What kind of power tillers is better Weima or Hopper?

How to buy a Weima or Huter power tillers?

Weima WM1100BE single axle tractor (4×8 wheels) reviews

DMITRY AND ELENA NOVOPOLTSEV (Slobodian) Advantages: I use it for 3 seasons.Haven’t had any complaints.I cultivate soil.Plant potatoes (mainly) and other crops.Harvesting and gathering crops.Disadvantages: The lack of lower gears.I solve the problem with a homemade divider.comment: As a powerful cultivator I recommend bravely

Cultivator Weima WM900M reviews

Max D. Advantages: powerful, low fuel consumption, 3 forward and 1 reverse speed, good cuttersDisadvantages: lightweight, needs to be weighted downCommentary: I hooked the trailer and spent the summer transporting building materials to the site. Starts easily, rides smoothly at 8 km/h. I put in a trailer water tank 350l I 100kg all kinds of junk 50kg goes briskly! blades are great. only second speed is enough and the soil turns into fluff.

Weima WM1050 single axle tractor in reviews

ALEC A. drawbacks: I can’t find the running gear 17 800

Weima WM1100B single axle tractor (4×8 wheels) reviews

Nestor V. Advantages: powerful and reliable!Disadvantages: none!Comment: easy to handle!

Weima or KaDvi which one is better?

Weima WM1100BE single axle tractor (4×8 wheels) reviews

DIMITRIY AND ELENA NOVOPOLTSEV (Slobodian) Advantages: I use it for 3 seasons.no complaints.Tilling the soil.They plant potatoes (mostly) and other crops.Tillage and harvesting.Disadvantages: The lack of slow speeds.I solve the problem with a homemade splitter.comment: As a powerful cultivator, I recommend it with confidence

Weima WM900M cultivator reviews

Max D. Advantages: powerful, low fuel consumption, 3 speeds forward and 1 speed backward, good cuttersDisadvantages: lightweight, need to weigh it downCommentary: I hooked the trailer and all summer took building materials to the site. easy to start, runs smoothly at 8 km/h. I put in a trailer water tank 350l self 100kg junk 50kg goes briskly! The tillage is great. only the second speed is enough and the soil turns into fluff.

Weima WM1050 single axle tractor reviews

ALEC A. Disadvantages: 17,800 running belt is nowhere to be found

Weima WM1100B single axle tractor (4×8 wheels) reviews

Nestor V. Advantages: powerful and reliable!Disadvantages: No!Comment: easy to handle!

Which one is better. Weima or Mobil K

Weima WM1100BE single axle tractor (4×8 wheels) reviews

DIMITRIY AND ELENA NOVOPOLTSEV (Slobodian) Disadvantages: I use it for 3 seasons.no complaints.Tilling the soil.Plant potatoes (mostly) and other crops.Tilling and harvesting.Disadvantages: Of the drawbacks. not enough downshift gears.solving the problem with a homemade divider.Review: As a powerful cultivator I would recommend it with confidence

Weima WM900M Cultivator Reviews

Max D. Advantages: powerful, low fuel consumption, 3 speeds forward and 1 speed backward, good cutters Disadvantages: lightweight, needs to be weighted downCommentary: I hooked up the trailer and all summer I transported building materials to the site. easy to start, goes smoothly 8 km / h. I put a 350l water tank in the trailer myself 100kg of stuff 50kg goes bravely! Cutter treatment is excellent. just the second speed is enough and the soil turns into fluff.

Weima WM1050 single axle tractor reviews

ALEC A. Drawback: The running gear is 17,800 and you can’t find it anywhere

Weima WM1100B single axle tractor (4×8 wheels) reviews

Nestor V. Advantages: powerful and reliable!Weaknesses: none!Comment: easy to handle!

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Weima 500 single axle tractor

Another model, the Weima 500 single-axle tractor, also has a high functionality. It has a 196 cm3 four-stroke petrol engine. Power of 7 horsepower is enough to till the soil to a depth of 15-30 cm. At the same time, the working width is from 60 to 100 cm.

This power tiller model is quite popular. The working width adjustment allows to work even in hard-toreach places. And depending on the density of the ground you can control the working depth. It can be used in any season. But it is also worth changing the pneumatic wheels for the grousers before starting land work.

Engine blocks Khoper: review of gasoline and diesel models

Every agronomist knows how hard it is to till the land, plant, tend and harvest. Such equipment as power tillers will help you not only to work quickly and efficiently, but also you will save your strength and health.

Khoper single axle tractor is reliability, durability and excellent performance. Among all the manufacturers of power tillers, this one stands out for its excellent price-quality ratio. The wide range of models allows you to choose a machine that will meet all your requirements.

Advantages of “Hopper” power tillers

Single-axle tractor. a universal garden and vegetable garden helper, whose main tasks include:

  • mechanical processing and loosening the soil;
  • removing weeds and mowing hay;
  • Planting potato tubers and other planting material;
  • crop care.

With all of these tasks successfully cope motor-blocks “Hoper”, which, thanks to the attached equipment can be converted into a snowplow and sweeper.

The advantages of “Hopper” power saws are:

  • versatility and multitasking;
  • compactness;
  • The maneuverability created by the pneumatic wheels;
  • good equipment;
  • Adjustable steering wheel that can be adjusted to any operator’s height;
  • reliability and durability.

Review: single axle tractor gasoline Khoper 1100 9B MQ. A very good machine, for the countryside. top of the line!

September 13, 2014 on the anniversary (60 years) of the wife’s father, we gave him a one-axle tractor with trailer and plow (single-axle tractor for 35 thousand, and a trailer for 15 thousand).

kind, power, tillers, better

The joy of Jubilee was impossible to describe! But that’s not what we’re talking about.Included with the power tiller is a cutter and a simple tool kit (a few simple open-ended wrenches (15,14 and 13) as well as a tubular spark plug wrench and screwdriver).

Engine gasoline LIFAN 177F 9 horses, eats 92 gasoline, and oil 10W30 or 10W40.Gear is filled with transmission oil with a viscosity no lower than SAE20.In my opinion. very simple and reliable design, and the fuel and lubricants are quite affordable.Gearbox has three speeds. two forward and one backward.complete with a trailer, a single axle tractor becomes a relatively good means of moving/transporting goods.Design flaws:. no fuel filter as a class (sump in the gasoline pump. doesn’t count);- stock tires on the motorcycle block 4.00-8 62F. total crap, (after a year of operation it turned out that it is successfully cracked plastic with rag cord inside) exploded one by one, and the price tag on the new tires from 1800 apiece. Of course you can buy a DDE for 3610 rubles :-(;

Naturally, the lever muffler removed, and the button fixed plumbing clamp.- the drawbar has a larger diameter than the bolt. it causes very large vertical movement of the trailer drawbar. vertical “folding” effect (I had to weld a piece of steel tube inside); Immediately itches my hands for improvement.The most global improvement. replacement of the stock wheels Zhigulov.Required:. Two track extenders for the tractor (bought for 900 at the same store, where he bought a single-axle tractor). is a 32mm hex;. two pieces of thick-walled steel pipe that will fit on the track extenders;

Оране с плуг мотофреза WEIMA WM900 M3/ plowing with a power tiller

We had to remove the fenders when installing the wheels on the single axle tractor

Well, in general, my father was very pleased (improvements were made in September 2015).Results of wheel replacement:. wheels don’t explode;. ground clearance increased by 18 centimeters;. driving speed increased;. we put prime movers on free mounts instead of wheels (we bought them from another one) with tubular axle mount (we cut axles, cut hexahedral holes with angle grinder in the center, drilled four holes for bolts and fixed them with bolts).

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Less global improvements.To install the fuel filter from vhyguli need the filter itself, a silicone tube from the ignition valve octane corrector VAZ and tin clamp (made their own hands)):

Later father removed the filter, saying it would do without it.In July 2016, we modified the trailer:. we made and installed spacers (18 cm high) under the hubs of the trailer wheels.in order to maintain the horizon of the trailer and power tiller (drawbar and engine).Additionally we have gained about 18 cm clearance for the trailer.

After installing spacers, steel pipe with a diameter of about 40 mm and welded to the wheel hub brackets, reinforced with triangular inserts (so that under the load the wheels do not diverge to the sides).

On the trailer in the spring of 2018. put cataphores.

In combat gear for digging potatoes (August 2018:)

In general, the father on it for four seasons (almost five) holds the following work:-plowing the garden with a plow 0.5 hectares,- planting potatoes,-digging potatoes,-cultivation of the garden near the house,-such stuff to deliver- deliver (in summer, haymaking and grass for rabbits, broken bricks, etc.). п.).

Review: single axle tractor gasoline Khoper 900. One of our most successful and needed acquisitions.

Purchasing a power tiller. not at all pampering, and it is simply necessary if:

Our Hopper we bought three years ago in the winter, because in winter such equipment is cheaper by many times. In the cultivator we do not have the need, so we chose a regular gasoline single axle tractor at a fairly budget price:

I really hope that my husband will never think of using a single-axle tractor as a vehicle (probably saw craftsmen who cling to power tillers trailers. and forward), I just hohoholic.

Я. for intended use, t. е. for plowing. And plowing is done with two side cutters with a diameter of 35cm, which are put on instead of the wheels:

Let’s look at the technical specifications.

Dimensions motoblok 130H55H110 cm, and most of all, we strained the “wingspan”. To get Hopper in the shed, you have to remove one of them, although the door is not small in width. Well, how could it be without them??- Work is dusty enough, and the engine does not like dust:

If not to pay attention to this inconvenience, in principle, it will not be called a large-sized mega-machine all the same:

Nevertheless, this “kid” weighs as an adult. 74 kg (net). It will be uneasy for a woman (especially if the ground is loose). plow buries, sometimes you have to rock a single-axle tractor).

About the engine:.four-cycle, one-cylinder, with forced air cooling. a standard engine for power tillers (although there are also diesel ones). To be straight powerful. I won’t say, 6.5 liters. с. Certainly, there are dvuhtsilinrovye with more horses, but they cost much more (in the store was such, domestic, for 60 thousand).

In general, when we only thought about buying a power tiller, the engine interested us not in the last place. And to be honest. We have never heard of the engine type 168 F-2Q (Chinese), (my husband is an auto mechanic, and my education and experience allows me to speculate on the subject). But the price was very tempting, and they gave a one-year warranty. The engine has not failed so far (by the way, a neighbor’s domestic engine failed after a year). We are not all perfect either. the engine kill button is out of order, I have to short-circuit the.We fill up with 92 gasoline (on the advice of the seller), the oil is expensive, on the one hand, (300r. for a liter. special, for four-stroke engines) but on the other hand. We put one in it. the very first time. and more is not required yet). Gasoline also does not eat a lot, a liter of three for two times to plow a 10 acres.The starter is manual, it works not at once, I have to pull it three times:

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But these home-grown technology always piss me off (I mean “dumb hands”). homemade funnels and stuff like that):

Very convenient that almost all the instructions for use are printed on the body. I’m posting three photos. but it’s all in those. The safety features, safety procedures, notes, reminders, etc.:

The mountings of the tiller and plough are very solid, their durability is beyond doubt. To remove the wheel and put the cutter on, the single-axle tractor has to be tilted. We do this together with my husband. It is not difficult to keep a single-axle tractor in a tilted position, with a single wheel, the change takes literally 5 minutes:

Basically, everything is ready, you can plow. It is necessary to plow twice in the spring, in the fall one is enough (after the harvest the soil is already blown up):

After two of these spring passes, the shovel goes into the ground just to the bayonet:

As for noise, it is not more than other models and manufacturers.Thus, for the processing of 10 acres it takes us about 40 minutes. So if money does not allow to take an expensive single axle tractor, then look closely at this model. We’ve had a great experience with it!

PY. Sy. How to assemble the petals. Petals. these are cutters? If so, here is an explanation with a photo on the left cutter:

Blunt side. from the mount, a sharp slant to the ground (it cuts into it):

All about “Weima” power tillers

Weima Agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd” today is one of the most popular. It manufactures gasoline and diesel engines, as well as agricultural equipment like power tillers and power tillers.

Every year more and more consumers prefer Weima power tillers. The reviews of the owners are only positive, and this is the face of the brand.

The company’s products are popular not only within the country, but also far beyond its borders. Assortment has over 100 models of various machinery, among which you can definitely choose something for yourself. All machines combine modern high-tech developments, quality components and high level of assembly, and they meet all quality standards.

All “Weima” power tillers have such undeniable advantages in comparison with competitors:

  • In the company’s team of about 75 professionals who are constantly improving technology, working on new developments;
  • The brand has more than 27 patents of its own;
  • Range of power tillers has more than 30 models;
  • Weima develops more than 70% of its components in-house.

If you are a farmer and have a large plot of land, you will definitely like the powerful single-axle tractor with a diesel engine up to 12 l.с. It can cope with any type of soil, as well as with heavy loads. The diesel engine is cheaper than petrol. But if you own a small land, there are also suitable models for you. There’s no sense in buying expensive, professional machines. a petrol-electric single-axle tractor with average power is just right.

there are a variety of Weima power tillers on sale: diesel, petrol, with differential and reverse gears. Thanks to this you can choose the machine that will not only meet all your requirements, but also as a result can quickly, easily and accurately cope with its tasks.

In this article I will also review some popular models of “Weima” power tillers. You will also find video reviews, specifications and descriptions of machines.

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