What is the difference between a red Makita and a blue Makita

What is the difference? The red Makita M9508 angle grinder from LEROA and the Maktec MT963

Good afternoon Eugene, I want to buy an angle grinder red Makita m9003, advise how they are at the moment in quality?

Gennady Goryanoy

Thanks for the review!Maktec is not so different from the Chinese, and the higher quality Chinese are more seriously made.

Doctor Who

The toggle switch is more reliable than the button


Eugene suggest, I want to buy a Makita m9511, and it is my 1 angle grinder in general, or buy and try Metabo w 650-125 which you have shown recently, but I understand that it is very low power, thank you if you answer.

Igor Milyukevich

And what can you say about the red milling machine Makita MT M3601, is it repairable or is it like a green Bosch? the price now in the red store is nice or better to get a Makita RP0900?

Raich Aus

And what can you say about the Makita m 3601?

В чем разница? Красная болгарка Makita M9508 и обычная Макита 9558HN

Sergey Bandysh

Hello Eugene can show you the disassembly of a Makita sabre saw?

Volodymyr Porokhnia

Compare the MT362 and the M3600. Makita red is what was previously called a Maktec, without a soft start, adjustable speed, made in the Chinese factory Makita. And how do I know that 80% of the parts fit a Makita? It’s in my Chinese pe will fit a Makita, and Makita is a Makita) Makita provides a warranty, it’s not fake, just a line of such for amateur use.

GoPro-ha. Yriyovich

I heard that Maktek is a special line from Makita for sale in chain stores, that is why Maktek line can not be similar in performance to Makita, and of course it is cheaper.

Vladislav Goncharov

Today I bought a Makita m9511 for 2800 at Wildberrys. Hopefully for a long time ))

Dmitry Viktorovich

I would like to see a review on Makita GA 5021 C


haven’t seen the makita but there is a red makita somewhere chattering the body with a burr.Makita blue Makita is different if you take it once and then do not know when you will use it I think it is a good choice a red Makita, better than some unknown Chinese and the price is half the price or even 2.5 times the blue Makita

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Alexader Grunin

As always good, but why? Just for Комментарии и мнения владельцев? “Why not buy a Makita?

Andrey Ivanov

Why not buy a Makita Alexader Grinin “Why not?” Two years using this model MAKTEK MT963, the bomb if the overload is not, its 570 W is working on a full, lightweight metal plaster profile tile on hurrah, and it’s professional

Tool choice. Household or professional?

It is clear how experienced builders and craftsmen choose their tools: proper education, extensive experience in handling various tools do not go in vain. Such people are aware of where to buy, who has cheaper and which manufacturer is not stingy on quality “stuffing” of the tool. But how do we, simple laymen. To pick up a good tool for long-term use and at the same time not to overpay? We will try to give the answer in this article.

Popular fake screwdrivers

The most popular models of Makita brand screwdrivers and torches are most often counterfeited by crooks. Compared with the originals, the Chinese fakes keep working for 1-2 weeks, so it is desirable to avoid such situations and carefully check the device.

A characteristic sign of imitation is the difference in the indication of the power of the device:

  • Makita df330dwe in the original version is designed for a power of 10.8 volts, while the fake has a 12v indicator.
  • Makita DF457DWE and DF331DWE drill-drivers can be distinguished by the power parameter of 24 volts and 18 volts.

The distinguishing feature that characterizes fake screwdrivers is the indication of the manufacturing country as Japan, not China.

The MT (red) Makita MT range features 22 types of tools that have been designed, developed and manufactured in the Japanese brand’s production facilities. The new range is an opportunity to get quality products at a bargain price for home and amateur use.

difference, makita, blue

Whereas a domestic tool has a sleeve or plain bearing, a professional tool has a ball or roller bearing and a sealed front bearing.

MT range (red)

The Makita MT is a range of 22 tools that have been designed, developed and manufactured in the Japanese brand’s production facilities. The new lineup is an opportunity to get quality products at a bargain price for home use and hobbyists.

Makita offers its customers:

  • drills (mixers, impact, impactless);
  • grinders (vibratory, eccentric, belt, straight);
  • saws (scroll saws, metal saws, circular saws);
  • demolition hammers;
  • angle grinder (115 mm, 125, 150, 230, 180);
  • SDS PLUS cutters, milling machines, blowers and jigsaws.

Makita knockoffs

Makita is one of the most popular power tool brands on the Russian market. Many consumers associate this manufacturer with reliability and excellent price-quality ratio. Payment for popularity. Fakes. The tools with a Makita nameplate, but having nothing in common with this producer, are often found at household markets (especially in small towns), on Avito (here simply Klondike) and in some online stores.

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How to distinguish Makita knockoffs?

Some Makita knockoffs are so “funny” that a slightly more or less savvy buyer will immediately notice the catch. For example, this one is a cordless angle grinder with a 118V 6 ah battery. Tesla rests 🙂

difference, makita, blue

Allegedly Makita, supposedly 118 volts

Makita cordless appliances are powered by 12v (or 10.8V which is essentially the same), 14V or 18V. There is also a line of 36V, but it involves the simultaneous use of 2 batteries at 18V. There is also a new line of 40V XGT. but it has not yet been supplied to the Russian market. It’s 118 V and it’s not expensive either.

Here’s another specimen. Battery 24V (and we already know that today 18V is the ceiling for Makita, unless we talk about models with 2 batteries), and the charger looks like a phone charger. The power plug is inserted directly into the tool.

Fake Makita 24V battery with charging like a phone

The real Makita has cordless models that have a power cord plugged directly into the tool for recharging, but these are only low-power cordless screwdrivers that have a built-in battery. For other models there is a battery charger that looks like this:

Makita. made in Japan?

Today the Makita brand has several factories around the world, and only a small part of the assortment is manufactured in Japan. China, Romania are the more frequent choices. But there are also models that are assembled in the US and in the UK! Look carefully at the nameplate on the tool. It should say “Makita Corporation Anjo Aichi Japan”. which tells us that this tool is from the Japanese brand Makita. But no more than that. Russian law requires that the product and/or its packaging must bear the marking “Anjo Anichi Japan” on itin Russian!) country of manufacture. That’s why a normal nameplate looks like this:

Pay attention, the above-stated requirements of the law appeared not so long ago, and if you have an old tool, there can be no “made in China” inscription in Russian. But for the newly purchased tool this point is obligatory.

The color of a Makita counterfeit

The Makita brand is characterized by the trademark green color. There is also an economy line in red cases (previously called MakTec). The body and case of the tool are also made in the brand color. Fakes, however, may flaunt a juicy blue or yellow case

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This sample of the popular Makita HR2470 peorator also has a color problem. the back part of the case is extremely similar to the original, but the front part is light gray instead of black like the original. Also on the nameplate there is a model HR2470F (which Makita never had, there is HR2470FT), and the crowning “Made in Japan”

Fake Makita HR2470 Peorator

One more thing

It’s that simple?

Alas, not always. Some of the most popular models, like the Peorator HR2470, are cloned very well. And only an experienced eye can catch small differences in details. Sometimes it is even necessary to disassemble the tool to understand for sure if it is an original or a fake. That’s why we recommend buying a Makita tool only from authorized dealers, a list of which can be found on the official website. https://www.Makita.ru/research-dealer.html. There you can find us (VECTRUS PLUS Ltd.) and other official sellers.

No warranty card = fake product and no warranty?

Not exactly. It is obvious that fakes will not have a warranty card, or it will be a “paper trail”, according to which no official service center will accept a tool for repair. However, very often we hear feedback that a large store or marketplace (they are especially guilty of this) has not given the warranty card. That does not mean the tool is fake. The manufacturer does not enclose the warranty card with the product, but gives it separately with each batch of goods. In large marketplaces with a huge assortment and a complex delivery and pickup structure (usually external franchise companies) no one keeps track of which products have the warranty card already inside the packaging, and which need to be attached to it. As a result, 95% of the negative reviews in the “Makita” section of one of the leading marketplaces. “no warranty card”. And although the tool in this case is not counterfeit, the warranty without a coupon will be denied. This is another argument in favor of specialized official dealers who know well the specifics of working with the manufacturer.

difference, makita, blue

Important update from Makita!

Important news! As of May 12, 2021, the warranty card will no longer be required when a Makita machine is returned to a service center for warranty repairs! Warranty service will be available both by traditional “warranty card” and simply by check.

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