What kind of compressor is necessary for a grinder

What compressor to choose? Choosing a compressor for the car, for the home and for painting

The proliferation of pneumatic tools has led to the appearance of a huge number of models of air compressors on the market.

Some of them are designed for domestic use, while others are designed specifically for continuous operation in harsh conditions.

The first step in selecting a compressor is to study the types and specifications of the unit.

It is important to understand that there is no “one size fits all” equipment. Some models are suitable only for pumping tires of cars, while others are able to power pneumatic tools, while buying more powerful options for occasional home use makes no sense.


Before you choose a “suitable” equipment, it is important to determine for what tasks it should be suitable.


Compressor BRAIT KM-1500/24, 1.5 kW; 240 l/m; 8bar; receiver, 24 l,

Air system that can be used in the garage and taken home or to the cottage.

Small Compressor vs Big Air Impact Guns? Let’s Find OUT Pancake Air Compressor

  • The electric motor is powered from the domestic single-phase mains;
  • Power and performance enough to inflate tires, blow off jobs and keep pneumatic tools running;
  • Can be used with devices with operating pressure up to 8 bar;
  • The motor is equipped with an overheat protection;
  • The motor is equipped with a protective hood;
  • Large wheels and convenient handle for transportation.

BRAIT compressor KM-1800/24, 24 liter, 1.8 kW; 8bar, 260 l/m,

Inexpensive Chinese unit with high performance and power.

  • Rapid coupler for quick connection of devices;
  • The 24-litre air reservoir provides a large storage capacity for compressed air, so you can work without interruption in the event of a sudden loss of power;
  • The capacity of 260 liters per minute is enough to work with most units of pneumatic tools;
  • Has motor overheat protection feature;
  • Can be easily transported around the facility thanks to the wheels.
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Compressor PATRIOT WO 10-120 525306370

What air compressors are best for a small garage? Definitely small and low noise.

  • Noise. 54 dB;
  • Pneumatic tools with operating pressure up to 8 bar can be connected;
  • Quick disconnect connector for fast connection of pneumatic tools
  • Compact size for easy storage and installation in a small space;
  • Power and capacity enough to cover many household needs.

KRATON AC-180-24-OFS compressor with direct drive (3 01 01 052) 24l 180 l/min

Low-noise pneumatic system of Chinese construction which is perfectly suitable for home and country houses.

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