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What is the best chainsaw??

First of all, speaking of chain saws, recall the most famous brands: Husqvarna (which, incidentally, chain saws were forced to engage in demand for mopeds in the late 50’s was falling, so they had to find new uses for small-volume two-stroke motors), STIHL. However, it is worth recognizing that in the affordable segment they have long gone down the path of cheapening, and not always useful The same problems with oil pumps in the budget Stills have long been the talk of the town. So, do not forget about the Asian manufacturers of the first tier: in case of sufficient budget the Japanese Echo will be quite interesting, and Koreans DAEWOO and Hyundai will fit in a smaller amount. Makita, technically a Japanese brand, actually just sells German Dolmar saws under it, which are also very interesting.

The Chinese brands of the bottom link, including those mimicking Europe (like the same Huter) the choice only for rare use at home or on the cottage, their chainsaws are cheap, but they can’t boast of a resource.

How to choose a chainsaw: important features

Chainsaw chainsaws are mainly used for processing logs and old trees in forests and parks, but there are small models for work on a private plot.

The principle of operation of a chainsaw is as follows:

  • The built-in engine is started by the starter;
  • The pistons and crankshaft transfer the rotation from the engine to the sprocket;
  • It moves the chain, which is mounted on a bar;
  • The teeth on the chain “cut” into the wood and saw it.

Domestic or professional use is the main factor that determines the type of chainsaw and, accordingly, the class of tasks performed, performance and price.

Household models operate on power up to 1.5 kW and are used for making firewood, gardening and construction. They are lightweight and designed to work 20-30 hours a month. Such chainsaws have a low vibration level and are convenient to work.

Semi-professional tools have a power of 2-3 kW and weigh more than household models. They are used by utilities for work in parks and forestry. In the countryside, such a chainsaw is useful if large-scale construction work is to be done: roofing or flooring.

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Professional chainsaws are the main helper when felling trees and logging. Their power is up to 6 kW and they can work up to 8 hours continuously. Such a chainsaw is worth buying if you plan to build a large log house, bathhouse, outbuilding to a country house or other structures from logs on your own.

How to choose a chainsaw: classification, general characteristics, advantages and disadvantages

Consumer reviews form an unofficial rating of chainsaws for quality and reliability, helping the potential buyer to orient himself in the variety of products from leading manufacturers. The best chainsaw brands that have proven themselves over the past few years are in high demand.

Despite the power and performance characteristics of the branded models of semi-professional and professional class, there is an increased demand for reliable and cheap chainsaws for domestic use.

Choice of chainsaw by power

The main factor influencing the quality and speed of a chainsaw is its power. This is what determines the ability of the device to handle wood, the depth and efficiency of its sawing. And to choose a chainsaw model, a potential buyer has to decide: what kind of work and how often he plans to do with it?

If you need to saw logs, you can safely buy a unit with a capacity of up to 2 kW. This figure is enough for such purposes. And for private construction will be enough power from 2.0 to 2.6 kW.

Important: Remember that the more powerful the tool, the heavier it weighs. That is why it is important to consider this factor when choosing a chainsaw for your personal safety.

Backhammer protection is available

The most dangerous phenomenon when working with a tool is the so-called “blowback” phenomenon, i.e.е. Reboundary kick of the tool toward the person who is working with it. A kickback can occur when the very end of the bar hits the tree. And when choosing a tool, it is better to clarify whether the model you are interested in has protection against this phenomenon.

Chainsaw Chain Types Explained

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The “blowback protection” helps inexperienced operators to avoid injury

There are two types of protection: with a special brake or an auxiliary shield. The brake is more common. It looks like a lever switch that can be switched in two positions. When the tool is started, the lever moves to the “closer to hand” position, and when a “kickback” occurs, the hand automatically presses the lever and it moves to the position that instantly stops the chain.

An additional guard is created so that the operator’s hands do not come into contact with the dangerous mechanism when the saw is in operation. It is placed at the end of the headset and is called the guard sector. This protection is not found in the Swedish model because in Sweden loggers use the end of the bar when they cut wood. And this is officially allowed.

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Design features

The design of chain saws is not too different in general terms. In any case, the working body of a chainsaw is the saw chain. It is made up of small, sharp-toothed segments that are pivotally connected to form a closed ring.

The movement of the chain is guided by an elongated bar with a groove on the end of the entire perimeter. There are sprockets on the ends of the bar, between which the saw chain ring is stretched. The groove on the bar where the tensioned chain slides guides the chain and provides pressure on the chain when you’re sawing.

The assembled set of guide bar, chain sprockets and installed saw chain is called a “saw set”.

On one side, the headset is attached to the frame and motor of the chainsaw. In the bar mount, one of the sprockets is connected to the main gearbox of the machine and provides the chain drive for the machine’s engine. The mount allows you to swivel the headset and change its angle relative to the motor unit.

The difference between the two types of saws is in the design of the motor. Electric chainsaw uses an electric motor as a motor. A gasoline chain saw has an internal combustion engine to drive the chain.

Most of these machines use two-stroke engines. They require gasoline and a little bit of engine oil to work. The exact gasoline and oil grades and proportions are listed in the machine’s data sheet.

How to choose?

When selecting a chain saw, it is best to decide on its power first.

  • For domestic use are suitable tools with engine power up to 2.0 kW and a volume of no more than 50 cm³. Those who live in a private home need a small saw regularly, but not for a long time.
  • For semi-professional use, models with engines up to 3.0 kW and a displacement of up to 70 cm³ are worth considering. Suitable for construction of a wooden house or a sauna.
  • Professional use requires expensive heavy chainsaws weighing 4 to 6 kg. Power of the engine ranges from 4-6 kW, and the volume is 70-90 cm³. Purchased by large manufacturing enterprises, artels. High price is justified only for intensive use.
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It is important to choose the right length of the blade. It directly affects the ability to work in wood, in particular the sawing of logs. Models with a very long bar are not always comfortable.

If there is not enough power, chainsaws with long blades have a lower efficiency. Tools that have the engine in a longitudinal direction are more convenient to use. It is desirable for the handle to be covered with a non-slip pad.

You need to take the saw in your hands, feel its weight, maneuverability, because you will have to saw not only horizontally lying wood, but to make vertical and oblique cuts. Do not neglect safety. The safest instances are those with the function of automatic chain lock, which prevents injury in cases of chain kickback.

Tips for choosing a chainsaw: characteristics, models of different brands

A chainsaw is an inexpensive and versatile tool that can greatly simplify the life of the dacha owner and private homeowner. Today you can find various models of such chainsaws on sale, which differ in their manufacturer, cost and technical characteristics. Let’s tell in detail, what chainsaw to choose and what to pay attention to when buying such equipment.

Even before you start choosing a chainsaw, you need to decide for what purposes the tool will be used, what loads it will have to bear during use, will you use it constantly? All these factors will determine the choice of a particular chainsaw model and its performance.

kind, chain, saws, there

The tools from:

  • Husqvarna is one of the leaders in stone working, garden maintenance and logging equipment with 330 years of history;
  • Makita, a Japanese manufacturer with more than a century of experience; makes high-quality products with an advanced anti-vibration system;
  • Huter. German chainsaws with a pleasant price-quality ratio;
  • Echo. Japanese machinery with a 5-year warranty; the firm has produced the most powerful two-cylinder and the smallest petrol saws;
  • Zubr. one of the leaders among domestic manufacturers of household and industrial tools;
  • STIHL. famous for its STIHL 180 and 230 chain saws with an enviable service life. Produces household and industrial tools.

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