What kind of gasoline to put in a single axle tractor

Rules for the preparation of the fuel mixture

It is of course time for the driver to become familiar with the technology. But he should not forget that each mixture has its own specifics. That’s why it’s important to read what the manufacturer recommends.

Below we will tell you about the main rules of fuel mixture operation.

If you own the first option, you need to pour gasoline and oil. Because the work of four-stroke engine is provided with pure gasoline. It is important to note that the diesel motor blocks a priori do not need fuel dilution. Since all the diesel engines are only four-stroke.

Forte 1050G single axle gasoline tractor (8 inch wheels)Engine specificationsFuel consumption2.0 l/hFuelPetrol AI-92Starting the engineRemote engine, starting ropeTechnical specificationsOther 27 lines

Motor cultivator is a power unit designed for tillage with tillers The lower weight of the cultivator makes it more mobile than a singleaxle tractor, which allows you to work the soil with less effort, and also makes it possible to cultivate the soil on narrower areas.

To lubricate the reducer, use any gear oil, such as TAD-17, TAP-15V or other markings according to GOST 23652-79. Before filling it up, check that there is no old fluid. If necessary, it should be changed, checking the volume of the tank beforehand.

In four-stroke engines, the crankcase oil lubrication system is separate and if you pour in gasoline and oil instead of pure gasoline, it will have a negative impact on engine performance. there will be remnants of unburned oil in the cylinder chamber and exhaust system.

In the 95th gasoline, there are more detonation inhibitors. On the one hand, it is good, but on the other hand, there is a possibility that the plug will not self-clean and difficulties in starting in a cold engine. On scooters, hot plugs are put on and are perfectly self-cleaning

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The engine is filled with gasoline: DS-1 with A-76 gasoline, DS-2 with A-95. It is necessary to pay special attention to this. The volume of the fuel tank is 2.9 litres, fuel consumption 2.8 litres/hour at maximum machine load.

It is necessary to mix petrol and oil in the right proportion. Most often 1 part of oil to 40 parts of gasoline or 1 part of oil to 50 parts of oil. Read also How to properly install the coulter on a single axle tractor? The mixture is pre-mixed in an empty canister.

For power tillers Cascade suitable fuels and lubricants: in the fuel tank. motor gasoline Normal-80, GOST R 51105-97; in the crankcase of the engine. motor oil M-5z/10G1, M-6z/10V, M-6z/12G1, GOST 10541-78; for the gear. transmission oil to GOST 23652-79 or Aviation MS-20, GOST 21743-76.

Forte 1050G single axle gasoline tractor (8 inch wheels)Engine specificationsFuel consumption2.0 l/h Fuel gasoline AI-92Starting the engineManual, starter ropeTechnical specificationsOther 27 lines

To find out in what proportions to dilute gasoline and oil for a power tiller, again it is better to refer to the manual. Often the proportion 1 to 4 is used (one part of oil to four parts of gasoline). At the same time there are engines that are equipped with an additional reducer.

If your power tiller has a two-stroke engine it is necessary to dilute the petrol with oil. When diluting gasoline with oil, adhere to the strict proportion specified by the manufacturer of the engine and fuel. But for a four-stroke device you should not add oil to the gasoline for your power tiller.

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Change of oil in the engine of a power tiller

Working life of the engine of an agricultural unit depends not only on the quality of its components and assembly, but also on how properly and how often you change the engine oil. Adhering to the manufacturer’s recommendations, you can extend the life of the unit and save it from typical breakdowns.

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gasoline, single, axle, tractor

To change the lubricant in a power tiller it is necessary to warm up the engine of the device. To change the oil in the engine of your MotoBlock, you need to act in the following order:

  • First place the machine in a horizontal position. The oil fill and drain holes are always on the left side of your power tiller engine. The remaining oil inside the motor must be drained through the drain hole, which is closed with a conical plug having a thread. If the plug is screwed too tight, it can be unscrewed with a long screwdriver;
  • Place a wide container of at least 2 liters under the drain hole and slowly unscrew the plug. Having finally removed it, wait 10 minutes until the lubricant has completely drained from the engine of the power harvester;
  • After that, screw in the drain plug, and start pouring in new engine oil. It is best if you choose 10W40 oil on a synthetic or mineral basis as a new composition. Its volume should be equal to the amount of oil previously drained.

If you just bought a single axle tractor, then change the grease in his motor should be the first 5 hours of operation of the unit. The fact is that after the assembly of new motoblocks small debris left inside the motor enters the oil, which leads to jamming of the engine and the appearance of minor failures. In order for the motor of a new machine to be completely clean, the oil in it needs to be changed three more times. 2 times after 5 hours of operation, and the third time. after 10 hours.

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Even beginners in gardening know that 92 grade gasoline is of much higher quality than cheaper analogous fuels. But is it possible to fill a singleaxle tractor with 92 instead of 80 gasoline?? Every expert would answer “no” with confidence. The cheaper motor blocks do not start after changing the gasoline brand at all.

Recommendations on fuel are given in the instructions of a single-axle tractor. You should use gasoline with the octane number indicated in it. For most models gasoline AI-92 is used. It can not be replaced with another, cheaper, otherwise the engine, and imported equipment is particularly sensitive to gasoline quality, will be in disrepair.

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