate and cuts it. The cutter operates easily, without chipping or noise. No force or skill is needed to use it. This is probably the easiest tool to use, allowing you to get excellent results in any conditions.

How To Cut a Laminate Countertop | Including Lessons Learned

Since this cutter is used exclusively for laminate, it only makes sense to buy it for professional installation. This method is not considered practical for finishing off several rooms in an apartment.

laminate, chipping

The tool Construction knife

An ordinary construction knife can also be used to cut a laminate flooring. For example, if you have almost finished your flooring, and you only have to trim one board, but your angle grinder suddenly breaks There are no other tools handy, and cutting is urgent. Then the construction knife comes in handy. Put a ruler on the front side of the laminate board and use the knife to make a deep cut. Hold the board on one side of the cut, push the other side. The laminate should break, just like a ceramic tile would break under the action of a tile cutter.

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