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Metal Band Saw Review (Unboxing, Assembly, Testing)

Bosch GCD 12 JL

The Bosch GCD 12 JL professional assembly saw has many advantages that won our review. The powerful 2 kW, low-speed 1500 rpm engine makes it easy to cut thick walled workpieces. The laser guidance system is responsible for the accuracy of the cut. For operator safety, the manufacturer has installed a sliding shroud, which smoothly descends to the base. When using a 305 mm disc diameter the cutting depth is 85 mm for width of 158 mm. Seating size of the tool must be 25 mm. Designers made it possible to turn the cutting part by 45 degrees. Experts praise the build quality and the soft start.

Professional installers are flattered by the performance of the Bosch GCD 12 JL. Disadvantage of the model is the high price.

Bosh GSA 10.8 V-LI

Sabre-type model with continuously variable speed control. You can increase the speed with the “start” button. Battery-powered electric sabre saw.

The tool is equipped with an indicator, which signals a possible overload during operation. Punching depth depends on metal density. For metal pipes 50 mm.

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The disadvantage. limited battery life.

Vladimir T. Sergey I.
Handy, lightweight tool. Even a woman can cope with it. I like the fact that the electric hacksaw has a spare battery. Powerful, despite its small size.

Stomer SSS-1000

Inexpensive saber-type model. It has a stepless speed control and a quick-action chuck. Refers to the professional tool, but can be used in the home for cutting metal and wood.

TFS: 3 Metal Cutting Saws Tested and Compared

Thanks to its good insulation, the electric sander can be used in potentially explosive work areas.

How to choose?

First of all, you should pay attention to the quality of material cutting and to the presence of a soft starter. Also important are the total power and number of turns. The higher these figures, the more effective will be the work. A comfortable handle is a great asset. When familiarizing yourself with the reviews, you should first of all look for information about the permissible load level and the duration of continuous operation.

Cordless devices with lithium-ion batteries are preferred for indoor work. If you have to use the machine outdoors, it is advisable to choose a variant with a nickel-cadmium battery. When estimating power, you must not forget that as it increases, the saw becomes heavier and bulkier, and its cost rises. Sabre saws have significant:

The Ultimate Guide To Metal Cutting Saws. From Hobby to Pro!

What are there are?

On today’s market there is a large number of metal cut-off saws, so that everyone can choose the best option for themselves. One of the most popular is considered to be the assembly saw, which boasts the ease of use. To work metal, you just need to position the workpiece on the work surface and apply force to the handle. In addition, the depth of cut can be affected by the disc itself, so you need to pay close attention to its selection.

metal, assembly, choose

The second most popular is considered a circular saw with a cutter, which is characterized by a smooth start, which greatly simplifies the process of operation. In the role of the cutting tool here acts an ordinary disc. In addition, such a saw can boast of excellent cutting accuracy, which positively affects the speed of work. Another feature of the circular saw is that it is reliably protected from overload, so it does not fail even with active use.

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If you need to process a huge amount of material, it is best to choose saws that feature a carbide blade.

Features of sabre saws for metal

In the construction and domestic spheres it is often necessary to use such a tool as a saw. Most often hacksaws are used to dismantle some structures or to cut parts for the subsequent installation of structures. One of the most effective tools in the work is such type of tools as a sabre saw, designed for cutting metal. In order to correctly select and competently use the construction unit, it is necessary to understand the varieties of modern products, the features of the product device and the rules of its use.

metal, assembly, choose

Cutting wisely: selection of the best models of cut-off machines and assembly saws

Cutting metal is required in many production processes, at home and on construction sites. Cutting blanks is at the heart of assembling projected models from blanks. One of the most convenient tools for cross-cutting is the cutting machine.

Cutting machines are widely used in small workshops and large factories alike. They can have different configurations, but the physical principle remains the same: a special disk rotates and cuts the metal profile or rod with either special fine teeth or an abrasive edge.

Since most other materials (e.g. plastic or wood) are softer than metal, the design makes it easy to use the machine for cutting any shape by simply replacing the cutting wheel.

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