What knife to cut linoleum. How to choose a knife for linoleum

What to cut linoleum at home, types of knives and more

Linoleum. one of those materials that appeared on the construction market and took his niche in it, holds it, without giving up positions for decades. In addition to the ease of maintenance, the choice of colors and textures, it is also distinguished by its affordable price. Good performance qualities allow you to lay this coating even in problematic areas: the bathroom, kitchen and hallway. You can do it yourself, without the help of professionals. The only thing left to do is to find something to cut the material so that the joints are even.

Deciding to lay linoleum in the room, keep in mind that the laying of this coating, despite its apparent simplicity, requires proper preparation. First of all it is necessary to choose correctly the material itself.

  • If this coating is intended for the hallway or kitchen, it is recommended to take linoleum with a higher degree of wear resistance and not too bright.
  • For the bathroom is a suitable solution would be coverage on a foam base.
  • In the living room is allowed to lay linoleum in any color and pattern. The main thing that its background would be combined with the rest of the interior space.
  • Children’s room. a place where even recklessly bright and contrasting colors are appropriate. The more unexpected splashes of color, the better the emotional state of the child. You can even connect 2-3 pieces of linoleum combine them with a single design idea. At the same time, they must be cut from a material of equal thickness.
  • In the bedroom you want to create an atmosphere of coziness, so it is recommended to use soft and light shades.

Drawing on the linoleum can choose any, depending on the tastes of the owner of the room. But it is worth bearing in mind that a large pattern on the floor of a cramped room will make it visually even smaller.

Linoleum. a universal floor covering material, which is now available in a wide range

Features linoleum trimming

To properly trim linoleum in a laying, you need to use a special tool that allows you to make a precise and accurate cut. Here a regular kitchen knife is not suitable. The best option. the use of tools for a particular type of flooring. Choose a special tool should take into account the thickness of linoleum, density indicators. For this purpose, it is effective to use a stationery knife or a construction utility knife, or one that is designed for working with floor coverings.

knife, linoleum, choose

If it is necessary to cut linoleum at home, then for a positive result, you need to follow certain recommendations:

  • When cutting the flooring should move gradually, making small cuts. But first you need to make a mark on the inside.
  • For work with the inside corners of the linoleum sliced V-shaped.
  • When laying linoleum with a pattern material should be placed face up to make a mark without distorting the picture. If mistakes are made when cutting linoleum, they can no longer be corrected.
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For a proper fit, two strips of flooring are overlapped to make an overlap. It is recommended to cut them together. This method is effective, but requires the application of certain efforts and the presence of a sharp knife.

The final trimming of the linoleum should be done with a hook-shaped blade, and the marking. a trapezoidal. The flooring should only be fitted to the wall when the main work on it has been completed. To properly cut the linoleum on the floor and not allow a gap between it and the wall, you need to use a wall marker, a metal ruler.

What to cut linoleum with

For cutting flooring, there is a huge choice of construction devices. special knives, which have a number of advantages:

  • work equally effectively with linoleum in either an upright or horizontal position;
  • There is no difficulty in replacing the blades;
  • the possibility of obtaining the smoothest possible cut;
  • high strength characteristics of the blade;
  • The quality system of fixing the blades;
  • There are tools with rubberized pads on the handles (to prevent slipping).

It is best to cut linoleum at home by using one of the types of special tools:

  • Construction blade. The model is a retractable design, where it is possible to quickly change the cutting blade. The perfect sharpening makes working with linoleum quite easy. In general, the device is very similar to a paper knife, only more improved and adapted for cutting flooring. It can be classed as a universal one; it is used for both thin and thicker pavement. The main thing is to watch the movement of the cutting blade.
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Tip! If you need to trim a “beaten” edge on natural linoleum, you should use such a tool as an edger. It is also suitable for trimming PVC fringe edges.

How to choose the right model?

When choosing a knife it is necessary to be guided by some of its features. Good quality tool has a firm metal (in some cases wooden) handle, covered with plastic or rubber. Only high quality steel (stainless steel).

knife, linoleum, choose

The handle should be easy to grip and should not slip. The elasticity of the working part is a basic quality, the steel plane should not bend. Thickness of the blade. 0,6-1 mm, correspond to the width and length of the tool.

Before starting work, it is worth checking the degree of sharpness of the blades and the safety of the housing. It is subjected to considerable loads, which it must withstand. Training is also necessary: without practice it will be difficult to work, the hand needs to get used to the tool.

The range of linoleum cutting knives available is large. It is not difficult for a craftsman to choose the one he needs to perform quality work.

Types of knives for linoleum

Today’s market offers several options for cutting linoleum. All of them have a certain design, reliability and, efficiency in work.

Roller knife

Roller knife for linoleum. great for cutting materials that consist of several layers. Therefore, if you need to cut dense linoleum, it is better to give preference to this type of knife.

By itself, the roller blade for linoleum is very convenient and efficient in the work. The design of the roller knife looks like a small handle with a double-sided roller placed at the bottom. Cutting linoleum with a roller blade is much safer than a retractable one, for a number of reasons.

In addition, this kind of knife can be used to cut materials in a straight line, as well as on curved lines.

Extendable knife

The pull-out knife has a simpler design than the roller knife. The blade of a retractable linoleum cutting knife is placed directly in its body and retracts as needed. In the event that the blade becomes blunt at the edge, it can easily be broken off, if necessary, and then reused.

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The main difference between a retractable linoleum cutting knife and a regular box cutter is the shape and size, as well as the strength of the materials used in its manufacture. In the case of such a knife is allowed to install only a strong blade, which, precisely, and is designed to perform many repair work related to the cutting of finishing materials.

How to cut linoleum in the corners?

Linoleum should be pressed firmly against the wall and a trimmer line should be drawn across it to be cut. The material is pressed to the floor and make a small notched puncture with the cutter. It is necessary to put a bar to the line and carefully begin to cut, instead of a bar can be used and the level. The cut is made to the end of the line.

  • Hacksaw This is the simplest tool, with which, in principle, you can cut laminate
  • Angle grinder This popular tool is available in almost every man
  • Construction knife.
  • Circular saw.
  • Electric jigsaw

Sawing with a circular saw

Using a portable panel cutting machine will allow you to quickly and efficiently make the required amount of laminate of the desired length. Having the skills to work with a portable circular grinder will help in the longitudinal processing of workpieces. If faced with such a professional tool for the first time, it is necessary to make several rough cuts, even in the usual cross-cutting of the panels.

To cut the workpiece, it is marked on the front side. Then install a disk with fine teeth, start the equipment and, pressing the panel to the horizontal bed, push the laminate along the planned line.

WARNING! Making a longitudinal cut requires setting the width on the circular saw!

Circular saw is a handy tool for sawing, but the size and weight will require special transportation of the device to the place of work. The installer independently determines the expediency of using such equipment.

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