What makes up a gasoline trimmer for the grass

Variety of models

There are many model variations. To understand what trimmer for the grass is better to buy, it is necessary to determine the front of the work. For a small and well-groomed area is suitable household device of low power.

For a broader range of tasks, such as in vacation homes and boarding houses, universal semi-professional models are used.

Professional grass trimmers are harmless and environmentally friendly for the health of the user. They are suitable for cutting any kind of vegetation, from grass to small trees.

Partner Colibri

This domestic gasoline-powered trimmer is capable of working areas of up to 300 square meters in size, and offers excellent power and torque. M overgrown meadow or lawn grass. The Colibri is designed for mowing small areas of uniform grass, such as small lawns away from home or summer houses without access to a power grid.

The 3.4 kg model does not get its name by accident. The grass trimmer is lightweight and small compared to other machines. Engine power is like a mid-range machine, but, like any grass mower, it is noisy and produces exhaust emissions.

These models have a curved boom and despite the fact that the user cuts the plants almost under his feet, the safety guard prevents his feet from getting caught in the line.

Easily adjustable handle of the equipment, it allows you to adjust the model to the height of a particular user.

  • Engine. It is a top-mounted, 2-stroke, 0.37 kW power unit with a cylinder capacity of 18 cc, a 3.5 m³ bar. The cutting attachment has been improperly adjusted in the cutting speed range of 9,500 RPM./min.
  • Cutting equipment. It has two lines with a thickness of 1.5 mm and a length of 10 m. Semi-automatic feed.
  • Cutting width. The maximum value of this element is 41 cm.
  • Fuel. Fuel is a mix of at least Ai-92 gasoline and a special two-stroke oil. Fuel tank size 0.3 l.

The bent boom and the additional adjustable handle are features of this model.

Build a Gearbox for Gasoline Engine 26CC

Oleo. Mac 725 D

Oleo. Mac is a semi-professional model weighing 5.9 kg, which can work on plots of up to 1,000 square meters. overgrown grass with high and medium stiffness.

The rigid drive shaft, straight boom and gearbox allow the installation of various types of cutting systems. from fishing line to special saw blades, designed for felling bushes and small trees.

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Top-mounted, two-stroke motor with 0.9 kW.

In addition to the “mowing” cutting equipment, trimmer head (2 lines) with semi-automatic feed, you can install other units: a saw bar with a chain, like a chainsaw, or shears to cut bushes and form their crowns. Maximum cutting width is 38 cm.

A belt “harness” is attached to a special bracket, transferring most of the weight of the tool from your hands to your shoulders. For easy transportation the tool is equipped with a collapsible shaft.

Fuel for the device is a mix of petrol and oil in the proportion of 100:1 and the volume of the tank. 0,58 l. Gasoline grade not lower than Ai-92.

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Husqvarna 235/ R

Professional Husqvarna is intended for cutting vegetation on the plots of land up to 5000 sq. km in size. m, clearing brushwood and small trees.

With a high power output of 1.3 kW (rpm 12500 rpm) the professional Husqvarna 235/ R is a powerful tool for lawn mowing./min.), the grass trimmer can handle more demanding tasks than mowing meadow grass. Raspberry bushes and young growth of ornamental or fruit trees can’t resist the cutting equipment, metal blade. The machine is equipped with a 26-tooth saw blade, so it is able to cut trees up to 12 cm in diameter.

The unit weighs 7.3 kg and the professional Low Vib system protects it from vibration.

How Does A String Trimmer Work? — Lawn Equipment Repair Tips

All grass trimmer controls are placed on a handle of bicycle type. Wide straps distribute weight on users’ shoulders so they don’t feel any weight.

Engine fuel in 50:1 ratio is a mixture of two-stroke oil and Ai gasoline.92. The new-generation engine reduces the concentration of poisonous and harmful substances in the exhaust gases.

Engine failure

Grass trimmer choice: two-stroke or four-stroke

Gasoline grass trimmer is a useful device for country houses and homesteads, farms, utilities and garden parks. lawn trimmer is designed to perform a wide range of tasks: mowing tall, stiff grass, bushes, young shoots, making hay, lawn care, clearing thickets, etc. Gasoline units, compared to electric models, are more powerful and productive, they operate autonomously.

The lineup of gasoline trimmers is very wide and diverse. Tools differ in technical characteristics, dimensions, equipment, reliability, price. The main criteria for classifying benzocosmeters include the type of engine. According to this parameter, all models are divided into 2-stroke and 4-stroke. Both have their pros and cons, with which it is worth familiarizing yourself before buying a tool.

Owners of land plots in the warm season can not do without the best gasoline trimmer for grass, because without it the full care of the territory is impossible. You can, of course, buy a lawnmower, but it is bulky, takes a lot of space and is not designed for certain types of work, for example, to remove unwanted saplings and dense weeds. A grass trimmer, on the contrary, will cope with these tasks easily.

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What to choose, when the market presents many models from different manufacturers? Relying only on price is not always a wise choice, as it does not always match the quality. “Komsomolskaya Pravda” turned to Maxim Sokolov, an expert of the online hypermarket VseInstrumenty.Ru to help you choose the best model available today and tell you about the criteria for choosing the best device.

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The STIHL FS38 is a lightweight mower and the optimal complement to a powerful mower for mowing hard-to-reach areas, along paths, under trees and bushes. STIHL ride-on mowers are the quickest way to mow soft grass on lawns and lawns, keeping small areas tidy at all times.

Popular Questions

How to extend the life of your trimmer?

After each mowing, the tool should be washed and the head should be cleaned of dirt and dust. Use only high quality fuel (92 grade or higher) when filling up the brushcutter. When choosing oil, give preference to the types used for high-speed equipment.

The tank should be filled to the brim with fuel?

Manufacturers do not recommend leaving fuel in the tank after mowing. Therefore, at first it is worth assessing the scale of the work and dilute the oil with gasoline in the right amount. If the fuel is not used up, it can be drained until the next time. It is important to consider that the mixture retains its properties for 2 weeks.

What types of trimmers can be repaired??

Household models most often exhaust their modest life-span and then are written off. In some cases you can replace the cap of the head, which is subject to abrasion because of the constant friction of stones and debris.

Semi-professional and professional models can be repaired, than prolong the service of the technique. However, when buying, it should be taken into account that the repair of powerful equipment is always more expensive.

What is the maintenance of the grass trimmer?

Clean the machine each time after use. The foam filter needs to be wetted with oil. If the lawnmower is used frequently, then there is a need to control the fuel filter.

The fasteners loosen during operation because of vibrations. That’s why the nuts and bolts must be periodically tightened. When replacing a cutting part, it is recommended to use only the line or blade specified by the manufacturer.

gasoline grass trimmer: types and principle of work

Gasoline grass trimmers, depending on the scope of application, are divided into:

Grass trimmer of the first type is used exclusively to meet domestic needs, that is, it is in the household of the dacha owner. Advantages: low weight, small size, the presence of a two-stroke motor, maneuverability, which provides a flexible shaft. Disadvantages: impractical, inconvenient to use because of the irrational location of the control panel and buttons, designed for small amounts of work, the minimum period of continuous operation.

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Professional grass trimmer is a device with the most advanced technical characteristics. Advantages: reliability; high performance motor; can mow grass, bushes, thick weeds; equipped with an anti-vibration system, which reduces the load on the hands; usually includes a shoulder strap; easy to use. Disadvantages: high fuel and lubricant consumption, requires careful maintenance. This is a grass trimmer,

Universal grass trimmer is ideal for work in the suburban areas, and its technical specifications are between the domestic and professional types of the device. This is, so to speak, the golden mean. Advantages: medium price, versatility of use (grass removal, mowing grass to a certain level). Disadvantages: High maintenance required; short periods of continuous use.

INGCO Grass Trimmer and Bush Cutter Unboxing

The best grass trimmer in the range of petrol lawnmowers. It can handle even the most serious tasks flawlessly: the elimination of bushes or shoots of young trees. Advantages: high power ratings (from 3 “horsepower”), multiple attachments, easy operation, long continuous operation time, equipped with anti-vibration system and shoulder belt.

Characteristics of gasoline trimmers

Gasoline trimmer for grass is one of the main helpers of any gardener, as it allows you to remove unwanted vegetation from the plot without much difficulty. Not always a person can immediately determine which trimmer for grass is better gasoline or electric, because both types of devices have both their advantages and disadvantages.

Not everyone knows how to choose a gasoline trimmer for grass, because there are many of them and the rating of many models is quite high. As a rule, a review of gasoline trimmers does not give clarity, which is the best unit to choose for a particular homestead, so it is worth more detailing the main advantages and disadvantages of such devices.

What is a gasoline trimmer?

lawnmower is a hand-held gasoline-powered machine that mows the grass with a rapidly rotating (3-9 thousand revolutions per minute) cutting tool of different types.

The engine is located in the back of the unit and during the work is behind the operator’s back, and the cutting tool is installed on the other side.

The operator himself chooses the height and angle of the tool, which makes it difficult to get the same level mowed surface as after the passage of the lawnmower, but he can use the gasoline trimmer to mow sloping surfaces.

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