What the bats look like for an electric screwdriver. Rules for the choice

What the bats look like for an electric screwdriver

What to do if you need remote access to the Mikrotik router, and you have a dynamic IP address, you can certainly use some kind of service for no ip, dyndns.But it is more convenient to use the built.in function that is present in this equipment, we are talking about the Cloud function. This function allows you to get remote access to the router with a dynamic IP address. Connection to the router will be carried out by serial equipment number, as a result you will get approximately such DNS NAME. SN.Mynetname.NET where the serial number of your equipment will be with stars and, on it you can connect to the router instead of IP addresses. I will note right away, we will perform all actions through the WinBox utility.

Bits for electric screwdriver. views, purpose, choice

Currently, the use of nails can be found in construction. Shurups and self.tapping screws are much easier to drive into wood or metal using an electric screwdriver. It is used both in large.scale construction and for domestic needs. To reliably fasten the elements with self.tapping screws, you need to choose the right bit for an electric screwdriver. In the article, the master plumber will tell you what they are and how to choose them correctly.

Bits differ in size, shape, material and the presence of a protective coating. They are an oblong metal hexagon, which has two sides. One side is working, and is designed to screw the meters, the second side of the bat is inserted into an electric screwdriver.

  • Basic, for twisting screws, screws and screws.
  • Combined. Characterized by a double working part, while each of them may vary the size and type. During operation, it is fixed in the cartridge of an electric screwdriver with an unnecessary half, and the work is performed by the rest.
  • Special. Are highly specialized products. Special bits are rarely used in work, so they are sold only by the place.
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Knowing the marking, you will no longer be mistaken with choosing a bit for an electric screwdriver.

The very first one invented a screwdriver under a straight slot, it was invented in the 16th century. It was widespread in the Soviet period. Today, there are also types of bit for an electric screwdriver made under a straight slot, but they are used less often. Such nozzles are indicated by SL letters. This marking is placed on one of the faces.

Latin letters SL are a reduction from the English word Slot, meaning “slot” or “slot”. There is also an alternative designation option. Slotted. This word when translated into Russian means “slotted”. The figure indicating the width of the sting is always indicated next to the letters. In some cases, its thickness is additionally indicated.

For the first time, a cross-shaped bit appeared in the first half of the 20th century. The moment contributed to this that when using fasteners and screwdrivers for straight slots in the automotive industry, when assembling parts, they often slipped out of the hats of screws and screws, which led to damage to the varnished coating of the vehicle. Also, the fasteners often broke the thread due to the fact that limiters of torque have not yet been invented, which later began to be used in mechanical screwdrivers and screw vests.

All of these reasons contributed to the fact that in 1933 John Thompson invented a screw with a cross.shaped slot. After 3 years, a patent for this invention was acquired by Henry Phillips. This engineer finalized production technology and in 1937 suggested Eugene Clarku, who was a major manufacturer of metal products, conduct competitions, who will quickly spin screws.

Naturally, Henry Phillips won the competition. After that, the new type of nozzles attracted the attention of automakers from the United States, but the Second World War began soon. Therefore, the cross.shaped slit appeared in Europe, along with the supply of American military equipment.

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The first cruciate nozzle was called “Phillips” in Honor Henry Philips. Bits of this species are marked with the letters pH. After them follows a number rigidly related to the diameter of the external thread of the fastener element. This standard is used for all types of bits with a cruciate sting.

Later, specifically for the production of furniture and the construction of construction work, Philips Screw Company has developed a new type of cross.shaped slot. It was called Pozidriv (Oddriv). This type of helmet was patented in 1966. Bits for this slice are marked with PZ letters. They are designed to work with wood or with other similar materials having a heterogeneous structure. At the same time, bits type pH are more suitable for working with metal.

A distinctive feature of the PZ system, in comparison with PH, is that the edges of the working surfaces are located parallel to each other and are made along its entire length with the same thickness, and the slot itself is much deeper. This design feature prevents the bitches pushing when tightening fasteners. Thanks to this, a denser contact is formed between the screw hat and the bat, which reduces the wear of the elements. In this case, it is not necessary to make great axial efforts when the sting is pressing on the slot.

The choice of a universal set of bit “for every day

The minimum set of the tool that is useful to every home master (even to someone who takes out his electric screwdriver a couple of times a year) may contain only two bits. flat Sl 5 slot and cross.shaped slit. buying such bit will require literally 100. Today, the screws under the Pozidriv slots are increasingly widespread (they are easy to identify on a double cross, which is formed by thin rays emanating from the center between the main slots), so that PZ 2 bit will not be superfluous.

However, it is better to purchase not one bit, but by sets of all sizes. this will make it possible to easily perform most homework, collect and repair furniture and household appliances, and such sets will help with the machine.

Torx bits and hexagons will be a good addition, and it is better to buy them right away by sets. The fact is that the cross.shaped or flat slot can be used to work with screws of various sizes, and with Torx and HEX such a number will not pass. for a screw of each size you need its own bat. And in recent years, the purchase of a bite key (Tri-Wing) has become relevant-they will very help out in a microwave, a kettle and other small household appliances, which began to use screws with a non-standard helmet if necessary.

When buying, you should pay attention to the length of the bit. In most cases, there will be enough standard bits 25 mm long. And in case of work in hard-to-reach places, an extinguishing holder with a magnetic head will come in handy.

Applied standards

In addition to form, it is advisable to understand the standards of products. They belong to the basic bits. The following varieties are distinguished:

  • PH standard. This is a reduction from Philips. Schlitz. Cross. Verment angle. 55º. Four slides expand. There are different sizes: pH0, pH1. small, pH4. have the largest diameter. Intermediate option, pH2, is better than the rest. He is almost universal. The load when using PH is distributed evenly, the probability of damage to the tools is minimal.
  • PZ standard. Reduced from “Pozidrive”. Very similar to the previous one, but a little more perfect. Schlitz here is a cross. In addition to the main ribs, there are additional, slightly smaller. This is the difference. Due to changes, clutch with fasteners is better than pH. PZ is often used to pull out stuck rusty screws or during large.scale construction. Dimensions. from 0 to 4, and more common 2 and 3.
  • SL standard. Slot reduction. Schlitz. straight, slop. The width may vary: from 0 to 7. It is indicated in the marking immediately after the standard. Such nozzles are used when working with soft material, when the load is small.
  • Torx Hole. Looks like a hexagonal star. They are used if a lot of power is needed for tightening fasteners, for example, when repairing cars.
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How to choose a suitable type

Bita selection is carried out according to several criteria:

  • External signs. The type of slot, its features (anti.vandal, displaced, etc.P.)
  • The size of the slice. Bit number is selected that is optimally suitable for this hardware. Usually choose a copy that can stay in the slice without falling out of it.

As a rule, bits are purchased by sets. This is convenient, makes it possible to choose the right option from the available samples. However, individual bits are sometimes purchased if work is carried out with a specific type and size of a slot. For example, for a confirmation, you need a nozzle type H4, so the acquisition of a whole set in this case is impractical.

Types of bit

The equipment for electric screwdriver consists of the following accessories:

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The bat is a rod with six faces, on the one side of which is a working profile, and its other end is designed for fixation in the cartridge of the power tool or in the holder. This special nozzle should correspond to the type of fastener (self.tapping screw, screw, screw, bolt and others).

Drill for electric screwdriver represent a separate category of equipment. They are taken from ordinary (unstressed) drums. In this case, the maximum diameter of the drills is limited to the highest cross section of the tail, which the tool cartridge is capable.

Existing types of bits differ in the shape of their working part. On this basis, such groups of this equipment are distinguished:

  • the main (standard), which includes straight, cross.shaped, hexagonal tips, as well as in the form of a star and for bolts;
  • special, for example, bits equipped with spring clamps, limiting stops (designed to screw drywall sheets), trihedral;
  • combined, in which nozzles are equipped with two working parts of various shapes or size.

Extense for bit are divided into two varieties:

Standard equipment

Standard nozzles are part of any set, they are used most often. The very first of the whole variety of equipment appeared direct (slotted) bits. This classic version is designed to work with screws or screws with a direct incision. Marking the slotted equipment with the letter S (from the word Slot), next to which the figure is placed. The number indicates the width of the slot located within 3-9 mm. The thickness of the tip is not indicated, but its standard value lies in the range from 0.5 to 1.6 mm. The marking located on the shank also contains an indication of the material from which the equipment is made.

There are slotted bits with a golden coating of titanium nitride. Then the marking contains the designation tin. At the same time, the width of the tip with the titanium coating can be from 4.5 to 6,% mm, and the thickness is 0.6-1.2 mm.

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There are elongated stitching nozzles. They are 5-10 cm long.

Cross.shaped (cross) bits are divided into two groups:

  • PH (from Philips). a universal type from 2.5 to 15 cm long (there are also 30 cm flexible holders), with a working part of four diagonal ribs;

Philips equipment has four sizes: from PH-0 to PH-3. The number corresponds to the outer diameter of the fastener element.

The most popular of all is the size of PH-2, which is widely used in household work.

Pozidrive nozzles are the following sizes:

  • PZ0 are used to work with screws up to 2.5 mm in diameter;
  • PZ1. with their help, fasten the fasteners from 2.5 to 3.5 mm;
  • PZ2 are designed for screws 3.5-4 mm;
  • PZ3 and PZ4 allow you to work with large screws and anchor bolts.

The cross.shaped equipment is most common in comparison with other varieties. It can also have a titanium coating.

Marking of hexagonal bits. letter H (from the phrase Hex SOCKET). Such nozzles can be:

Hexagons are widely used in furniture production, when installing/dismantling water supply or heating systems.

Bits-stars are marked with the letter T with the number. They are used in assembling/disassembling household appliances, as well as cars. They are such varieties:

Nozzles designed for twisting or promoting fasteners with a hexagonal head (bolts, nuts) have a size of 6-13 mm. Eight.millimeter bits are most common of them.

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There are magnetized and non.magnetic modifications, while the price of the former is about 1.5 times higher.

Special nozzles

The following varieties of bit include special equipment:

How the nozzle for electric screwdriver should work

Any screw fasteners have a feature: they are created exclusively for the standard size of the nozzle adapted to them. She should fit into his grooves and protrusions tightly, without backlash, reliably transmit the torque.

Manufacturers of screws, self.tapping screws and screws produce not only a wide range of their products, but also screwdrivers for them, nozzles for a screwdriver. bats. All these products are strictly standardized, which should be taken into account when choosing.

Bits can be sold separately or included in the manufacturer’s tool.

Check the quality of the correspondence of the batter with the head of the self.tapping screw or screw is simple: it is necessary to tightly fix the fastener, for example, in a vice and insert a bat in it with a fans, but do not include the latter.

If dense contacts of conjugated surfaces are created and there are no backlash, then everything is fine: you can work. Otherwise, two details will suffer at once:

The damaged bit has a characteristic type. erased facets of the working edges.

In some cases, it is easier to screw one or two self.tapping screws manually than to use an electric screwdriver. For these purposes, a special handle serves.

Turn on the function Mikrotik Cloud

And so, we launch the WinBox utility, if you use Linux, then this utility works perfectly through Wine, the installation of which on the site has more than one article for Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora. Build and go to the IP item and in the drop.down list, select Cloud:

In one of the old publications there was a description of the Mikrotik RBM33G motherboard capable of working simultaneously with two cellular modems. Below I will make a brief description of how to configure Routeros for the distribution of traffic between two LTE Intections.

On the test I will use two Quectel EP06 modems.

RBM33 Microot with two modems EP06

Microatist Roter OS is a very flexible operating system and has a huge number of settings, the configuration I proposed is one of the possible, but far from the only. In general, the situation of using two gateways simultaneously for access to the Internet is not standard and has many implementations, while in any case there will be any crutches, somehow spoiling the overall picture, but so far we will not talk about bad.

To get started, we will make a standard Mikrotik RBM33G setting to enter the Internet through the modem:

  • We will reset the configuration to clean (Reset configuration)
  • Combine all LAN integrates into a bridge
  • We will hang on him the targeted space
  • Set up on the Bridge DHCP server
  • We configure the firewall
  • Pun the NAT to access the Internet from our subnet

From this moment, you should have the Internet that will work through one of the LTE intenses, the second will be idle.

Surface / Super Lock heads

Surface or Super Lock heads in the size row correspond to hexagonal nozzles, but differ from them in the form of profile. Their inner surfaces are not straight, but slightly convex. Therefore, when rotating, the head does not press on the very angle of the line of fasteners, but a little closer to the middle. This design feature allows you to tighten and unscrew slightly “licked” or deformed bolts and nuts using Super Lock heads.

Torx heads (sometimes called them with an e-profile) look like the same bits. The inner surface of this tool has the appearance of a six.beam star. With the help of Torx heads, it is impossible to twist the usual hexagonal fasteners, but they are ideal for twisting and unscrewing the bolts and nuts with an E-profile, which today are increasingly found in the design of cars and some other types of equipment.

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