What line to choose for a trimmer trimmer for grass. Heads with a fishing line are designed for:

TOP 15 best lines for grass trimmer: rating in 2021 and which one to choose with a thickness of 3 mm

Today’s rating of lines for grass trimmer on our portal Tekhnik.Top. the best way to quickly find the right model.

We’ve broken down the rankings into categories for quick navigation:

  • Best grass trimmer lines by price/quality for 2021.
  • Best grass trimmer lines for 2mm.
  • Best lines for grass trimmer 2.4 mm.
  • Best lines for grass trimmer 3 mm.
  • Best lines with core for grass trimmer.
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The work of any grass trimmer requires a quality line for the trimmer, which will effectively mow the grass and at the same time will please the economical consumption and good elasticity, capable of providing a minimum number of rips.

We have compiled a rating of the best lines for trimmers in 2021, where we tried to take into account the selection criteria, high estimates of buyers, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of each variety.

Technical characteristics of the cord and the choice of diameter by power trimmer for grass

If you take a fishing line package in your hands, then it indicates only two main parameters. the overall length and the cross section. Instruction on how to choose a line for a grass trimmer does not come with, so you have to find out from the experts. To find a good specialist is not easy, especially since every year not only new lines are produced, but also spools.

The first thing to decide is the diameter, thickness or cross section of the cord. All this is one parameter that characterizes the performance of trimmers, gasoline mowers, brushcutters and grass trimmers. What cross-section to buy fishing line for your trimmer for grass? In order not to make a mistake, you should take with you a piece of old cord, and provide it to the seller. The seller will give you a cord with a similar cross-section based on the section you provide.

This option is certainly reliable, but you can’t call it right. Why? Because the choice of line depends not only on the head used, but also on the power of the tool used. To begin with, it is recommended to decide what diameter of line for the trimmer can be used on trimmers and benzokosa, depending on their power parameters:

  • Electric grass trimmers with a power rating of up to 500 watts. cord with a cross section of up to 1.6 mm is used.Such tools are designed for mowing young grass in homestead areas
  • Gasoline- and electric-powered machines with power ratings of 500 to 1,000 watts imply a cord thickness of 2 to 2.4 mm.These mowing tools with consumables are used for mowing thin and dense grass, as well as weeds. Grass trimmers up to 1 kW can be fitted with a 1-1.6 mm trimmer line, but it will wear out quickly
  • grass trimmers and lawn mowers with power indicators over 1 kW allow the use of cord with a thickness of 2.4 to 3.3 mm.This line can cut thick and dried stems, as well as dense thickets. If consumables thicker than 3 mm can not cope with the task of cutting the grass, then metal discs with blades, teeth and knives are used
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This is interesting!Manufacturers produce trimmer line for trimmer with a diameter of more than 3.3 mm, but it is used very rarely, and only on powerful gasoline units.

Which material is better

Another important factor to judge about line durability and quality is the material used to produce the.

In most cases, a good line for a trimmer is made of nylon, polyamide or polypropylene. It is inexpensive, lightweight, and hard-wearing. Unfortunately, many manufacturers also cheat by adding polypropylene to nylon. Of course, officially they declare that this is done solely to reduce the cost of consumable material. In fact, the price decreases only slightly, but the service life is quite noticeable. Such a line for a trimmer wears out much faster, and overheating during long work can ruin it in the shortest time. Therefore, if there is a possibility, a nylon line for your trimmer would be the best choice. Its price is quite affordable, and its lifetime is much longer than that of cheap analogues.

Never use wire or metal rope instead of fishing line. High rotation speeds combined with the hardness of the metal can cause them to cut through protective equipment and even shoes, causing serious injury to the user.

However, this is not the end of the choice. In fact, there are also two-component lines for trimmers on sale. Most often it concerns materials with an increased cross-section. from three millimeters and more. A steel or graphite core is inserted in a normal nylon trimmer line. Working with such a trimmer must be especially careful, but the aerodynamic properties of the line are dramatically increased. now the thickest and hardest stems and even thin branches will be cut lightning fast.

You can also see special reinforced trimmer lines on sale, where steel particles are distributed throughout the volume of the nylon. The main advantage of such material is its very high wear resistance and durability. The purchase is much more expensive than the usual nylon or, even more so, the polyethylene counterpart. But the service life will also be significantly higher. So do not regret wasted money. one skein will suffice for several years of work on the garden plot.

line for trimmer of large and small cross-section and when to use steel discs

If the line for the trimmer will not match the power of the power unit, it is fraught with the development of the following consequences:

  • If thin cord is used on a powerful gasoline trimmer. the material will wear out quickly, reducing the performance and efficiency of the tool
  • If you put on a low-powered electric trimmer for grass trimmer fishing line with a section of 2.6-3 mm. it will reduce productivity, there will be a constant winding of the cord on the reel, and the load on the motor will increase, which will cause its accelerated wear

A fishing line made of such material as nylon is used. It’s a material that offers high durability, and it also has good cutting performance. Why use fishing line on a trimmer, if there are metal discs? That’s the question a lot of mechanics ask.

  • Cord or fishing line is used on your power tool when you mow vegetation in areas with various obstacles, such as rocks, posts, benches, trees, etc.п. Flexible tooling only wears out faster when encountering these obstacles, but the tool motor is not overloaded
  • Metal discs. their purpose is to cope with a variety of difficulties in the field. They are effective at cutting dense and thick-stemmed vegetation. When encountering obstacles, the tines are dulled quickly and the power unit is overloaded
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Knowing the difference between steel discs and cord, it is not difficult to decide what exactly is better to buy. Trimmer lines are available in 15-meter coils in the stores. The trimmer spool can be wound with 4-5 meters of fishing line, depending on its diameter. To save money, you can buy a line for grass trimmer in a coil, where its metrage is from 250 meters.

This is interesting!When choosing a cord for a lawnmower, you need to check the date of manufacture. This is done to eliminate the possibility of buying outdated material. After all, nylon tends to shrivel up and lose its original parameters. If the line for the trimmer is stored for a long time, it is not necessary to dispose of it, and to return the former technical properties will help soak in water or grease.

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Pentagonal trimmer line (star)

The sprocket has a maximum number of cutting edges to give a better mowing performance. line for trimmer with a core is used on professional grass trimmers.

Husqvarna’s pentagonal cords are available in ranges:

You can also choose between coiled and spooled versions.

The composition of the material should also be taken into account. In high-quality filament production, a modifier (such as maleic anhydride) is added to nylon, which improves the strength of the line by preventing it from breaking. But modifiers are not the cheapest component, so manufacturers often exclude them from. This leads to the fact that the line for the trimmer after some time begins to tear and ceases to properly come out of the spool.

Soaking a fishing line in water will not help, because water interacts with the modifier, and if it is absent or not enough, the effect will be corresponding.

Fibers also vary in color, but this has no effect on performance. You can choose a dark line for a trimmer, which will not be noticeable by dirt, or a bright line, which will be clearly visible in the grass.

Major mistakes when choosing a fishing line

A major mistake made by buyers of trimmer lines is destroying the packaging. It tells you what kind of tool you are using it with. Problems can arise in this regard:

  • The choice of line that does not correspond to the power of the grass trimmer’s engine. Improperly selected cord leads to cord wear and tear or overloading the machine.
  • Incorrect diameter choice. The opening in the trimmer through which the string is fed varies in width. So if you buy the wrong fishing line for the trimmer, you simply can not tuck it into the device.
  • Inaccuracy in the selection of the sectional shape. Different line sizes are needed for different conditions. If their shape does not meet the requirements, the quality of cutting will decrease and their service life will decrease.
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line for the trimmer for grass trimmer from Oregon

manufacturing material

The line for the trimmer is made of nylon. polyamide, or polypropylene. Cheap products may have polyethylene added. It significantly reduces resistance to temperature and wear.

line, choose, trimmer, grass, fishing

Polypropylene fishing line for a grass trimmer, a coil of which is stored for a long time, can become brittle. It is recommended to soak it in water for 30 minutes before use.

Particles of aluminum are added to larger strings with a diameter of 4 mm to increase their strength.

You can not use cables or wire in trimmers: chipped at such high speed pieces of wire with ease pierce leather shoes.

Cord reels: characteristics

Trimmer head, in fact, is a special spool of line for grass trimmer. Within the bobbin is wound cord. usually up to 15 meters. Do not use wire to pull thread of the correct length when it breaks or wears out. When the string runs out, a new thread is inserted into the bobbin.

According to the type of filament feeding reels are divided into:

  • manual. to lengthen the string, the device is turned off, and manually pull out the line for the trimmer;
  • semi-automatic. activated by a favorite folk trick: you need to knock the mowing head on the ground. When striking, the anchor mechanism is released, and the cord is automatically extended;
  • automatic. here you need to reduce the speed, and then increase it again to the maximum: the spool will feed the thread when you increase the speed.

The grass trimmer fishing line reel is also refilled in different ways. There’s no need to dismantle the spool for quick threading, but for regular models you have to remove the spool and spool the filament by hand. The video shows different ways to replace the string.

Trimmer line or discs?

In stores, it is not uncommon to see trimmer models that use metal discs instead of a fishing line. There is an explanation:

  • Cord with fishing line are in demand when it comes to mowing grass and vegetation in areas where there are various obstacles in the form of rocks, poles or the same fence. With flexible tooling, you can avoid collisions with obstacles during work and reduce the strain on the tool;
  • metal discs are designed for grass mowing in the field, as well as in large parks, squares. They are excellent for dealing with dense vegetation as well as grass with thick stems.

The disadvantage of discs is that when they collide with obstacles, their teeth are quickly worn down, so they have to be replaced. In addition, such an accident leads to increased load on the power unit.

A popular option for grass trimmer fishing line is a round cord of small thickness. Such a line for the trimmer will effectively cope with mowing the lawn grass, as well as help to eliminate unwanted vegetation on the site and even perform pruning of old branches of trees, bushes.

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