What kind of chainsaw tires are available

Chainsaw guide bar

In a saw chain, the distance between the cutting teeth directly affects its performance. The more, the deeper the cutting edge can cut into the wood, provided the limiter is properly sharpened.

Accordingly, on more powerful chainsaws, it is acceptable to install a headset with a larger spacing between adjacent links and vice versa.

If you put a ¼-inch chainsaw bar on a heavy-duty chainsaw, the performance will drop significantly and the load on the engine will increase, t.к. the saw will run out of speed and exceed the maximum allowable RPM, which can eventually lead to overheating and scoring the cylinder head.

And vice versa, the installation of a chain with a large pitch on a weak chainsaw will lead to the fact that the power of the saw will not be enough for normal sawing, of course, this will not lead to severe consequences, as in the first case, but to work with such a tool is not comfortable.

Also, the distance between the links determines the quality and accuracy of the cut. the farther apart the adjacent cutting teeth are, the higher the vibration and the lower the cutting precision. For a more precise cut you should choose a saw set with a smaller spacing. This is a factor to consider for those who carve figured wood with a chainsaw.

chainsaw, tires, available

The chain pitch has a big influence on the so-called “rebound. The greater the distance between the teeth, the more likely the chainsaw will bounce.

The rule of thumb for selecting a chain is that pitch (distance between teeth) is proportional to power, but cutting precision is inversely related, i.e.е. The longer the spacing, the less accurate the saw is.

The concept of pitch

The pitch is half the distance between adjacent shanks or between three adjacent rivets.

There are several sizes, 1/4 inch is the smallest, 3/4 inch is the largest and 3/8 and 0.325 inch, the most popular.

Pitch is a parameter that is not only for the headset, but also for the bar and chainsaw sprockets.

chainsaw, tires, available

Important at! All the three elements, the chain, the chain sprocket and the bar, must have the same pitch, otherwise the installation and the correct operation will not work.

Купили большую шину для бензопилы STIHL MS 660 Chainsaw tire

Length of bar. Please note!

The last thing that catches your eye when choosing a chainsaw is the size of the guide bar: it is the size of the bar that determines how big a log can be sawn.

The length of the chain saw bar is one of the most important parameters influencing the comfort, speed and safety of work. This characteristic must be matched to the working power of the chainsaw engine, which is why any serious manufacturer indicates in its product data sheet the recommended bar length parameter.

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What is the risk if the bars are too long or too short?? To begin with, do not exceed the chainsaw manufacturer’s recommended tire size under any circumstances. Smaller size is acceptable within reasonable limits, but also not recommended: there is an opinion that a shorter chain provides less load on the tool, but it should be remembered that this causes serious damage to the saw headset. The permissible deviation range must necessarily be specified by the manufacturer in the technical documentation supplied with the saw.

Long chain saw bars are more convenient when you work with a large volume of material, for example, to make a deep cut in a thick log. However, using a long chain with a low-powered machine will give one disappointment: the engine power will not be enough to rotate the crankshaft, which means that fast sawing will simply be impossible. Sawing will be slow, gasoline consumption will be increased, and the motor will wear out in no time.

The shorter bar length with the right tool power will provide a high cutting speed and is optimal for use in work with small trees or boards.

As a rule, both foreign and home manufacturers denote length of a saw bar in inches. Tires are marked in 2-inch increments. Below is the equivalent in the usual Russian metric system of lengths:

Which one is better?

We have understood the parameters, now let’s see what chain for a chainsaw is better and why. This question is a hot one, because the tire is marked with a 2″ pitch.к. everyone wants to use the best, but what criteria determine which chain is better and which is worse? Better means faster, or better means safer?

All types have both advantages and disadvantages. For example, a chisel with a seating size of 1.5 mm and a pitch of 0.404 inches, the most dangerous. It has a high recoil, it is hard to control, but at the same time, it has the best cutting speed and performance.

We think that the consumer should decide which chainsaw chain is better and which is worse, based on his experience. We can only tell you the facts.

Types of chainsaws chains

Before choosing chains for your chainsaw, it is necessary to consider their varieties. The elements in question are differentiated because of the classification of chainsaws, which are domestic, professional and semi-professional. Before you buy a chain for your saw, you need to understand the available types of chainsaws.

Types of chainsaws

How to choose the device in question for your tool, not every professional knows. After the purchase of the tool, the need to purchase and replace the saw chain does not arise earlier than a few years, given the seasonal use of the chainsaw. Not only chainsaws have appropriate technical parameters, but also chainsaws’ accessories. It is necessary to choose a chain on the basis of technical parameters of the chainsaw as well as on the electric saw. The basic parameters of the devices in question are:

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Running in of chain saw. to increase chain saw’s service life

It is no secret that after buying a chain saw it is necessary to run it in properly. During this process all metal and plastic elements of the chainsaw are lapped. Running-in is almost the same for every chainsaw type, and differs only in time of the process.

The correct running-in period is done in stages. Run the engine as long as you can on a full tank of fuel without any load. Every 5 minutes you should change from idle to full throttle. After the first running-in, you can proceed to the next stage, during which it is allowed to load the engine with up to 50% of its power by sawing the wood. This stage takes about 10 hours. After that, you can operate the chainsaw at full power, in the load recommended by the manufacturer.

Installing the bar on the chainsaw

The process of equipping the tool with the saw unit is technically easy and can be found in the model-specific data sheet. If such a manual is not available, the following instructions can always be found for a quick and illustrative demonstration of each step. The explanation is based on the classic design relevant to most machines.

The saw bar is located on the right side of the housing, under the plastic cover, secured by 2 nuts. Unscrew both and remove the guard.

We put the guide bar on the 2 studs that hold the cover, putting them through the longitudinal notch in the shank.

Put the chain on, placing the shanks on the drive sprocket and in the grooves of the bar. The cutting teeth, in the upper half, should face forward.

Put the cover back in its place, but do not screw it on yet. For a precise mating, push the chain through the slot in the guide rail by hand.

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When you are sure that the canvas walks freely, you can install the mounting nuts on the studs and tighten them slightly with your hands (so that the cover was not dangling). Do not tighten, because you need the freedom of movement of the tire.

It remains to tighten the chain, by turning a special screw located at the end or front of the protective cap. Optimum tension, allows effortless removal of the 3 chain shanks by grasping the link in the center of the bar.

Pay attention. A new chain stretches quite quickly and needs to be checked regularly for tensioning. Keeping an eye on the condition of the headset is not only for safety’s sake, but also to improve efficiency. A well-tensioned chain that moves smoothly and does not vibrate at the contact points on the chain guide rail.

Why does it wear out?

This is one of the questions chainsaw owners ask all the time. The answer is easy. There is friction on the surface of the headset, which is the cause of wear and tear.

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Dirt and dust on the rubbing surfaces increases wear and tear.

There is also the question of why a tire wears out prematurely? It can be answered by examining the construction of the tire and the principle of the lubrication system, which we will try to do.

The lubrication system starts with the oil tank, where oil is accumulated and is then pumped to the area where the guide bar contacts the chainsaw body. The oil pump of your power tool is equipped with a screw to adjust the oil flow. The bar is fitted with a special groove in the mounting area that corresponds to the lubrication hole on the bar. The cause of premature wear can be insufficient lubrication of rubbing parts, which in turn occurs with the following malfunctions.

  • Excessive contamination of the oil filter (the first thing to look for);
  • contamination of the oil supply channels on the headset or on the tool itself;
  • Improperly adjusting the oil flow through the pump;
  • the pump itself is malfunctioning;
  • Use of low-quality lubricants or oil that does not meet the chainsaw manufacturer’s requirements.

To extend chain life, manufacturers recommend the use of special oils that have high adhesion.

Choosing Genuine Chain Oil. A Man’s Choice!

thanks to this property, at high chain speed the lubricant is distributed and held on the whole bar, and not only on top of it, as in the case of conventional oils.

It is unacceptable to use used engine oil for lubrication. Used oil contains metal impurities from the car engine, which when absorbed between rubbing parts act as an abrasive tool and significantly increases wear and tear.

Popular models

The most popular foreign manufacturers of chainsaws and their components are Husqvarna and STIHL. The Russian chainsaw market is represented by the most popular model Ural.

Husqvarna chain saw bars have many variations, which allows their use on many saw models. On the products of the company there are many positive reviews. Their durability, quiet chain running and ease of oil transfer are especially valued.

chainsaw, tires, available

STIHL chainsaw tires are in the same price range as their major competitors. They have similar characteristics, but have a big advantage: the guide sprocket is equipped with a closed roller bearing, which protects the chain from penetration of dirt and subsequent corrosion.

There are great difficulties when trying to find the tires on the Ural chainsaw. Despite the fact that this model is in great demand, its production was discontinued in 2008. For this reason it is getting harder and harder to find brand-name parts and cheap Chinese models are taking their place.

The best alternatives for purchase are Oregon or Husqvarna bars: they are made from higher-quality materials, so they last much longer than their cheaper counterparts.

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