What kind of oil to put in a jackhammer?

What pressure is needed for a jackhammer?

A jackhammer requires compressed air at 5 to 6 atmospheres. System capacity for a single hammer should be 1,500 l/min, and if you need to connect several hammers at once, you need a powerful enough demolition compressor.

Hitachi H65SC demolition hammer should not be filled with automobile oil. The manufacturer himself recommends Shell Omala Oil #150 for use in it. The capacity is equal to 120 ml.

What is the best demolition hammer to choose?

There are many models and modifications, differing in quality and characteristics. The special accent is made on the developer. Specialists recommend popular brands, the products of which have positive reviews. The most famous among them:

  • Makita. The developer from Japan, which produces construction equipment for home and industrial use. The company is on the construction materials market for over 100 years. Therefore, you can not doubt the quality of the company’s electrical equipment.
  • DeWALT. The company is from the U.S., which will significantly affect the cost and quality. According to numerous consumer reviews, the technique has an excellent build.
  • Metabo. German manufacturer of heavy-duty construction equipment. Among the models there are bumpers that are suitable for intensive work.
  • Bosch. The company has long been producing demolition hammers, combining high performance and low weight.
  • Stanley. Major developer of quality, professional, durable equipment that is common among users. The leading model is called the STHM10K tool.
  • Sturm. Recognized as a major manufacturer of power tools and construction equipment. The developer has been positively evaluated by experts due to the combination of price and quality indicators. Breakers are the best combination of power and strength, long working life and ease of operation.
  • Caliber. Developer from Russia, which produces quality building tools. Breakers can work hard for a long period of time. These devices have a low weight and high power.
  • Elitech. The Russian company produces a large number of construction equipment, so the variety of tools is surprising. Developers of guards allow the user to choose the necessary tool.

Demolition Hammer Refreshment | Bosch GSH 5 E Professional; 12 J; SDS max

Each company is considered an excellent representative of its category and produces high-quality demolition devices. Given that the above developers have positive reviews, the consumer will easily select the best demolition hammers.

Types and structure of a demolition hammer

The most popular classification of demolition hammers is by their type. Divide the hammer with an electric motor, internal combustion engine, pneumatic and hydraulic tools.

Before detailing the features of each type, let’s talk about the general features of the entire category. The breaker design includes the following components:

  • body;
  • tooling (chisel, spade, etc.п.);
  • percussive mechanism;
  • chuck for fixing the tooling;
  • gearbox;
  • The handle;
  • start button.

How a jackhammer works? energy in the engine or from the compressor pushes the striker. It transmits the motion of the peak, which acts on the material to be destroyed.


Electric demolition hammers necessarily have an electric motor that draws its voltage from the mains. There is a gearbox between the engine shaft and the piston, which is responsible for transmitting the force. The hammer is powered by the piston mechanism.

Power strippers. a very popular tool, which can often be found in the home. Its main advantages:

  • the ability to quickly connect to the mains;
  • There is no need to purchase additional equipment (compressor);
  • environmental friendliness;
  • relatively little vibration.

Do Electric Jack Hammers Work. Xtreme Power Jack Hammer

Perhaps the only thing that brings discomfort in operation is the cord. You have to make sure that you do not damage it while working. You may also need an extension cord.


They have a combustion engine that converts gasoline into energy. These hammers are heavier and more powerful than electric hammers. They are self-contained because they do not have a power cord. Gasoline demolition hammers are very convenient to use where there is no way to connect the tool to the mains.

Among the disadvantages are the need to fill the demolition breaker and oil in it, the presence of exhaust at work.


They use for work compressed air that is supplied to them from the compressor. When compressed air flows into the valves, there is pressure on one side of them and a rarefied medium on the other. This sets the striker in motion. These breakers don’t have their own engine. They rarely weigh more than 15 pounds. In addition to the parts listed above, pneumatic bumpers also include:

  • nipple. through it the compressor tube supplying air is connected;
  • the starter spool;
  • valve system;
  • piston;
  • muffler.

Pneumatic hammers are often used for professional purposes. Such equipment is capable of working in the most difficult conditions, as well as in high humidity. The main disadvantage of this type of tool is the need to purchase a compressor unit, which can be quite expensive.


On the principle of operation, hydraulic hammers are similar to pneumatic, but instead of compressed air they use a liquid, most often oil. Accordingly, such a tool requires special expensive equipment that will supply this liquid. This is the least common type of hammer, which is not found in the home.

kind, jackhammer

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Jackhammer: purpose, characteristics, use

Demolition work is very important in the construction industry. The main manual tool for their performance is a sledgehammer. For large-scale work is an automatic mechanism, represented by a crane-driven weight. There is an intermediate version of the mechanized device, suitable for dismantling works of varying sizes. It is hammerdemolition hammer. To classify the devices in question several characteristics are used.

According to productivity demolition hammers are differentiated into three types.

  • Lightweight versions are designed for household chores. They can break plaster, tiles, etc. д., which determines their use for home repair. The weight of such mini demolition hammers is 5-6 kg.
  • Medium-power devices are suitable for asphalt, so they are used for some construction work. The weight of 6 to 10 kg makes it possible to hold it horizontally for a long time.
  • In industry and construction projects they use high-powered demolition hammers weighing 15-30 kg.

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But weight is a proxy for performance. There is a similar systematization, based on other, more important parameters. It also includes four types.

  • The first type includes demolition hammers with the impact energy up to 30 Joules and frequency up to 45 Hz. They’re suitable for medium-strength materials like asphalt, brick, clay, and cramped conditions.
  • The 2nd type is represented by variants with an impact energy of 40 J and a frequency of 34 Hz, used in general construction work.
  • The third type includes models with the impact energy up to 45 Joules and frequency up to 20 Hz. They are used for vertical impact work with strong materials.
  • The 4th type is represented by hammers with the impact energy over 50 J and frequency up to 24 Hz. They are used for sturdy materials.

Based on the power source, there are four types of demolition hammers.

  • Pneumatic devices are the more common type. Their power source is a compressor. The operating principle is based on the pressure of compressed air molecules on the chisel. Suitable for demolition of all brick and concrete structures. For household variants power from 5 Joules is required, and at the industrial models this parameter is from 10 to 100 Joules. Sufficient for breaking asphalt, stone, concrete, etc.д.
  • Electronic hammers are powered from the mains. The principle of their operation is to bring the striker by means of the rotary element of the electric motor. Performance characteristics are up to 1700 watts of power, 45 J of impact energy, and 2000 blows per minute frequency. Thus, these types of hammers have a high power of impact, but are not suitable for cutting and drilling materials.
  • Gasoline devices are driven by an internal combustion engine, which has no valves and shaft. At low power, the main advantage of these options is autonomy, in other words, the possibility of implementation anywhere. This is justified by the absence of necessity for connection to a power source. The operating time is determined only by the amount of fuel. In addition, demolition hammers of this type are considered more non-hazardous in comparison with their counterparts. At the same time they have a high noise level. These models are used in the mining industry, for the destruction of concrete, asphalt, frozen ground.
  • Hydraulic hammers use different power sources. They are usually used for rescue work.

Pneumatic hammers moreover are divided into two types according to the principle of operation.

  • Large devices are driven by rapidly expanding air in the chamber.
  • The turbine versions work with energy generated by the rotation of the turbine.

common systematization of demolition hammers on the basis of a set of main characteristics differentiates them into professional and household.

Concrete breakers are large in size, weight, and capacity. These units are designed for vertical and inclined work with concrete slabs, rocks, asphalt, frozen ground. Peorators are usually smaller than or similar to jackhammers, with greater accuracy and the ability to function as a drill and electric screwdriver, with speed control and reverse. This versatility makes them even better suited to domestic work. For example, the manual for the PE-2520M shows that it can be used as a jackhammer as well as a drill.

VS SPLITSTONE range of vibratory plates

VS-104 vibratory plate VS-134 Vibratory Plate Vibratory Plate VS-244 Vibratory plate VS-245 E8 Vibratory plate VS-245 E10-2 Vibratory plate VS-246 E12
Modes of compaction
Rubble Invalid Impermissible Allowable Allowed Acceptable Allowed
Soils (mixed soil, loams) Acceptable Allowed Acceptable Acceptable Recommended Recommended
Sand Acceptable Acceptable Tolerable Allowed Allowed Tolerable
Paving slabs, paving stone (with damping mat) Acceptable Acceptable Recommended Recommended Recommended Impermissible
Asphalt, asphalt concrete Acceptable Tolerable Recommended Recommended Tolerable Allowable
Technical characteristics
Width of the working area of the plate, m 0.29 0.29 0.41 0.41 0.50 0.43
Dimensions (ДхххВ), mm 995x320x835 1040х320х1000 1055x450x975 1170x450x955 1270x450x1030 1340х500х900
Operating weight, kg (without water / with water) 55 70 /80 89 /99 111 /121 128 /138 141 /151
Compaction depth of loose material up to 95% in 4 passes, mm 100 100 200 210 200 250
Forced centrifugal force, kN 11 11 13.5 18.4 21.3 23.1
Vibration frequency, Hz 100 100 93 93 93 80
Speed of movement on loose materials, m/min 20-25 20 20-25 20-25 20-25 20-25
Honda engine, model GX 160 GX 160 GX 160 GX 160 GX 160 GX 160
Engine power, kW (l).с) 3.6 (4.8) 3.6 (4.8) 3.6 (4.8) 3.6 (4.8) 3.6 (4.8) 3.6 (4.8)
Gasoline tank capacity, l 3 3 3 3 3 3
Fuel consumption, l/h 1.4 1.4 1.4 1.4 1.4 1.4
Capacity, sqm.m/hour 100 100 140 140 170 150
Capacity, cu.m/hour 10 10 25 28 36 40
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VS-245 E10 vibratory plate VS-246 E20 vibratory plate VS-309 vibratory plate
Modes of compaction
Crushed stone Allowable Allowed Recommended
Soils (mixed soil, loams) Tolerable Recommended Recommended
Sand Acceptable Recommended Recommended
Paving slabs, paving stones (with damping mat) Recommended Tolerable Unacceptable
Asphalt, asphalt concrete Allowable Unacceptable Unacceptable
140 4 5 0 Technical data
Width of working area of the plate, m 0.41 0.43 0.50
Dimensions (DxHxV), mm 980х450х1010 1020х450х1040 1340x500x900
Operating weight, kg (without water / with water) 128 /138 159 /169 300
Compaction depth of bulk materials in 4 passes up to 97%, mm 220 300 400
Forced centrifugal force, kN 21.3 26.6 40
Vibration frequency, Hz 93 80 72
Speed of movement over bulk materials, m/min 20-25 20-25 20-25
Engine Honda, model GX 160 GX 200 GX 270
Engine power, kW (l).с) 3.6 (4.8) 4.1 (5.5) 6 (8)
Gas tank capacity, l 3 3 5.3
Fuel consumption, l/h 1.4 1.4 2.5
Performance, kv.m/hour 140 160 180
Capacity, cube.m/hour 32 50 72

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Our vibratory plates now come with a new folding handle with increased resistance to vibration!

The design features of our vibratory plates are:

Scope of application of vibratory plates

The main area of application of vibratory plates. construction and repair of various levels of complexity, paving sidewalks and roads, construction of sports grounds and much more. They are used both for industrial applications and in private homes. The uniqueness of this machine is its relatively small size and its ability to cope with conditions in which a normal bulldozer would not be able to fulfill its purpose. For example, paving a sidewalk or a garden path in a private home.

The vibratory plate rams concrete, asphalt, sand, gravel and common earth into a lawn. This machine is indispensable for paving roads and sidewalks. Vibratory plates work even in trenches and narrow pits. Since this set of mechanism allows him to move in reverse, it greatly facilitates the work in a small area, where there is a need for frequent turns or overcoming obstacles.

General characteristics of vibratory plates by weight

The indicator of the plate mass is the most important when choosing a suitable model or when selecting parts for making a vibratory plate with your own hands. This figure defines 70% of the productivity of the unit and its compliance with the work performed. Vibratory plates models are divided into 4 classes according to this indicator:

Light models are best suited for work on landscaping areas around the house, the maximum layer of soil for these models. 15 cm. Also these models are used for laying paving tiles, laying padded polyurethane mats on paths.


Hammer is designed for demolition of concrete and brick foundations, loosening of hard and frozen ground, asphalt concrete pavement. Also suitable for making furrows, holes and cavities in concrete and masonry.

Name of parameters Value
Single impact energy; J(kgf. м) 25
Engine type Asynchronous three-phase with squirrel-cage rotor
Power 1.05 kW
Voltage 220 volts 50 grts
Blow Rate; s-1(beats per minute) 19,5
Weight (without cable and working tool) 21 kg

The main purpose of a jackhammer is to break foundations (concrete, brick). Can be used for ripping up soil (frozen, hard), asphalt concrete pavement. Can be used for piercing grooves and notches as well as holes in concrete and masonry.

Name of parameters MO-2 Value
Single impact energy; J 39
Pressure of compressed air nominal; (Pa) 6105
Free air flow; (l/sec) 22
Weight of hammer without tool; (kg) 8.5
Strike frequency; s-1(per minute) 22.5

What kind of oil to use in a demolition hammer

The professional or home handyman must take care of the tool he uses in his work. This has a direct impact on the length of time you can work with the machine. Your power tool needs a quality lubricant. This saves parts and gears from wear and tear. The work will then be much more efficient.

That’s why the lubricant for the rotary axle is so important. It must be chosen according to the characteristics of the equipment model.

Each brand develops a lubricant with specific technical features. The various additives included in the composition provide a variety of qualities of such products.

So it is necessary to choose it according to the conditions of the operator’s use.

History of technology development

than 150 years have passed since the first hand axle was put to work in the distant year of 1851.

It was built for the needs of the mining industry and does not have the versatility that today’s models have. But even then it significantly improved the work of the workers.

Not without reason, this type of tool is widespread among craftsmen of various specializations.

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The tool has undergone significant design changes since that time. One thing does not change. the need for proper maintenance. The design of a peorator is quite complex. Some of its parts can wear out quickly.

To prevent this from happening, the rotary axle grease must have certain qualities. As the power tool presented has evolved, so have its additional materials. To understand how to choose a lubricant, it is necessary to consider the design features of the equipment.

The mechanism that is able to produce the desired effect on the material can be electromagnetic or pneumatic. The torch has two basic characteristics. These include motor power and impact force.

kind, jackhammer

The higher the value in watts and joules, the more powerful the tool. Electromagnetic and pneumatic tools have different designs. Therefore, what kind of lubricant is used for each variety, will answer the principle of operation of their mechanisms.

The electromagnetic type tool consists of a coil, core, and drill. These are the elements that need to be lubricated. The pneumatic mechanism has a cylinder and piston, drill and hammer. They greatly affect the weight of the gator.

Main properties of the grease

The lubricant for the Makita, Hitachi, and many other manufacturers’ peorator performs the functions required of it. It first flows around the required machine parts, preventing them from rubbing against each other. In doing so, it reduces their wear and tear accordingly.

Such substances may have additional additives that prevent corrosion. The second equally important characteristic is the detergent function. Small particles of material and dust can enter the tool during operation. They deposit on the mechanism and lead to its failure.

Grease collects this dirt and debris and keeps them in suspension. When the accumulation of dirt in it is too great, the substance must be changed. There are mineral, synthetic and semi-synthetic greases. The least expensive ones are petroleum-based. These are the mineral varieties. They lose their properties quickly and must be replaced frequently.

Synthetic greases are expensive, but are of the highest quality. They do not need to be changed often, they provide the best possible protection against wear and tear of the mechanism.

Medium-priced semi-synthetic oils. They have better qualities than the mineral varieties. But they also fall a little short of synthetic materials.

For which parts is the grease suitable?

Each lubricant has its own characteristic features. They must always be taken into account. So choose your torque limiter grease wisely. For each type of mechanism component, a different kind of material is chosen.

Gear lubricant cannot be used for a drill. That’s why you should carefully read the manufacturer’s instructions before buying any lubricant. This tells you exactly which parts and mechanisms need oiling and how often they need oiling.

The manufacturer also makes sure to indicate here what substances are allowed to take care of the instrument. If you can not find the manufacturer’s recommended means, it is necessary to be guided by the general rules for all oil changes on different mechanisms of the torch.


Liquid oils can be used for the gearbox. They are poured in the amounts specified by the manufacturer. There are special holes in the housing. The oil is poured in through them. The lids are closed so that the liquid is sealed off. The most popular today is lubricant for Makita and Bosch torches.

It is important for the gearbox that the consistency of such products is liquid. Some models use a creamy grease. But this is rather an exception.

kind, jackhammer

Liquid oil leaves a thin but tough residue on gearbox parts. It is also called a film. Too much liquid will not keep the coating monolithic. Thick products create a film that is too thick. It prevents the gears from moving.

The most popular products of this type today Makita P-08361, Bosch 1615430005.

Drill tool

The drill is subjected to considerable mechanical stress during operation. Pressure and heat can quickly destroy nozzles and their seats. To avoid overheating, special substances are applied to the drill.

What lubricant to use for the peorator for this department, you need to know in the manual of the tool. The manufacturer specifies a list of products that are suitable for the lubrication of the core drill.

They also prevent dirt and dust from getting onto the work surfaces. Each time the core bit cartridge is fitted, it must be treated with a special material beforehand. The grooves in the bit are lubricated, but not too much. The efficiency of the work and its final result depends on the correctness of this action.

Professional craftsmen are advised not to skimp on the quality of the lubricant. Otherwise, the tool can overheat and repairs are needed.

Why does a jackhammer freeze??

As the compressed air travels through the hoses, it cools by several degrees. In the distribution unit of a jackhammer and concrete breaker you get one atmosphere out of 6 atmospheres, the air cools down instantly. Water condensed in the hoses turns to ice and the hammer freezes. The hammer stops working in case of heavy icing.

kind, jackhammer

A jackhammer is a hand-held mechanical percussion tool designed to break up and split up materials that are not very hard, such as sedimentary rock, asphalt, and concrete structures Gasoline hammers use an internal combustion engine built into the body of the hammer.

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