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Category Location Name Rating Price
The best inexpensive cordless chain saws for home and garden 1 Bosch PSA 700 E 9.4 / 10 8 400
2 Einhell TE-AP 1050 E 9.0 / 10 11 500
3 STANLEY SPT900 8.6 / 10 7 400
The best professional corded sabre saws 1 Bosch GSA 1300 PCE 9.9 / 10 18 700
2 Metabo SSEP 1400 MVT 9.8 / 10 22 700
3 Makita JR3070CT 9.6 / 10 17 280
4 Metabo SSE 1100 9.5 / 10 13 700
5 Zubr ZPS-1400 E 8.9 / 10 10 200
The best cordless sabre saws 1 Makita DJR187RTE 9.7 / 10 30 500
2 Makita DJR360Z 9.6 / 10 16 300
3 Makita DJR186RFE 9.5 / 10 26 310
4 Metabo ASE 18 LTX 5.2Ah x2 Case 9.4 / 10 26 200
5 Greenworks G24RS 0 9.2 / 10 8 000

OEM sabre saw under Makita 18V battery (but this is not certain)

Tool packaging. plain box made of unpainted corrugated cardboard, size 335x170x80 mm.

best, battery, sabre, saws

Inside there is a saw in a bubble wrap bag and blades in a simple foil pouch. The battery and the battery charger are not included in the kit, it is assumed that the buyer already has them. The saw as it is. It is an OEM product, with room for brand names to suit all tastes. There are places on the body for the hook and safety strap, but they are missing in order to reduce production costs. I ordered a slightly different delivery. with 4 blades in a set. These include a short metal blade(18TPI), a short wood blade with fine teeth(10TPI), a short wood blade with coarse teeth(6TPI) and a long wood blade(6TPI). In the kit linked in the review header, the blades are the same, but each is available in triplicate. Not much difference. the included blades are of poor quality anyway, at least the ones for metal. Unscrew 11 Phillips screws and the tool body can be taken apart into two halves. Close-up of engine markings. Motor is not demountable, quick change of brushes is not possible. The inside of the gearbox. Stroke is 10 millimeters. The speed is adjusted depending on how hard the switch is pressed. Well, where’s the battery pack?? And here it is, the yellow one. Makita? Makita! 18 volts? Yes. We put it in the tool And it won’t fit in there. It looks like the saw’s designer envisioned the 18-volt Makita battery somehow differently. Can’t do without an adapter. You will need 5 and 6 mm thick pieces of textolite for it. We glue the narrow strips with superglue to make the markings easier. To avoid sticking to the battery body and to provide the necessary constructional clearances, we put a film on the side. Trying on beforehand. After sawing, the parts package of the lower part of the adapter is tightened with M3 screws. Insert the brass sheet pins into the notches in the textolite and bend them backwards. Upper part of the adapter and its contacts.The brass is thinner here. Soldering wire jumpers. Adapter in the tool body. Adapter and its stopper.The stopper is cut out of 20mm thick gethinax plate with the same saw, and that’s where the battery pack, thoroughly battered by life, finally died. Approximately this is how they will be assembled into a single design with a pair of M4x24 screws. The stopper is in its intended position, the tool body is closed and screwed together. We wet the adapter with epoxy to remove traces sawing: Adapter with docked battery close-up: A general view of the tool: Conclusion: buyers, be vigilant! Not all Makita 18V batteries are equally useful! It is possible to make an adapter for a non-standard battery and run the tool with it, but it is better not to do this. The price is with coupon BGFCH3 (to 31.03.21).

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Cordless pruning saw

Hello! Life in his house and having a garden is very difficult without the use of all kinds of tools and appliances. I did the pruning of the fruit trees, using a chainsaw. Thick branches are fine to cut at height, but the thin ones are more difficult. Again, the main gardener in my wife. It indicates which branches need to be removed. It would be OK, but I have to go out in the garden late at night or on weekends. At the request of my wife, I ordered the tool in question. So that she can do the pruning herself.

Order was placed on June 30, the package reached me on August 10. Track number LZ182677867CN was tracked. Package weight 2.7 kg.

The case is wrapped in 4 mm of insulation. Nothing happened to the package during delivery.

The adapter for our socket and the SKU number of the product is taped to the case.

Material: soft plastic. Inside the notch for the tool. Plastic latches.

Kit: 1. Saw. 2. З.У. with adapter. 3. 2 batteries. 4. 4 blades. 5. Instruction manual.

Instruction manual in English and for the entire range of cordless tools.

Saw weight 1.4 kg. But it feels balanced in the hand.

The tool has a quick-clamping mechanism for attaching blades. Stop plate, metal, 2 mm thick.

Front LED light. Work area illuminated.

The green inserts on the body of the saw are rubberized. The tool does not slip in your hand when working. The on-off switch is the same as the direction switch used in electric screwdrivers. Even the arrows are the same.

Non-disassembled battery charger.I did not break it. CN plug. The red LED lights up when the battery is charging and the green LED lights up when it is finished.

Voltage X.Х. outputs 21.7 volts.

Full battery charging time of just over 3 hours.

Inside the battery pack.charge-discharge controller board.

The batteries used are of size 18650. There are 5 of them in the block. Capacity of one. 1300 mAh. So, even if you add up their capacity, you don’t get the 7500 mAh declared by the seller.

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A fully charged battery has a voltage of 20.8V The saw itself and the batteries are assembled on TORX T10 screws.

The motor is used in many power tools. The regular 18 volt collector battery.

The gear case is made of aluminum. Gears are metal. The grease is present but was added during assembly.

Pinion shaft is pressed into a sealed bearing.

The reciprocating motion is realized by the eccentric on the large pinion and the piston in the sleeve. The piston is protected from dust by a felt washer. The entire mechanism is sealed with a rubber seal around the perimeter of the junction with the tool body.

Set saws: 2 for wood, blade length 170 mm and 130 mm; 1 universal saw, blade length 130 mm; 1 for metal, blade length 130 mm. The blade tip is universal.

Best Sawzall (RECIPROCATING SAW)? Milwaukee vs DeWalt, Makita, Ryobi, Bauer

The main criterion for choosing this particular sabre saw was that it is very similar in appearance to the cordless screwdriver I reviewed. And the battery is the same, I think.

I guessed it. And the handle pattern is the same and now I have three batteries for two tools.

The work of one battery-powered saw was enough for 20 cuts of a bar 70X50 mm. Sawing video-

Ergonomic case Simple and reliable mechanism Package (case, blades, 2 batteries) My wife can easily operate the tool and is very pleased with the result.

Thank you and good luck shopping! P.S. The seller provided a BGRUTTRK discount coupon. Price with coupon S 54’99

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The battery-powered sabre saw is a modern cutting tool that looks like an electric jigsaw. However, the power and performance capabilities of the saw are much higher than that of the jigsaw, which greatly expands the scope of its application, making the device a frequently purchased tool. As source of power for cordless models are lithium-ion and nickel-cadmium batteries, one battery charge is enough for 1-4 hours of continuous operation.

The main advantage of these models is their autonomy and mobility. And if the electric saw requires a constant source of power nearby voltage of 220 V, the cordless products do not need power outlets and can be used in the field. Such devices, unlike corded ones, do not have an electric wire, which makes it possible to use them when working in hard-to-reach places and confined spaces. Cordless sabre saws are elongated, compact, and streamlined.

over, when sawing material, only the blade is in motion, so there is no need to make reciprocating movements with the body of the tool.

This is very useful when cutting pipes or beams close to a wall and sets the sabre saws apart from other saws. And it should also be noted that there is no deformation or heating of the pipes in the process of sawing. It is one of the major advantages of the sabre saw over the angle grinder, which creates a lot of sparks that can cause a fire hazard. Another important advantage of reciprocating saws is their ability to cut wood and boards with nails and self-drilling screws embedded in them. The device easily handles metal, providing a smooth and even cut.

But like any other tool, cordless samples have their weaknesses. They include lower, in comparison with mains-powered devices, power, which somewhat limits the scope of their application, not allowing them to use in work with particularly hard materials. Disadvantages include not very long continuous operation time, limited by battery charging time. The disadvantage is also considered the weight of the devices, exceeding the weight of chain saws. This is due to the presence of the battery, which significantly increases the weight of the device.

However, despite a number of disadvantages, the scope of use of cordless sabre saws remains very extensive. The functionality of the device is so wide that it quite effectively replaces such tools as electric hacksaw, pruner, angle grinder, jigsaw, circular saw and chain saw. With its help wood, plastic, plasterboard, sheet metal, pipes, metal tiles and other roofing materials can be sawed.

That’s why the saw is often used for carpentry, construction, plumbing and roofing work as well as window and door installation and repair. over, the tool acts as an indispensable assistant for gardening, where it is used for pruning the branches of fruit trees and shrubs. With the help of saber saws perform shape cutting of glass and tile, and also use them for installation of air conditioning and heating systems.

All about cordless saws

Cordless saws have gained enormous popularity in recent decades. they are used both by professionals in various fields, and by owners of household plots, where such a tool is widely used for garden work.

The variety of such accessories is somewhat confusing to the inexperienced potential buyer, so it is briefly worth considering what such units are and what they are used for.

What do you need a chain saw for?

Sabre saw is famous for its versatility and is suitable for cutting almost any material. This device may well replace a hand saw for metal and wood, circular saw, lopper, jigsaw, and other similar devices. The field of application is wide enough, as the tool can be used at home, you can take it to work, and you can take it on trips to the cottage.

You need to cut pipes? Great, a sabre saw will do. Need to carry out garden work on pruning trees? And that’s where our machine does it very well. Need to dismantle dilapidated structures with metal objects? A chainsaw isn’t much help in these cases, but a scroll saw will get the job done.

All of the electric hacksaw options in this ranking are worthy of consideration. They have their own features, specifications, pros and cons, based on which it becomes easier for potential buyers to make a choice in favor of one of the instances. Here is not only a detailed description of the devices, but also brief tips on their proper use.

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Inexpensive Chinese-made cordless saber saw, supplied without charger and battery. This is because the battery is compatible with most other products of this brand. Suitable for jobs in wood/metal. The weight is evenly distributed on the housing, making it easy to use in a hanging position.

Equipped with a trigger switch that allows you to adjust the speed of cutting elements, a rubberized handle with anti-slip effect, a quick-change chuck for quick blade change, soft start function. Blade travel for metal is 5 mm, for wood 22 mm. Enough motor power to keep the load constantly under load at 2,800 rpm (strokes).

  • Low price.
  • Compatible with other products of the brand.
  • Easy, quick blade change.
  • Soft start function.
  • Can be used with universal demountable sabre saws.

Bosch Keo

The cordless chain saw is mainly designed for garden work in wood, metal or plastic. Comes with a built-in lithium-ion battery that can power 30 to 190 cuts with a single charge. At the same time, this battery with a capacity of 1.3 mAh is not discharged in a static state, and has no memory effect.

The tool has an ergonomic shape as well as an A-clamp that allows you to work with one hand. It has a high level of safety thanks to the safety stop that prevents the sabre saw from starting up accidentally and protects the motor from overheating.

The supplied saw blade is made of high quality, manganese alloyed carbon steel. It is very rugged and robust to handle branches up to 8 cm in diameter. This saw weighs 1.05 kilograms. The noise level during its operation does not exceed 72 dB. Its performance is not high. 1600 strokes per minute.

  • Low weight.
  • Compact size.
  • Built-in, high-capacity battery without memory effect and self-discharge.
  • Additional detachable clip allows for one-handed operation.
  • Protection against overheating, accidental start.
  • German-made.

Greenworks G24RS 0

Universal cordless type sabre saw made in China for working wooden, metal, plastic work pieces. Applies to goods in the medium price category. No battery or charger included. Weight of almost 4 kg (3, 69 kg) with a product length of 24 cm, width 93 cm, height 21 cm. Casing has D-type main handle with rubberized inserts for comfortable grip and a side-mounted auxiliary handle.

If desired, the blade speed can be adjusted to increase/decrease performance. Saw can perform a maximum of 3100 strokes per minute in 34 mm steps. Vibrations that occur during operation are damped by the special technology used in the design of this variant. Manufacturer’s warranty period is 3 years.

  • Long warranty.
  • Versatility.
  • Low vibration emission when working pieces.
  • Ability to adjust the speed of the blades.
  • Two handles with rubber gloves for a comfortable grip: a main handle and a detachable side handle.

Makita DJR185Z

Another famous brand saber-type saw that runs on an 18-volt battery. Power supply and battery pack must be purchased separately, as it is not included. Stroke size is small, only 1.3 cm. Cutting depth is also small. 5 cm. Two buttons on the body for controlling the equipment, so it can be held in several ways.

There is a button that protects the technique from accidental start. This feature increases safety for the user. With different force on the trigger, you can choose the desired speed of the cutting blades. Their change is made as simple as possible with a regular hexagonal key.

Handle has a rubber coating to prevent the saw from slipping out of your hands. In addition, the housing is also equipped with rubberized elements. Up to 3,000 strokes per minute, providing high productivity in use. Included in the set are saws for working on wood, plastic and ferrous metal.

  • High quality construction, components.
  • Infinitely variable sawing speed.
  • The presence of 2 trigger buttons on the body.
  • It has “accidental start protection”.
  • Can use a battery from any other device of this brand.
  • LED illuminated working area built into saw body.

Bort BRS-18LI-FD

Sabre saw with battery and extended battery pack, used for cutting branches, plastic/metal parts. Made of shockproof plastic with rubber pads for a comfortable grip in operation. The weight of this model including the battery is 3.42 kg. Body without battery weighs not more than 2 kg.

Delivered with 2 x 1.5 mAh rechargeable Li-Ion batteries, a set of medium quality interchangeable blades, battery charger as well as a cloth pouch for storage/transportation of the equipment. The ability to change speeds makes the work more coordinated, precise. Blade replacement does not take much time.

Neat operation is achieved by a swiveling mechanism that allows for a 90-degree tilt of the saw in either direction. There is a device lock function. In addition to the standard warranty from the manufacturer (2 years) comes an additional. extended for 5 years.

  • Value for money and quality.
  • Extended package.
  • Availability of swivel mechanism that allows you to set the desired angle of blade inclination.
  • There is a fabric case for storing/transporting the equipment.
  • Long warranty period.
  • Shortened body allowing access to hard to reach places.

Metabo SSE 18 LTX Compact Box

Professional sabre saw with backlit work area, keyless cutting element change, speed adjustment without maintaining speed, as well as without pendulum function and soft start. Suitable for roughing small workpieces because the length of the blade stroke is very small, only 13 mm.

Battery indicator on the housing to indicate the status of the battery. The motor is reliable, brush-type, powerful enough. Provides good performance from 0 to 3100 rpm. Functions from the battery, which can be taken from other similar equipment not only this brand.

Jigsaw blades are suitable in addition to hacksaw blades. Weight of the complete unit with battery not more than 1.7 kg. This makes it possible to work for a long time without getting tired. The downside is that the charge of 1 battery lasts for a maximum of 30 minutes of continuous use, assuming a full charge (takes about 1 hour).

  • Jigsaw blades can be used in addition to hacksaw blades.
  • Keyless exchange of exchangeable blades.
  • Powerful motor.
  • Good performance.
  • Mobility.
  • Features a battery charge indicator.


The most expensive all-purpose saw in the entire ranking with a 4-blade clamping system. Has an ergonomic shape that allows the unit to access any nearly inaccessible areas. Equipped with high-performance motor, intelligent on/off switch with speed adjustment and accidental-pressure lock, electronic motor brake, LED-lighting for working even in total darkness.

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Black-and-yellow, high quality plastic with American-made technology. Country of Origin. China. Large weight (4.08 kg) is compensated by the fact that it is evenly distributed throughout the construction. The load on the hands is, but not very strong, given the almost total absence of vibration. The noise level received during operation is 80 dB. Battery power is greater than in all the previously considered instances. 54 V, not 18.

  • High power battery used.
  • Low Vibration.
  • On-off switch with locking function, speed adjustment.
  • Electronic engine stopper.
  • Good lighting of working surfaces.

Rating of electric saber saws for metal and wood. what is the best choice for home use?

When there is a question about the need to make repairs in the apartment with their own hands, or just something to fix, there is a need to purchase all kinds of tools that can facilitate this process. Almost every type of work requires a special, separate device. But there are universal devices that combine several functions. These include electric hacksaws or, in other words, sabre saws.

The rating of the best models will be considered in this article to simplify further choice for users. After all, it is not easy for everyone to buy a good, quality piece that will meet all their requirements, and cope with all the tasks assigned to it, at the first time. This difficulty lies in the fact that in the market there is a large number of such multifunctional equipment from different manufacturers, each with its own features, parameters, nuances.

Sabre saw with two 88VF batteries and a set of blades

50Hz Battery type: 88VF Li-ion Battery capacity: 7500mAh Maximum cutting depth in wood: 100mm Maximum cutting depth in plastic: 100mm Maximum cutting depth in metal: 2mm LpA (sound pressure level): 86dB(A) LwA (sound power level): 97dB (A) Vibration acceleration: 5.29 m/s²

The saw came in a plastic case, packed in a simple cardboard box with no printing. Case size. 330 x 280 x 95 mm.

Inside was the saw itself, two replacement batteries, four blades, charger with US plug, adapter for the European plug, and instructions in English. The tool itself: Dimensions 30 x 13 cm.

Knurls in the front and back of the handle for better grip. The black inserts on the housing are made of softer plastic. This is done to cushion the tool and protect it from possible damage in the contact areas of the body. Ventilation of the electric motor. The tool feels good in the hand, the power button and the locking mechanism are easily accessible. Access platform: Can be attached by means of a quick-release device. Direction of rotation for opening is marked with an arrow.

LED illumination of the working area: Internal device: Basically everything is standard here. Close-up on the motor and gearbox: As I wrote above, there are a total of 4 blades, three in wood and one in metal. Blade lengths from 14.5 cm to 19.5 cm. Tooth spacing and material properties are indicated on each blade.

The opening of the blade clamp requires a certain effort, but this is a guarantee that the blade will be held tightly. The picture shows a mounted 6TPI short wood blade. Battery contact area: As already mentioned two batteries are included: The battery case is equipped with screws for TORX T10, but even if you don’t have such a bit, it is not a problem to unscrew them if you have a flathead screwdriver with the appropriate width of the tip. Actually, in order to examine the inner workings of the battery I did: Each battery is built with five 18650 cells. This assembly should give a total voltage of 21V when fully charged. The stated capacity of each cell is 1300mAh. Comparative weight of the batteries: As you can see, the difference is within the margin of error, indicating the use of similar batteries in both batteries.

The total weight of the sabre saw with battery is 1280g plus 20g of the blade, that makes 1kg.3 kg. It’s not much, so there’s no discomfort with the weight. Complete battery charger with US-standard plug. European plug adapter added by the store. The output voltage is not marked, judging from the characteristics of the battery should be 21V. Practical test: Charger cable length. 75 cm, connector diameter. 5 mm.

The charger has a status light. When connected with no load it will glow green. The LED is red when charging, and green when fully charged. The manual also says that if the battery is damaged the LED will blink red and green alternately.

By the way, about the manual, it is common for the whole range of power tools, and therefore informative little, but for the completeness of the review, I will give a scanned copy of it.

Saw came when the gardening season was over, so pruning work was postponed until spring. But I managed to test the tool by sawing some dead acacia wood for a barbecue on a picnic outing. Took a small

For hardwood, I think a fine pitch blade is more appropriate. It took me an average of 25 seconds to saw a 4 cm thick log. I only cut about 15 firewood on a fully charged battery and it did not run out, so I have not yet been able to estimate the run time on one battery. I’ve read on the net that one charger is enough to cut about 20 logs of 10 cm, so 40 pieces of wood should be enough.

There is currently a coupon code BG11026 in the online store that knocks the price of this saber saw down to 40.99

Coupon code is valid until 30.11.2020, but the number of activations is limited, so if you have a purchase in mind, don’t put it off too long.

The product is provided to write a review by the store. This review is published in accordance with the clause.18 Site Rules.

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